Looking for a fight.

Some of my fellow authors here at The D.C. Clothesline are not as engrossed as I am in the idea that a time shall come where the people will either falter or prevail against our Federal, State and Local governments in nothing less than either civil war or revolution.

It is no stretch of truth and with a sound mind I can say that I do not fear my government. I do not fear it. It is my opinion that this consistent usurping and circumventing of The Constitution of The United States of America by the elected officials of the people has caused that body of elected officials to be members of  what I feel is a greater threat to the American people than any other of the past or present. They do so without any consideration to the oaths sworn to the people, They do so without any regard for our inalienable rights. We have elected care takers whose only care they wish to undertake is for themselves.

It is not my government I fear. It is the indifference of good men that I fear. It is those individuals with sound mind and heart that will know what transpires before their eyes is wrong but refuse to have a voice for liberty and The Republic. Those who would rather let their children live in slavery than die for their freedom.

We must remember that while they will make examples of us, call us traitors, call us terrorists, imprison us without trial or due process, the truth is it is our leadership that has become treasonous, our government the terrorists, our own government seeks to destroy or at least circumvent our rights, freedoms, liberties, our heritage. Imprisoning us without giving us our right to be heard in court.

I am tired of hiding my unrest and deep displeasure in the leadership of this nation. I will not be the one to make the first move, as I am a loyal citizen to my countrymen and country. But HEED THIS: If you come to take the rights of the people away or seek to nullify or suspend The Constitution. I will be there. I will die willingly to defend The Constitution and the people of this nation.

I am an American Patriot. My family has been on this great continent since 1612. More than one-hundred years before the revolutionary war that sparked this nation to life and liberty. The founding fathers needed the summer soldier to be a winter soldier too. My voice and resolve knows nothing of the seasons. Steady, strong and true. I am one voice but as long as there is a belief in our Constitution I do not stand alone. My voice does not cry out in anger alone.

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12 Responses to Looking for a fight.

  1. big bob says:

    the current state of our nation didn’t happen overnite & it won’t be reversed overnite. it’s been in a steady moral & ethical decline since the 60s. as it stands today, the frogs are starting to simmer, but not hot enough for the majority of frogs to say “wait a minute, what is going on here”?
    i have no clue how much hotter it needs to get until the masses are ready to stand up & jump out of the pot.

  2. SpudNuts says:

    Where was your patriotism when the Patriot Act was passed? Where was your fight then? I guess your right to privacy and civil liberties isn’t worth fighting or dying over as long as you still have your guns right? It’s actually comical how all the so-called patriots came out of hiding after November of 2007. I would say that the treason has been commited by those in the media, the never ending and constant flooding of the airways with half truths and outright lies about this president has resulted in using fear and intimidation to attempt to influence votes. This is no different than the new black panthers standing outside voting centers with night sticks. When that is done, it’s an attempt to overthrow the government and that, by definition, is treason. After 20 years of service for this country, i’m just disturbed of how discusting the conduct has been and what lengths the looney right wing would go to get back to the spend-a-holics we had. As a republican, i’m just dissappointed that my party has not condemded this kind of conduct publically and gotten back to it’s roots, we might be able to get this country back on track.

    • Walter Owens says:

      Sorry’ My Brother, Look agane’ Your Party has crossed the isle!

    • Bret says:

      As a Federalist, I disagree with both Republicans and Democrats. A threat to my guns has yet to happen. “Gun bans” etc.. Blah blah blah. Spare me. The Brady Bill did not stop anyone from owning a pre-ban weapon and nothing can stop the hundreds of thousands of what hippies call “assault rifles” from being grandfathered in so QQ about the gun control. No one is taking anyonea gun (YET).

      As for my patriotism in 2001? I was 18 years old and a sheeple. All that mattered was sex, concerts, partying, and that girl I knocked up then married like an idiot. LOL. I didnt even vote until I was in college almost six years later. One day in 2006 I found myself looking around and wondering how, why, and who.

      My first view was fuck it all and Anarchy has to be the best way. Treat others how you wish to be treated and expect the same. Then after further study I realized my views were closer to Republican but more conservative in some areas and far more liberal in others. Then after much reading I realized I am a Federalist. I believe in the power of the people and the power of the states. I believe that our founding fathers were correct and allowing the move feom ot was a grave mistake of our great and great great grand parents. “The greatest Generation” were duped and shucked and devoured.

      My view is that we must return to this in order for our Constitutional Republic to survive. In order to make that return we must disembowl and dismember our current government and rebuild it in the likeness of the founding fathers intention.

    • If you voted for Romney you are just as guilty. He supported the NDAA, The Patriot Act, and enacted his own gun control measures. Don’t play righteous now, and dont pretend for a second that it has taken this long to react. Many of us have been fighting this since The Patriot Act was created. It is only now that more people are deciding to stand up and give up lives of sheeplike behavior.

      • Bret says:

        Who I voted for is really no ones business but my own, however, it was not for Romney or Obama. My voice is not recently found. However this place in which I stand up and peddle my views is recent to me.

        Listen to us! What does it matter how long we have been against these things. The fact is that we share in the ideas that a greater America can exist again. We share the idea that what is happening is wrong.

        • My response was to the poster above you, Spud N Nutz. Apparently I posted it incorrectly. He seemed to be claiming the moral high ground for his Republican views when they are hardly a moral choice at all. Sorry for the confusion.

        • And for the record, I agree with you. I didn’t “wake up” until the Patriot Act. Better late to the party than not at all eh?

          • Bret says:

            Anyone at any point. Be it today, tomorrow, or the day we must stand against tyranny. That chooses for themselves that THIS is NOT The America they want to leave to the future and this government no longer has the right answers is a Patriot of every sense of the word. It does not matter when or where you stand up. As long as you do it when it is truly needed.

    • recently_awakened says:

      Spud, not all of us were awake when usurpations were being committed by previous administrations and their minions. As a former Republican, I now boldly and frequently speak against treasons committed by members of both parties (really, the same party…), past and present. I commend and thank you for speaking out during years and regimes past, and encourage you to take what solace you can in knowing that multitudes of patriots are being jolted from their 2-party-induced coma and arming themselves, first with liberty and history, and second, quite literally.

  3. Pat Logan says:

    Molon Labe
    Time’s up.

  4. sakeeta says:

    I am right there with you!

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