FEMA Camp Mass Incarceration Is A Goal of the Ebola Crisis

Fema CampFor a number of years, the topic of FEMA Camps (i.e. American concentration camps) have been rumored to exist. Jesse Ventura, on his show, Conspiracy Theory, revealed to the public the existence of FEMA Camps in such a dramatic fashion that the episode has been banned from public viewing. Continue reading

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Former Cop Headed to Trial for Raping a Child While Other Officers Watched

liveleak screenshot pharr

Cassandra Rules | The Free Thought Project

Pharr, TX — Trial is set to begin December 1, in the case of former Pharr police officer Erasmo Mata, Jr., accused of repeated first-degree felony sexual assaults of a child. Continue reading

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Civil Asset Forfeiture Out of Control: Government Robs Restaurant Owner for $33,000

IRS building

For decades, Americans used to be able to joke about the corrupt nature of police in other countries. The law enforcement in places like Mexico became notorious for their highway extortion antics, especially towards tourists. Countries like Russia are so bad that every driver has to keep a dash cam in the car so they can challenge the police in court. It’s Continue reading

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Karma is a bitch: MSM now say Obama is a danger to press freedom

The liberal main stream media (MSM) connived to elevate Obama to the presidency in 2008 and to reelect him in 2012. Remember Journolist? (See “Media Conspired to Protect Obama“)

The MSM refused to investigate Obama’s shadowy background and history of associating with known communists, including his childhood mentor Frank Marshall Davis, who was a card-carrying member of the American Communist Party. Continue reading

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VIDEO: Watch What Happens When Muslim Filmmaker in Canada Tries to Document “Islamophobia” in Hometown of Murdered Soldier Corporal Nathan Cirillo, Victim of Jihad Attack on Parliament

cirillo's son

Marcus Cirillo, 5, walks along the funeral procession for his father in Hamilton, Ontario on Tuesday.

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More Media Foreshadowing of Massive False Flag Attack in U.S.


To see the recent mainstream media headlines, one who ponders a little deeply might rightly think we are on the precipice of something strange. More Ebola funny business, shootings, a rocket explosion, and the Department of Homeland Security’s recent raising of security levels at all federal buildings within the United States. Continue reading

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Ebola: CDC Significantly Tightens Guidelines for Forced Quarantines

Individuals subject to “movement restrictions” if they have briefly been in vicinity of Ebola victim

CDC Expands Ebola Risk Factors For Forcible Quarantine

Image Credits: cdcglobal, Flickr

The Centers for Disease Control has expanded the list of risk factors for Ebola that increase the federal agency’s power to forcibly quarantine individuals suspected of being exposed to the virus.

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Activists Set Up Billboard Near Amazon Asking Company About $600 Million CIA Contract


John Vibes | TheAntiMedia

The CIA recently signed a $600 million deal with Amazon, allegedly for the use of their cloud computing technology. The large contract has some users concerned about their privacy, because many of them feel that being on the same cloud as the CIA puts their information at risk. Continue reading

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Now it’s Wisconsin: Blacks leave rally before Obama finishes speaking

It happened again.

People are walking out while President Ebola is still speaking. Continue reading

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VIDEO: Muslim Sets 11-Year-Old Girl on Fire for Wearing Lipstick

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 12.51.10 PM

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Maryland: Father Banned From School Grounds After Objecting to Islamic Curriculum

LaPLata hs

“I told her straight up ‘you could take that Muslim-loving piece of paper and shove it up your white [expletive],” Kevin Wood said in an interview. “If [students] can’t practice Christianity in school, they should not be allowed to practice Islam in school.”

Kevin Wood is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and a father of a student at La Plata High School in Maryland. After objecting to an assignment in his daughter’s World Continue reading

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Fed Pulls the Plug: How Will the Stock Market Perform Without Quantitative Easing?

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Watch: Cop Goes On F-Word Laden Tirade After Being Told “God Bless You”

God Bless You CopWhy should all police officers and citizens be equipped with a camera during their interactions? Continue reading

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Putin’s Energy Embargo Against Europe Will Lead to WW III Before the End of the Year

russian war games

Russian War Games

The following information comes exclusively from my confidential sources as well as European news agencies. Do not expect to be informed, in detail, by the American media, about the unfolding crisis taking place in Europe. The American media is intent on Continue reading

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Unchained: You Need To Watch This Video: “Who Are The Real Oppressors In Our Community?”

unchainedA new video from the Rebel Pundit shows several black Americans standing up against the Democrat machine that has for so long stolen their wealth, made them dependent on a corrupt system, and indentured them to a life of servitude. Continue reading

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“Retaliation”: Feds Launch New Land Grab Targeting Bundy Family

Battle of Bunkerville 2: BLM to declare 1.8 million acres environmental protection zone

"Retaliation": Feds Launch New Land Grab Targeting Bundy Family

A federal land grab being imposed under the guise of environmental protection in Southern Nevada has been labeled an act of “deliberate retaliation” by Cliven Bundy, the rancher who was at the center of a standoff between BLM agents and armed militia groups earlier this year. Continue reading

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