The Speech That Sealed JFK’s Fate and Doomed the Future of Humanity

Peace is impractical. War is inevitable. That is what the globalists and their puppet media would have have mankind believe. The problems that are created by war are man-made and therefore, can be solved by man. However, our right to self-determination and peace have been robbed from us by people like David Rockefeller. Continue reading

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All Wars are Bankers’ Wars


Michael Rivero’s 2013 Documentary

Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall | Veterans Today

The purpose of war, according to this brief documentary by radio host Michael Rivero, is to force central banks on countries that try to issue their own money. He makes a compelling argument, illustrated by numerous historical examples. The film’s main value, in my view, is in dispelling common misconceptions about where money comes from. Contrary to popular belief, western democracies don’t issue the money they use to run government services. They borrow the money at interest from privately owned central banks. In the US, this private central bank is called the Federal Reserve. Continue reading

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A Christian American’s Response to Obama’s Speech on Immigration


The illegal residing man in the Oval Office announced his “immigration” plan Thursday night, which, not coincidentally, was not aired by any lame stream enemedia station; but, it was aired by Univison and Telemundo. Interestingly, these stations are largely watched by those of hispanic geneaology. There was a strategic reason for that move – the majority of US citizens and those who arrived in this country legally are opposed to the plan. Continue reading

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Businesses to patronize or shun this Christmas

Christmas is about Christ

Once again, the American Family Association (AFA) has done the work for us by issuing a list of retailers, separated into “Nice,” “Marginal,” or “Naughty” categories in accordance with whether the business recognizes Christmas by actually using the C-word in their advertising. Continue reading

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Sacramento County Sheriff Rips Obama Over His Policy That Left One of His Deputies Dead

Sheriff Scott Jones

Anyone that reads my articles on a regular basis knows that I have documented many times that Obama is lying when he makes the claim that he is concentrating on criminal illegal aliens.  He says that is why he doesn’t deport any of the illegals the government catches.  (Or possibly professional courtesy?) Continue reading

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PETA Accused of Kidnapping and Euthanizing Family Chihuahua


Stock Chihuahua Photo. This is not “Maya.”

For the longest time, PETA has been treated as nothing more than an annoyance for most people. Even among some animal activists, the organization is despised for its attention whoring antics. They’re notorious for their shallow, gimmicky media stunts involving Continue reading

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Islamic Cleric Who Cheered Killing US Soldiers to Pray at Funeral of Hostage Beheaded by ISIS


This is a pattern. A sick, depraved pattern. Last year a Muslim cleric ‘damned to hell’ our fallen soldiers — at a funeral for our fallen soldiers. Family members of Navy SEALs who died on duty in Afghanistan were there and said that an Islamic cleric “damned” the servicemens’ bodies at their memorial ceremony. Continue reading

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Guess Where MSNBC Found Their New Vice President?

MSNBC_NJ_HQ_SetRachel Racusen was just hired as the new vice president of communications at MSNBC.  This will not lead to any changes at the station which is going down for the third time.  Guess what job she left to take over at MSNBC, starting Dec. 8th? She was an associate Continue reading

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Teen Facing Possible Life In Prison For Weed Brownies Says Independent Media Saved Him


Cassius Methyl | TheAntiMedia

Earlier this year, we reported on Jacob Lavoro of Round Rock, Texas’ story; at the time, he was being charged with a first degree felony for selling hash oil brownies. He was set to receive an absolutely insane possible sentence of life in prison for weed brownies. Continue reading

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Is Rand Paul Trying to Warn Us of the Coming Internment Camps?


“I care that too much power gets in one place,” Paul said in a speech in Lexington at the Kentucky Association of Counties conference.

Yesterday Rand Paul was sounding off on Barack Obama’s Executive Amnesty when he suddenly went down a curious path. Soon his warning of too much power being in the hands of one individual became a sobering historical reminder, and possibly a future warning, of American Internment Camps. Continue reading

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FBI arrests 2 New Black Panther members over alleged plot to bomb Ferguson protest – reports

new black panther logoTwo men have been arrested by FBI and indicted on weapons charges near St.Louis, Missouri. According to CBS news source the suspects were allegedly plotting to set off pipe bombs amid the ongoing Ferguson protests. Continue reading

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Arkansas State trooper: Bill and Hillary Clinton are swingers

bill hillary clinton with vince foster

Vince Foster with Hillary and Bill Clinton

L.D. Brown was an Arkansas state trooper who served as a bodyguard to Bill Clinton in the mid-1980s when Clinton was governor and, therefore, saw and knew a lot of the shenanigans (and worse) that went on. Continue reading

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Obama secretly extends US combat operation in Afghanistan

U.S. President Barack Obama.(AFP Photo / Ethan Miller)

U.S. President Barack Obama.(AFP Photo / Ethan Miller)

President Barack Obama has secretly signed an order that expands the United States’ direct combat role in Afghanistan throughout 2015, the New York Times reported.

Continue reading

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The Two Speeches That Got JFK Killed (Part One)

His stand against tyranny lives on over 50 years following his death.

His stand against tyranny lives on over 50 years following his death.

JFK was not a perfect man by any means. In fact, he was an enigma, because as flawed as was his personal life, his Presidency was filled with unparalleled courage, the kind of courage that we all wish we had in our current President. Continue reading

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“Robbed of Their Womanhood” – Teens After Gardasil Shot

Sweet 16 with menopause…

2-sisters-GardasilHeather Callaghan | Activist Post

Olivia and Madelyne Meylor are in their early 20s. They still want the world to know what happened to them as teens after they received three Gardasil shots – an HPV vaccine marketed as a way to prevent cervical cancer. Continue reading

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The Future Of Relationships? Soon Millions Of Men Will Be Having Sex With Life-Like Female Robots

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