5-Year-Old Wets His Pants After 2-Hour-Long Interrogation Over Toy Gun

cap-gunAnother story from the files of the outright insane…

Did you own a toy cap gun as a child? I did. Did you play “cops and robbers” when you were young? I did. What on earth is going on in our school system today? Apparently a child who brought a toy cap gun to school, to show his friends, was interrogated for two hours, treated like a real-life criminal, and his parents were only called after he wet his pants according to the Washington Post. His normal “show and tell” action ended in him being suspended for 10 days. If the cap gun were loaded, the school principal allegedly claims, the police would have been called. According to Donna St. George:

In Calvert County, the trouble began Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. on a 10-minute bus ride to school.

According to the family, the boy’s friend had brought a water gun on the bus a day earlier. On Wednesday, unbeknown to his parents, the boy stowed his cap gun — from Frontier Town near Ocean City — inside his backpack as he left for school.

He told his mother after the incident that he had “really, really” wanted to show his friend.

The mother was called by the principal at 10:50 a.m. and was told that her son had the cap gun and pretended to shoot someone on the bus. She said that both the kindergartner and his first-grade sister, sitting nearby on the bus, disputed that account.

The mother said the principal told her that if the cap gun had been loaded with caps, it would have been deemed an explosive and police would have been called in.

The child’s disciplinary referral said he was being suspended for possession of a look-alike gun.

(Emphasis Added)

Are you kidding me? Really? Had the gun been loaded with caps the police would have been called in? These stories never cease to amaze me. About 3 weeks ago I wrote a similar story about a child who was suspended from school for using a pencil as a make believe gun. Yes America, this is what things have come to.

This 5-year-old little boy may be already be scarred for life after a two-hour long, police-style investigation. Thank goodness the cap gun was not loaded or he might be doing hard time.

Do not be mistaken my friends. This IS part of the left-wing agenda. This IS what our education system is becoming and I for one and outraged. What about you?

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68 Responses to 5-Year-Old Wets His Pants After 2-Hour-Long Interrogation Over Toy Gun

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  2. Goliath says:

    Typical CONTROL FREAK American NUTBALLS. This is caused by the Israeli paranoid influence over our country. They get the American people fighting amongst themselves while they slither in and TAKE OVER.

    • Media Mike says:

      Ah! Goliath is paying attention. Now, let’s side with Russia, China, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Syria (the govt), Lebanon, Venezuela, Uruguay, and Iran, and let Israel die now that it has launched and detonated a tactical nuclear weapon on Syria (May 4th).

      NO MORE FOREIGN AID to Israel. That’s a great new mantra.

      Did you know that Israel STOLE its fissile material for its nuclear weapons FROM THE US? Did you know that more spies are ejected out of the US from ISRAEL than all other countries COMBINED?

      Israel is the unique threat on this planet. Eliminate the govt of Israel, and you have a chance for peace on Earth. I’d like to see the jews all go back to the countries their families came from prior to 1947, and give Palestine back to the Palestinians.

  3. de45 says:

    i would have drove down to the school walked in and punched the principle in the face man or woman and said, now, now you have a reason to call the cops jack@#$%

  4. Crysta says:

    Right, so what about the media industry… Hollywood etc., they use all manner of imitation weaponry paraphernalia in most of their publications. The army have real ones and use them all too frequently, and here a little boy with a toy is criminalised and intimidated. The world is run by very crazy people all clambering over each other to assert their authority over another, even an innocent child… it beggars belief, it is Hollywood that needs to be made an example of, not a child with a toy, the manufacturers even, really crazy, see what happens when the populace allow megalomaniacs to rule them and make their choices for them.
    Very sad.

  5. Dan H says:

    In 1986 I was permitted to bring a double action Ruger 357 magnum revolver and reloading equipment to my N California east bay area high school for a demonstration speech. I demonstrated reloading, the anatomy of a bullet and the action and operation of a common revolver. I got an A, everyone enjoyed it and found it extremely interesting. No one was scared, no one died and no one called the police. Those were the days….

    • Jennifer says:

      East Bay HS? Wow! My husband grew up in Concord and we moved from the East Bay in 2009 to Montana (what a difference in freedoms!). The gun laws were so stringent then…it’s hard to believe that you were able to do that just 20 years earlier. What a pity that people have become so scared that they have crossed the stupidity line.

      • Archie1954 says:

        “Left wing agenda”? What a foolish and execrable comment! The insanity of the whole right to bear arms agenda in the US began with a discreditable decision by the US Supreme Court that removed the clear meaning of a phrase from the 2nd Amendment as if it were not part of The Amendment. Those words? Reference to a militia!

        • jmbreland says:

          Not sure what your point is, Archie1954. “Militia” is still in the amendment. I think you must be confusion “militia,” to which we all potentially belong, with the professional armed forces. What the 2nd Amendment’s reference to militia means (and I’m sure you won’t like this, Archie) is that the right to bear arms has nothing to do with “hunting” or “self defense” (the favorite red herrings of people who try to disparage the right). The purpose of the 2nd Amendment is to ensure that the general population is properly equipped to help repel invaders and tyrants. Stated differently, it’s the ultimate check and balance when all the others fail.

  6. Dan H says:

    This is all part of the greater plan. Children are being taught that guns are only for bad people and police. Public schools are teaching your children (by force) that there is something wrong with a person that owns a gun. Schools are banning dodge ball, playing cops and robbers…god help you if your kid points a finger gun at anyone. So everyone, WELCOME TO THE PUSSIFACATION OF AMERICA!. Get used to it, its never going to change.

  7. Media Mike says:

    This isn’t “left-wing” as BOTH sides of the aisle are continuing this kind of treatment toward what made America free. It can’t be fixed with Republicans, and it can’t be fixed with Democrats. Wake up, America!

  8. alan says:

    Get your children out of the public indoctrination centers. Home school them. Did you make it through first grade? If yes then you can teach first grade. If you have three children then you will have to go through first grade three times. Then second grade three times, and so on. When they know more than any of the sheep in the public school and more than you can teach, send them to a community college for the courses that you can’t handle. Like calculus or physics or chemistry. They may be only 16 or 17 but they will probably already know more than the other college students. Sacrifice your time to work and let your spouse teach, or sacrifice your children. Oh, by the way, if they go through the public propaganda program, don’t count on them doing anything for you in the future. They won’t have the skills or common sense to take care of themselves.

    • Ann Bond says:

      Interrogating a child intil he loses control of his bladder is abuse. Parents should call police and have these monsters charged!

      • mr_bellows says:

        Finally, a voice of reason.

        I find it telling that so many posted their angst ridden political views on guns, or other ‘leanings’, instead of pointing to the truth of the matter.

        That, this is a case where adults committed abuses against a five year old child. Call it ‘emotional’ or ‘physical’ abuse of a child but the trauma this child endured, is self evident. This, because some power hungry and ‘reactionary’ administrator tripped over their own ego on their way to the pedestal of higher education. Disgusting.

        Thank you Ann – excellent comment

        • Alec says:

          This is exactly what I was thinking while reading this. Why haven’t these sickos been charged with child abuse? Aren’t the parents legally supposed to be notified and present before anything like this could possibly take place, or is this just wishful thinking on my part? Either way, they terrorized that poor kid to the point of wetting himself over literally having done nothing wrong. At least nothing wrong in a world with level headed adults and authority figures. Murderers and rapists get better treatment than those villains gave him. I was raised to trust my teachers and the police. Who will this poor little child grow up to trust after being permanently scarred for life? You can’t fix something like that. My heart bleeds for that little boy.

  9. Michelle says:

    Why would police need to even take five minutes let alone two hours to talk to a five year old about his toy gun? Seriously…. ??? What in the WORLD could they have been asking him? Geez… Yep, time to get some lawyers and sue for sure. I’m glad my child is now grown and out of school because this “politically correctness,” has gone OVERBOARD!!

  10. M S says:

    send in the drones, wait….they’re already here.

  11. DDearborn says:


    So now the American people are supposed to allow the Gestapo to terrorize 5 year olds? My my the circle is nearly complete. Your papers please, be quick about it or you will be shot. No papers? take him away. This is what the war for israel has done to America. Israel took away our freedoms. They took them away because Americans would never have allowed the phony wars for israel costing millions of lives and Trillions of dollars to go on and on and on unless they were totally distracted and living in fear. People are now living in fear of the government and the israeli lobby. The israeli operation which started on 9-11 has been a complete success to date. But the people in America are beginning to rise up in protest. So what little remains of our freedoms must be taken to crush the will of the American people.

    SO you think this is far fetched? Can any politican or member of the clergy or academia publicly criticise israel in general or the Jewish faith in particular without immediate and massive reprecussions? And yet when this is done to Catholics, or Muslims there is no such reaction. Jews represent less than 3% of the population but dominate the key positions in Congress, the Cabinet, and key government agencies. We do have a terrorist threat here in America, and it comes from israel.

  12. Tim says:

    Ah..vigilante justice..just like Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Saudi Arabia…you right-wing nuts are such faux patriots…you have more in common with radical Islamic fascists than you do with the founding fathers….you advocate all the things that Sharia law advocates…fortunately, liberalism always wins..we’ve been winning since the civil rights movement, and we’ll keep winning despite your attempts to thwart progress….I’m a proud American Soldier and believe in our constitution…your hate is tough to stomach though.

  13. Braveheart at the Keyboard says:
  14. Left Testicle Right Testicle says:

    Note to the brave paradigm busters: Turn off the computer and start the glorious awakening revolution. We’ll follow your lead Braveheart.

  15. Rabbitnexus says:

    You just had to make it about a phoney LEFT/RIGHT politics paradigm didn’t you? You’re right about the problem but totally wrong about the cause. The situation you now find yourselves in, in the USA is a result of BOTH sides of your phoney political paradigm working tirelessly admin after admin until they have all the ducks in a row. Not only did Bush help Obama gain the power which is being mis used now, Obama will pass it on to the next pres, who can as easily be a rep and who will not reduce the power or abuse one iota. I frankly blame the incurious shallow empty headed sheep who actually think in terms of a eft/right political paradigm, rather than just recognise it is US against THEM. Them being the HAVES and us being the HAVE NOTS. Oh and if you want to know where the HAVE NOT boundary ends, take note that anybody with more than 100K in Cyprus just lost it. You have so much that mere politics and bank fraud doesn’t touch you when you’re a HAVE.

    • madpiltzer says:

      a bit harshly worded; but, I agree with you completely.
      There is a big awakening going on in the U.S. to the phoney left/right game of head I win tales you lose.

  16. wallry says:

    Those pencil necks probably never seen a real gun- they probably wet their pants first.
    Bunch of pusses.

  17. tmsr says:

    You can not fight city hall but you can home school.

  18. archie1954 says:

    What a foolish statement, “this is part of a leftist” etc. This is nothing more than a very stupid principal and an equally stupid school board of ignorant a**holes. It has nothing whatsoever to do with leftist plots.

    • blackyb says:

      Those idiots should not even be allowed around children, let alone a principal, etc. I would kick some principal azz had that been my kid.

  19. Doug Case says:

    I played cops and robbers, and army all the time growing up. I don’t even own a gun today, though there is no legitimate reason why I should not. Take away the toy guns from kids and they will pretend with a stick. And I think discouraging kids from playing cops and robbers, or army would be ridiculous.

    • blackyb says:

      That is all they see on TV. These people think they know something. They are purely indoctrinating and browbeating children. They are cowards and should be closed down and not allowed around children. All she would have had to do was tell the kid to put the gun away until he got home and if he did not comply. Call his parents up and tell them. That kid was 5 freaking years old, for the love of Pete.

  20. Lefty Mongtard says:

    I know Timmeh guns don’t belong in a glorious 1000 year rainbow collective hopetopia.

    • blackyb says:

      They like to do their damage in stealth. These people are mental cases. I despise them and everything they stand for. I am totally and unequivically disgusted.

  21. Tim says:

    National rates are down in almost every category….however, probably want to keep toy guns away from kids…we used to give kids candy cigarettes, but you see how that turned out….ah, our fascination with guns..silly Americans.

  22. Tim says:

    It’s down….

  23. GTFO Lefty Rat Troll POS says:

    Hey Timmeh how is that crime rate in Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans?

  24. montyferbert says:

    talk about liberal assholes this nation has been taken over by complete idiots.

    • Tim says:

      And yet crime rates are at an all-time low…hmmm…us liberal assholes must be doing something right….

      • -G says:

        Do you think the fact that 24+ states have enacted right-to-carry laws since the early 90′s had anything to do with the crime rates being at all time lows? What about the fact that the murder rates are at even lower rates?
        Yet, all you liberals fight the states and the people tooth and nail to prevent these laws from passing … and when they don’t result in blood flowing in the streets, and possibly even result in lower crime, what do you do?
        You usually just shout louder, but in this case, it seems like you are actually trying to take credit for it, which is beyond bizarre.

      • dcbench says:

        Yeah, Obama is the greatest gun salesman of the century and that is why crime rates are at an all-time low.

  25. Rainbow Unicorn Fewmets says:

    Comrades this is the glorious rainbow hopetopia and guns are obsolete. Comrade Hussein the Immaculate will watch over you and keep you safe. Now thank all those who voted for the Chicago toilet water to wine converting savior.

  26. Lesa says:

    This is clearly child abuse and the Principal needs to be charged and jailed. If the parents don’t raise hell about this then they aren’t much better.

  27. Tim says:

    In today’s age, what stupid parent would allow his or her child to take a cap gun to school?

    • Rich says:

      The parents allegedly did not know. Must we completely frisk children before we send them to school.

      “On Wednesday, unbeknown to his parents, the boy stowed his cap gun — from Frontier Town near Ocean City — inside his backpack as he left for school.”

      You sir, are an idiot.

  28. Amy says:

    Is there not a law that they have to get permission to “interrogate” a child that young? I’d find me a lawyer might quick…..

  29. gailmarie says:

    OUTRAGED Yes I am…. this is so wrong… they are out of control we need to make some serious changes in the public school system. I would not be very easy on the Principle I would make headline news if they did that to my child.

  30. pearse says:

    Tell em go fuck themselves and take the kid out and home school him Fuck your school. problem solved

  31. Eugene Spuglio says:

    I had a pen knife when I was a kid on my key chain with the keys to my door. How many remember them? Today, if I was in school I would be looking at 3 months off of school and sent before a district judge for bringing a deadly device to school. I believe the authority stepped over the limit by not contacting the parent, if the parent did something like this and the school found out, social services would of come calling and not for tea.

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  33. David says:

    If this were my child, and we have five children, the principle would have wet his pants after I got started with his sorry butt . . . you can mess with me any time but DO NOT mess with my wife and kids . . . it’s not healthy!!

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  35. Gayle says:

    If I had children at this point in time, I am totally sure that I would be in jail because I would not stand for this type of insanity. Pretty sure I would have assaulted someone both physically and verbally! When are we going to stop taking this crap! When are we going to get a backbone and take our country back? I’m literally sick to my stomach at how this child was treated.

  36. Thom says:

    Right on Jere, I’m with you 100%. I want America back. I’m tired of these goody-two shoes, pantie waisted jerk-offs.. There should be a lot more story here about how the parents of this kid and what they did or didn’t do to cover their kids in the face of tyranny

  37. Jere Guin says:

    I’m sick to death of impotent outrage. Do something! Publish the NAME of the jackass principal, organize for his dismissal, get a lawyer for a civil suit and agitate with the objective of forcing the local authorities to prosecute him for child abuse

    That’s right: CHILD ABUSE. Run him out of the profession and send him to jail.

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