Karma comes in three: John McCain, F. Lee Bailey & Bill Cosby

Or look at it another way: It’s God giving these three men one last chance to repent, before they must answer for their sins. Continue reading

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NY Times Reporter Accuses White Women of Having ‘Racist’ Walking Habits

An African-American male reporter at the New York Times is taking heat on twitter after suggesting in his latest column that white women are oppressing him through their “racist” walking habits. Continue reading

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Dick Cheney Poisoned Hundreds of US Troops—They’re Dying & Were Just Told They Can’t Sue

The families of suffering and dying Iraqi veterans, who breathed in toxic fumes because of the negligence of military contractors, received some horrible news this week. A federal judge in Maryland just dismissed a massive collection of cases brought against the Continue reading

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Lawyers for Muslim cop who killed unarmed woman call for autopsy to see if victim was on Ambien

Like so many Muslims before him, it looks as if Mohamed Noor has opted to defend himself by blaming the victim. Continue reading

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Innocent Man Sentenced to Prison for Standing on a Sidewalk, Informing People of Their Rights

Big Rapids, MI — A former pastor will serve time in jail for a conviction of “jury tampering,” after he was arrested and charged with a felony for handing out jury information pamphlets outside of a courthouse. Continue reading

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Despite Brain Cancer, McCain Takes Time To Attack Trump For Ending CIA Arming Of Anti-Assad Rebels

Brain cancer has not stopped John McCain from pursuing his number one passion in life: arming rebel terrorists. Continue reading

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New Study Shows “Green Energy” Solar Power Generates 300x More Toxic Waste Than Nuclear

I’m going to go out on a limb, and suggest that if I was brave enough to tell a room full of rabid liberals and academics several weeks ago that solar power was more dangerous to the environment than coal or nuclear power combined, it would have been a safe bet that I’d have been ridiculed, personally attacked, or perhaps worse by room of said rabid liberals. Continue reading

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Report: Fusion GPS Founder To Plead The Fifth

The shady founder of Fusion GPS who was paid by the Democrats (and potentially the FBI) to dig up dirt on Donald Trump during the 2016 election appears to have skipped town and reportedly plans to plead the fifth if brought before the Senate Judiciary Committee next week. Continue reading

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Islam’s Caliph Erdogan Betrays US – Leaks Secret Locations Of All US Troops In Syria

It is highly unusual for a NATO ally to reveal details of a U.S. military deployment during active operations in a war zone, but this is exactly what happened when Turkey spilled the beans on the U.S. revealing all their military locations in Syria. Continue reading

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Lindsey Graham: If You Don’t Support Giving Illegals Citizenship, ‘I Don’t Want You to Vote for Me’

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said Thursday that he does not want South Carolina residents who oppose giving citizenship to illegal immigrants to vote for him. Continue reading

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Clinton Email Scandal Bombshell: 7,000 Documents From Weiner Laptop Turned Over By FBI

The FBI has just turned over 7,000 documents obtained from disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner‘s laptop that are related to the ongoing Hillary Clinton email scandal, according to Judicial Watch, the government watchdog group that has been seeking to get their hands on the documents for quite a while. Continue reading

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The Powers That Be Have Started Their Culling Of The Herd: “Of That You Can Be Assured”


There are currently tens of thousands of NATO and Russian troops facing off against one another in the Baltic.  NATO (and USAREUR, or U.S. Army in Europe) are conducting Continue reading

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Florida teens laugh as a disabled man drowns in lake and dies: Video

Warning: the following video is not for the faint hearted as it shows a man die in public while teens laugh about the situation and mock the victim

(INTELLIHUB) — A group of teens laughed and filmed as a disabled man could be seen drowning in a Florida lake. Continue reading

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“I’ve Done A Bad Thing” 5yo Girl Bursts into Tears As Cops Fine Her for Lemonade Stand

Common sense, among those who work inside the state, is a rare commodity. Agents of the state, like those who work in law enforcement, often become so blinded to reality by ‘just doing my job’ they throw logic and reason to the wayside, choosing authority and force Continue reading

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Maine Just Legalized Local Food Trade WITHOUT Government Interference

Maine has taken a bold step toward freedom, becoming the first state in the U.S. to enact a ‘food sovereignty’ law giving communities power to regulate their local food economy. The Continue reading

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Gingrich: Mueller’s Law Firm Gave 99.81% of Its Donations to Hillary Clinton Last Year

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told Fox News’s Sean Hannity on Thursday that 99.81% of donations from special counsel Robert Mueller‘s former law firm went to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. Continue reading

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