There Are Several Chicago-Style FEMA Camps in Every State

prison 1

As I was investigating the FEMA camp run and maintained by the Chicago PD, I kept running into the topic of privatized prisons. I first wrote about privatized prisons almost seven years ago. Subsequently, I decided to take a fresh look and what I found was shocking. The privatized prison industry owns and controls nearly every elected official. State officials are literally “stealing” money from education and putting that money into Continue reading

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Netanyahu Aide: Bibi Will Tell Congress About Concessions to Iran Obama is Keeping Secret


Once again, Barack Obama is operating in secret as he negotiates the worst agreement since the deal that Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter cut with North Korea to assure that North Korea not produce a nuclear bomb.  Many of you may remember that deal.  We agreed to give North Korea two nuclear reactors, fuel and 250 million in cash and, in Continue reading

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Deal Between Obama and the ACLU Will Allow 8.8 Million Deported Illegals to Return to US


Nine Mexican illegals sued the US government because they said the voluntary return documents they signed should be tossed out and they should be allowed to continue their careers as Hispanic leaches.  The judge never had to make a decision in the case because Continue reading

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LAPD Shooting: The New ‘Michael Brown’?

Social justice warriors pounce on incident before facts are in

la police shoot homeless man

Despite circumstances surrounding the incident remaining unclear, the shooting of a homeless man by LAPD officers yesterday has been seized upon by some as the latest Michael Brown-style social justice campaign. Continue reading

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Sign Of Judgment? Total Solar Eclipse On March 20th Falls In The Middle Of The Four Blood Red Moons

Blood Red MoonsThe total solar eclipse on March 20th falls on Nisan 1, which is the first day of the first month of the Biblical calendar.  According to Jewish tradition, a solar eclipse on Nisan 1 is a sign of judgment.  And this has certainly been true in the past.  For example, there was a solar eclipse on Nisan 1 in 70 AD.  Later that year, the Romans attacked Jerusalem and completely destroyed the Temple.  What makes all of this even more interesting is the fact that the solar eclipse on March 20th falls right in the middle of the Continue reading

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More Private Mercenary Police Begin Enforcing Law on the Public

dees police state

The militarized Police State has been inching toward using private mercenary groups for law enforcement for some time. Most attempts have failed spectacularly when the public gets wind of it. However, a clever new strategy to achieve this goal was recently deployed and it may appeal to some. Continue reading

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Google gives new meaning to “Orwellian” – Becomes Ministry of Truth


“…if all records told the same tale — then the lie passed into history and became truth.” (1984, George Orwell)

The New Scientist has the stunning story (2/28/15, “Google wants to rank websites based on facts not links,” by Hal Hodson): Continue reading

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Run on AR-15 Ammo: “Buying Frenzy” as Some Fear Total Gun Ban

Gun owners assert ultimate goal is to “ban tactical style rifles”


The run on AR-15 ammunition continues apace as gun stores across the country report a “buying frenzy” that has exhausted supplies in anticipation of an ATF ban on M855 “green tip” bullets, which some gun owners fear could lead to a total ban on tactical rifles. Continue reading

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Islamic State (ISIS) says they’ll kill Twitter employees over blocked accounts

ISIS Twitter threat

When devout Muslims enforcing sharia blasphemy laws kill Muhammad cartoonists, the West self-censors in response and accepts those blasphemy laws. So now when they threaten Twitter, will Twitter back down and let them use it for jihad terror propaganda and recruitment? Continue reading

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Get Ready For Riots: LA Cop Shoots Unarmed Homeless Man

la cop shoots homeless manYesterday afternoon, there was an altercation between several police officers from the Los Angeles Police Department, and a homeless man on San Pedro Street. The officers were responding to a potential robbery, though the reason why they wanted to speak with the man (whose real name has yet to be revealed) isn’t exactly clear. As they attempted to Continue reading

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Billionaire Warns Of Total Collapse End Game Scenario: ‘No Way Out… Your Money Will Be Worthless’

zero-dollar-bill-e1303851000290With currencies being rapidly devalued by their respective governments, the global economy is in a slow-down, and tensions over resources heating up around the world, it’s time to start considering the endgame. Continue reading

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Facebook locks page of 12-year-old boy who says Obama hates America

C. J. Pearson

His name is C. J. Pearson.

He is 12 years old, from the state of Georgia and, like Obama, he is part-black. Continue reading

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Report: Obama threatened to shoot down Israeli jets


When I wrote my book, The Post American Presidency, The Obama Administration’s War on America, I warned that Obama’s antisemitism would have grave consequences. Continue reading

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This is one of the alleged "black sites" where torture of illegal detention of Chicago residents is taking place.

This is one of the alleged “black sites” where torture and illegal detention of Chicago residents is taking place. This is a modern day FEMA camp operating in broad daylight under the color of law provided by the NDAA in which people can be arrested and deprived of due process. According to the Guardian and Infowars, people have lost their lives inside of this facility.

Countless brave and selfless reporters risk their lives on a daily basis to bring the public the news on how we are our systematically losing our freedoms as we rush headlong into a police state unlike what the world has ever seen. This is a dangerous profession, just ask Continue reading

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Amazing American Christian Copts March On The White House Yelling “Obama, Obama, Did You See? Christian Blood Is In The Sea”

On Tuesday, a group of Egyptian-American Coptics dressed in orange jumpsuits gathered near the White House, demanding the Obama administration do more to protect Egyptian, Syrian, and Iraqi Christians.

“Obama, Obama, did you see? Christian blood is in the sea,” they chanted. Continue reading

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“Republic of Texas” Meeting Raided, Phones and Personal Property Seized, Everyone Fingerprinted and Photographed — NO ARRESTS

“We had no idea what was going on. We knew of nothing that would warrant such an action.”


(Information Liberation) BRYAN, TX — Federal and local police forces raided a political meeting, taking unusual measures to document every attendee by taking fingerprints and photographs, and seizing every cell phone and all recording equipment in the meeting hall.

Continue reading

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