Journalists Warned to Prepare For Ferguson-Style Riots During Trump Inauguration

“Violent” anti-Trump protesters could pose physical threat to reporters


Reporters covering the inauguration of Donald Trump in Washington DC on Friday have been warned that they need to prepare for riots and possible physical attacks by anti-Trump protesters. Continue reading

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A Sea of Pussyhats is Expected to Flood DC This Weekend…Yes, You Read That Right


Well, it has finally happened. Femi-stupidity has reached new heights. Continue reading

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WATCH: The Only TV Anchor in America Willing to Tell the Truth About Pizzagate

Atlanta, GA – Proving once again to be arguably the most fearless mainstream journalist in America, Ben Swann delves into the Pizzagate conspiracy. Pizzagate began as a crowdsourced investigation of elite-connected pedophilia after Redditors noticed strange code words being used in the Podesta emails released by WikiLeaks. Continue reading

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23 intelligence-military veterans demand Obama release proof of Russian hacking or admit it’s a lie

23 U.S. intelligence, military and diplomatic veterans have written an extraordinary letter calling on Obama to release the evidence that Russia had hacked the 2016 presidential election in order to elect Donald Trump, or admit that there is no proof. Continue reading

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German Reporter, Who Exposed Governments Creating Fake News War Propaganda, Found Dead

Udo Ulfkotte, a German journalist and whistleblower who spoke out against fake news from government and intelligence sources, has died from a heart attack at the age of 56. He was an assistant editor for German mainstream media newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, and he lived in many Middle Eastern countries during his career, including Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Jordan. Continue reading

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Trump adviser Roger Stone poisoned in attempted assassination

Trump adviser poisoned, almost killed

(INTELLIHUB) — Long time political consultant and Trump adviser Roger Stone has revealed that he was almost killed after being poisoned with what doctors believe may have been Polonium. Continue reading

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Putin Issues Dire Warning: Western Elites Plotting ‘Soft Coup’ to ‘Not Let Trump Take Office’

Moscow, Russia – During a press conference in Moscow, on Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin weighed in on the ongoing power struggle taking place in the U.S. in the lead up to the transition of power in Washington, D.C. on January 20 – going so far as to call it a “soft coup.” Continue reading

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Wait, What? DC Police Will Not, Repeat, Not Have Body Cameras On During The Inauguration Protests


The stage for Friday is obviously being set. Continue reading

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Bikers for Trump Secure Inauguration Space in Midst of Radical Anti-Trump Protesters

As many anti-Trump protesters prepare to shut down Donald Trump’s Inauguration on Friday, Bikers for Trump have found a way to secure spaces in order to be on hand for the swearing in ceremony on the 20th. Continue reading

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It Just Got Real — Cops At DAPL Now Have Missile Launchers — Not Kidding

Standing Rock, ND — Over the last several months, the world has watched the American police state in action as cops from more than a dozen states beat, gassed, pepper sprayed, Continue reading

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Roundup Now Proven to Cause Liver Disease, and it’s in Your Food

In addition to the other documented risks of Monsanto’s Roundup, a cutting-edge study using molecular profiling reveals that it also causes liver disease, even at doses currently approved by regulators. Continue reading

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Ads Offer Big Money for Paid Provocateurs to Protest Trump’s Inauguration in At Least 20 Major US Cities


All the red flags coming out on a daily basis now suggest that something is going down on Trump’s inauguration. Continue reading

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Undercover Video: Radicals Plot to Sabotage Trains During Inauguration

Undercover video from Project Veritas shows left-wing radicals with DisruptJ20 plotting to illegally “chain trains and halt the DC Metro.” Continue reading

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Sickening: Religious leaders ‘bless’ D.C. Planned Parenthood

On January 10, 2017, 20 so-called “faith leaders” of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice gathered to “bless” a new baby-killing Planned Parenthood that opened last September in Washington, D.C. Continue reading

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Caches of weapons found in D.C. 6 miles from where Trump will be inaugurated

About 2 weeks before Donald Trump’s inauguration as America’s 45th President, D.C. police found two caches of weapons near the Boathouse at Fletcher’s Cove on the Potomac River in northwest D.C. Continue reading

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Report: Obama administration targeting journalists and Trump operatives for murder

(INTELLIHUB) — In a series of cryptic social media posts, Infowars Alex Jones has revealed that he will be releasing bombshell news about violence directed towards journalists and Trump operatives by the outgoing Obama administration. Continue reading

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