While We’re All Focused on Ferguson GITMO Terrorists Go Free

“As long as detainees are rejoining the battlefield, these transfers must stop.”
– Rep. Buck McKeon (R-CA) House Armed Services Committee Chairman

How dare he… Continue reading

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Wellesley College Students Fear Rise in Anti-Semitism After Jewish Staffers’ Firings

students for justice in palestine 2

Islamic jihad groups Students for Justice in Palestine and Muslim Student Association are terrorizing Jewish students across university campuses nationwide. And no one is doing anything about it. Continue reading

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Bill Cosby is an enthusiastic uncritical Obama supporter

My post on actor Bill Cosby being accused of rape by 16 women (the latest count), some of whom are in their 60s and 70s, stimulated comments of skepticism and incredulity by some readers of this blog. It is suggested the accusations of rape may be the Left’s and Obama’s payback against “conservative” Cosby for having been critical of Obama and some aspects of the Black subculture.

Bill Cosby (l) and Obama celebrating Ted Kennedy's birthday, 2009.

Bill Cosby (l) and Obama celebrating Ted Kennedy’s birthday, 2009.

So here’s the record on Cosby and Obama: Continue reading

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Democrats Approve Reparations for Descendents of Blacks Victimized by 1898 Wilmington Race Riot

Resolution claims white-owned business still profiting from 116-year old incident

wilmington race riot

Amidst a racially charged debate over the Michael Brown shooting case, Democrats in North Carolina are pushing for descendents of victims of the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection to be compensated, charging that white-owned businesses in the area profited from the attack. Continue reading

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Obama Administration Found Innocent of Wrongdoing in Benghazi, by A REPUBLICAN CONTROLLED HOUSE COMMITTEE

trey gowdy mike rogers

Trey Gowdy and Mike Rogers.

On Saturday Mike Rogers, Chairman of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, issued a statement following his committee’s final investigative findings regarding the attacks in Benghazi: Continue reading

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Not the Chinese, But the NSA That Will Conduct a “False Flag” Attack Upon the Power Grid

In my former coaching days, I learned the wisdom of concealing the vulnerabilities of my team. If I was being interviewed by the media about an upcoming game, I would never have revealed my vulnerabilities because to do would be moronic!  But, this is exactly what NSA Director, Admiral Mike Rogers, did three days ago when he was addressing lawmakers in full view of the media. He told Congress, the media, the American people and the Chinese that the Chinese have the ability to take down our power grid with an Continue reading

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JFK, RFK, & MLK Were All Killed By the Same Forces

jfk, rfk, mlk

The murders of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King were all orchestrated by the same group. How can I be sure? I can be sure by a simple preponderance of circumstantial evidence which overwhelmingly connects the three most important and horrific assassinations in the 20th century. Continue reading

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This Sheriff tells Obama Exactly what He thinks about His Illegal Executive Amnesty

sheriff scott r jones

Barack Obama’s address on Thursday has brought a plethora of responses from various political pundits, including yours truly. Sheriffs from across the country preemptively determined to gather together on December 10 to urge representatives to stand against Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional disregard for the law. However, Sacramento County Sheriff Scott R. Jones had some straight forward words for Obama concerning what he Continue reading

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Barack Hussein Obama’s Unchallenged Criminality Guarantees America’s Demise

Untitled drawing

~”When I took office, I committed to fixing this broken immigration system. And I began by doing what I could to secure our borders. Today, we have more agents and technology deployed to secure our southern border than at any time in our history. And over the past six years, illegal border crossings have been cut by more than half.
Although this summer, there was a brief spike in unaccompanied children being apprehended at our border, the number of such children is now actually lower than it’s been in nearly two years. Overall, the number of people trying to cross our border illegally is at its lowest level since the 1970s.
Those are the facts.”~
-Barack Hussein Obama’s national immigration address to the nation, 11/20/’14-

The above is an excerpt from Obama’s immigration address to the nation a few nights ago. Just reading this portion of it is almost enough to start making any rational person’s eyeballs bleed. If I could convert the necessary willful suspension of disbelief required to believe anything that proceeds from the mouth of this lawbreaker into kilowatts, I couldn’t produce enough energy to fully illume a single bulb on a string of Christmas lights. Continue reading

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Home-school Parents Tasered, Pepper-Sprayed, Handcuffed, for “Messy House” As Kids Watched


Nodaway County, Missouri – Last week, Jason and Laura Hagan, of New Hampton, Missouri filed a lawsuit against the Nodaway County Police for a SWAT team raid against their family, where tasers and pepper spray were used by the invading officers. The lawsuit is the newest fight in the family’s lengthy legal battle with the county over the raid, which took place in 2011. Continue reading

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Gold Set to Rally as Fed Considers Printing More Money


No one in their right mind should believe that we’ve finally recovered from the “great recession”. Time after time we’ve seen the stock market rise and fall at the whims of the Federal Reserve, and their money printing parade known as “quantitative easing”. Everything is being propped up with funny money, and the only reason the dollar has recovered, is because every other economy on Earth is slightly worse than our own. Continue reading

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Canada jihad murderer: “There can’t be world peace until there’s only Muslims”

hero canada

He is not alone — many in the Muslim world feel much the same way. Certainly all jihadists pursue this Islamic goal. Continue reading

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Staging Ferguson, a covert op, and Al Sharpton

sharpton fbi mob rat

Jon Rappoport | Activist Post

The first part of this article was inspired by, and derives directly from, Joe Quixote’s excellent Infowars piece, “Ferguson—Race-baiting for Political Power and Profit.”

Start with this. Michael Brown. Trayvon Martin.

Two deaths. Two killings. Continue reading

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Home ownership increasingly out of reach for U.S. middle class

Home ownership is increasingly out of reach for America’s middle class.

In just one year, the percentage of all homes for sale considered affordable for the middle class has fallen from 62% in 2013 to 59% in 2014. Continue reading

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Who Woulda Thunk It? Islam Has a “Farm Team” in America

muslim_inmates1In case you are unfamiliar with the term “farm team”, it is a baseball term used for those minor league affiliates responsible for developing players that will someday, hopefully, become skilled enough to join the big leaguers. Continue reading

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US Never Intended to Defeat ISIS


A torrent of “foiled” terror plots have recently dominated headlines across the Western World. In Rochester New York, the FBI netted a man they claimed was plotting a shooting spree targeting US service members. In Australia, over 800 security agents swooped in on 15 ISIS suspects whom the Australian government claimed were plotting to randomly Continue reading

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