The Betrayal Papers: The Chicago Connection

axelrod jarrett emanuelThis, the sixth and final installment of The Betrayal Papers, will explore various projects, schemes, and associations that tie Obama and his associates together. A preponderance of these projects are based out of Chicago, the crossroad of the global Left, Islamic “civilization jihad,” and the Communist mafia. The themes to observe in each case are deception, greed, and power. Continue reading

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The Muslim Brotherhood Is In Charge of Jade Helm

obama stand with muslims

It is one thing for people of Islamic faith to serve the American government out of a sense of duty, honor and patriotism. It is quite another for people of any faith with ties to known terrorist organizations to be allowed to serve in highly secure and sensitive positions Continue reading

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Big Automakers Want to Make it Against the Law to Work on Your Own Car

Car Companies Want to Make it Against the Law to Modify Your Own Vehicle

John Vibes | ANTIMEDIA 

It was recently reported that automakers could soon be going after car owners for making repairs on their own vehicles. Some of the industries leading companies are now claiming that their software has become so complicated that “tampering with it,” or making repairs on your own property, could be a copyright violation. Continue reading

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Small Town Politics: Local Police Refuse to Allow Newly Elected Mayor to Take Office

Mayor Betty McCray, accused of vote fraud

Recently elected Mayor, Betty McCray, is accused of vote fraud

On April 7th, Betty McCray was elected mayor of the town of Kinloch, just outside of St. Louis, Missouri. However, after she was sworn in earlier this week, she headed toward city hall to start her term, when she was stopped by nearly two dozen police officers in front of the building (I should add that there are over 50 members of the police department for this town of 300 residents). They claimed that she had been suspended and served impeachment papers for voter fraud. Continue reading

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Arizona: Muslim woman raped, beaten and sexually assaulted by groom-to-be for refusing arranged marriage


“Abdullahi was criticized by the Arizona chapter of the Center for Arabic Islamic Relations, saying the allegations have no basis in the Islamic faith.” This is the low state of journalism these days. The “Center for Arabic Islamic Relations” is most likely the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which once again the mainstream media goes to without any mention of its jihad terror arrests, ties to Hamas, etc. Continue reading

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19 Statistics About Abortion That Every American Should Know

Continue reading

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Proof That Democrats Lost the Election But Kept Control of the Senate


You may have been fooled by the fact that it appeared that Republicans had won control of the Senate.  But the truth is they did not take control of the Senate.  They ceded control to Harry Reid and his minions.  They did not cede their power and control for ideological reasons but because they are either cowards like Rob Portman of Ohio and Mitch Continue reading

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JP Morgan Chase Prepares For Crisis By Stockpiling Silver: “An Exceptionally Large Amount”

Jamie-Dimon-JPMIn a communication with JP Morgan Chase shareholders earlier this month Jamie Dimon, CEO of one of the world’s largest and most influential banks, said that a more volatile crisis than 2008 is coming. Continue reading

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“F*ck This Court and Everything It Stands For”: Woman Files Profanity-Laced Court Brief


A woman has filed a nine-page court brief that contains what is likely the most gloriously profane rant of all time. Continue reading

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Obama’s Brother: ‘Barack is Dishonest, a Schemer & Frank Marshall Davis May Be His Real Father’


Joel Gilbert, the man who produced the film Dreams from My Real Father, which suggested that Obama’s Communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, may be his real father, has just released a bombshell interview with Obama’s brother Malik. Continue reading

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College students spit on wounded veterans, urinate on American flag

Our DCG has been doing a series of satirical posts on the idiocy and know-nothingness of the iY Generation — Americans born after 1990 whose world is all about the latest technology of iPhones and iPads, thus the “iY” Generation. (See the most recent post here.) Continue reading

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Are U.S. Citizens Aware of AND Prepared for “Jade Helm 15”?


The summer of 2015 may be one to remember for more reasons than one, especially since the U.S. government plans to implement “Jade Helm 15exercises under the direction of “US Army Special Operations Command” in several western United States. Is the state you live in, one of them? Continue reading

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Bombshell Interview With Obama Half-Brother Malik: Barack is Not an Honest Man, Frank Marshall Davis May Be His Real Father

Obamas-Real-Father-Frank-Marshall-Davis-CommunistAs far as credible sources go, Malik Obama is likely not at the top of anyone’s list. His shady dealings with the IRS and known connections to the Muslim Brotherhood would certainly call anything he says into question. Continue reading

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Denmark: Muslims who whipped woman in face with iron chains laugh in court


This sounds eerily like the Muslim students who laughed during my talk Wednesday night when I was describing Islamic State atrocities. Continue reading

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George Soros Funding Plan to Naturalize Millions of Immigrants for the 2016 Elections


George Soros is planning to bribe up to 13.8 million legal immigrants to become citizens before the 2016 election.  They will find you, teach you about the naturalization process and even pay your $680 dollar naturalization fee.  And once you are finished, you will get a Continue reading

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Barack Obama’s Family Visits Mecca – Shares “The Pure Image Of Our Great Muslim Religion”


Sarah Omar Obama, the grandmother of the President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama, has turned diplomat and is trying to raise attention throughout Middle Continue reading

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