A Symbol of Resistance since 1861

For Floridians this flag is quite similar to the one we see every day of our lives. This flag and others of similar look are associated with hate and racism. The “Rebel Flag” or “Dixie” as we call her fondly to thousands is a symbol of the southern rebel spirit. Its something that northerners will never understand, nor do we expect anyone to even try. It is a sense of pride that my ancestors stood up for what they felt what right. I agree with everything the South stood against the Union for with the exception of slavery.  That is one disappointing issue that I share a heritage with. I wish that Jefferson and Adams had succeeded in abolishing slavery when they tried to do so in the ratification of the Constitution.

Unfortunately they failed. Even if they had succeeded not only myself but history experts agree and even the founding fathers knew there would one day be a civil war between the north and the south regardless of the slavery question. It was truly one of those “destined to happen before we even got started” sort of situations.

The social and economic differences were then and still to a point are two different countries. That statement needs no further proof than to compare Atlanta to New York City, Tallahassee to Chicago, Montgomery to L.A. or Sacramento.  By this comparison I do not mean for you to look at infrastructure. I mean for you to look at people, the culture. As a southerner I can listen to Dixie on my mind by Hank Williams Jr. and get a laugh. Or You ain’t just whislin dixie by The Bellamy Brothers and be filled with pride and love for the simple things of my heritage.

We really are simply folk when it comes down to it. We do like our guns, our whiskey, our beer, our hunting, our swamps, our cypress tree’s, our sugar sand, our Georgia Clay (Admit it, you love it), our directions that include “turn left onto the dirt road”. I moved away once and when i came back home I was on my way to get BBQ at Woody’s and passed Florida Natural’s processing plant. The foulest smell I think ever possible I’d take tear gas again over that smell. Let me tell you though, it made home real to me.

If the day comes that we must again rebel against our country. I hope to see Dixie rise again. If you think for one second that every damn southerner, regardless of race, isn’t going to raise her up in the air and march with her. Then your about damn retarded. Here in the South we have this “thing” its called the Rebel Spirit. Its not a redneck thing, its not a particular sect or group. Its a southern thing. We have a streak in us that for some reason just wont allow us to lay down. I am a Great-Grandson of the Confederacy. Times have changed, We do not fight to own another human being, but for the Constitution, for whats right and whats wrong.

Especially in these days…

Maybe this will help you understand:
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YouTube Preview Image

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  1. cmblake6 says:

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    I was reading this a few hours ago, and I left it up to finish later. Couple of my more favorite tv shows, Continuum comes on, and suddenly I remember this is still up on the computer. What is Continuum? In 2077, a group of people decide that the lack of actual DEMOCRACY, due to the corporate ownership of the North American Union (headquarters in Vancouver) must be overthrown and the nation returned to a true democracy. They blow up the Corporate Congress building, killing a whole shitpot of people, to start the revolution. The leaders are captured, and sentenced to death. When it comes time to commit the sentenced, somehow they ge smuggled in a device to time jump back to 2012 to initiate the revolution early, on their own time schedule. I won’t venture my guess on Alec Sanders. Anyway, a cop from 2077, in the execution chamber, gets pulled back with them and away we go. Two theories of the quantum physics of time travel are either you go back and change the future, or anything that ever will happen already has happened and that’s why life is as it is. I don’t know exactly why this article so ties into that, but somehow, in the back of my mind, it fits so perfectly it makes me ponder deeply on it. I also saw the Baldwin boy on a credit card commercial, and it gave me yet another thought about what you earn, what you need/want, and those who don’t work don’t eat. Nevermind, after watching the recoronation of King Hussein I went dark places in my mind.

  2. Phil in Ohio says:

    Our next civil war wont be along geographical lines, but ideological ones. Something along the lines of the first one, but a little different. I know plenty in the north that flies Dixie.

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    God bless all our Southern ancestors. We honor our heritage, south and north.

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