DO NOT Ask Your Representatives to Impeach Obama…Not Yet Anyway…

impeach obama billboardThere is a time and place for everything. Do I believe that President Barack Obama should be impeached? Yes. Do I believe it should happen now. Not if we want to actually see him removed from office.

Americans need to understand the best strategy for impeachment and it has nothing to do with justice being served soon. Barack Obama does not want to be impeached, but if he knew that he was going to be impeached, he would rather have it happen now than in 2015. It’s simple mathematics.

January 3, 2015 is a crucial date for freedom-loving Americans. This is the day that the next new crop of U.S. Senators will start their terms. This also happens to be the first chance we truly have with impeachment proceedings that are not doomed to certain failure. I want to break down the process so that people understand it and show you why we can not proceed in 2013. The truth is that in 2013 Obama could quite possibly be “impeached” but he would never be convicted and removed from office. These are two totally separate things and please allow me to explain.

The House of Representatives must first pass “articles of impeachment” with a simple majority vote and with a Republican led House I can see no reason why they could not get that done later this year…if they feel that they have enough evidence. With the Benghazi terrorist attack back in the spotlight I think that most conservatives are at least open to the idea that the evidence may be there. Those of us who have researched it extensively might even have strong opinions that the evidence is definitely already there. So could Obama be “impeached?” Without a doubt in my mind I will tell you 100% that it could happen by the end of this year.

If it does happen you better put on your critical thinking cap, because if the House impeaches Obama soon it is very likely a set up to appease the public. What do I mean?

“Impeachment” is not guilt. An impeachment is like an indictment. Once the House impeaches the President they send the matter to the Senate. Ding, ding, ding…we have a winner.  Do you see where I am going with this?

The Senate then tries the accused and must convict with a two-thirds majority. OK, so let’s do the math. Officially the Democratic majority currently sits at 53-45. The two independents tend to vote lefty on most issues so most political analysts agree that the majority is really 55-45. I prefer to add the RINO (Republican in Name Only) factor into the equation and throw John McCain and Lindsey Graham on the the Democratic side which makes my total 57-43. So here is the question… If we need 67 votes (two-thirds majority) to convict Obama of whatever crimes we accuse him of, do we have a chance? Not likely. You would have to have a piece of evidence so devastating to the psyche of the liberal followers that they would demand their Senators vote to convict. I don’t know what kind of evidence that would be but I would suspect it would have to be something much more substantial than the “he said – she said” stuff we are currently sifting through. Even if all Republicans vote to convict (including Mcain and Graham) you would still have to find 22 more votes and that is not likely to happen.

So if the House charges forward with this I don’t want you to see it as heroic because it is not. The truth is that if House Republicans charge forward now, it is a simply suicide mission and stinks of a set up. They know it. They also think the American people aren’t smart enough to see through it, but we are.

Check out this Young Turks video. It dances around the same point that I am trying to make. Now is not necessarily the time. The impeachment talk starts around the 2:16 mark:

YouTube Preview Image

We will see how serious they are about removing Obama through impeachment by the time table of future developments. If House leaders seem eager to push this through quickly then they have absolutely no realistic expectation of success. If they will proceed slowly they do have a chance. None of us want to hear that but it’s true.

The American people have a better chance of removing Obama through armed revolt than the legislature does through impeachment, at least in 2013 and 2014. It’s a fact.

2015 is a different story and I know that no one, including myself, wants to hear that. We have waited too long already and things aren’t getting better. I understand that. I also understand that, if we are counting on the system to get it done for us then, we have no chance before 2014 elections.

Here is a breakdown of open Senate seats for 2014:

  • 35 seats will be contested
  • 21 of those seats are currently held by Democrats, 14 by Republicans
  • 6 Democrat and 2 Republican incumbents have already announced their intent to retire


How you look at the above numbers depends very much on your level of optimism. We have seen numbers like these before. It looks like the Republicans have a chance to make some progress but it’s an old story that has been beaten into the ground.

With that said, if you truly want to impeach and remove the President from his office, and you want a realistic outlook of what it will take, then you had better be focusing on 2014 elections and marking January 3, 2015 on your calender.

It has almost zero chance of happening before then.

I would like to tell you that we live in a country where justice is served but we are all smarter than that. If impeachment is to happen then party lines will be drawn and very few people in the Senate will be doing any independent thinking.

This is the reality of our American system.

I want you to watch what House Republicans do because if they try to impeach then they will know they can’t win in the Senate. If they do it anyway, and do not look ahead to 2015, then they will not have the country’s best interest at heart. It will nothing more than a political move.

It’s your decision. We can get tough and rally for 2014 elections or we can pursue other alternatives. Calling for impeachment of Obama in 2013 is worthless.

Be careful what you wish for.

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62 Responses to DO NOT Ask Your Representatives to Impeach Obama…Not Yet Anyway…

  1. gaetano says:

    iF YOU THINK and vote Democrat in this day and age, you are either a scum, welfare,lazy bastard or an uneducated fool. Maybe just is people like you that cry the blues when you get nothing for free. My state join the UNION, WHICH AT THE PRESENT TIME is called THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.WE will nev callER it the NEW WORLD order. As far as a civil war getting started , I say YES, between the democrats and the republicans ( WINNER TAKE ALL) AND LETS JUST GET THIS SHIT OVER WITH. nO COMUNIST, SOCIALIST, MUSLIM IS EVER GOING TO TAKE THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE FROM US. Can you not see what this administration is trying to do?
    What do you need to understand what will happen to all of us if you keep thinking like you do. IDIOT,IDIOT IDIOT

  2. Sue Shehan says:

    I understand why they want to wait until after the election, but what if the election turns out to be the voter fraud like it was last time and they don’t get the Republicans in like they expected too.

  3. JR Clarke says:

    How about ” We the People ” ? If enough folks would get off their asses and march on DC to show that we as the government mean business, the elected officials who are our employees would have to abide by majority rule ! We have been allowing the tail to wag the dog far to long !!
    Time to dress for battle and do what needs to be done !! How about a 10 million people march !?

  4. BassCat says:

    Great article!! Unfortunately I think all of this is moot. If Congress were to try impeachment there would be riots in the street. This guy is too well-liked by too many people who are ignorant of what and who he is. I don’t think there’s anyone in Congress who would have the stones. That would probably apply to newly-elected senators too.

  5. David Tracy says:

    I don’t think we have that luxury of time anymore. I believe that if we wait, we will not have a 2014 election.

  6. Frank says:

    Dean, I myself would like the whole Impeachment thing to fall by the wayside and allow the prosecution of falsified birth records (among many other records) to be the nail in the coffin for this fabrication of a President. By finding him to have never been allowed to hold the Office of President, all (ALL) that he has done will be wiped out which is what we truly need to happen. Impeachment will allow all of the atrocities that he has committed against this nation to still stand. Impeachment is simply unacceptable!!!

    • Danny says:

      That’s what I was trying to say !…I second this motion!.and hope this method proceedes accordingly.They,and all the other little stinky rats can all be brought down if we play our cards right with each and every one of them.

    • JR Clarke says:

      I agree and that’s why I think he will resign because the powers that be, ie, NWO via Soros et al; will throw him under the bus to keep him from impeachment process that would drag a shit load of folks down with him !! He resigns and the parade moves on down the line !! Sad, but probably true in my opinion !

  7. Steve Thacker says:

    The government in DC is as insidious and corrupt as any dictatorship on the globe. They just hide their actions better and then use the media they own and control to smooth it over. So the sheep are never aware what the wolf is up to until it is dinner time.

    Nothing less than a armed civil war will restore our governance right place back to the people. And we certainly do not have control of this criminal government. We will have to drive them out until their bodies are ten deep and the blood flows like a creek. I think that is the path we should take. We fight physically until we destroy the corruption and the people ruining or country. We fight back our fear by seriously banding together in physical locations all over the country on a certain day and make our demands known to DC. They fail to listen we take the next step of aggression. This time they can know the fear they have placed on us to control us.

    Impeachment is never going to fly because their is no difference in a republican or a democrat. We have no representation at all. None… Our electronic voting system is now rigged and voting is worthless. We have one one solution and we must take that path to ever hope of getting America back from these marxists.

    • C Twitty says:

      Steve, tell me what you would invision immediately put in place after an armed overthrow.

      • Thomas Goofball says:

        Let Eric Holder Take over,hes more qualified and he can bullshit the people with made up hes been dodging a bullet for years now

  8. mzaz says:

    They do need to start at the bottom of the list and work their way up the ladder. Once we get the peons out of the way then we can go after the one who thinks he can walk on water. The illegal Muslim alien

  9. Jeri says:

    I also agree with Harry! I think if you don’t go r it now, you may never ever get it. Look at what it has taken to even get this close.

  10. yramesore says:

    Well let’s see, not to mention that you cannot impeach a usurper. obama is not the potus. He needs to be convicted of war crimes against humanity, murder, impersonating the potus, identity theft, fraud, forgery, etc.

    • JR Clarke says:

      Absolutely correct ! You cannot impeach a usurper !! You can convict him of crimes against humanity, falsely using title of Commander in Chief to boot. He should be behind bars along with Reid, Pelosi and all others who promoted this fraud on America !

  11. POA says:

    If the US senate refuses to convict after all of the crimes and treason this man has committed then it will be time to start the war. Allowing him two years to cover the evidence of Benghazi will mean that he will have no greater risk of being found guilty in 2015 than he does in 2013.

    November of 2012 should have proven that we do not have elections in America anymore. We just watch the telescreens like the video poker machines of the state ran lottery and have just as much of a chance in affecting the outcome.

    • voice of sanity in a room full of tea bagging loonies says:

      This post just screams poor loser lol if your guy had won it would be ” look at the beautiful democracy” but he didn’t so boo hoo cry me a river. You people are fucking nuts. Im just glad that this country is.more.sane.than nut job….. And fyi get ready for Hillary 2016 because every day you republicans spout out dumb shit another citizen goes democrat. So on behalf of us all thank you for helping us win one day at a time. Im done ranting now so all of you can get back to fox news and catch up on your glen beck.
      P.s let me guess im a sheep? That shits old.too…. guys do some unbiased research and get things straight Obamas not.the best president but he nothing like your describing him. You people let your anger speak for you and I hope you know everyone other than hard core hate mongers think people like you are funny at best. None take you.seriously……

  12. Gretchen says:

    Seems to me we only need to look at history to see what you’re saying is true. Clinton was impeached by the House, but acquitted by the Senate, which fell short by 17 votes to remove him from office.

  13. Cathy says:

    You always have an excellent way of putting things into perspective, Dean! Thanks for your time to explain this more clearly.

    • Dean Garrison says:

      You are welcome Cathy. I have to put it that way because that’s how my brain thinks. I am not a lawyer. I am an average Joe. I am pretty simple minded. :-)

  14. Rovianne says:

    Not what we want to hear but I get the idea. Thanks for the explanation.

    • Dean Garrison says:

      You are welcome Rovianne. I had to bone up on this stuff to be honest because it’s been awhile since we talked about actual impeachment. One of my first work at home attempts was selling “Impeach Clinton” bumper stickers by the way. :-)

  15. bigazzmarine says:

    There are no double jeperty limments on impeachment

    • Dean Garrison says:

      Interesting note. I was not aware of that. So even if impeachment failed he could be tried later civilly??? Is that what you are saying?

  16. bigazzmarine says:

    I think you may be looking at it wrong. Not that the impeachment will fail it may just go as you said. BUT if you go after impeachment now and it fails you have democraps to blame. When America gos to vote in 2014 they need A clear pitcher of whos blocking A nessary action of our goverment and who is trying to do the right thing. It would be A great talking point during an election.

    • Dean Garrison says:

      Interesting take from you and a couple of others. I personally would like to see it succeed because I want justice, but at the same time I suppose there is a benefit of failed proceedings. If I were a Republican I might be excited about that prospect but I am an independent who happens to be conservative. I don’t really care if the republicans gain because honestly I am sick of carrying their flag. I tend to vote republican because I see it as the lesser of two evils. I do follow your logic however and it is well stated. Thanks for taking the time to share my friend. There is a positive in even failed proceedings. I can see that. Even though I don’t claim the republicans I would certainly rather see a gain in republicans than a gain in democrats. LOL

    • Thomas Goofball says:

      Of course most of the mainstream media will throw in the RACE card regardless of which way the public sees it.,just thought I’d add that tidbit

  17. Larry says:

    Exactly! Stated very well.

    • Dean Garrison says:

      Not sure if that was for me or the previous comment, but either way thanks Larry. Sometimes the commenters steal the show. LOL That’s OK though because all I really want is what everyone else wants. I want people to think and have conversations about these things rather than just reacting and demanding that we impeach immediately. A couple of readers make some good arguments for impeaching now as well. I like reading that stuff because that’s how I learn. Thanks for stopping in Larry.

  18. TXGuitarMan says:

    House should start impeachment now. Even though it won’t go anywhere, the record of impeachment on PINO is a stain and it will be directly related to the Benghazi cover up. Votes on the record. Great.
    Fast forward to 2015: PINO, still in office cannot HELP but to act in ways detrimental to the country; he knows no other way to govern. He was DESIGNED to drive this country into the twin towers of Tyranny and Civil War. He has by now (2013) committed so many treasonous acts that are not on the forefront, thanks to the MSM (F&F, F&F 2 in Syria, giving weapon secrets to Russia, $$ to Hamas, Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood, on and on), we could pick and choose now. By 2015, that list will be multiplied because he will do only what he is told to do which are ALL high crimes and misdemeanors. There will be a ripe selection of impeachable offenses by the time January 2015 rolls around and maybe there will be enough Senators with enough balls and love of country to actually convict the imposter.
    There is nothing that says he can’t be tried for impeachment more than once. He has no CHOICE but to govern like he has been doing for the last 4.5 years. He’ll keep it up and we will have a selection of impeachable offenses.
    Of course, all of this assumes that the 2014 election will not be pre-determined and pre-outcome by Scytl and the other voting tabulation software that churned out PINO’s 2nd term. THIS is the greater threat now. If that isn’t uncovered and fixed, America has no future.

    • Dean Garrison says:

      Point taken. A lot of readers are echoing this sentiment so it would seem that your opinion is shared by a lot of people. Very well said and thank you so much for sharing your thoughts today. I appreciate it very much.

  19. stormwarrior says:

    I see your logic Dean, but the truth is Republican Democrat they’re both on the same side we need a new party in there. Completely restructure our Government. we need to go back to the paper ballot get rid of the electorial college so the peoples vote really counts and can’t be rigged. Abolish the Federal Reserve,get rid of the IRS,CIA, DHS, just to name a few. We need to bring our miltary home take the power out of the corporations hands and put it back in the peoples. So is impeaching Obama going to do all that? I doubt the powers in charge will allow that to happen. I hate to say it but I think it’s going to take another civil war. The only thing that I can see good happening out of getting Obama impeached now or later would be the people might actually realize we do have the power to change things.

    • David AP says:

      is that you ron? brilliant

    • Dean Garrison says:

      I agree completely. Honestly I don’t think impeachment has much chance of working (even in 2015) because I think Obama is too well insulated. I guess the point of the article is that it certainly won’t work now and our only chance is 2015 for the desired result. I am in complete agreement that Republicans and Democrats are on the same side. That is also why I would not be surprised to see impeachment happen soon. If they do it now then Obama will not be convicted of anything and it is their way of acting like they cared when it was truly just a set up. I don’t trust either side. I agree with you.

    • Dauger says:

      “get rid of the electorial college so the peoples vote really counts”

      Obama: 65,910,437 votes
      Romney: 60,932,795 votes

      The people’s vote did count. If anyone is trying to deny the will of the majority of the American people, it is those folks who are trying to, either though political means or threatened acts of terrorism, undo the results of the election.

      • Sumtin Tusa'e says:

        Does that figure include the military absentee ballots?

      • Tery Tucker says:

        Does that take into account the double, triple and the “dead” votes? People are in deep trouble right now for messing with the system.

      • stormwarrior says:

        Are you a Troll. Do you honestly think that they’re going to allow people to vote and let it count. The voting machines are rigged. The powers that be just want you to think you have a choice. They own all the mainstream media so you never even get the here with the other candidates have to say. So if you still think your vote counts you better go back to grazing in the grass cause you’re just another sheeple. Oh don’t get me wrong the New World Order love sheeple. Do a little research on the name Albert Pike, the Council on Foreign Relations, Agenda 21, then your eyes will be open.

        • JR Clarke says:

          You are right on the money with your post. Sad that so many folks have no idea what you are talking about ! Especially the under 30 crowd and college students. what little news they get, is from the big 3 propaganda stations that make up news instead of reporting news ! Fema camps will be full to the brim someday !! Sadly, most of the sheeple will not know why !!

      • JR Clarke says:

        Well, I guess the saying of “vote early and often shows by the popular vote that now is being checked and shows many cities and states had big time voter fraud. Acorn and any other name they now go by, along with the teamsters unions and rigged electronic voting made him the prez !! Sad day for America !!

    • Russ says:

      “get rid of the electoral college so the peoples vote really counts and can’t be rigged”

      No need to rig elections when you can just get more and more voters on entitlements and get more and more illegals in the country and hand them amnesty and even more entitlements….no no no….no need to rig…you just make the conservative voting base illegitimate and irrelevant. That way you have a guaranteed win every time….

  20. C Twitty says:

    Hopefully Judge Roy Moore will move the “He should have never been on the ballot from the start,” and everything O has put in place should be rescinded.

    • Dean Garrison says:

      I love Judge Moore. I believe that his ruling will be just. I also believe that someone will probably overturn it if it is just. That’s the problem I see. It’s all a big game and even if you find someone who does the right thing, there are higher powers that find a way to nullify it.

  21. Paul West says:

    Impeach him now, get that scum out of office. America can’t afford to wait until 2015.

    • Dean Garrison says:

      Paul that would be great but honestly do you think the Senate would vote to convict him with only 45 Republicans. That’s the point. We can impeach but will the convict?

  22. Larry says:

    Well said. However I fear that when 2015 comes around, Benghazi will be so far back in rear view mirror there will be no will to impeach him, unless you factor in all the wrongdoing he will engage in between now and then. I can’t can’t help but wonder, would we not be better off impeaching him now and hanging that millstone around his neck as a step in the process? However you slice it, he will not be going quietly.

    • Blizzardgun says:

      I agree with Larry, momentum in these things is key. Although the issue of being able to impeach a usurper still hangs in the air. I think a criminal indictment for treason (for Hillary on up) is the most legally sound way to go. Too bad we don’t have anybody in government with the nuts to go that route…

      • Dean Garrison says:

        That makes a heck of a lot of sense. I think Hillary herself might be the best target because she is already out of the loop. You can not impeach what is not in office.

      • Danny says:

        I also believe this is the better approach….Correct me please if I am wrong about this but,upon a CRIMINAL conviction of treason,”Can’t we not only cart him off to FED PRISON….but legally reverse also, alot of the laws he has made and damage he/it has done….??Whereas,”IF!” he is impeached and found guilty…we cannot reverse or dissolve any official “laws” he has signed since he has been stinkin up our White House.

        • JR Clarke says:

          I found a article written by a constitutional lawyer that stated and gave via the articles in the constitution proof you can’t impeach obama, cause he is not the real president, he’s a fraud as we sane folks know, but seemingly not everyone understands that premise. He can be convicted of a crime and a fraud as well as many other impostor crimes. Actually, having him go to jail for impersonating a federal office is a high crime that would send him to prison for many years. All his would be benefits would be taken away too ! I hope I can find that article, but it may be Googled with enough info in the search engine. A civil court could do more damage to him and his promoters than congress, due to what you have written. Too much politics to allow those folks to do us justice !!
          I just wish all his cronies would pack the prison too ! They all need to do time for perpetrating this fraud on America and all the cost and waste he has done !

    • Frosteetoes says:

      No worries. He’s a habitual liar and his administration is bound to do another underhanded illegal activity. But in the mean time I still hold out hope that he will physically be removed from office and locked up while awaiting a trial from a military tribunal for traitorous maneuvers usurping the Constitution of the United States.

  23. Rick says:

    Dean, great job, you laid it out very plain. I live in SC and agree 100% that Lindsey Graham is a RINO and have been saying that for a while. Keep it up, people are listening!

    • Dean Garrison says:

      Thanks Rick. What chance do you think you have of replacing Graham in 2014? Just curious.

      • Rick says:

        A few people like one or two of the gentleman that ran for Sen. Scott’s house seat and would like them to run against him but he has the machine behind him. We’ll see and pray.

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