Michele Bachmann: Obama will Grant Amnesty to Islamic Terrorists

michele bachmannIn another exposure of just how treasonous the Obama administration has become, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) said that Barack Obama is planning to grant amnesty to Islamic terrorists. Continue reading

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Cop Killer-Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal selected to give commencement address at Vermont college


This is the very thing I will be discussing on Sean Hannity tonight. The most vile of creatures are exalted on the academic landscape. Today a vicious jihad imam spoke at Yale. No leftists or Muslim students protested against the extremist hate imam at Yale today, as they did Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s address. And thus far no one is protesting this savage. This shows how much universities have become centers of Leftist indoctrination and propaganda — any anti-American speaker, jihad inciter, or cop-killer is OK, but pro-freedom patriots are almost never invited and face hostile audiences when they are. Remember this? Continue reading

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False Flag Events–Martial law–WW III * Transhumanism *

In the 1990’s, I was a Maricopa County volunteer first responder. This meant that if there was a pandemic or a chemical/biological attack, I would be expected to help dispense treatment. This also meant that my family would be first in line for any treatments. The program was eventually absorbed by FEMA. From the absorption, I began a friendship with a FEMA employee, his expertise was bioterrorism based pandemics. Continue reading

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Tampa: Muslim Attacks Street Preacher – Police Cite Preacher for Battery

muslim attacks street preacherThe following video is how Islamists press their hegemony on society, through violence. Yes, this is the true face of the “religion of peace.” In a video captured at a Lady Gaga concert in 2011, a team of street preachers were violently attacked by a Muslim. Continue reading

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Mankind Will Not Survive the Present Age

destruction of humanityTheorists assert that, as a civilization grows larger and becomes more advanced, its energy demands will increase rapidly due to its population growth and the energy requirements of its various machines. With this in mind, the Kardashev scale was developed as a way of measuring a civilization’s technological advancement based upon how much usable energy it has at its disposal. The Kardashev scale consists of six levels of civilization attainment (o-5). The earth finds itself at the end of Type 0.

This paper also concerns itself with the reasons why mankind lacks the resources to transition from Type 0 to Type 1. This paper will also make it clear why mankind has a 95% chance of perishing in this transition. First, let’s trace the path of human societal development that has brought us to the crisis point that we are at today. Continue reading

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And So It Begins… 2nd Potential Ebola Patient Being Monitored in Dallas

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital -Dallas

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital -Dallas

Whether or not Ebola is transmissible through the air, which is the subject of much debate and great speculation, we do know that close physical contact with an infected person is a sure fire way to put one’s self at risk of contracting the virusContinue reading

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Will CDC Activate Emergency Measures After Ebola Confirmed in U.S.?

Provisions would allow for quarantine of “well persons” who “do not show symptoms” of virus

Will CDC Activate Emergency Measures After Ebola Confirmed in US?

Image Credits: ganatlguard, Flickr

Confirmation that the first case of Ebola has arrived in the United States will prompt questions as to whether the CDC will enact emergency procedures that could see even healthy Americans detained against their will.

Continue reading

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Another Case Against Open Borders: Dallas Ebola Patient May Not Be a U.S. Citizen

ebola follow the moneyAlmost two months ago, in a radio interview, Republican Congressman Todd Rokita (Indiana) asked the question that was on a lot of minds. He questioned whether or not ebola could be entering through our open Southern Border. The interview didn’t get much publicity and is now buried in the archives of low rent blogs like D.C. Clothesline. Continue reading

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Feminist goes postal when 2nd-grade teacher declines her vagina cookies

Amy Graf reports for SFGate that a woman with the alias “Autumn Lily Speaker” on Reddit was outraged when her daughter’s second-grade teacher refused to serve students a tray of vagina cookies Autumn had baked.

Let’s call the teacher Ms. X. Continue reading

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UK: KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) bans hand-wipes to avoid offending Muslims


Yes, let’s all be filthy and disgusting so as not to offend Muslims. Finger lickin’ submission. Continue reading

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Louisiana restaurant becomes a hit after offering gun owners a discount

AFP Photo / Karen Bleier / Files

AFP Photo / Karen Bleier / Files

The restaurateur responsible for a Cajun eatery in Louisiana hoped law enforcement would take advantage of an unusual discount offered during lunchtime, but says his eatery has since become a hot destination for gun enthusiasts. Continue reading

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Oklahoma Beheader WAS NOT FIRED, the Islamic Ritual Slaughter Was “Premeditated”

colleen hufford3

Jah’Keem Yisrael, Islamic State jihadist, was not fired. He was suspended. He was screaming Islamic verses as he beheaded Colleen Hufford.

It was premeditated Islamic ritual slaughter — Jah’Keem went home, grabbed “a large bladed knife” and “returned to get revenge” — sharia-style. In the plant’s administrative office, police say, Nolen attacked 54-year-old Colleen Hufford from behind and severed her head from her body. Continue reading

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Ebola In America: The Confirmed Case In Dallas, Texas Could Change Everything

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Ebola Confirmed in Texas: This is What You Need to Do Right Now


We knew it was only a matter of time, since the United States has put no restrictions on international travel. Continue reading

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Recommendations caution workers not to embalm corpses

ebola corpse nigeria

Image Credit: Scannewsnigeria

The Centers for Disease Control is advising funeral homes in the United States on how to handle the remains of Ebola victims, although officials are keen to stress that the development is not a cause for alarm. Continue reading

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How the War in Syria is About Oil, not ISIS

Carl Gibson | ReaderSupportedNews

“… the Persian Gulf, the critical oil and natural gas-producing region that we fought so many wars to try and protect our economy from the adverse impact of losing that supply or having it available only at very high prices.” -John Bolton, George W. Bush’s ambassador to the United Nations

All the hubbub over Syria is all about oil. And if you don’t believe me, believe John Bolton. Continue reading

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