Crazed Liberals Attacking ‘Maverick’ Senator Ted Cruz As The McCarthy Of Our Times For Rocking The Establishment Boat

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0 Responses to Crazed Liberals Attacking ‘Maverick’ Senator Ted Cruz As The McCarthy Of Our Times For Rocking The Establishment Boat

  1. Mikeaffatato says:

    Mayor Bloomberg anti gun attitude is confuseing ?why does he have 6-7 body guards with him all the time @the cost of $60-70,000 per year salleries. That’s about $600,000 per year to protect him . newYork has a gun ban why does that turkey need that kind of protection . new yorkers get out o f that state you can’t have guns salt big gulp sodas you cant smoke etc Next thing coming they will be telling you what you can do in your bedroom. MikeA. Remember Elliot Spitzer ??????

  2. Ted Hamilton says:

    I sent this to

    William Hamilton 02/18 04:24

    Send the letter below to as many manufactures as possible. ASAP

    Dear Sirs at (As Many Gun Manufactures As You Can)

    First, I wish to commend Olympic Arms and LaRue Tactical on their new policy in New York,’If it can’t be sold to law-abiding citizens, it won’t be sold to state and local police agencies either’, but I wish that all manufacturers would expand this policy, in light to the up coming UN Small Arms Treaty, which would wipe out the private market all together, to all States and Federal levels (Military, DHS, FBI, etc). In any future contracts, this condition should be included ‘If it can’t be sold to law-abiding citizens, it won’t be sold to federal, state, and local police agencies either’.

    The FBI reports a total of 2,495,440 NICS checks, and thus firearms sales, in January alone. Police sales are not your major business. If you were to encourage your fellow manufacturers to follow your example, it would bring greater pressure than letters from just the public (which the Government seems to ignore). If the State Houses and the US Congressional appropriation committees along with the whole Senate see that a united front from the manufactures would also deny them, as the try to deny the citizen’s rights to arms, will surly get noticed.

    In the spirit of the founders, as found in Federalist #28 and #46 by Hamilton and Madison, we could restore the true spirit of the 2nd Amendment to its true GLORY.

    To restore the 2nd would mean that the citizen would be as well armed as the military when it comes to small arms (up to 50cal) this includes suppressors, short barreled rifles, and select fire items with the standard background check but NO national registry. Just think what power that would have in the US Senate for all manufacturers were to follow your example, Washington would then be forced to listen.

    I would also urge you to have a press release on this subject along with the contact info for the top 15 companies so that the public could bring pressure on them to follow you in this endeavor. You should also contact as many 2nd Amendment Rights groups with this strategy, for there is power in numbers.

    Let’s Get Their Attention!


    Yours truly,

    ( Your name here)

    Jason Weiser 02/19 10:21

    We’re considering something along these lines, but we’d rather keep things close to the vest right now.

    William Hamilton 02/20 01:47

    Let’s not wait too long to act!! Why not start at the NRA Houston event!

    With this follow up:

    What ever you have in mind should be shared with ALL 2nd Amendment groups. We need to work on S&W, Sig, Colt,Glock, and ATK (ammunition manufacturing owned by George Soros along with reloading supplies) which have been ordered to sale only to the government. With over 180k background checks in January for Texas alone, we must remind them that their bread and butter comes from the public and with the UN Small Arms Treaty coming, there will be no public sales and thus layoffs or even bankruptcies. We must pay attention to the spread to other states like Washington, Colorado, California, Missouri. Time is an issue.

    Jason Weiser 09:52

    Thanks for your activism.

    I wish that you would get on board and contact other groups and members.


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