Father of ADHD Admitted in Final Interview That Disease Was “Fictitious”

“ADHD is a prime example of a fictitious disease.”

Dr. Leon Eisenberg at the Julius Richmond 90th Birthday SymposiuThese were the words of Leon Eisenberg, the “scientific father of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder),” in his last interview before his death.

Leon Eisenberg made a luxurious living off of his “fictitious disease,” thanks to pharmaceutical sales. Coincidentally, he received the “Ruane Prize for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Research. He has been a leader in child psychiatry for more than 40 years through his work in pharmacological trials, research, teaching, and social policy and for his theories of autism and social medicine,” according to Psychiatric News.

Yes, it was even admitted that they are his THEORIES. The medical industry is using the guise of helping children to depersonalize and disconnect our children from a healthy, normal upbringing. Parents are placing their children on these drugs and subjecting them to what the world has to offer, when in fact all these children are looking for is their parents in hopes of being the blessing that God intended them to be.

In the United States, 1 out of 10 boys among 10-year-olds takes medication for ADHD on a daily basis … with increasing tendency. And with the help of Teen Screen surveys in public schools, they are attempting to set up the student for the fall.

American psychologist Lisa Cosgrove and others reveal the facts in their study “Financial Ties between DSM-IV Panel Members and the Pharmaceutical Industry.” They found that “Of the 170 DSM panel members 95 (56 percent) had one or more financial associations with companies in the pharmaceutical industry. One hundred percent of the members of the panels on ‘Mood Disorders’ and ‘Schizophrenia and Other Psychotic Disorders’ had financial ties to drug companies.”

And they are reaping major benefits off of this “fictitious disease.” For example, the assistant director of the Pediatric Psychopharmacology Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital and associate professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School received “$1 million in earnings from drug companies between 2000 and 2007.”

Marc-André Gagnon and Joel Lexchin, a long-time researcher of pharmaceutical promotion, performed a study which shows that the U.S. pharmaceutical industry spent 24.4 percent of the sales dollar on promotion, versus 13.4 percent for research and development in 2004. That is almost twice as much money on pushing their drugs on the people than research to make sure it is safe!

This raises the following question: Are they safe?

Read the antidepressant black-box warning for yourselves, and you will be alarmed by the side effects listed on the inserts:

  • Confusion
  • Depersonalization
  • Hostility
  • Hallucinations
  • Manic reactions
  • Suicidal ideation
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Delusions
  • Feeling drunk
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Homicidal ideation

Why would any parent subject their children to drugs with such dangerous side effects?

Dr. Edward C. Hamlyn, a founding member of the Royal College of General Practitioners, in 1998 stated, “ADHD is fraud intended to justify starting children on a life of drug addiction.”

The “attention deficit” lies in the responsibility of the parents, not the child. Scripture tells us that the parent is to “train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it (Proverbs 22:6),” not the other way around.

To take it a step further, the video below explores what is being overlooked – namely, the alarming studies linking antidepressants to mass murder:

YouTube Preview Image

Who is Bradlee Dean?

YouTube Preview Image


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130 Responses to Father of ADHD Admitted in Final Interview That Disease Was “Fictitious”

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  2. ascentionist says:

    As an adult that has a crippling inability to focus and maintain a normal level of self-esteem I can say there is something that afflicts people that sounds like the diagnosis of ADHD. I would argue that perhaps there is something in our environment that causes it, and that it’s not simply a genetic disorder, but its real.

    I refuse to take drugs to help me function. I’m highly intelligent and I have come up with strategies that help me cope and get by. But by no means do they help me excel in a society that has unreasonable expectations for someone who is different for what ever reason in whatever way.

    So to those that say ADHD is just bad parenting or lazy people or someone trying to make excuses for bad behavior…I agree there is some of that…but you can’t apply that kind of blanket thinking to the entire phenomenon. You can’t ignore or deride a problem to make it go away. It’s a real problem that profoundly affects real people no matter what you call it, or how it’s normally treated, or who profits from it.

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  5. Em Dunlap says:

    My boys legitimately have ADHD. I’m sure there are many that are misdiagnosed or whose parents push for this diagnosis. I was not one of them. I hoped my kids wouldn’t inherit it from me. I’ve struggled tremendously with ADHD my whole life. I work with my boys all the time with the goal of them eventually being off Meds. My 11 year old doesn’t take medication anymore. He still has moments but by far and large he has/is learning to control himself as his maturity and self awareness grows. I hope the same for my younger son. They only take Meds on school days and not on breaks/ weekends. This is a real disease. I just wish it wasn’t abused by people not wanting to do their jobs as parents!

    • Homer Goodall says:

      Yes and you are drugging normal children into a haze. Why not just poison them because that is what you are doing.

    • Casey says:

      Thank you for posting this. I’ve struggled with ADD my whole life as well. I was on and off of medication (because I hated it, I would refuse it a lot of times or just throw it out and tell my parents that I took it) all throughout grade school, middle school and high school. What I hated about it was that I felt (rightfully so) that it altered my personality and my level of creativity. The other side of that coin though, was that when I followed through on my medication, I was able to actually get work done. If, when I got home from school in the afternoons, I didn’t get to work on my homework immediately (which was often) while the meds were still in my system, I just wouldn’t be able to focus on it at all.

      After high school, I stopped taking medication. After I stopped taking medication, I was happier… for a while. Eventually, I found another way to help me level out without dulling my personality; alcohol. This of course is completely unhealthy, but because it did exactly what I wanted and actually made me FEEL like it was actually ENHANCING my personality, I LOVED it. I was eventually self-medicating with alcohol daily, a liter of rum a day followed by beer until I went to sleep. I always had trouble falling asleep, until I was an alcoholic, so I was able to further validate my use of it. It was also a lot of fun. Eventually, as to be expected when you aren’t lying to yourself, I found myself at odds with many people (mostly family, unfortunately), and even with myself. My memory was gradually getting worse, and with that came lack of motivation to do… well pretty much anything a normal person does to get by. It wasn’t until I realized I had pretty much hit an all-time low, instead of the all-time high that I had been perceiving, that I broke down and decided to change my life.

      At 29 years old I have come to the following conclusions. ADD is real. It can be medicated. When the proper medication is used at the proper dosage, it is very helpful. I am successful now. I am also gradually finding ways to reduce my dependency on medication that I would not have been able to adhere to when I was younger.

      Is medication necessary for everyone with ADD? No. Is it necessary for some? Only if they want to be able to function successfully as a contributing member of society. I can honestly say that my life is better with medication, and I can also say that my life will not always involve medication. It would have been impossible to find the ways to “trick myself” into employing strategies that allow a person to actually accomplish even the most basic routines that a “normal” person just does on a day-to-day (like even remembering to complete every task required for personal hygiene in the mornings by having a check-list that I have to follow in order, that I now have memorized, but will miss something if I go out of order) if I had not formulated and implemented these strategies while medicated.

      Ultimate goal: Function successfully as an unmedicated adult.

      How to accomplish this goal: Baby steps. (Thanks Bill Murray from “What About Bob”)

      In conclusion: Snopes: http://www.snopes.com/politics/quotes/adhd.asp

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  15. Sander says:

    “oh, my kidd has ADHD! So yeah… it is not my fault, i can not do anything anymore. It is out of my hands now”
    I think 90% parents are secretly glad their kid is diagnosed with this.
    So THEY wont have to step up their game in ‘parenting’. They are not to blame anymore.

    Sure, 10% or whatever does have some kind of disorder up in the brain, but come on, most of the parents need to step it up big time!
    Giving ‘love’ to a child, is not only ‘hugging’ them, also means setting boundaries for it. And stick to them. How hard this might be.

    and what is up with all the sugars???? Do parents even know what they are giving their kids?

    Again, not ALL is fixed by this, but for sure, a very large amount of cases will be.

    Parents need to step it up in their parenting.

    • puzzypuppy says:

      The skcool system (note the spelling) wants a skcool system with brain dead zombies in which they (the teechers) notice the spelling. Do not do anything except watch a bunch of unthinking, politically correct, programmed zombies.

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  17. Edward says:

    Here an expert on ADHD points out that way too many children are diagnosed and drugged: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MREyBOpWW8o

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  22. EXACTLY^ Bad parenting. Butthhen again, when one has faith in goverment, and this is reflected in purchasing ALL types of artificial food with their additives, acceptance of all the vacinations, there IS going to be arrested development. So whilst adhd and a.d.d are admitted “false” conditions…there are mental disorders arrising out of this situation of a diet consisting mainly conveinience and fast food combined with purposly harmfull vacination, what with all the added murcury and aluminium ect. Keep your kidds away from all of that and there WONT be any of these artificial conditons except for mental disorders brought about by chromosonal damage because of geo-enginering aka chem trailing.

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  28. Suzann Haas says:

    I have a 10 year old granddaughter who I have custody of – she has MANY health and learning issues that are dealt with by SEVEN doctors. One of her issues is ADHD, which she has been on medication for the past 3 years with GREAT results. Another family member read this report and immediately called CPS on me to say that I was drugging this child, who I love more than life, resulting in now we see EIGHT doctors. Fortunately all test results prove that she does have ADHD and both CPS and the family member have been told that without the medication this child would be unable to attend school or learn due to ADHD. Thank you for saying that there are true ADHD cases out there and this is not a way for parents to control their children by drugs when not necessary.

    • Patriotic Warrior says:

      Suzann, I have a 17 year old son with ADHD, contrary to some peoples opinion it is not a fictitious disease. My wife and I spent much time traveling to different doctors and specialist, trying homeopathic solutions, diet and finally turning to the medications. It is not about parenting skills, my son is a very outgoing, very intelligent, happy young man, the type of kid that everyone is his friend. He has never had trouble with the law and never suspended from school, but for him to focus on his school work was difficult, he was easily distracted and could not sit still. Working with both the doctors and teachers we have always kept the doses of his medication low, keeping him still being himself but yet enough to keep his focus on his school work.

      When he was in first grade we left a school district in NY, they had no interest in working or helping him, he was barely reading other than what my wife and I had been teaching him. When we moved to PA by the end of the school year he was reading above grade level and all through elementary and middle school he was a honor roll student with constant work from his teachers and my wife. High school has been an adventure, between the teen hormones and many distractions like girls and cars. He now wants to join the Navy, so as per the recruiters he has to be off the medication for a year, his ASVAB pre-test score was very good and so far after 4 months off the medication he is doing about average in school…He knows my wife and I expect him to do better, we have always told him not to use it as an excuse but to take advantage of his intelligence and imagination.

      Give that young lady lots of love, have patience, keep her organized, strict schedule and on the right track, have constant communications with all her teachers and always remember kids with ADHD are imaginative and very intelligent, they just learn differently.

  29. Donna says:

    Has anyone been concerned with the inordinate amount of children who are diagnosed with this today? Where has this disease come from and why is it on the increase? Along with autism. Anyone want to research this? Why not?

    • puzzypuppy says:

      With science you must have a highly educated group and another group of gullible so called experts. They would’ve had Albert Einstein on Medication. Also they would’ve had Tesla on Medications. Many of these so called physicians are extremely gullible.

  30. Hundreds of thousands of people, good science evidence with brain imaging, qEEG, and neuropsych testing all confirm that ADHD is absolutely *not fictitious.* The reason a good scientist might squirm: the context of the current diagnostic coding criteria, the actual way we now measure and evaluate ADHD in offices across the country, is woefully outdated. He may have recognized, as many now do, the fallacy, the inadequacy of diagnosis by appearance – rather than diagnosis by function, by *measurable* function, and in the context of changing reality. Function, reality, and neuroscience discoveries are all overlooked by the current inadequate ADHD diagnostic system.

    Dr Charles Parker
    Author: New ADHD Medication Rules – Brain Science & Common Sense

    • Megan Farrell says:

      Dr. Parker, thank you for providing a professional point if view on this issue, This thread has gone on far too long without a professional advocate. Diagnosis at age 13 changed my son’s life. Although he got more than enough physical exercise and was considered polite and well behaved, his ability to control his impulses was always poor, resulting in bullying by children and adults alike. Additionally, his grades began to suffer even though his standardized test scores and IQ were the highest in the elite private school he attended. I would literally take the light bulbs out of his room at midnight to get him to quit studying and get some sleep. The school refused to see ADHD as a possibility because he “wasn’t skinny enough”. I pulled him from that school and enrolled him the public school to avoid any further damage to his already suffering self esteem.

      Within six months the new school suggested he be tested, not because of behavioral problems, but because of his ever growing frustration and lack of friends. The following year his GPA began to increase, going from a 2.85 in 9th grade to a 4.2 in 12th grade. But more important than the grades, he was finally developing social skills. As an extra benefit, his lifelong stutter disappeared. He received a full ride scholarship to a top college and graduated with honors, with a double major in unrelated fields, and is now a happy and successful man.

      Everybody knows of cases where parents had their children put on medication to control behavioral problems. It happened in my own family. Over diagnosis is a very real problem that must be addressed. But a carefully constructed and professional diagnosis is a life saver. Hopefully, advances in the diagnosis process will improve the perception of this condition and help more people like my son to get the help they need.

      Again, thank you.

      • Megan,

        Your encouraging remarks will hopefully shine the light of wisdom for others who, in 2013, still don’t “get it.” With inadequate criteria for diagnosis and remarkably inane observations about appearances [is he skinny?, is he hyperactive?, what actually is inattentive?] it’s no wonder that both the public and medical professionals simply don’t know what objective targets have merit. Shooting at vapors encourages mercurial, unpredictable outcomes and pervasive dissatisfaction with both ADHD diagnosis and treatment.

        Gratefully, some do find solace that the meds work quite well, even under these imprecise conditions. Now that we do have good science it is increasingly important that we all reference real data in the evolving dialogue that must begin to take place in offices everywhere.

        Thanks for weighing in, – glad your guy is on the path.


      • John Snow says:

        Bad parenting, nothing else.

        • Harry Berry says:

          The problem is that the parents will follow anyone that is called “Doctor” blindly and foolishly. I have a niece that if the person is a doctor then she would put them on heroin if they requested it.

    • Harry Berry says:

      I know quite a few Dr. Mabogo’s and shrinks and they need their brains imaged.

    • Shannon says:

      Dr. Parker, I also thank you for your professional comments. My son, who is almost 7, was always squirmy and inattentive as a toddler/preschooler. He was always going like the Energizer Bunny! As he entered Kindergarten, he struggled with behavior and his teacher, overworked, overburdened, and under trained, merely let us know of his behavior issues and not doing his work…nothing to help. We took it upon ourselves to take him to a child psychologist who, between observation, parent and child evaluations, and brain chemistry studies, discovered on a scientific level that he has ADHD. He was started initially on Ritalin 5 mg. and within the first dose there was a MEASURABLE difference. Unfortunately, it was 3/4 of the way through the year, so now, in 1st grade, though he is doing very well, he struggles with printing because he missed so much of it in Kindergarten. My father also has struggled with ADHD and Tourette Syndrome all his life. I never had the hyperactivity, but I struggled in school with inattention, lack of motivation, poor organization, and difficulty processing information and retaining it. I barely made it through high school and only recently received my OWN ADD and Tourette diagnosis from the same therapist. I’ve also read much by Dr. Amen and his insights that there are 6 forms of ADD as opposed to just the two, as well as the neurological and neurobiological factors prove definitively that it IS indeed real and that many suffer from it. I cried while reading about it because it was like an insight into my life. I had attributed the cognitive issues to my fibromyalgia, but now that I’m on meds myself I’m more focused and working with my therapist am becoming more organized and in better control of my impulses. It is improving ALL our lives. This man may have made his fortune off of it, but it does exist. Thanks for your insight. Shannon

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