Islamic Burial Rituals Blamed For Rapid Spread Of Ebola

funeral rites islam

Americans who have been paying attention are well aware of the Islamic burial ritual. Obama made sure our troops gave Osama bin Laden the Islamic ritual burial — our soldiers had to wash and prepare OBL’s body in just this fashion.

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Mainly black crowd walks out on Obama at Democratic campaign rally

The bloom is really off the POS’s stinking rose.

Anthony G. Brown

Anthony G. Brown

Sunday, Oct. 19, 2014, Obama spoke at a campaign rally in western Maryland for Anthony G. Brown, the state’s Obama-lookalike lieutenant governor who’s running for governor.

Joe Saunders writes for BizPacReview, that in the midst of President Ebola’s 25-minute speech, while he was still speaking, members of his audience left in droves.

Politico reports that although “the crowd was energetic in waiting for the president and in welcoming him to the stage, but once the president started speaking, the crowd began streaming out, a few at first, but then by the dozen once Obama was about 10 minutes into his Continue reading

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Vehicular Terror Attack: Jihadist who ran down 2 Canadian Forces Members said he was acting “In the name of Allah,” Tried to Stab Cops

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 8.37.47 PM

A jihadist in Canada is dead from gunshot wounds after he struck two members of the Canadian Forces with his car in an incident an MP cited in the Commons as a “possible terror attack.” Continue reading

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Medical Martial Law Has Begun


A soft form of medial martial law has begun in this country. The administration is aligning its forces, revocation of due process and civil liberties is strongly being hinted at and we will not have to wait much longer for nature to take its course. Continue reading

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Teacher Rips Teen Student’s Sweatshirt off in Front of Her Whole Class, Exposing Her Bra to Classmates


You ever have that nightmare that you’re a teenager and you find yourself at school naked? Continue reading

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FBI Director Warns Google and Apple “If You Don’t Decrypt Phones, We’ll Do It For You”

james-comey-fbiThe Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution is crystal clear in meaning. Continue reading

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Obama to import Ebola-infected foreigners into America

President Ebola

Thomas Eric Duncan, an Ebola-infested Liberian whom U.S. Customs allowed into the U.S., had managed to transmit the virus to two nurses at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas before he died from the terrible hemorrhagic fever. Now Obama means to import in more Thomas Eric Duncans into the United States. Continue reading

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Top Scientist: This Version Of Ebola Looks Like ‘A Very Different Bug’

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Obama Plans to Bring African Ebola Patients to the United States

The Executive Order that will never be.

The Executive Order that will never be.

“By the authority vested in me by the laws of this nation, I hereby order the cessation of flights with passengers from Western Africa to the United States. I am invoking my power as President to prevent all air travelers from any nation which has a known Ebola outbreak from entering the United States by either direct or indirect means. Continue reading

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Pakistan Court Upholds Death Sentence for Christian Woman Who Drank From a Muslim Well

asia bibi protestClassify this under “one more reason that Islam can not peacefully co-exist with the West.” Continue reading

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PHOTOS: Islamic State Crucifies 17-Year-Old Boy


The devout Muslim group is beheading, crucifying, raping, enslaving, etc., but it’s our ads that are causing a firestorm. Continue reading

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Queer Houston Mayor Stands Down on Subpoena after Her Lawlessness gets National Exposure

Annise ParkerJust two days after it was reported that city of Houston Lesbian Mayor Annise Parker and her city council had subpoenaed the sermons and communications of area pastors following the city ignoring the law regarding a citizens’ initiative against their lawless “bathroom bill,” the Mayor has stood down on her subpoena. Continue reading

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Anthem to arms: Man performs Star-Spangled Banner with gun

Screenshot from

Screenshot from

For many people in the United States, guns are as patriotic as apple pie – so using them to play the Star-Spangled Banner may be just about the most American thing there is to do. Continue reading

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Obama announces CDC SWAT teams to round up infected people


President Obama, who has notably ignored our open Southern border, welcomed illegal aliens, and refused to institute a travel ban from Ebola-ridden countries, has a hardcore solution for Americans who are potentially suffering from Ebola. He’ll just increase the police state another notch. Continue reading

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False Flag Ebola Claims in Liberia: Is It All About Organ Harvesting and Trafficking?

sale on all body partsAbout a month ago I reported the story of Dr. Cyril Broderick, a professor of plant pathology, who took to the pages of The Liberian Observer to blame Western Pharmaceuticals and the Department of Defense for manufacturing Ebola and the crisis that goes with it. Continue reading

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We Light Up Your Night…Oh, and We Take All the Info from Your Phone, Too

flashlight phoneDo you have a convenient “flashlight app” on your cell phone? Continue reading

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