Do You Really Think Marco Rubio Is the Answer?

rubioI grow weary of the fight on some days. People love to complain about losing their constitutionally protected rights. Then somehow they can jump on the bandwagon of someone who votes to take those rights away. There is only one man in Washington D.C. that I truly trust and that is Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky. Today I am going to make some people angry but I will have to live with it. I do not trust Marco Rubio.

I must go no further than S.1867 to tell you why I can’t trust Rubio or 93% of our current senators in Washington D.C. This is more widely know as the NDAA of 2012, a controversial measure that passed our Senate by the margin of 93 to 7. In the end, Republicans did nothing to hold the line against “indefinite detention of American Citizens.” Of the seven who voted against the bill, 3 were Democrats, 1 was an independent and 3 were Republicans.

Yes, my friends, Marco Rubio voted for S.1867 as did 92 of his Senate comrades. Is this really someone who we want to anoint as the next great hope for the White House?

The truth is that Republicans are not concerned with the best candidate. They want the most electable candidate. My opinion is that they are trying to steal a play from the Democrats playbook. A minority may give them a better chance to reach minority voters. Marco Rubio could win partly because of the color of his skin.

I see the color of his skin as yellow, just like the 92 other yellow traitors who voted to pass S.1867. I will not endorse anyone who is part of the problem.

The other reason to put Rubio on a pedestal is because he represents Florida and that is certainly part of the political game we randplay every four years. Rand Paul is not a recognized minority and he’s from Kentucky. The Republicans don’t see much to work with. So let’s just do the same thing we normally do. Let’s not pick the best candidate, let’s try to build the most electable candidate. I for one, am very sick of it.

Both major parties act in much the same way. They are not focused on the constitution. They are not focused on real issues. They insult the American public. They would rather pick a candidate that has the right look or the right political pedigree. They believe that you and I are too apathetic to care about issues and tend to cast our votes based solely on platonic issues.

Is Rubio electable? Sure, I suppose he is if we are willing to play the same game that we have played for decades. I see that the time for those games are over. If we even make it to 2016 without the breakout of a violent revolution I will be surprised. If we do make it that far I sure as hell will not be voting for a man who is part of the problem.

When 93% of our elected senators vote to further infringe on our constitutionally protected rights it is not time to play the political courtship game. It is time to call them out and expose them for who they are.

It is time for Americans to take back their homeland and to kick Marco Rubio and all of his big government loving buddies out on the street. That is my opinion. Talk is cheap. I look at actions.

I am sick of the two-party dominated system that has done nothing but let us down time after time. I am ready for the people to shoulder the responsibility and stop jumping on party bandwagons.

We must get our heads out of the clouds. We, the people of America, are the true definition of insanity. We keep doing the same things over and over while expecting different results.

These people have taken an oath and they have failed us. What they deserve at this point is to be victims of their own laws. Let’s send them to Guantanamo Bay and give them some time to think about their treason.

If this is the best that the Republicans have to offer then it’s no wonder they have lost touch with people. It’s not about right and wrong anymore, it’s about throwing whatever prostitute you can in front of the American people and doing whatever you have to do to get them elected.

With all of this said, I do want to credit Senator Rand Paul, who was among the 7 to vote against the NDAA. He was also its most outspoken opponent. If we make it to 2016 then there is little doubt that I would give serious consideration to support this man in a run for the White House. But I’m not waiting until 2016 to find out.

We can not stand for 3 more years of our rights being taken apart, systematically, right before our eyes.

I will not stand for it. I will fight for my rights.

The time of the traitors is over. This is our time!


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24 Responses to Do You Really Think Marco Rubio Is the Answer?

  1. Connie Carmichael says:

    Just tonight I read where Rubio thinks government should control our internet. Not sure about the rest of you but that’s a BIG FAT NO in my book.

  2. Steve Dennis says:

    It is funny that you mentioned the only person in Washington that you trust is Rand Paul because earlier today I came to the conclusion that he is the only one I trust also.
    I cannot vote for any Republican who voted in favor of the NDAA because they sold America down the river and I am with you, I do not trust Rubio. If he is the best the Republicans can offer it is time to look elsewhere.

  3. John Butland says:

    As of right now I believe Rand Paul is the man we need!

  4. Rose says:

    I would also like to add that someone better be held accountable for Constitutionally eligible candidates for President and Vice President, because Maro Rubio is not. He was either five or six when his parents became citizebns of the USA.

    • Marco Rubio IS constitutionally eligible. He was born in America, so therefore he IS a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN

      “Based upon the language of Article II, Section 1, Clause 4 and the guidance provided by Wong Kim Ark, we conclude that persons born within the borders of the United States are “natural born Citizens” for Article II, Section 1 purposes, regardless of the citizenship of their parents. Ankeny v. Governor of State of Indiana, 916 NE 2d 678 – Ind: Court of Appeals 2009

      Simply put: Any child born on US soil or in a US territory who retains American citizenship is a defacto NBC. PERIOD. Parents status means nothing.”

      • Ladyhawke says:

        Really? So you are saying that all the “anchor babies” are eligible to run for president some day, too? God help us!

        • They are not anchor babies.

          “Based upon the language of Article II, Section 1, Clause 4 and the guidance provided by Wong Kim Ark, we conclude that persons born within the borders of the United States are “natural born Citizens” for Article II, Section 1 purposes, regardless of the citizenship of their parents. Ankeny v. Governor of State of Indiana, 916 NE 2d 678 – Ind: Court of Appeals 2009

          Simply put: Any child born on US soil or in a US territory who retains American citizenship is a defacto NBC. PERIOD. Parents status means nothing.”

  5. Lehmon Baxley says:

    The lessor of two evils, is still evil. We have had all the evil we can handle,and I sincerely hope we survive the coming four years of the current evil so we will even get the chance to worry about who to support in 2016. I agree that of everyone “currently in Dc”, Rand Paul is the only choice. Is he electable? That depends on how many people get awoken by the coming crap of the next four years. The other person that we need to watch is not a politician at all, but a pediatric neurosurgeon. Dr Ben Carson, if he could be convinced to run, could attract minority voters, as he is a man of color, he does not have the reputation of a southern radical as Rand Paul does, so the moderates will not be as scared of him as they will be of Rand. And the man makes sense, the more I listen to him, and the more I dig into his past, the more I like him. Ideally, I would like to see these two as running mates.

  6. Rose says:

    Thank you Dean. Rubio is one that the establishment would like to run for the presidency if we still have voting rights in 2016. I do not trust anyone in the District of Corruption!

  7. Jeffrey S. Bergmann says:

    The two party system is frankly just too easy for the elite to control. If you don’t believe that the elitist and banks are running our county, buddy, wake up. It is no wonder that the TV aired presidential debates are carefully orchestrated for only democrats and Republicans. As long as all candidates do not get the same air time, we will be forever locked in this game.

    We don’t have a democracy, its a farce or a a puppet relationship and nothing is more bared as an example of such than Senators Murphy and Blumenthal blindly voting in favor of Obama’s gun grab even though the majority of the people overwhelmingly simply want the current laws enforced and the perpetrators prosecuted.

    If we do have to resort to violence to get this county back, we need some sweeping reforms, like maybe winner doesn’t take all, but the people get to have the percentage of the voters represented in the houses and senate. Seems far more fair and balanced.

  8. Lordchamp says:

    I agree. I don’t trust him either and I also don’t think he is BY THE CONSTITUTION able to run for president. I believe in the true meaning of natural born citizen so I don’t think he should even be suggested as a possibility and IF he had any ethics he would pull himself out of the running completely.

    So, obviously he doesn’t have the true backbone we need and should expect of out senators.

  9. Kelly Rae MUrphy says:

    Marco Rubio NO!!!!!

  10. I admire Rand Paul.. but hey, he\’s the son of Ron Paul.. that makes me do a double take. They can’t possibly be so far apart ..can they? I’m thinking a CONSERVATIVE WOMAN.. LIKE MICHELL BACHMANN OR AT LEAST THINKIN’ WE NEED TO GET BEHIND SOMEONE SOON OR ELSE WE WILL HAVE TO BARE DOWN UNDER THE LYING CLINTONS…AGAIN!

  11. Randy McKay says:

    Dean, you are so right and it is time to get ourselves organized into something other than a bunch of individual voices crying out for change. Thanks for your hard work. I just pray that we have the time to pull together enough people who are disgusted with the way things are to make the change happen. I truly believe we will have to stand together as one unit to have any hope of survival let alone winning the resulting war. We need to clean house in DC by working in each district to try and get EVERYONE involved. How? I don’t know, but somebody out there must have some ideas. I’m emailing my congressman and stockpiling his replies as evidence of his not being in touch with his constituents. The more ammo the better(in more than 1 way). Lets get together on this. I’m currently working on creating a web site that will be a way to put like-minded individuals together if the shit hits the fan, hopefully we may be able to use it for this purpose also. I hope to have it up soon. The devisiveness has to stop if we ever hope to move forward. Rand Paul would be a good choice to head this campaign, has anyone contacted him that you know of and how does he feel about this?

  12. KC Ted says:

    If we get to 2016 without a monetary collapse and martial law (doubtful) it will probably be Hillary vs Ryan, or (shudder) Hillary vs Jeb Bush. The financial elite want Hillary for obvious reasons. With over 50% of Americans, doing as they are told by the TV, we’ll be suffering through 8 years of Hillary.

  13. Julie Canafax says:

    One huge problem with voting,it is as corrupt as the charlatans in the white house.

  14. Joe Burge says:

    RP is from a state where the gun ownership ratio is 50%. Rubio is very smart and eloquent, but he is a politician. I don’t think either one will ever get the “popular” vote to become the candidate from the two-party system. But then, the two-party system is really just the one-party good-old-boy network. Keep the masses separated and independents excluded.

  15. joe010106 says:

    Rubio, well he is no different than any politician. The issue is people are scrambling to find anybody to fill the shoes of the first multi-racial President. Yes I said it, I don’t really care what he identifies with his mother was white, his father was black. I don’t argue with genetics. I digress, the fact is by scrambling, mistakes are made. Failure to plan carefully, is carefully planing to fail, by saying anybody is the next best thing right now is like its going to snow in June. Look in to all commers vet the resumes, ask the questions, make the right choices. We don’t want the new boss to be like the old boss.

  16. steve says:

    It’s getting crazier and crazier. We’re supporting a new movement that will help us all. It;s q1 Million Mom’s Against gun control. If you Haven’t already, check em out.

  17. raven1041 says:

    Rand Paul has consistantly fought against anything that was unconstitutional. I have been voting third party for quite a while now. Some people say that they vote for the lesser of two evils of the two major parties because they feel they would be wasting their vote if they voted for the third party candidate that they really want. To me voting for the lesser of two evils is wasting your vote, you should vote for the right person. If enough people did that every election, it would eventually change the outcome. If Rand Paul ran, whatever party he was with, he would get my vote.

    • raven1041, I think you are my twin. LOL I have said the same thing about voting for over a decade now. Those who vote for the lesser of two evils and not the candidate they believe in are the ones wasting their votes. Too many follow polls to decide who to vote for and it drives me nuts. If you have time to watch polls, you have time to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH so you can make your own informed decision.

  18. My rule of thumb is this: If the Republicans support someone, then I want nothing to do with him. If the Democrats support someone, I want nothing to do with him. If the Tea Party supports someone, I will consider him UNLESS the Republicans are in agreement. The Republicans have hijacked a segment of the Tea Party, and that segment is not part of the Tea Party I am surrounded by. Rubio is making waves, but it looks like alot of grand-standing and saying what we want to hear. Don’t trust him. Republicans and Democrats ARE THE PROBLEM. They ALL need to go and start fresh.

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