1780′s Political Parties and todays scum.

Democratic-Republicans and Federalists
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If anything at all what I find most amusing is the stabs back and forth of todays Republican and Democrat. Have either ever truly considered what Liberty means? What the values of our nation are? Before they insert or assert for that matter their individual beliefs and ideals?

How do two parties, born of the same ideology become so driven to annihilate one another? I lack the knowledge as of yet to answer that question.

Both parties are fundamentally flawed.

You cannot claim Liberty or Freedom when you force birth control pill and abortion costs onto those who disagree with it. There is nothing free in those, the liberty is that those who disagree are liberally handing over more tax dollars to pay for something their religious beliefs say is wrong.

You cannot claim Liberty or Freedom when you force your fellow American citizens to not be able to do something as basic as marriage, when your only citation against it is your religious beliefs. Their marriage does not effect your life in any sort of negative or positive impact. Bibles will not start burning, nor will the seas run red. Take the hocus pocus else where.

You cannot claim Liberty or Freedom when you want to support gay rights and their equal rights, yet strip others of their second amendment or other rights.

Again, The Constitution is not a fucking Chinese Buffet. I do not personally like to indulge in baby killing, pot smoking, hippie love fests, ecstasy or whatever it is you dirty hippies do. But thats my opinion. That doesnt mean I am going to get off my ass and scream about how we should make all of you take a bath as a new amendment proposal.

It does mean: Brown, White, Purple, Green, Chinese, Jew, Muslim, Christian, Atheist, Satanist, or Danderfeliac, I will defend your Constitutional rights. Stop and think for a damn moment people. What is more important to you? This Republic for which it stands? Or your opinion? If its your opinion, your about as American as a wet foot /dry foot.

If it is this Republic, then change your tune, stand up and defend her the right way. Stop pissing in each others shoes while the other isnt looking. You are a Nation of People Divided because you have not seen another way. The Constitution is our sword and our shield. We must use it to defend not only ourselves, but everyone. Every man, woman and child, born or yet to be born as an American citizen.

This is my call to those of true belief that Liberty and Freedom can exist again. That the only way is to heal one another and become united as Americans first and foremost above all else. That our promise to one another and our clear demand of our leadership still has meaning to us.

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5 Responses to 1780′s Political Parties and todays scum.

  1. Bret says:

    (FML my Galaxy Tablet is mucking with my proper grammar)

    Your not a Democratic-Republican, your a Federalist and you havent the foggiest about it.

    Infact, I dare say everyone here that leans middle of the road is actually Federalist.

    Do you think States should make the laws not the Federal Government?
    Do you think the Federal Governments role is to ensure all Americans are equal under God and the Constitution?
    Do you think the States and the people which live in them are what make the Federal Government? Not the Federal Government running The states?

    That the Federal Government, in both the legistlative and executive branches design and intent are to share ideas and the ways the states individually have improved upon a subject? That the collective is to check and balance each other, so that Liberty always stands. To use matters of fact in enacting laws at the state level and checking those laws against the constitution versus opinion or ideaologies or beliefs.

    All of this and more makes most of you gentlemen just like me. A Federalist.

  2. Marcy Rucilez says:

    Wonderful post. Thank you. I agree with everything and it pains me daily when I end up in useless arguments with those who continue to align themselves with just one partyline. I’ve determined I must call myself liberal republican. Obviously that pisses people off but I feel the same way, my beliefs don’t mean yours, but my Constitution does and it’s those words in the Bill Of Rights that belong to all Americans.


  3. Libbie Whitson says:

    It has been said, we look right as wrong, and Wrong is right….this nation and leaders are all mixed up. we have the Ten Commendments and our Constitution as our laws .Read them and I believe there is enought people that will want to do what it right….

  4. “The Constitution is not a fucking Chinese Buffet.” I’d say that’s classic Bret Copley. :-) Well done Bret.

  5. TL (@TL) says:

    Well done Bret! It’s the truth of most people, even myself at times.

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