Eric Holder Signed Warrant for Seizure of Fox News Reporter Emails

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Eric HolderThis will come as a surprise to no one, but a law enforcement official told NBC News on Thursday that Eric Holder signed the warrant that ordered the seizure of Fox News reporter James Rosen’s emails. NBC’ Michael Isikoff is reporting:

Attorney General Eric Holder signed off on a controversial search warrant that identified Fox News reporter James Rosen as a “possible co-conspirator” in violations of the Espionage Act and authorized seizure of his private emails, a law enforcement official told NBC News on Thursday.

The disclosure of the attorney general’s role came as President Barack Obama, in a major speech on his counterterrorism policy, said Holder had agreed to review Justice Department guidelines governing investigations that involve journalists.

“I am troubled by the possibility that leak investigations may chill the investigative journalism that holds government accountable,” Obama said. “Journalists should not be at legal risk for doing their jobs.”

Rosen, who has not been charged in the case, was nonetheless the target of a search warrant that enabled Justice Department investigators to secretly seize his private emails after an FBI agent said he had “asked, solicited and encouraged … (a source) to disclose sensitive United States internal documents and intelligence information.”

We can all breathe a huge sigh of relief now that Barack Obama is troubled about reporters being able to do their jobs. The POTUS shall surely issue executive orders to give us change we can believe in.

The Attorney General is not having the best of weeks in relation to being tied to scandals. Earlier this week we reported Eric Holder’s possible direct connection to the IRS scandal, as well as the possible connection of Barack Obama.

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