Updated: “Prepare to Take America Back” Attempts to Organize “Armed” Peaceful March on Washington D.C. for July 4th

pttabOn Thursday a Facebook  Page called “Prepare to Take America Back” published a status update in an attempt to organize a peaceful “armed” march on Washington D.C. for July 4th. Below is the exact quote from the status update:

“I will be very clear about this peaceful armed march. I really want to thank all of you for your input, but it really boils down to you have the choice to be there or not. I am not forcing one person to go. The reason for this march is very simple to let our government know “WE THE PEOPLE” are here and they should be listening to us. We are not going for trouble, that is why we are consulting with police and yes our military. We have a constitutional right to have this march and we will exercise those rights. By the way any gun law that infringes on the second amendment is an unconstitutional law. I am glad to see a healthy debate going on about this subject. So lets be clear you can come to this march armed or unarmed, or you do not have to come. This march will take place with or with out the ones that are not going to come. So debate all you want to, but please understand we know FB is watching what we post and the government is watching what we post. We think this is a good thing because they might just learn something. But the way I see it as of this time it is 80% for the march and 20% against the march. I respect all of your opinions so carry on the debate……OOORAH


At the time of this writing this page had over 60,000 fans. The post had 277 likes and had been shared 149 times.  There were also 131 comments. If Facebook does not suspend or remove the page, it can be found here. It should also be noted that this was not the first post on this topic. This was obviously a follow up to an earlier post.

We can not discount that, at least potentially, a large number of people are involved here.

It would seem that some really bold people are stepping forward, but we must ask ourselves if this is a good idea. I am not about to give this page the publicity that I have just given them without looking at the potential risks and rewards. Upon doing some quick research I found that both concealed carry and open carry are disallowed in Washington D.C.

“The District of Columbia does not permit the concealed carrying of firearms. Open carry is also prohibited. A lawsuit was filed on August 6, 2009, to compel the district to issue permits to carry weapons.”

The same article expresses very strict guidelines for gun ownership in Washington D.C. including full police registration:

“Following the Heller decision, the Washington D.C. City Council enacted a set of rules regulating the possession of handguns in citizens’ homes. In addition to each handgun being registered with the police, the rules require that D.C. residents undergo a background check and submit fingerprints. The firearms registry photographs the applicant. Residents must take an online gun safety course, and pass a written test on the District’s gun laws. Residents must also declare where it will be kept.”

Source for both quotes: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_laws_in_the_District_of_Columbia

So is this a good idea? I guess it depends on who you ask. But why would I want to march on Washington D.C. peacefully only to lose my gun and be arrested? What does that solve?

I will be totally frank with you, which may be against my best judgement. If I am marching into Washington D.C., with a gun, I would have to think that it would be to use it.

I know that people are angry but it does no good to get arrested and lose your guns. Those of us who are convinced that the government is trying to take our guns surely don’t want to give them exactly what they want. That’s like the old saying “cutting off your nose to spite your face.”

Why would I want to show up on Barack Obama’s doorstep and give him my guns and my freedom? To me that’s the mindset of a suicide bomber who is more concerned with the suicide than the actually bombing.

I don’t believe these people have really thought this through. This is not a typical protest. Showing up at The White House with a gun may warrant more than the traditional cool down time in a city or county jail. That could put you in a federal prison for an extended stay and don’t believe that it can’t. So why in the hell would I march on Washington D.C. with a gun that I did not intend to use?

I have to ask Patriots a serious question. Do you want to win this battle or do you want to give them what they want? What they want are two things:

  1. Your guns, and…
  2. More lunatics doing dumb things that give them excuses to write laws and take more guns.

That’s my opinion. My opinion and $5 will buy you a coffee at Starbucks, but I don’t see any kind of “peaceful” protest working in this country. To believe that a peaceful protest will work would imply that the other side has a certain amount of honor. I don’t believe that the people who want to take my guns have honor. They want to enslave me. Why should I volunteer for that fate?

You only get results in negotiations by using leverage. If you do not come from a position of strength then you have no negotiating power. To me this sounds like a small group of people who want to martyr themselves for the cause. But please wake up people, we need you.

Over the next week I will be working on a project to help organize people nationwide. People must gain strength locally which will breed the organization they need to have power nationally. Everyone is trying to put the cart before the horse and I have been guilty of it myself. I am not currently endorsing any marches on Washington D.C.

But if fate does ever find me in Washington D.C. with a gun, then it will be my intention to use it. Do you know why all of these peaceful protests fail? Do you know why Occupy Wall Street and dozens of other peaceful movements failed in this country?

It’s because people don’t understand the rules of negotiating with the corrupt. To gain a peaceful end you must show strength. I learned a lot by watching Ronald Reagan during the Cold War. The threat of loss motivates people. Until you can show these clowns that they have something to lose, they will continue to laugh at you while their entourage arrests you and takes away even more of your rights. Is that what you want?

I applaud the courage of these people for wanting to do something, because so many people are willing to sit back and watch it happen. But please use your heads my friends. When everything comes to a head we will need you all.

Feel free to express your opinions in the comments section below.

Molon Labe!

Important Update 12:37 PM Central Time, Friday:

My perception of this “peaceful” protest has changed. After I printed this last night I immediately got a message from a friend who asked me if I was going. My response was that I would not march on Washington D.C. with a gun unless I intended to use it. 

He told me that this was the point. I was a little confused because of other “peaceful” protests such as the recent protest in Oregon where people openly carried high powered rifles. There is a difference. You are allowed to open carry in Oregon. So to me this made zero sense. It seemed like people were simply planning on marching on D.C. and, for all intents and purposes, saying, “Please arrest me and lock me up.”

This is not necessarily the case and people need to understand this. My friend may represent 1% of those who are planning on going and he may represent more, but it will not take much. If he opens fire due to a perceived act of provocation then you need to understand what you are part of. If you are standing next to him, totally unarmed, it may not matter what your intentions are. If 1% are going with the intent of opening fire then that is all it will take.

We need to understand the underlying ideas that some people have and understand, without a doubt, that this could be the start of an American Revolution. At this point I am going to pray and look for my own answers, as we all should, but one thing is for certain. My efforts to organize people locally will be very important now. If this sparks an armed revolution then people must have contacts in their own area, because we all know that in a case of national emergency the federal government can cut off all communications and even seize vital utilities and resources of our communities. No internet or cell phones. You may be lucky to have electricity or water.

I could see the obvious problems with a “peaceful” armed march on Washington D.C. when I originally wrote this. Now I can see that the intent is not a peaceful march at all. It does not matter if 99% think it is “peaceful.” When shots are fired the rules will change.

This needs a lot of discussion because if you are going you need to understand that this is not a march where you will show up with your signs and megaphones, stay for a few hours, and go home. This could be the start of a war, and no matter what your intentions for a “peaceful” protest you could find yourself in a war zone in a hurry.

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136 Responses to Updated: “Prepare to Take America Back” Attempts to Organize “Armed” Peaceful March on Washington D.C. for July 4th

  1. Tamima Levin says:

    After reading several opinions I would say again GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED.
    You think I am wrong???? Turn to the Supreme God and He would help.
    He said that nation would turn against nation etc. and that is just what is happening.
    When they are finished using Obama (His friends), I say they will dispose of him. Obama is playing with fire. This is the type of people Obama’s friends are. He is sick in the head, possessed of Satanic ways. The Jews have lived with this horror for YEARS, now the same people who delivered HELL on us, is turning on the guys who voted is TRASH INTO POWER. Come alive America you are cooked unless you turn to God with all earnesty for at least 2 days of complete prayer , no work just prayer.
    I am NOT saying this to condemn you, but to wake you all up. Even the men are going with men and women with women. Because I am concerned about you I plead with you to return to God.
    G0d said He would poure his RATH UPON ALL NATIONS FOR DOING WHAT IS BEING ALLOWED TO BE DONE BY LAW and BELIEVE ME HE IS. We are bringing this on oursleves.
    WAKE UP [email protected]

  2. David Silliman says:

    Any word if this protest is happening?
    I haven’t heard anything on the news. but I have been watching Egypt is it possible that this could happen here in the states? is there any other to show the US government that the do still work for the people?

  3. Cliff says:

    I think you all are missing one crucial point. Kokesh has said that if they are met at the Union Bridge and not allowed to enter the city armed, they will turn back and have a legal rally on the Virginia side, having proven that liberty is not welcome in the “District of Criminals.” That is what will happen.

  4. Derek Burpee says:

    The mere fact that suggests that to march armed is a risk of being placed in a FEMA camp and your firearm sold to the zedas cartel by Eric holder does scare folks, however, how many people ask this to themselves, this alone is the death nail to the whole concept, are there more guns in Washington ? Or are there more guns on their way to Washington???, Barriers of communication need to be overcome, unity and commitment are the only hurdles that seem to be the terminal illness of the American people, the militia men of Lexington and concord didn’t pull up in a parking lot, they executed the time honored tradition of the American muster, they marched across the land and freedom evolved as a result of the people joining the march as they marched through towns, Only physical evidence of thousands marching by a home will motivate a man to grab his musket and jump in the ranks. Americans really wanted their freedom back then. The march needs to start in Florida and end in Washington, AND ALL IT TAKES IS ONE MAN TO TAKE THAT 1st STEP! I’m WILLING TO BE THAT MAN, I am a leader, because I am an AMERICAN FREE!! Call me if you need someone to show Washington what a PATRIOT really is!!!!!!!!

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  6. 0621USMC says:

    surround D.C on all borders. Corner em till they feel the pressure. If they haven’t backed down then it may be time. But to march in straight away is absurd. I think of it much like the Iraq war. The info war and using your state reps is the shock and awe. If they have not given themselves up the ground troops waiting on the border then move in to clean up. If a march was planned it must happen like this. Show a presence on the borders, deliver our demands and await their decision to leave peacefully or be removed by force. Do it on our terms but by their choice.

  7. So this government doesn’t follow the Constitution, but we should follow the DC laws…. LMAO Not!!!

  8. Damn Loony Tunes playin here fo sho…

    • Joe Biden says:

      No Shit!

      Looks like we should include a license to possess firearms, and these wingnuts get their’s revoked…

      Talk about a Tin Foil Hat crowd… This website is it!

  9. Harley Earl says:

    I believe 100% in my 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms and I will die before I give up that right but……………this is a mistake marching in DC…. armed. comrade o would send out his goon squad to start something, shooting, and the press would eat this up. This would do more harm then good. Please consider the consequences….save this fight for another time and another place. if you do it…leave the guns at home.

  10. Thomas Paine's Ghost says:

    A scenario to consider: Martial Law is declared. ALL bank accounts, credit cards, finances etc. are frozen. “Got a gun? Turn it in and we’ll turn your accounts back on.” And the alternative…. “No guns in your house? Rat out someone who does have a gun & we’ll turn your accounts back on.”

    This war is NOT going to be pretty. The money changers must go too. Leadership & organization will be paramount.

  11. John Abernathy says:

    Vinny, that is so wrong … I disagree …. The idiot that would do such a thing will get a lot of people hurt and serve no useful purpose.

    • True lawmen in our country need courts arrest warrants for the treasonist domestic enemies in goverment and with many thousands of fearless deputized armed posse’s to decend on DC and beginning with the White House gate guard’s arrest if hindering prosecution of the so called non-president and all his cocialist God hating demoncrats who have provided aid to enemies and sought to overthrow out Republic.

      • John Abernathy says:

        I don’t believe we have the numbers to try such a thing and I know we don’t have the organization for it either. Does something need to happen?…YES. Should it be soon?……better than later. But we must be better organized, every one of us must contact ten people, and they contact ten more….We must start meeting face to face…….

    • vinny says:

      I don’t know about that John, the country is in filth right now, there is no more “voting” things out, there is no more changing the system, it is too corrupt. If they are fired on and a patriot fires back, he will be remembered

    • vinny says:

      Just made a decision about this group, it is not right, many of their members are posting that they do not want it to be peaceful, this is definitly wrong, they advertise a peaceful march, then let their members talk about the opposite, that is not right,,what turned out to be a new approach to demonstrating is being twisted. I will not support them and will cease any activity related to their page. A few of their members are hell bent to start something, they are going to march… there is no stopping them

      • John Abernathy says:

        Vinny, hope your not leaving from what I said … I don’t want armed people there either but I think a march either on DC or Richmond is a good thing. Then every capitol building in the U.S. DCC keeps putting it out there that it is an “armed march”.

        • vinny says:

          Hi John, no, its because of some of the posts by members of that page, I think they want violence,,, thanks for responding and your kind words

  12. vinny says:

    If this march does happen, and a shot is fired by a protester starting the ” war “, THAT Man is going to go down in history as the greatest Patriot in America, He will be the one everybody remembers for eternity

  13. Charles says:

    The lack of organization and lack of leadership among gun owners is a big part of the problem. Toss in the closet gun owner and you quickly find that something as humble as a protest is unorganized and has a dismal turnout. If people were as committed to the country as civil rights activists were and someone would like like Mr. King, anything could be accomplished. Leadership, organization and commitment. Where is it? They know we don’t have it and will do as they please as a result.

  14. gary says:

    we need to get organized and be ready in numbers cause when it starts we need to be together cause they will be in force need way to comunicate after gove shuts communications down or we need to take control we need to do something but needs planning but armed response is nessesary now talk isnt working beck hannity and rush it just dont work anymore sorry were talking our freedom away

  15. Gordon558 says:

    If this protest takes place with arms and ammunition, there will be gunfire. The left is sure to have people there who will open fire to turn a peaceful march into violence and bloodshed. It will play into Obama’s trap. I hope everyone will rethink this march, it is not a good idea to go with weapons.

    • bogbeagle says:

      IMO, it doesn’t matter whether the marchers have weapons, or not.

      A sizeable turnout will provide the perfect scenario for a “manufactured crisis”.

      AFAICS, if this event takes place … there will be trouble.

      • Steve Thacker says:

        The fight has to get started someplace. Frankly I believe the best thing to do is belay a march and instead send a letter with demands. In that list of demands there is a threat of non compliance or response. They continue on with their Bullshit in DC and we will have a war. We need to stop pussyfooting around with these tyrants. You TELL them what they are going to do…you do not ask.

        Semper fi


        • bogbeagle says:

          I agree with you, ST .. it has to start somewhere. Just, not on “their” terms.

          I did posit the idea of an online Constitution or Declaration, signed by millions, instead of just the original 56. That should have some force and be comparatively easy to organise.

        • Cameron Wells says:

          I must disagree with the idea of a list of demands. They have received plenty of letters and petitions signed by thousands upon thousands of people for the things we want to change. I haven’t noticed very much come from that line of action. Non-compliance is a good idea, no doubt, but how many do you think would agree to that? I mean, what kind of non-compliance do you advocate that you think will bring about the change we desire, without some kind of violence being levelled at us first for our non-compliance?

          • gary says:

            the only time washington is going to listen to us is if washington is taken and the people kicked everybody out starting with obama congress and house both sides non are listening its time we are heard

  16. Chuck says:

    John, that depends on where you live. In Virginia it is legal to bring handguns into the General Assembly building with a concealed handgun permit. There is an annual Lobby Day where activists for various causes show up in Richmond to personally lobby the state legislators. Second Amendment activists are there every year, well-armed but polite and nobody bats an eye (well, maybe some of the scared liberal/progressive legislators from Northern Virginia…) so an armed march on Richmond really isn’t out of the question here. The differences is that in Virginia, an armed march is well within the law and is actually something that has been done before, especially during the high point of the Tea Party protests leading up to the 2010 elections. An armed march on DC is a whole different animal. THAT is an act of defiance of both DC law AND Federal law. That’s the whole point of the exercise. Of course, if you live in an anti-liberty state such as California, Illinois, New York, etc., an armed march on your state capitol would be a whole heck of a lot more defiant (and risky) than one in Virginia or Arizona or Wyoming.

  17. J.E. Cavenah Sr. says:

    Larry, it’s called anarchy and although it is repugnant in any form it is exactly how this country was formed and the only way I see to get it back. I can’t find even one brave Texan who will commit to marching on DC, peacably or otherwise. I drive an Excursion and can acommodate seven passengers. Sharing diesel cost and driving time would make it an easy trip. If you can find anyone else in Texas with balls enough to share the ride with me, please let me know.

    • Larry says:

      I live in Minnesota and I can guarantee I would have that same problem here. As time goes on this state is becoming a more liberal state and I’m not sure how much longer I can put up with it. As time passes options become more limited on a better place to go. Just not much left anymore. I wish more people would see that and actually care enough to stand up. The whole country is going to shit and yet the majority of people don’t seem to care. I just don’t get it.
      And yes I guess that was the word I was looking for, thx.

      • John Abernathy says:

        I don’t believe an armed march can be peaceful at this point in time. Too many of us are really upset and all that needs to happen is one mistake and the whole event is trashed. A million plus people marching on our White House demanding our country back, demanding ALL politicians be held accountable for their actions against our Constitution and our rights. We must be smart about it, don’t play into their hands.

    • Don’t worry about the diesel, you’ll only need enough to pick up your seven passengers.

  18. I totally agree with Larry. STATE Capitols SHOULD be marched on (during the WEEK – not on a weekEND!). It’s easier on everyone, logistically (from the point-of-view of travel-time/preparation).

    And it’s absolutely ESSENTIAL that if you DO call a “march” on your State Capitol, that every single person in that entire State who CLAIMS to be a “patriot” SHOWS UP for it!

    That’s one reason why you must pick-and-choose the GROUNDS for the march carefully. Even in something as close as one’s own State Capitol, people AREN’T going to show up in sufficient numbers to make a decent impact on whatever the MAIN issue is if you’re trying to get them to march/demonstrate TOO frequently. It burns everyone out. MAKE ANY “MARCH”
    truly memorable. (Placards stating “Last PEACEFUL March” might help). Pete

    Steven Peter Yevchak, Sr. – S.C. State Group Adm @ http://modernmilitiamovement.com/ & S.C. State POC @ http://alarmandmuster.proboards.com/

    • Hi Steven, You won’t be flying either.

      • Brittany Stultz says:

        If anyone is a threat to this country it is people like you!! Why will they not be flying? Because they exercised their first amendment rights? I don’t know who died and made you GOD, but this is a free country…or it used to be.

  19. Chuck says:

    @Larry March 26 10:42 am

    I didn’t come up with that number. That was a hypothetical thrown out by Alkemyst in his post of March 22, 2013 at 4:04 am. I was using his number as a starting point for discussion. I was replying to one of the replies to his post but for some reason it ended up at the bottom of the comments. User error on my part I’m sure.

    To answer your point, I believe that 1.5 million number is unrealistic, at least for an armed march. It seems almost inconceivable that anyone could get that many people to show up armed. But my point was that if you DID get that many armed patriots to march on Washington, the sheer number would force the regime to make one of two very difficult choices: one really bad one and one unthinkable one. The former would be to let the marchers do their bit and then peacefully leave unmolested. The latter would be to attempt to disarm them and round them up by force.

    The first choice could be the beginning of the end for the regime because it would show how weak it was. They would see this and it might make them take the second choice. But the second choice would mean bloodshed and civil war and Washington, D.C. would be the Lexington Green of the Second American Revolution.

    However, this thought exercise of mine was based on a march of 1.5 million armed Patriots. A few hundred, or even a few thousand armed Patriots marching on Washington would be disastrous at best and suicidal at worst.

    • Larry says:

      Ok , I believe you are correct in what you say but I think a better first step would be to march on your own state government first to get their attention. If the local government is met by a very large number of people they are going to have to decide where there support lies. I think even if that was done unarmed and peaceful it would freak them right out letting them know that next time won’t be a social call. If that was done nationally in every state on the same day and time, not only would it send a message but you would have a gauge on how much support there would be for a final march on Washington. Just my thought Chuck. Thanks for your response. Afterthought: if you could force the state and local government into submission, I believe that would render the federal government useless, a lone entity without authority, so to speak. I know there’s a term for that but I’m having my daily brainfart, sorry.

    • Lewis Arthur says:

      How can one NOT sympathize with those who feel they are left with no choice BUT Revolution?

      * Elections are not fair. Those who put their life on the line have their absentee ballots “lost” or “accidently destroyed” with no time left to submit new ones. Add to the fact that the registered Democrats get their ballots EARLY and counted… no wonder the frustration. http://michellemalkin.com/category/voter-fraud/

      * Those who work hard must sibsidize abled bodied Americans who feel “entitled” to sit on their ass all day watching television. Homes, food, utilities, healthcare, education, even sexual irresponsibility (less than 1% of 56 million abortions were justified by rape, incest, AND the mother’s life COMBINED.) Meanwhile we have Veterans homeless, Active Troops going without hot breakfast, elders being killed off by Obamacare, Army suspending tuition reimbursement, and over 100 million Aricans carrying (and spreading) veneral diseases. http://www.numberofabortions.com/

      * Our Government is building a massive PERSONAL Army in the DHS while combining it with multiple Agencies and Local Law Enforcement. Military capable drones flying over our skies with the euipment to attach hellfire missiles in the hangers they are stored in. Labeling Patriots who openly declare the Oath they swore (while notifying We The People of 10 Orders they will not Obey) as “Liberty Loving Terrorists.” DHS ordering targets of American Gun Owners to desensitize them in murdering “Those Who Will Not Comply” (while naming the program “No More Hestitation.”) Targets depicting a pregnant woman in her nursey. Women and Children – even elders. https://www.teapartycommunity.com/forum/thread/3171/open-statement-to-the-department-of-homeland-security/

      * Our children are in debt. The Economy WILL collapse and The People cannot shut their televisions off and get out in their Community to make Disaster Preparations. They actually believe our Government will take care of us. (The same Government building a private Army to disarm us thereby leaving us DEFENSELESS.) The world runs on the Economy and the ones who control the banks now control entire NATIONS. http://seekingalpha.com/article/1298361-monday-cyprus-fixed-by-confiscating-40-of-the-wealth-markets-celebrate

      * The White House is closed to The People while our leaders live better THAN ROYALTY. A vacation a month. Golf and private chefs. (Did we mention the Troops losing hot breakfast?) And just how much does The White House spend on vacations vish lifestyles while an 85 billion “make-it-as-painful-as-possible-Sequestation” lays off millions and closes THE PEOPLE’s HOUSE? Se for yourself… http://thetruthwins.com/archives/us-taxpayers-spent-1-4-billion-on-the-obamas-in-2012-british-taxpayers-only-spent-57-8-million-on-the-entire-royal-family

      * The Right to Privacy has been TAKEN while they attempt to fringe on the Second Amendment. Good thing we have a 10th Amendment… or do we? http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/03/obama-ignores-nullification-says-federal-agents-will-enforce-obamacare/ And nevermend the fact that those States are obeying the wishes of those who ELECTED them. Hoaw DARE an Elected Official listen to his/her constituents?!

      * The MOST important… Government now sits on the throne designated for Our Creator. Governemnt tells Christians THEY OFFEND by defending our Lord… while at the same time promoting Islam, Athiesm, and let’s just be honests here… Luciferism. Government dictates how our Society lives and Christians are too damn lazy to say ENOUGH and walk what they claim to believe. How DARE you say Merry Christmas… you must say “Happy Hlidays.” It’s not enough that they have commercialized a day we should be celebrating the birth of our Lord… they have to ridicul and silence those who would dare to aknowledge Him. It is okay to teach Evolution in schools… but don’t you DARE teach the Bible, have a prayer group, or even wear a crucifix. (It’s okay to wear a T-Shirt depicting a flag… so long as it is not an American Flag.)

      We believe the frustration, anger, and rebellious inclinations are justified. In a “worldy sense.” However, we MUST stop fighting with one another and begin PREPARING. You wil not change the minds of those indoctrinated. Once you have presented the truth then THEY have to make their own choice. Arguing is pointless. Leave it in God’s Hands. Do not remain distracted. We BEG all of our countrymen and women to begin preparing and acquire the skills our ancestors fought to preserve. Our children will pay the price and we will witness it. Can YOU forgive yourself for ignoring the truth and living off your CHILDREN’s future?

      Evil will be soon coming to our doorsteps. Do NOT fire the first shot. Stand your ground but prepare to DEFEND that ground. Should certain powers choose the side of Evil your ONLY victory is defending the side of truth and righteousness. It is not illegal to prepare. It is not illegal to train. It is not illegal to hold meetings with your neighbors.

      For now. May God Bless each and every one of you with an awakening.

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