Please Help Debunk Conspiracy. What Was Object That Appeared to Impact Fertilizer Plant?

west texasI prayed hard before I decided to write this. I never want to be known as the person who starts false conspiracies. So, today, I will present some video footage to you as nothing more than it is…footage.

Was it altered? Is there a scientific explanation? Is it real?

I have no idea but I do know that this footage is scary and I am begging one of the major media sources to pick this up and provide an explanation.

The explosion at the fertilizer plant in West, Texas yesterday was a horrific event. First and foremost our prayers should go out to the families who are effected. Beyond that, however, the American public will require an explanation. If this is the result of people who are altering videos then they need to be arrested and held accountable. (Editor’s note: I was really emotional when I wrote this. Maybe they can not be arrested if the footage is fake. I had someone point that out to me. But at the very least we should expose them, if that is the case.)

If this footage has not been altered then we need to know the truth. Is there a rational explanation for this fiery mass that appears in a single frame just before the explosion? If there is not a rational explanation then the American people deserve to know who attacked this fertilizer plant and why.

Lives have been lost and people have lost their homes. I present this to you today and hope that we will generate comments and possible exposure that will lead us to the truth.

I have been watching all morning and waiting for a major news outlet to pick up this story but it does not appear that is going to happen. So this, my friends, is up to us. I sincerely hope that a major source with more resources and expertise will pick this up and guide us through the happenings, because to the untrained eye it looks like the explosion came from a deliberate attack.

With that said…here is the video. We owe it to everyone not to jump to conclusions. We seek nothing but the truth.


YouTube Preview Image




YouTube Preview Image


UPDATED FRIDAY AFTERNOON AT 2:22pm… ADDING A PICTURE. I got this from a friend who believes that this represents the missile trail from an object that impacted the plant. I am not presenting this as proof, but rather as another image for discussion. Please keep in mind that many of the comments below have been left prior to one or both of the updates. That does not mean that their opinions would change, but if they don’t reference the two latest images I want you to understand why. Again, we seek the truth and are not on some kind of witch hunt.  This is a still image taken from a video.


west texas missile trail


God Bless those who were effected by this tragic explosion. Please pray for the victims and their families.

Please pray for the people of West, Texas. Please pray for America.


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118 Responses to Please Help Debunk Conspiracy. What Was Object That Appeared to Impact Fertilizer Plant?

  1. DS says:

    An explosion like that must be in the 10,000 mph range? It was an object that was propelled from the explosion. A camera like that cannot capture each frame and we only see the object when it has already been displaced one hundred feet…

  2. SexyVegan says:

    Taking care of a threat could be as simple as sending a message through use of force or violence.

  3. SexyVegan says:

    Motive, motive, motive. It’s been reported on a number of sites that the company that owns the plant that was destroyed had a class action lawsuit pending against Monsanto. If this is true, then this could be a serious problem for Monsanto.

    What’s Monsanto to do about this alleged potential serious threat to their name? Well, considering that according to at least one report by J Scahill, Monsanto has ties to XE, formerly (and infamous) Blackwater…the paramilitary, mercenary group and considering that Monsanto might have stood to lose much were the class action lawsuit to come to fruition, just maybe Monsanto privately (under the table deal) contracted with XE to take care of that real and potentially significant threat. When contracted for deployment in theaters of conflict (such as in Iraq as just one example) XE operates outside of the jurisdiction of the Geneva Convention and International Law from what I understand. This probably would apply if they are contracted to engage anywhere, including within the U.S. If anyone has concrete knowledge that cofirms or refutes this, please share.

    XE is said, according to some reports, to own helicopters capable of launching an attack. I’ve read that XE owned at least one Mil Mi-8 and a Hughes H-6. Could these have been outfitted to launch a missile? What other helicopters does XE own and what is their price for their use?

    If Americans are afraid to ask these questions of things that are going on in their own midst, then American’s are complicit in the undermining of their own future I believe.

    • William says:

      SexyVegan: You are correct, Monsanto OWNS the largest private ARMY in the world, they are equally equipt to the U.S. military. That in itself should scare people. We have a lot of evil people in this world.

  4. tony says:

    I feel that it is too difficult to say given just this one video. To me, it looks like the flare that is theorized to be a missile, may have been some container in the background away from the fire exploding due to the fire. More video is needed to prove or disprove any of this. But, if it was a missile, who would want to attack that particular fertilizer plant? What would be the motive. This is the question to be asking. It appears to be a very insignificant target for anyone to attack. Establish motive, then go from there.

  5. Connie Carmichael says:

    Texans aren’t the only ones questioning this.

  6. Martinez Winston says:

    Funny how it happen the day after the anniversary of the 1947 vessel explosion and two day before the Oklahoma City Bombing. Also look up the Oppau Explosion. They knew the danger and there are 60 plants and over a thousand supply warehouses in the U.S.

    • Martinez Winston says:

      The fact is the spark happen away from the warehouse. Terrorist or not why would you put a fertilizer warehouse next to something that can ignite it.

    • bevsta says:

      It also happened a couple of days before the 20th anniversary of the Waco Texas Tragedy with David Koresh.

  7. JB says:

    I live in the Waco area. I have no weapons experience except for firearms. The closest I can claim to firefighting experience is that my dad is a 20 year VFD vet. After hearing about this theory today and searching for info on it these are the two stories I’m asked to believe:

    Story A: A dark suited man stood over the shoulders of radar operators at DFW & Waco Regional and told them to ignore the blip that represented the aircraft required for firing the kind(s) of missiles proposed (unless a tomahawk was unleashed somewhere and told to fly over the US and head south). These men would then need to alter whatever recordings were made of the air traffic. As a backup any other aircraft that could have viewed the aircraft in question would also have to be dealt with along with anyone on the ground in West or the surrounding Waco metropolitan area that might have heard or seen it. All of this effort because someone was mad at the Czech capitol of Texas? Possibly got a bad Kolache, a bad deal at the Ford dealership there, or maybe upset at the high quality of the baseball/softball teams of West?

    Story B: The 20 mph winds we were experiencing that day kicked embers & unburned material from a fire into the air like so many campfires I’ve sat next to or wildfires that have sparked other fires down range. This unburned material was ignited and proceeded right back down to it’s origin where it found a whole bunch of other combustible material under pressure. We can’t see the intricacies of the events clearly b/c of the clouds & gasses in the atmosphere, & the fact that someone’s cell phone camera (which they probably got for free with the new plan they signed up for) isn’t well designed for recording the events of a constantly changing light level and an explosion that was so fast and massive enough to level an apartment building.

    I know which I believe. I’m pretty sure which one my neighbors who lost a cousin, my secretary who lost her cousin, and the 6 people at my work (and their families) who are homeless would probably believe. I’m okay with trying to get to the truth, but you can over-think it. Part of looking for the truth is accepting it when you find it. Of course the incident is in the early stages of investigation so who knows? One thing I can guess though. If you’re looking for a missile explanation you probably wouldn’t trust the investigators anyway.

    • Don says:

      I agree JB. Watching the videos frame by frame you can see the ignition of the blast off to the left of the main fire, and the wind is blowing the flames in that direction (looks like rather high winds too, since the flames of the fire are laying so low to the ground). So it’s no stretch by any means to suggest sparks ignited a rupture in a tank or pipe. Hasn’t anyone fired off a model rocket or even a bottle rocket. When you get the initial ignition of the rocket, there is a whooshing whistle sound, along with the containment of the pressurized ignition, the expansion is the resulting explosion. Remember, Timothy McVeigh used about 2,000 kilograms of ammonium nitrate, mixed with $3,000 worth of motor-racing fuel for his explosion in Oklahoma City. The West, Tx. plant was storing, according to their report to Texas Department of Health Services on Feb. 26, approximately 560,000 pounds (or 245,454 kilograms) of ammonia nitrate along with 100,000 pounds of liquid ammonia. The result…if ignited…one Big BOOM!

  8. Chad says:

    Dean, when a pressurized tank of flammable gas leaks and there is no immediate ignition source, it will not explode. Rather, a plume of gas will escape and be carried by wind currents. If that plume eventually does reach an ignition source, a fireball can erupt and travel back along the path of the plume until it reaches the source of the leak at the tank, at which time it may explode. Since the first explosion sent flaming debris around the facility and most probably ruptured the pipes at the tank which exploded afterwards, I would venture that this scenario would be more probable than a missile barrage strike.

  9. dmcannon99 says:

    I assume you are aware that the plant had been on fire for some time before the explosion, right? Actually, I guess not or you wouldn’t have posted any of this to begin with.

  10. john says:

    I served in the U.S. Navy for 6 yrs. in the Ordanance Field also ( special weapons dept..) which has been a great many
    yrs. now, however; to my recollection, this sound byte, and slo-mo trail is indicative to ordanance…without more data
    I cannot be sure, but is very possible….Prayers for all of us….

    • dmcannon99 says:

      If you were in that field, shouldn’t you know how to spell ordnance? Seems reasonable to me…

    • William says:

      There are a lot of curious if not suspicious things about this fire and explosion, could it have been because of poor maintenance, YES, could it have been due to just plane irresponsibility and incompetence, YES,Could it have been cause by a terrorist act?, in this day and age and with all the foreign national legal and other wise running around freely that hate us, it wouldn’t surprise me at all. It is strange and odd, that this company just happens to be involved in a major law suit against Monsanto, which most people do not know they OWN their own private military and is the biggest private military in the world, they are equally armed to the equivalent of the united states military and similar training . I it also odd that the day this happens if fall very close to the anniversary of similar tragedies in the past, it is also very curious that governor Perry earlier that day demanded all of Texas gold back from the feds. A lot of coincidences there, but nothing conclusive, we may or may not know the truth after a complete investigation as we may get the truth or not, it’s not like we get lied to all the time by government officials is it now. So very likely, no matter what happened, we will really never know for sure, but it is perfectly clear our government is up to no good and is against the people, that much is fact.

  11. Dennis Leatherman says:

    Forget any theories. Read your history of Galveston Bay. A ship filled with fertaliser was leaking water onto the cargo and a fire started.The fire dept tried to put it out with more water. The resulting blast blew all the water out of the harbor and blew an adjacent ship clean over another moored next to it.It blew train engines 1/2 mile away off the tracks. The blast of a fertalyser plant would likely be larger than most missles would generate. What you see is probably flashovers or exploding containers. Any conspirosy theories would be more likely be found in a sobatour starting the original fire. Or as simple as someone smoking where they were not permitted to.

    • Janet Kennedy says:

      Yes. The nitrates or ammonia in small amounts are OK mixed in large amounts of water, but never try the other way around! Water from the fire hoses on large amounts of these chemicals being released by the initial fire causes the explosion and fire blast. It’s the chemical extreme attraction between ammonia and water and add to that the unstable heated nitrates! Boom, every time. Never try to put out a fire of a fertilizer plant with water. Should have been evacuation then perhaps dry fire retardant applied by helicopter–never water. A voluntary fire department didn’t know but should have.

    • Yeah, I read about the Grandcamp explosion just after the West, Texas bombing… uh explosion. Monsanto was there then, and Monsanto is here now (in West, TX). Doesn’t anyone here find that a little odd? ( (third paragraph down))

      Yeah, a saboteur is a possibility. By the way, Dennis, it’s “fertilizer,” not “fertaliser” or “fertalyser.” At least you could spell it wrong consistently, LOL.

      But all these little bits of information seem to be lost on people. Read between the lines! Do you read the Bible and still think the world was created 8,000 years ago?

      Here is the short list of events that took place on or around the 18th of April…

      April 19, 1775—Battle of Lexington & Concord

      April 16, 1947—the French Liberty ship, Grandcamp, docked at the Port of Texas City erupted in flames, causing a massive explosion.

      April 20, 1985—ATF raid The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord compound in Arkansas.

      April 19, 1993—troops with heavy artillery storm the Branch Davidian compound, Waco, killing the 76 men, women and children trapped inside.

      April 19, 1995—Oklahoma City bombing (another fertilizer explosion(?))

      April 20, 1999—The Columbine High School Massacre.

      April 19, 2005—Joseph Alois Ratzinger elected as Pope Benedict XVI.

      April 16, 2007—Virginia Tech Massacre

      April 20, 2008—Pope Benedict XVI visited Ground Zero in New York

      April 20, 2010—The Gulf Oil Fire

      April 16, 2013—Boston Marathon Explosions

      April 18, 2013—Fertilizer Plant Explosion, West, Texas (20 years after the Waco massacre and in close proximity to Waco)

      There’s more, but these are enough. Are all these just coincidences? What are the odds?

  12. JustFacts says:

    This is not an uncommon occurrence in explosions. It is called a deflagration to detonation transition. You have gases and unburnt material carried up in the smoke. The ignition source comes from a spark carried in the smoke. A flame moves through the gases (smoke) at subsonic speeds through the smoke and in this case, towards the fuel source. The material (mass) is compressed ahead of the wave that may speed up to supersonic speed. This causes a detonation. It has happened before in other industrial accidents. Tragic but not uncommon.

  13. Devin Grider says:

    Really? We’ve gone from a missile to a laser hit now? And we wonder why people think “kooks” when they hear “Patriot group”…..

    • bleak says:

      Really? You haven’t heard of DEW’s (Direct Energy Weapons)? Read up on them. They’ve existed for decades. The fact is that there is a whole bunch of stuff the government does not divulge easily. That is just a fact of life. Learn to accept it. Maybe it is you who are making the patriot groups look stupid.

      I am truly sorry for the loss of your brothers. It is traumatic to loose people you feel akin to. We all get traumatized by the events that are taking place and by the shadowy world that has been unfolding before our eyes, and not just since Obama “took” office. But do a little research before you condemn those who are actually thinking about WHAT IF scenarios. It all may seem like science fiction, but many sci-fi authors have had what amounts to prescient vision when it comes to the events taking place right under our very noses. Many people said that the Wright brothers were crazy too.

      “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which can not fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance-that principle is contempt prior to investigation.” – Herbert Spencer, English philosopher, scientist, theologian during the 1800’s

  14. Nobody says:

    I didn’t read all the comments on here but I watched that last night and it reminded me of something…… Just putting it out there….. Watch the video of the new laser the military has shooting down a drone. I’m not saying it was, but I thought it looked like a laser beam hit it.

  15. Governor Perry also asked for the gold that belongs to Texas beforehand.

  16. To bad you cant find radar information for the area it would show up on the operators screen. if it was a missle.

  17. Devin Grider says:

    Very welcome! I will pass thanks along. Sorry for getting a little worked up at the end…I am a professional FF…our profession is a brotherhood, and losses like West impact us all.

  18. Devin Grider says:

    Here’s the whole story in a nutshell……
    Doug Marrs the frame in question shows flames but no object at all, it isn’t a missile. It is the vapor of unburnt anhydrous ammonia combusting and the explosion is a bleve when a flammable liquid reaches its boiling point it combusts in a spectacular fashion because it turns into a vapor almost completely at the same time resulting in a very dynamic event
    4 hours ago · Like · 1

    Doug Marrs boiling liquid explosive vapor explosion
    4 hours ago · Like · 1

    Doug Marrs there is no missile, a missile travels at 600 to a 1000 mph so it would appear in 3 to 5 frames based on 32 frames a second, the math and physics do not support a missile
    4 hours ago · Like · 1

    Doug Marrs I gone back and looked at the three seconds before and you can see an outgassing at second 9 at second 10 the vapor starts to combust and at 11 it totlaay combusts in two stages a missile would have impacted and then the shock wave would have been visible then the secondary explosion again no missile a bleve
    4 hours ago · Like · 1

    Doug Marrs the loud crack is the expanding anhydrous ammonia vapor combusting and traveling at 27000 feet per second it was lucky the vdeo guy and his son survived a few hundred meters closer and they may not have
    4 hours ago · Like · 1

    Devin Grider There was no missile, and we (Patriots as a group) need to educate ourselves and stop appearing as stupid by putting forward such easily refutable garbage as this.
    Doug explained it all very well, even if he got the acronym wrong (It’s Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion). The ‘loud hiss’ of the so called “missile” is simply the sound of the tank’s pressure relief valve activating. It goes from a static tone to a very shrill one due to a sharp increase in pressure inside the tank. This is a key indicator to firemen in the vicinity to RUN!
    Outside of that, Doug addressed it very well. There is no view of any ‘missile’ in film frames, no impact, no shockwave followed by blast….
    Please tell the “Look at me!” crowd to stop dishonoring the memory of my lost brothers with their cockamamy ‘missile’ BS….

    • Dean Garrison says:

      Thanks for sharing that. Very well thought out responses. Please thank Doug as well for his insights.

    • William says:

      I have a question for Doug Marrs, Devin Grider, On what experience do you base your conclusions? Have you been around many fires and explosions? Have you been around any military ordinance that you would know what a missile strike looks like?I am just curious on what information you base your conclusions on?

  19. Dean Garrison says:

    I don’t know how many people have subscribed to the comments here but I added a second video which I consider more frightening than the first.

  20. D. Cigainero says:

    I have posted this to my page and I have to agree. God bless Texas and her citizens. rumored Obama knew before vote took place on Wed. and what state does he dislike the most. (Lone Star)

  21. Mike says:

    Though I am likely to agree that it is due to the capability of the camera, check these vids out before drawing the final conclusion, they are from the opposite side of the plant and from a different camera. They are more revealing of the whole incident and slowed to 5% or less.

    • Thermo instructor says:

      I love how they use the one video to say, see it sounds like a JDAM, but completely ignore the fact that it looks nothing like a JDAM coming in. This is a case of selective fact finding. It’s like saying, “it looks like an elephant sat on it, but the video shows a hampster” it doesn’t fit. Missile trails aren’t 120 degrees wide when they are coming in. Sorry, they are fishing with dynamite on this one..

  22. Connie Carmichael says:

    Here is another version I found on FB tonight. If you listen you can definitely hear a whistling noise before the “thing” on the left happens.

    • Connie Carmichael says:

      pay attention around 28:00 you will see a long fiery streak that looks like it is coming in and you can hear a whistling noise.

  23. SemperFi2088 says:

    My earlier post at 3:52 p.m., that details the methane gas buildup that naturally occurs in a fertilizer factory (aka a ‘shit business’ — pardon the pun). If the buildup is not dissipated either through a prevailing wind or artificial ventilation such as fans, that buildup can lead to an event such as last night’s accident where the entire place went KA-BOOM!

    My heart, thoughts and prayers goes to those victims as well as the bombing victims in Boston — as well as their families. That being said, it’s important we take preventive, as well as corrective measures to reduce the chances of such an event reoccurring. Installing fans at other sh– farms around the country will help as an example…

  24. The Object coming from the left? Distortion in the video from a crappy cell camera. Your picking apart 3 frames from a camera that has a lens the size pea. I can easily reproduce this by waving my hand in front of the camera fast, now I’ve got 20 fingers. The flash of the explosion was so fast that the frame wasn’t captured properly. Thats a lot of information to capture by a camera that was designed to film your kids playing in the backyard, not explosions going off.

    I’m all for trying to get to the root of an issue, but this is making mountains out of mole hills. This was a freak explosion, no false flag, no conspiracy. If you want to dig into a Conspiracy google Benghazi and demand answers for that.

    Prayers to the families, Boston and Texas survivors are in this families heart.

  25. Thermo instructor says:

    It appears to me that some of the gases in the smoke ignited, that’s all. The heat from the fire ignited some gaes in teh cloud. What you see is not an object traveling from left to right. It is an ignition source in the vapor cloud on the right traveling left where more oxygen is available. Sorry for those hoping for a conspiracy. The reason you see it in one frame is they happen fast. Anyone that has ever sat around a camp fire has seen these flares on a smaller scale, these is when the fire periodically goes higher. However, The scale here is bigger and the fuel source more robust. A fire this big and this hot is using all the O2 up, so there are still ignitable gases in the smoke. If they are hot enough, they combust when they hit the O. Obviously they are hotter, closer to the fire source, hence the rt to lt burn pattern. Goodnight.

  26. Robert Smith says:

    I see nothing but a vapor cloud going off. The blast throws debries in every direction. Cannot see anything coming in from the left side

  27. Ryan says:

    It has to do with the way that the camera refreshes the frame.

  28. Ed says:

    It appears to me as if its just a fluctuation in what we can see through the smoke, since smoke does dissipate, and the dissipation rate depends on many factors like temp, barrometric pressure, density, composition (what the smoke is made of), and wind. New smoke was being produced at a steady rate, so who knows, it’s like predicting weather. Not exact.

  29. ChristCrusader says:

    Looks like fireball to me. Wind was blowing that direction, maybe gasses were accumulating downwind, ignited and swept back into a secondary explosion. No object seen, just vapor cloud igniting to me. What a scary tragedy. Now I can imagine how Oklhoma city’s bomb could have been so devastating. I hope the father and son are ok, physically and emotionally. I know better now about safe distances from structural fires from their mishap… wow.

  30. Tomi Glover says:

    does this guy know that the frame hes trying to show us is a white out

  31. Dean Garrison says:

    Here is one resource I have found so far to talk about vapor explosions. I need to start dinner and feed the family, but I will be checking in periodically. I have heard from a couple of ex-military folks today who are the reason I decided to put this up. Both of them suspect foul play. But we are all wrong from time to time so I am hoping that we can just stimulate some conversation and get to the truth. Here is the link I found which helped me to understand a little more how this could be a vapor cloud if that is the explanation. I am reading all of these comments as I have time and will eventually get to all of them because like everyone else here I only want the truth.

  32. James Borden says:

    Ever heard of back draft? The tanks inside those building contained a chemical combination of Ammonia and Nitrogen a little thing called ammonium nitrate. Ever hear of the Oklahoma bombing or Timothy McVeigh? Ammonium Nitrate is a very volatile gas all you need is a spark under the right conditions and what you are seeing in the video is the rupture of the tanks and the blast a millisecond later. No Thomahawk, no TOW.

    • Nathanael Hale says:

      I see the Obama DHS plants are alive well!! How are you today, sir?

      In case you were wondering, I do know what a backdraft is. That is not a backdraft.

      It does have the signature of a missle launched from an airborne platform, specifically a Hellfire or TOW II missle. Both of those missles would have been perfect initiators for the explosion. BTW, the debris field is consistent with the detonation. The missle would have been used as an initiator for the ammonium nitrate (which is a liquid explosive). The ammonium nitrate would have been the main explosive (CNN released that information last night during a press release).

      Any of this information is open source, so you don’t have to believe me; look it up yourself.

      • Tom says:

        If it was a TOW or a TOWII it would have to have been fired within either 3,000 or 3,750 meters from either a vehicle or aircraft of some sort. Someone should have seen either if that was the case? Also, there should have been a set of wires left behind between the point of being fired and the point of this huge explosion. Did anyone see anything like this?

  33. Keith says:

    If you look carefully what you are seeing is flashover partially hidden by a cloud of smoke. This flashover is probably what ignited the stored chemicals and caused the larger explosion. you can see the same thing in the video of the Nevada munitions explosion.

  34. 11B says:

    Well, there are several things about it that are fishy, one is you see an object enter from the left and when the explosion goes off you see a ball of fire and debris on the right hand side of the explosion which would indicate and an object hitting from the left heading to the right and the momentum from it causing much of the explosion to push out to the right, but then when you look at the rest of it the way it fans upward and out, my first thought was a direct impact, much like it would look for say and incoming artillery round, the debris would jump upward in a circle around the impact area following the intial impact and then the explosion. I would be inclined to say that what came in from the right was just a gas cloud igniting and burning through and starting the explosion but once that sucker went off and I saw the debris and fan and what not I immediately thought artillery, now if something did impact the plant and cause it I would bet the bank saying it wasn’t artillery because you would have heard the incoming round screaming in and most likely the gun going off aswell but thats not always a guarantee. So I would wager that if it was an outside source that impacted and caused the explosion it would have to have been a missle or rocket of some sort. I would say at least the size of a Javelin missle, though the initial explosion is a little big for it, but it has top down capabilities. A 2.75 rocket would be to small to cause the initial explosion even though you wouldn’t have needed much to set the rest of the factory off. So I would say if munitions were used that it would be of Javelin size or larger, and most likely deployed from the air from either a drone or high flying aircraft. But unless they had something that was under ground level that exploded I would wager that it was something external that set it off.

    • Dean Garrison says:

      That was my original thought as well but I will honestly say that I am not expert enough to have my opinion taken seriously on such a matter. There is one thing that we would have to ask if this is the case. WHY? If it was some sort of projectile that expedited the larger explosion then we will probably find out why soon enough. I thank you for your courage to offer this possible scenario. In order to get the truth we do need to hear from both sides. Thanks again my friend.

    • James Borden says:

      Man you should write a book about what you don’t know!

  35. jim says:

    I am guessing it is the reflection of the initial blast in the smoke plume as light travels faster than sound or pressure. It is in one frame. An incoming projectile would be in more than one frame especially in the HD video the original was shot in.

  36. adam says:

    To me it appears that it is a shock wave that went out and then you see the fire begin on both sides of the building in the second frame. I first noticed the fire on the right, then the larger fire on the left of the screen.

  37. Dean Garrison says:

    Guys I have to leave on errands for a bit but when I get back I will read every comment even if I can’t comment on all of them. I am starting to feel better already. See, productive thinking can come from these things if people will sit down and have rational discussions rather than jumping to conclusions. Thank You so much. I have to run for now. Back soon….

  38. SemperFi2088 says:

    Fertilizer — by its very nature — produces and builds up methane gas. UNLESS you have sufficient ventilation in such a facility on a continuous basis, it will set in motion a chain of events where a buildup of methane can and will lead to deadly results, such as KA-BOOM! This was evident in Texas last night.

    I DO NOT believe the government was behind this; this wa simply a case of natural causes, because fertilizer is the ‘shit business’ — ‘pardon my French’ — and the current administration doesn’t seem to know shit about much of anything other than its own self-enrichment and self-preservation…their record (or lack of it) speaks VOLUMES for itself…

  39. Jeff Palmer says:

    Speed and distance, you are seeing the light/flash from the blast traveling at over 180,000 MPS (Miles per Second); where the physical debri is traveling approx at the speed of a bullet say 3000 feet per second, versus sound and blast wave traveling 1125 feet per second. Which means they arrive to the camera at different speeds or time of travel.

    • Dean Garrison says:

      Jeff so this is the beginning of the blast in your opinion rather than a cause for the blast? That is actually be best explanation I have heard so far if that is what you are telling me. I just want to make sure I understand you.

      • Jeff Palmer says:

        Yes, it is a cell phone with limited capability. the beginning of the flash is seen above the fire because the camera does not have the ability to delimit the flash from the blaze. you are seeing the light sensors in the camera react to the change in value first.

  40. sbspecks says:

    I could see it being explosive gases, but I’m curious what ties that plant had to people, either liberal or conservative or neither. What’s the history, what’s the background?

    I don’t want to start rumor, but my first impression (which is usually right, though I don’t mean to boast) was the same as Connie’s. During WWI, I believe, Congress learned ways to manipulate the money supply through war and treasury bonds without drawing attention. Some folks say the Great Depression was almost a proof of concept, actual testing of how much control the gov’t could exert over the economy. The collapse in Greece was another test, with the EU following shortly after.
    That being said, what if this is a way to use a drone strike on American soil and write it off as an “accident” as a proof of concept? See just how much the administration can get away with? I’ve never seen a drone strike, but I’ll forward this to some of my buddies (one of whom is a drone operator and was stationed somewhere near Waco before shipping out a couple months ago) and see what they say. I trust them implicitly, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was a strike.

    But, bottom line, that was a HUGE explosion. We all know how much Obama loves his kill lists.

    • Bottom line for me: A guy who’s so coldhearted that he repeatedly defends the practice of killing born-alive babies – and is such a misanthrope that he’s best buds with a guy who dreams of setting up re-education camps and exterminating 25 million “counterrevolutionaries” — is a guy I don’t trust not to do all kinds of crazy, murderous things. With The Odious One at the top, anything is possible.

      • bingo says:

        Good point. Complicated things always come down to the basics. We’re dealing with sociopaths with a lot of power.

  41. Josh G says:

    This is just my opinion but I believe that fireball is either gas or dust igniting before the explosion. If it was some sort of attack wouldn’t there be some sort of projectile?

  42. mike says:

    There is nothing coming out of the sky. It’s clearly part of the explosion, look at the left side of the screen in the middle. You can clearly see a small part of the explosion it just looks like something is coming out of the sky. No conspiracy just a bad recording of the incident.

    • James Borden says:

      Finally comon sense

    • biggeomama says:

      I agree with mike. I did not see an object coming in from the left. Water vapor is generally white (see chemical reaction below as to why this is important).

      The chemistry of this is however really interesting. This is very similar to the explosion in Texas City in 1947. I teach general chemistry. I am not an explosion expert, so if anyone has information I got wrong, please correct me. I hope I did the arithmetic without error.

      So…Consider the fertilizer plant in West, Texas (which looked like a prosperous little town when I drove through it last year). I read in one report (sorry didn’t note the citation) that there was 54,000 pounds of ammonium nitrate at the facility. A Material Safety Data Sheet for this compound ( states that the flash point is higher than 200 °F and the auto ignition point is 572 °F. According to Wikipedia, the flash point is the temperature at which a vapor can form to make an ignitable mixture in air. The auto ignition point is the temperature at which the substance can ignite WITHOUT an external flame or spark.

      There was a fire which did not involve the ammonium nitrate at first. Paper burns at 451 °F (hence Ray Bradbury’s book). What was the fire temperature before the explosion? It was probably above 212 °F (the boiling point of water), not sure how high it might have gotten; however, a vapor must have formed that eventually ignited. So, what about the concussion front?

      When solid ammonium nitrate explodes it produces lots of gas…NH4NO3(solid) → N20 (gas) + 2H2O (gas)

      3.2 ounces (3 cubic inches) of ammonium nitrate will result in about 18 gal of gas if the temp of the explosion is about 68 °F, about 29 gal at 200 °F and about 35 gallons at the auto ignition temperature. 3.2 oz is only 0.2 pounds of ammonium nitrate. So if all 54,000 lbs exploded, it would produce about 9.5 million gallons of gas (at the auto-ignition point temperature) which is concentrated at the point of explosion, therefore at high pressure, and that gas expanded outward until the pressure was equal to atmospheric pressure.

  43. Ken says:

    Scary stuff… Yes, I admit I was checking out infowars today..:(
    Even with the crazy stuff on there, the footage on there was even more obvious!!
    You can blatantly see a incoming object passing through the footage.
    I hope this isn’t the truth, but it sure looks that way.
    The only other answer I can think of is fumes igniting from that point, and working its way through the building. I hope demo. experts can weigh in…

    • Dean Garrison says:

      I kept waiting for info wars to post something. I am guessing that they must have eventually done so. When I was trying to decide whether to post it, it was still all small blogs like this one who were posting.

      • Dean, an excellent post. While I certainly do not have the experience to comment on the blast or any potential of a missile strike, my thoughts begin moving in another direction. Why this fertilizer plant? Why the day after two fertilizer-based bombs were set exploded in Boston? What records of sales of fertilizer might have been destroyed in the Texas explosion? Records of what sales… and to whom? Now there’s a question worth asking.

        • Mike says:

          The fertilizer plant just relinquished a law suit (by way of statute of limitations) they have had against Monsanto for about 10 years. How does that go with your questions?

    • Tabatha says:

      i don’t see this object that everyone else seems to see at all. : (

      • Dean Garrison says:

        I don’t actually see an object either Tabatha. I just see the fire on the left. I didn’t see a rocket or missile or anything of the sort.

  44. my heart is incredibly heavy that our country has come to this…. that we HAVE to ask questions of every tragedy. I dont want to be a conspirist either, but what else makes sense? things just do not add up!!!!!

    • Dean Garrison says:

      I think I am going to spend some time studying explosions after I run to the store. Maybe it was simply a gas cloud that ignited. The guy that posted the video will argue tooth and nail against that, but I am not that smart about science. I am hoping I can read something that will calm my concerns. If I find something that is written by scientists i will surely post it.

  45. john says:

    i live in waco, tx which is 12 miles south of west. there was a fire at the plant which stored 54,000 gallons of ammonia. the tank that housed the ammonia blew and demolished alot of houses.

    • Dean Garrison says:

      So do you think the object on the left of the screen is a gas cloud igniting? I am just trying to understand what I am seeing.

      • john says:

        at this point, i’m not sure, how was there 2 different clouds produced. if you look at the photos, one cloud is solid white and then there is a large dark grey cloud. i’ve seen a video, but it was blurry and hard to see. does n e body have a clearer video they can send me?

      • shannon says:

        i follow you on alot of things dean but tis was an ammoniam nitrate facility no strategic or public importance and highly volatile . reel yourself in on this one .

        • SemperFi2088 says:

          As I said before, the explosion occurred due to NATURAL CAUSES…a buildup of METHANE GAS that is a natural occurrence in fertilizer. The sinister elements of the conspiracy need to get their tin foil hats adjusted…

          This was an INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT…NOTHING SINISTER or ANYTHING ELSE!! Wrap your heads around THAT!!! ***

          • bingo says:

            We all want this to be an accident, but we are correct to calmly question a government that has not been a friend to freedom over the past several years. Please allow for intelligent questioning and debate without name-calling. A typical Alinsky tactic used to quiet probing questions–> ridicule.

          • SemperFi2088 says:

            bingo: that possibility exists (as you say) may well be the case here. What we need here is to let the dust settle — so to speak — and remember that the answer is in the evidence…

  46. Connie Carmichael says:

    I too, noticed this object to the left when this video first hit the internet. Wondering if it was a drone strike??

    • Dean Garrison says:

      Let’s hope not Connie. I am hoping that we can piece this together without it being foul play. But if I didn’t have my own doubts I wouldn’t have published the video. I am just hoping these ideas of gas clouds igniting are correct.

      • Connie Carmichael says:

        I hope that is true also Dean, but what with all the hype over the Boston bombings, we must remain watchful and question these things for our own safety. I try not to allow myself to become too paranoid but it sure seems when things happen and divert our attention, executive orders get passed. I just can’t trust our government.

      • wolfpack0352 says:

        dean i was also a T.O.W gunner meaning Tube lauched Opticaly tracked Wire guided missle . ive seen many drone hits smaws u name it seen them but this is right on the button for a so called drone missle and blast radious also makes me feel uneasy to see this on american soil need to find people to cut the recording down further. semper fi friend . and thank you for all you do in the name of truth and honor .

        • James Borden says:

          first of all it is tubular launched optically sighted wire guided command link missile. Second of all expert West has no Military or strategic importance none what so ever!!!! and thirdly have you ever heard of back draft? The tanks inside those building contained a chemical combination of Ammonia and Nitrogen a little thing called ammonium nitrate. Ever hear of the Oklahoma bombing or Timothy McVeigh? Ammonium Nitrate is a very volatile gas all you need is a spark under the right conditions and what you are seeing in the video is the rupture of the tanks and the blast a millisecond later. No Thomahawk, not TOW, and obviously your no expert!

      • Mike says:

        I have worked with anhydrous ammonia in the past and I can tell you that though it may be flammable…its flash point is nowhere near that of what you see in the video. Its main explosion factor is the pressure that it is able to build up to, not flammability.

        • Jim Spicer says:

          That is true for Anhydrous… NOT true for Ammonium Nitrate. Ammonium Nitrate is by composition, an oxidizer. Doesn’t take much of a fire at all to set off a huge explosion when theres tons of it in storage, like there was here. I have a friend who does lots of business with West, and they usually have around 60-70,000 lbs of 34-0-0 and other grades of AN in storage there.

  47. Dean Garrison says:

    I already got a couple of comments on Facebook and I am hoping people will post their rational theories here. I am not trying to make a conspiracy out of something that may not be. I just want to understand and know the truth.

  48. Bill Snyder says:

    Big blast like that its a very common sight, ask any of us war vets.

    • Dean Garrison says:

      Thanks Bill. I appreciate that. The guy who posted the video says that there is no ignition source for such a thing, but I am hoping you are correct.

      • Mike says:

        Did you miss what he was saying or am I misreading it? He says that big blast like that are common to see by military personal. (paraphrased) Meaning that this explosion is similar to that of a war zone explosion. I don’t mean to put words in his mouth at all but that seems to be the route that he was taking it.

        • Amy Morgan says:

 please watch this one, i’m truly upset by this, but in the beginning of it you can clearly hear the high pitch of the missle right before impact. i just told my husband why can’t anything ever just simply be a horrible accident?

          • Mike says:

            Yes, this is the video that made me question whether it was an actual accident or not. I had seen the one posted in this article yesterday and passed it off as to far of a stretch to believe, then I seen this video that you posted this morning and really started with the questions, and to top it all off there were a few local hospitals doing “mass casualty drills” that day.

          • Jim says:

            Wow. This is pretty conclusive. Maybe this is the Fed’s way of telling Texas that they have the means to take our their industrial assets just in case their feeling like getting froggy. Maybe also this is a way to warn Patriots how they are going to play the game in the coming months.

          • Name required says:

            This appears to be something else. I am not going to say exactly, because I don’t want questions. Just consider this… A weapon does not have to be a missile. The light, the sound, the speed, are all relative to something else. Something ours. You wont have to look hard to find what I am referring to. If I tell you, you will call me a nut. So I offer you the opportunity to find it out for yourself. (Hint) There are four hints in this message.

          • madvlad says:

            High pitch of the missile? Have you heard a missile before? That is the sound of an explosion. Why does everything have to be a conspiracy with you people? Fertilizer is full of volatile chemicals that can cause massive explosions under pressure and next to a giant BALL OF FIRE.

        • Dean Garrison says:

          I think you are right Mike. I was in a hurry. Good catch. LOL

      • Jim Spicer says:

        No ignition source for the explosion?? BULL SHIT!! Thousands of pounds of ammonium nitrate fertilizer, Anhydrous ammonia, Urea… with a big fire right in the middle!! Whoever said there is no ignition source knows NOTHING about agricultural chemicals and fertilizer. Ammonium nitrate is an oxidizer… you mix that much of it with a large fire and that’s all that is needed for a VERY large explosion!

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