Multiple Obama Birth Certificates Surface in Alabama Eligibility Case

obama-FORGED-220x220Not that we are surprised, but now there are multiple copies of Barack Hussein Obama’s “real” birth certificate that are surfacing and they are clearly indicating fraud. In a rare move, the Alabama Democrat Party has submitted an amicus brief in the McInnish Goode v Chapman Appeal case. The reason being is most likely because the Alabama Supreme Court has Chief Justice Roy Moore presiding over it. The Alabama Democrat Party just submitted a completely different birth certificate than the one that was posted at the White House website in 2011.

Larry Klayman, the plaintiff’s counsel submitted the forgery of Barack Hussein Obama’s birth certificate that was posted to on 4-27-2001 (seen below). Fogbow/Jack Ryan obot group produced another bogus one. Still a third birth certificate has been submitted by Alabama Democrats to the Supreme Court.



Remember, this court is being presided over by Chief Justice Roy Moore, who supported Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, when he believed Obama to be a usurper and denied following orders to deploy to Iraq until Obama proved his eligibility as part of keeping his oath (ironically Lakin was not supported by Mr. Oathkeeper Stewart Rhodes). Another justice on the court by the name of Tom Parker will also hear the case. He has stated in a previous case:

“McInnish has attached certain documentation to his mandamus petition, which, if presented to the appropriate forum as part of a proper evidentiary presentation, would raise serious questions about the authenticity of both the “short form” and the “long form” birth certificates of President Barack Hussein Obama that have been made public.”

While the Alabama Democrats attacked the merits of the appeal, calling the evidence by McInnish “inadmissible and not worthy of belief,” they also stated “A county sheriff from Arizona is not an ‘official source’ of anything in Alabama.”

But what stands out in their brief is something very new, Barack Hussein Obama’s long form birth certificate that has a different backing, something never before seen. It’s on page 33 in the document below.


SCOAL 2013-04-24 McInnish|Goode v Chapman APPEAL – ADP Amicus Brief

page 33

Apparently there are hundreds of layers to this one. According to Adobe expert Mara Zebest, who has explained how layers work and demonstrates the layers of the forged birth certificate here, said,

“The fact that the document displays another permutation of the Obama birth certificate should come as no surprise. In fact, this recent variation actually proves the argument that the layers displayed in the White House PDF released as Obama’s “official” birth certificate file — are in fact — a big F***ing deal (to quote Joe Biden). This variation not only proves the point that manipulation occurred to create Obama’s PDF, but is further proof that – due to the layers — it is easy for manipulation to continue to occur.”


Notice there is no raised seal, which must be on the document to be official. Notice the differences below:

The Birther Report provided this PDF copy, which was e-filed by the Alabama Democrat Party with the Alabama Supreme Court. Notice that the diamond pattern is not found on this e-filing.

Obama Birth Certificate No Seal – Alabama Supreme Court – Fogbow Upload – 4/24/2013






Pixel Patriot analyzed the document and demonstrated that the security paper background extended on the right side farther than the visible area of the PDF copy.


All of this is going to make certain people a little uneasy who think this is just a “birther issue.” It’s not. It’s a criminal issue. It’s a national security issue. My fellow Americans, the Democrats are telling on themselves left and right. They are openly lying to you about the man in the Oval Office and everyone thinks there is something more important? I don’t think so. Yes Benghazi is important. Yes, Fast and Furious is important. However, it appears that for the first time we have a man in the White House that we cannot really say is even from this country and apparently there is some serious felonies taking place in attempts to cover up what should be the biggest story covered in America and that is to expose a usurper to the office of President of the United States.

In case you are still thinking this doesn’t matter, might I suggest you consider how this would impact things, versus impeachment for Benghazi or Fast and Furious? Understand that this would potentially nullify every law he has signed, every executive order he has given, and every Supreme Court appointment he has made. While many are saying that Benghazi is bigger than Watergate, and it most definitely is, the Obama eligibility issue is bigger than all Obama’s scandals, in my opinion, because of the tentacles around things that it affects.

H/T Pat Dollard

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25 Responses to Multiple Obama Birth Certificates Surface in Alabama Eligibility Case

  1. smrstrauss says:

    The Alabama Supreme Court ruled last Friday, and only one of the two dissenters of the nine justices even mentioned the allegation that Obama’s birth certificate was forged, and that was not Chief Justice Moore, who did not mention the allegations of forgery at all but simply said that the Alabama secretary of state should have checked on the eligibility of all presidential candidates, meaning Romney as well as Obama. Justice Pierce disagreed with Moore and said that all candidates’ eligibility needed to be checked—only Obama’s.

    But Pierce was the only one of NINE Republican justices to make any reference at all to the allegations that the birth certificate was forged, The seven justices in the majority ruled that the secretary of state of Alabama does not have to check eligibility because—wait for it—there is no provision in Alabama law that requires the secretary of state of Alabama to check on the eligibility of presidential candidates.

    There was no mention of Obama’s birth certificate by name, or his social security card or his selective service registration. And NO justice, not even the dissenters, said that two citizen parents are required in order to be a Natural Born Citizen.

  2. redwolf6911 says:

    Pelosi and Reid vouched for Obama as being a natural born citizen and qualified to become President. Of course they lied. They know who he is. This has been planned a long long time. Personally, I want to see him gone and in jail along with a bunch of his co-defendants.

  3. tuense96761 says:

    Obama has only stayed in power by exactly the kind of conduct his administration is being exposed for now and that is abuse of power. Obama has some powerful people that want him and it was those people that managed to use the race card and control the flow of the news media on the birth certificate and social security card and Obama being gay, and Obama hating white people and Christians. I wouldn’t doubt that John McCain threw the race and let Obama win. Who knows he may have been bribed, blackmailed or threatened? But it is a bit curious that McCain “natural Born ” status was used as a distraction from Obama’s in court prior to the 2008 . McCain plays the cards that Obama wants him to play and he looks as if he is going after Obama but just enough that he helps it not count. And we have seen McCain even turn on Republicans during the John Brennan filibuster. McCain has not supported Americans not one bit as Obama has shredded our constitution. He even bad mouthed Rand Paul and Ted Cruz during the filibuster. You have to ask yourself why? Who’s team is he on? Same with Hillary? Who knows there may have been big dollar bribes offered. As we have seen in the last four years Obama is doing all in his power to destroy everything that makes America great and trying to turn us in to a weak third world society dependent on government. Why anyone that loves this country would support a government that is taking away our constitutional rights and tuning this country toward a totalitarian police state is the question? By supporting Obama that is what is being supported. So you have to ask yourself is the democratic party being blacked mailed, bribed or threatened because what is in it for them to let Obama complete the destruction of the United States? Obama not only has power over drones, black helicopters,CIA, FBI, FCC, FTC, EPA, the Labor Board oh and we can’t forget the IRS. Obama can take people’s livelihood away from them with a phone call to one of these agencies and believe it, he has used them and done it. We all know there has been a shadow government that has turned into a well oiled machine over the last fifty years. Sustainable, global Agenda 21 Common Core education for our children, depopulation all to gain control for few to govern. This all ties in with our dollar and the Banksters , the Federal Reserve (who’s 100 year contract just happens to be ending at the end of this year). They the wealthiest men in the world who have been controlling this country for the last 100 years don’t want to give up that control but now they want a one world order or government. Obama must be exposed to all of the American people and he must be removed before the wealthy greedy Federal Reserve owners can complete what they are trying to do because it will be the end of this country with many dead .

  4. tuense96761 says:

    Every single person that is protecting this impostor president needs to be punished by the full extent of the law, all of them just like the Nuremberg trials in Germany. These defenders, if they are considered principals in their acts to protect an enemy of our country , it is treason and last time I heard the sentence for treason is death. And those that have gone against our country and facilitated him in trying to destroy this country deserve death. So if this man is worth their own life then by all means do your thing, but when this is done and we the American people who have been attacked to our very core by this fraud that is holding our country hostage will not stop until he is brought to justice and all those that enabled also. There will be many some might include, Howard Dean, the Clinton’s, Debbie Wassermann Shultz, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Eric Holder, John Brennan, Leon Panetta, Bill O’Reilly, Fox News President, President of NBC, ABC, CBS News division, owner of Wash. Post, NY Times, LA Times, Wall Street Journal News Director and every major paper in this country that didn’t cover the Birth Certificate news intentionally not informing the American people of the fraud being perpetuated on them. Every judge and attorney General in all 50 states that did not protect our country to the full extent of the law when cases were brought before their court. Other that should face a trial for the Obama fraud and their involvement are Michele Obama, Ron Emanuel, Valerie Jarard, Linda Lingle, all those in the health department in Hawaii that lied to protect him and those involved in falsifying documents and many more. These people if and when they are found guilty in participating in this biggest crime every put on the American people don’t ever deserve to walk on American free soil again.

    • 3 senses says:

      Setting aside the incorrect spellings of some names and the incorrect names of others, the biggest thing you are missing is all the Republicans who should be brought to trial, too. They are just as guilty. This is not a Republican vs. Democrat thing. This is about many, many people standing in the way of the American people having a constitutional government.

      • Tusense96761 says:

        I absolutely agree and believe it or not I was a democrat until tthe 2012 Democrat Convention .There was a vote on the floor during that democratic convention of whether to take God out of the platform and that is when I said I will never again consider myself a democrat. The very strange thing is God lost in all three votes on the floor but the man running the vote was stunned himself and didn’t allow the vote to go in that direction. My theory is that Obama probably for fear very few people would show at that convention combined it with Muslim convention that was already taking place. There were at least 20,00 Muslims on the floor which would explain the vote. Currently I align myself with no party. But you are right I believe McCain is a traitor to this country and Lindsey Graham. Any republican that voted for the NDAA or any unconstitutional bill put forth. Any republican that was warned that we have a usurper in the White House that did nothing needs to stand trial. Sorry about the spelling.

  5. DBCee says:

    My prayer is (1) that the Court will hear argument about “Natural Born Citizen”, as found in Article II, Section 1, of the Constitution of the United States; (2) that the Court will learn and adopt the Founders’ intended meaning and purpose for requiring that the President and Vice-President be “Natural Born” citizens; and (3) that the Justices of the Alabama Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court will have the intestinal fortitude and faith in our system to declared Obama as a faker, usurper, and fraud, and that all laws and orders heretofore signed by him are void.

    • Tusense96761 says:

      I would like to know what is taking so long , the U.S. Supreme Court heard the Orley Taiz Obama case on February 15, 2013 , why have the ruling not become public yet? How long does the U.S. Supreme Court take to rule on a case. I think they are avoiding it.

  6. Eddie Richards says:

    Obama is an Anchor baby.

  7. I pray everyday I watch him get his Muslim ass dragged out of the white house along with all those who covered for him including his family. I am sure that this would wake up the sheeple.

  8. Connie Carmichael says:

    This is just getting way past “ridiculous”. Someone needs to clean house and get this bonehead out of there before he is allowed to do further damage. It is so obvious that “HE” cannot produce a valid birth certificate because he is NOT an American citizen. I know some people seem to think he is from Kenya, although I read the other day that Bill Ayers wrote “Dreams of My Father” for Obama. Some seem to believe Obama is Indonesian. I would not be surprised to learn he is actually Saudi Arabian because they say the Saudi’s paid for his college education. It really does not matter where he was born since many of us believe he is not American in any way, therefore making him ineligible for the Presidential position. I am so way past disliking this fool and would love to see him escorted out of the White House in handcuffs and stuck in Gitmo for the rest of his days.

  9. Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez says:

    Are really the Mexican and United States governments working mutually against illegal businesses?
    What we can see it is that criminals are getting into the political power receiving huge amounts of bribes, illegal management businesses is more relevant than the economy and people of both countries, it seems that basic economic principles are forgotten in the underground of the legal businesses.
    Using media, tax money, killing civilians, slavery children among others is only the peak of the iceberg. Bribes have increased given by the BRIC countries as well as supporting all kind of illegalities to increase the wealthiest of the Forbes richest men in the world using Free Trade Agreements when there is no scientific evidence that the accounting principles are even the same in all these countries wishing to increase their commerce, so financial, economic, engineering, accounting frauds are common in this global economy affecting millions of people in extreme poverty while the politicians are getting more and more money on their side all the time, they are using high school consultant coming from Indian origin through IT monopolies and Chinese cyber-attacks in the Cool War.
    Common people has to understand the economic mistakes done are planned, protecting extremist groups like the Opus Dei, the white supremacists (slavery), and other mafias around the world. They are creating a fantasy world that gives magical solutions using these criminal groups in business and government; nobody is impressible to solve scientifically all this situation and they are killed using the force of the Agencies, China and India with electronic weapons worldwide. Only the mafia people are the one defining our future while the BRIC countries are taken advantage, the dark side and the use of the force are better than scientific and technological knowledge for these unethical politicians.
    It is important to legalize what it has to be legalized to be more focus in the real economy, and real problems, instead of being working in the unknown illegal businesses and Walt Disney´s fantasies. It is a waste of government time to continue in this unproductive path, and damaging people using the New Order technology (evil Chinese technology) at the same time.

  10. Omeoba says:

    This nation has exactly the wicked and fraudulent usurper of a tyrant that it deserves for its outright sins against God.

    If America will not repent and turn from it’s wicked ways, it will suffer greater judgement soon.

  11. bamalamadingdong says:

    Even if there is a cover-up and the birth certificate is forged and if Barack Obama is not a U.S. citizen nor born in the U.S. Both Democrats and Republicans at this point would not want such a blemish on the United States of America. It’s a small club in DC and exposing it now would jeopardize Americas standing in the world stage. The Republicans would not want the black eye that they could never really establish Obama was illegitimate early on. Republicans are willing to go along with the con to save their own incompetence and laziness being duped the the Democrats and Chicago mafia machine. The government as a whole Republican and Democrat are corrupted to the point there is no turning back. With Benghazi, Fast and Furious, persistent government corruption 40 years of incompetence, neglect and abuse on private citizens rights is finally coming to a apex of outrage by American people.

    • Connie Carmichael says:

      But one must remember, people from other countries have already said Obama is NOT an American citizen, therefore, it does not really matter what they think as far as blemishes go. There was article here while back of a man in Indonesia, saying Obama’s name is Barry Sotero and that he was born there and I’m sure other people are aware of this. I have also read where Hillary Clinton visited the British Archives and information is missing where his birth would have been recorded had he been born in Kenya, which was under British rule back in those days.

      I do not believe it’s a matter of taking a public flogging for America, so much as it is a matter that impeachment starts in the House of Representatives, currently Republican controlled, but must then go to the Senate, currently Democratic controlled. I think they are biding their time until after the 2014 elections to bring up impeachment, in hopes a lot of the Democrats will loose their seats. For that to happen we must all do our parts to vote the Dems out of office.

      • 3 senses says:

        They won’t bring up impeachment. This is not about what foreign countries think or about waiting until after some election. This is about the good ol’ boys club in Washington not turning on each other and also about the fact that they will NEVER do anything to attack America’s first African American president. They are too afraid of what would happen. The riots in the streets along with the political fallout that would happen as the Republicans would be blamed forever for it as racists and the media would back the Dems and make it stick. The Republicans would be done as a party. No, this issue, no matter what the evidence will never be settled. Haven’t you also ever wondered why the Supreme Court hasn’t taken on a case that would force them to define what a natural born citizen is? Clarence Thomas admitted early in Obama’s first term that they weren’t touching any cases regarding the birther issue.

        Lastly, even if the Repubs were waiting until after the 2014 election, they wouldn’t have the time left in his term to bring impeachment through the House and have the case tried in the Senate.

        No folks, this issue, no matter how legitimate, will never go anywhere. That’s why the only real hope for America, provided we each repent of our sins before God, is that we elect enough people in 2014 to take control of the legislative branch of government and put in people who will stand up to the executive branch.

  12. ChristCrusader says:

    Oh dear God, may Your will be done. Please show your power and expose and, if it be Your will, convict or stop any lies and evil perpetrated upon us and your land, Please do not be mocked, oh God, but where Your grace and mercy is allowed, may we humbly retain that.. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen

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