“FBI Most Wanted Terrorists”…30 Muslims and 2 Progressive Liberals. NO Right-Wing Patriots.

joanne-deborah-chesimard05-e1367508013536-225x300There has been a lot in the news the last two days about Joanne Deborah Chesimard who is the first woman ever placed on the “FBI Most Wanted Terrorists” list. Joanne’s connections with the Weather Underground and Obama mentor Bill Ayers have been much publicized. Rather than beat that story into the ground I thought I would take a moment to make a point that fails to be made often enough.

With all the constant rhetoric about the dangers of the American Patriot and right-wing-Christian terrorists, the facts still remain. The current list of “FBI Most Wanted Terrorists” contains 32 people. 30 of those people are Muslims and two are left-wing liberals. In addition to Chesimard, Daniel Andreas San Diego is the other non-Muslim on the list.

last 5 mass shooters liberalsWho is San Diego? He is an animal rights activist who is accused of involvement in two San Francisco bombings.

Below is a full list of “FBI Most Wanted Terrorists” that can be found at FBI.gov. We must always embrace the truth. Notwithstanding sick individuals like Timothy McVeigh, there is zero evidence that American Patriots are a greater terrorist risk than other groups. This is all about a leftist agenda and when someone brings up the conversation you should point them to this list. Don’t be afraid to openly discuss the fact that most or all the recent mass shooters have been perpetrated by left-leaning criminals as well. I am not necessarily trying to blame the left today but, more so, trying to expose the truth and show that there is little to no reason to suspect that terrorists are going to start springing from right-wing ideologies. Bad people are bad people no matter how they worship or what candidate they vote for. Here’s the current “FBI Most Wanted Terrorists” list:


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90 Responses to “FBI Most Wanted Terrorists”…30 Muslims and 2 Progressive Liberals. NO Right-Wing Patriots.

  1. Solon says:

    What exactly is the point this article is trying to make? Calling a Weather Underground member a “progressive liberal” is like calling Adolf Hitler a “conservative”.

    • me says:

      you must have vote Obama, the left wing is the enemy of the Constitution of America. You probably believe in killing the unborn and not for the death penalty of the rapist, murders and so forth.

  2. Suzy says:

    It makes perfect sense that we would base our conclusions off of FBI data alone, because the USA is the only country in the whole world. Obviously, right wing, christian ideologies are pretty pure, except in cases like Timothy, but we can just rule him out as being a sick individual and quickly forget he ever existed. If you actually look at the history of the whole world, where “right wing Christian” ideologies aren’t pure… well, let’s just not do that. Let’s keep seeing only what we want to see.

  3. Look sweetpea (RoBeast), Was Steven G’s post about Benghazi, etc. a non sequitur? Yes it was, but be that as it may, you answered it in such a way as to imply he was suggesting committing homicide against the current occupant of the WH. I responded that that was not what he was suggesting, but rather that he was suggesting a lawful course of action through the courts. You then made another reply in which you brought up the timing of those peoples offenses, as if it had nothing to do with obummer. I then explained why it matters. You don’t like it. To bad, so sad, get over it. The whole string in based on a non sequitur, you didn’t have to jump in on it. you did. Asi ya, buscale pendejo.

    • I fully understood your justification of the “lawful course of action.” It’s no surprise that the result of his accusation is of course DEATH, rather than the possibility of any other outcome. I see these “impeach,” “treason,” and “execute” words associated with Obama all the time, and I think the “charges” (Benghazi this time) really have little to do with the agenda–people want Obama out or dead. Every single article about politics seems to magically go there. It doesn’t show patriotism–it shows that some Americans are as bloodthirsty as whatever foreign or domestic scapegoat they claim to be afraid of.

      Anyway, you admit his comment was a complete non-sequitor–my mention of timing was to support that argument. You also responded why his comment was valid with a cliched but acceptable argument, but didn’t actually connect with why it should matter to the topic here. I have no interest in arguing about who Obama’s friends are–criminal or not–because it doesn’t change anything about the FBI Terrorist List. It has nothing to do with liking it, it’s just irrelevant. I entered the thread to point out the violent paranoia I mentioned in the other paragraph, but you chose the other half of my comment to focus on. Oh well.

      I suppose now I could also bring up how quick you are to grasp for ad hominem attacks, but that would be too easy.

      • Steven G. says:

        You need an attitude adjustment. Too bad you can’t rub your belly and pat your head at the same time. Do you have a one track mind? All you do is run off at the mouth. These Muslim Terrorist on this page are in many ways associated with the Muslin in the White House. Are you a Patriot?

        • I’ll pretend that your offer of an attitude adjustment isn’t yet another threat and also I’ll overlook the ridiculousness of you complaining I’m running off at the mouth, then proceed to engage me in further conversation, so here we go…

          First, the President isn’t Muslim. Second, as I’ve mentioned, the overwhelming majority of this terrorist list is made of Muslim charged years and even decades before Obama even considered running for office. If he was never even born, this list would likely look exactly the same.

          Finally, if he were really as sympathetic to Muslim Terrorists, he would move to fire the head of the FBI, remove all Muslims from the wanted list, and grant them full pardon. He has the power to do that. But instead, he continues to occupy a Muslim country, orders aggressive monitoring of suspected Muslim terrorist cells, both foreign and domestic, and even kills Muslims. All the time! Sometimes even civilians! Oops!

          So spare me your rhetoric and cutesy cliches, and put together a logical argument from start to finish whenever you feel that you actually have a point to make.

        • Steven bro, give it up. This RoBeast is aptly named, “beast,” in that he has no more comprehension of that which is good than does a common beast of the field. Actually, he’s worse since, being made in the image of God and with a mind and intellect higher than that of the beasts of the field, he should know better.

          In his final reply to me, he closed with a parting shot about my being quick “to grasp for ad hominem attacks,” but I wasn’t “quick” to do so at all. I started very politely with him, acknowledging the validity of one of his initial posts. Since then however he has been involved in a number of rants basically in defense of obummer and his islamo-marxist policies and friends while denigrating the Christian faith and the Bible. So, by the time it came to our (he and I) last couple of exchanges, I was already tired of his games (with others and not just myself); thus the ad hominem attack, which wasn’t so much of an attack as a B_tch slap. Shouldn’t have done it, but… You can’t fix stupid and I was frustrated. Anyway, don’t waste your time with him. Nothing short of Divine Revelation is going to open his eyes,

          • You’re right. Nothing is going to change my mind that even though I think all religions are all pretty ridiculous, I don’t think you’re all potential murderers.

            I’m going to now retire from this thread so everyone can go back to misunderstanding the sarcastic post over and over, and heading towards repeating shameful parts of American history like Japanese internment during WWII and other assorted racism.

            Have fun!

  4. Steven G. says:

    I truly hope that everyone on this site Remembers Benghazi. These Muslims and Obama are our problem. We need to convict Obama and Hillary for Murder and for Treason. No sarcasm intended. I believe in God and I don’t want to be raptured until I witness the hanging of both of these Murderers. Hillary has a long list of missing or dead people in her wake. There is no one who she will not step onto just to regain Power.

    • You are calling for the death of our own American President and former Secretary of State on a public message forum, and I should be worried about Muslim terrorists? I think there’s enough violent paranoia right here to keep the FBI busy.

      • Michael Fernandez (geb. Michael Grieβ) says:

        No, he’s calling for the trial, conviction, and lawful execution of traitors should they be so convicted. Big difference.

        • He’s calling for the “lawful execution” of people that have absolutely nothing to do with this article whatsoever. This is an article about a list of the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists and the fact that we can’t really draw fair conclusions about religions or political leanings based on it, yet commenters are coming in and doing exactly that. It’s like a race to see to who can say “HURR DURR TREASON OBAMA” first.

          Here’s a fun fact–at least 27 of the terrorists on the list above are on there for crimes committed BEFORE Obama ever even took office, with the majority of them are on there for crimes committed IN THE MID-EIGHTIES.

          Anyone saying there is any causal link between the current administration and the makeup of this list has no logic to stand on, and should really give it a rest.

          • What difference does it make WHEN their crimes where committed. Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorne, and the rest of the that crowd, committed their crimes years ago, but their obummer’s good friends. There’s an old saying, “Dime con quien andas y te dijo quien eres” Here we say the same, “Show me your friends, I’ll show you yourself.”

            I for one believe that obummer and co are guilty of numerous felonies and acts of treason. And while I doubt that he’ll ever be brought to trial and given what he deserves, I sure hope it does happen.

          • I don’t care if you think Obama is guilty of anything–the current administration has nothing to do with this topic. If Mitt Romney was President right now, the list would be more or less the same, so save your cries of treason for another article.

  5. Tom says:

    I agree with yout last sentence RoB. what infuriates me is that for thousands of years mankind has killed because they disagree about who believes in the correct mythology and they have done it in the name of God.

  6. bob butland says:

    ya your right . semper fi brother!!!

  7. I appreciate that you are trying to combat a potentially misconceived theory (that Christian right wingers are a greater terrorist risk) with some kind of actual evidence (a top 30 list of FBI Most Wanted Terrorists). I don’t think it’s necessarily the greatest data to draw a hard conclusion from but I agree with your point that “Bad people are bad people no matter how they worship or what candidate they vote for.”

    I hope that the people reading this article actually get to that sentence.

    • Michael Fernandez says:

      Good point RoBeast Rollie. I would like to point out however, that statistically, worldwide, most terrorist acts are committed by Muslims, with leftists, and eccofreaks coming in 2nd and 3rd respectively. After that you have a relatively small (and I stress “relatively”) number of other acts committed by Protestant and Roman Catholic terrorists in Ireland in their own stupid war.

      • John says:

        Good point……..BUT I would like to point out. Wouldn’t you rather be happy than right?

        • Michael Fernandez says:

          Actually John, I’d rather be happy and right, but these days, I’ll take anything I can get. :-)

          Oh and as an aside, about my reply to Bob and Ron’s remarks about being in the military, you mention that they had apologized 3 times already. Really? that’s funny, I have yet to receive one directed to me, and I’m the one they talked trash to/about. But, it’s water under the bridge.

          • bob butland says:

            mike is right everybody , i just didn’t put directly to him i apologize mike. i hope this puts it to bed

          • Michael Fernandez (geb. Michael Grieβ) says:

            Water under the bridge Bob. None of us are perfect, we all need to check ourselves or sometimes even be checked. LOL. Peace.

      • While we’re on the subject of relativity, terrorism itself is very low on the scale of potential causes of death, so many statistics on it are going to be questionable or open to interpretation.

        For instance, in the US “eco-freaks” commit WAY more acts of terror than Al Qaeda, but their acts are WAY less likely to result in any fatalities. Which is “worse”? Which deserves more attention from the media or from the authorities? All groups are not the same.

        Statistics also show that American Muslims are less likely to justify the killing of innocent civilians than American Catholics, Jews, or Atheists, yet people are eager to point their fingers at them anyway. On top of all this, interpreting sensational statistics and fingerpointing is likely resulting in more alienation and more terrorism. It’s unfortunate that statistics are probably making us more stereotypical than intelligent.

        • Roger says:

          Unfortunately, statistics are a very usefultool in finding trends. The FACT that ALL of the 32 top FBI most wanted are either leftists or Muslims is statistically signifigant.

          Muslim philosophy as stated intheir holy book, enjoins them to first attempt to convert a person to Islam, but if that person does not convert, they are to be killed. No amount of hedging can dispute what they consider to be sacred in their teachings.

          It is good that many American Muslims are not activly participating in the jihadist activities around the world, but if called to do so by their religious leaders they are duty bound to comply and become a jihadist themselves.

          • Except that the FBI Most Wanted Terrorist List is just a list–it’s not a compilation of data. It reflects OPINIONS by an agency of humans who have deemed these people the most wanted individuals at this particular time in history. I’m sure the FBI considers the way they compile it “scientific,” but you can’t deny that it must be influenced by public opinion and the political climate.

            It’s also just a list of people the FBI is looking for–maybe it’s a group they think they can actually catch and eventually take credit for? It doesn’t include people they already caught or are dead. It doesn’t include people they haven’t charged or formally associated with an outstanding crime. It doesn’t include people they don’t know about yet. It’s hardly statistically significant.

            I mean, Joanne Chesimard was only added the other day for crimes committed 40 YEARS AGO! She wasn’t even classified as a “Terrorist” (another shapeshifting term) until 8 years ago. Would you really feel comfortable saying that she’s an accurate face of terrorism today just because she’s on an FBI list?

            Sidenote: the list in this article is NOT the same thing as the FBI Most Wanted List–this only refers to the Most Wanted Terrorists. There’s also a separate list for Most Wanted Domestic Terrorists, further complicating the story.

            While I’m on the subject, maybe you should also check out some of the other lists–Most Wanted White Collar Criminals, Cyber Criminals, Child Abusers–not many Muslims there, but probably a lot more victims.

    • Bill says:

      Yes bad people ARE bad people BUT Christians worship the ONE true God. Sitting in a church does not make you a Christian anymore than standing in a garage makes you a car! Using the koran does make you a potential threat to those that do not follow your belief( and some that do, daughters that get raped and then murdered by their fathers) for the koran says to kill the infidel(nonmuslims) the Bibe says to love them.

      • I think anyone who strictly interprets a Bible or the Koran is a potential threat to society in a way that extends beyond terrorism, so you’re not making any case with me. Fortunately, I also believe most people in the world are not actually a ticking time-bomb, regardless of whatever religious book they read. Not all Christians and Muslims are saints, but the overwhelming majority of both are also not murderers.

        • Roger says:

          Why would yu have this opinion? Strict interpretation of the Bible would lead one to a full, temporate and healthy life. No hatred toward others and no desire or imperative to commit murder.

          If one strictly interprets the koran, they would be a rapist, child molester, wife beater, and murderer.

          • Come on, Roger, there are plenty of archaic Bible passages that don’t put its God in a compassionate light. There are pro-murder, pro-slavery, and pro-misongynist interpretations that you’ll deny and say are misinterpreted or out of context. I’m confident that the same argument can be made about your interpretation of the Koran, which I doubt you’ve read as extensively as your Bible.

            We’re so far off-track at this point, so I won’t explore your coy ignorance any further.

          • Marcia says:

            Good for you for stating the truth!

        • carmichaeljw says:

          There is no place in the Bible that endorses murder, slavery, or such. There is history that shows that these things happened but the whole point is that humans are fallible. Certainly Christianity consistently teaches forgiveness, NEVER to harm much less murder another. Maybe you should study the topic a bit more instead of listening to agenda driven liars.

  8. bob butland says:

    sometimes it takes a few minutes to catch the sarcasm when you jump on a band wagon and see comments , it called foot in mouth disease. my apology’s big guy. have a great day.

    • Michael Fernandez says:

      Bob B. and Ron,

      I am an honorably discharged Marine vet and life member of the DAV.
      I suggest that in future you engage your brain before putting your typing fingers in gear. Make sure you understand what someone wrote and if in doubt, ask for confusion BEFORE you jump down their throat.

      Just sayin.

  9. bob butland says:

    nobody’s perfect people if you are let me kmow how you did it.

    • Terry Evers says:

      Liberals are perfect. How do I know, I asked them and they said they are perfect and have been sent to earth to take care of all of us gun toting Bible thumping dummies. They told me they know what is in my best interests because I am to ignorant to realize it!

  10. Richard Nichols says:

    Bob B. & Ron, I guess you don’t understand sarcasm, which is what M.F. was being. In case nobody ever told you, typing in caps is the same as if you are yelling at people. I was in the military as well and I understood M.F. was being sarcastic. Count to 10, take some deep breaths and a chill pill, everything will be OK. Very few if any liberals are going to be writing something on this site. This isn’t after all the leftist sheeple color cool aid drinking site.

    • bob butland says:

      sorry about the caps, once i start typing i forget its on andjust click send. i kinda thought something wasn’t right with the remark he made. just thought i’d respond. have a great day.

  11. scott says:

    I bet you can probably find most of these people at the White House. Just check the sign in sheet. That Saudi kid that was burned and suspected to be the bomber had signed in to visit the Obama’s 15 times. He’s the one Michelle went to visit. Small world isn’t it.

  12. Ron says:

    Michael Fernandes should have to spend some time in the military then his mouth may not run so bad

  13. L Noonan says:

    Maybe check the welfare recipients list…probably found there!

  14. george morrison says:

    now that these folks have attained such high status just when do we get to hear that arrests have been made especially here in the states,while they’re at it they can also pick up obam’s buddy bill ayres and throw him under the jail along with obama

  15. Michael Fernandez (geb. Michael Grieβ) says:

    Oh…But… It Must Be the Right Wingers! Just because all the mass shootings and acts of terrorism have been by Liberals and/or Democrats, and/or Muslims, doesn’t mean a thing. (Says the Wise Leftist). It doesn’t change the fact that the greatest threat to America are those Bible Thumping, Constitution Believing, Ex-Military, Homophobes. Just ask us (liberals) and we’ll tell you.

  16. MJ says:

    Are the 30 on this list Obama’s buddies? Just askin………….

  17. Ark says:

    This won’t be seen on MSNBC.

  18. Jean says:

    So where are they ?

    • DIANE says:


  19. Ric Jarvis says:

    No surprises here then !

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