Impeach Obama Overpass Movement spreads across America!

impeach-obama-protestThis is news you never heard/saw on the State Controlled Media.

Do you remember that stupendous “Impeach Obama” demonstration on a California freeway overpass last June?

On June 8, 2013, a group stood on an I-5 overpass in the seaside city of Carlsbad in North San Diego County, California, holding signs saying “Remember Benghazi,” “Obama Lies” and “No Amnesty.” Traffic slowed down for miles (but quickly picked up after the overpass), with many motorists honking their support.


SoNSanDiego reports that “in San Diego, the CHP ordered protesters to remove their signs and flags from the fence, or they would be removed by CalTrans and thrown in the trash. We refused, telling the CHP that we prefer THEY take down these signs and American flags on Independence Day and throw them in the trash, while we videograph the act.”

Similarly, the police harassed another overpass protest in LaVerne, CA, saying that holding a “carnival” on an overpass was prohibited. SoNSanDiego says, “An Obama-thug showed up at the demo, saying he was from the “planning commission” and ordered the signs taken down.”

Despite the harassment from police, that first “Impeach Obama” overpass demonstration has started an entire movement that is spreading like wildfire across America!

Inspired by the San Diego freeway overpass demonstration, a patriot in Oklahoma named James Neighbors started the “Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment” movement.

As reported by Dean Chambers for, July 6, 2013:

YouTube Preview Image

In just a few short weeks, Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment has grown from the Founder, James Neighbors, to movement with groups preparing protests in all 50 states across America. Neighbors announced today that the protests are spreading across the country. The rapid growth of this new grassroots movement illustrates how strongly citizens across the country feel about the need to hold the president accountable for his actions in so many areas.

Inspired by the protests in Carlsbad, Cal. Earlier this year on June 8, Neighbors created the page on Facebook, which now has a following of thousands with vastly more protesters in individual states organizing and preparing to take to the overpasses and streets across America in protest.

Neighbors estimates that over 12,000 people across America have joined the movement since it began in mid-June and believe the protests will force Congress to act and begin the process of impeaching President Obama.

On August 6th, the Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment groups will stand together for synchronized protests across the nation in what the group has named “The Patriot Wave,” beginning in the Eastern Time zone, and culminating on the West coast.

Neighbors emphasized that the protests will continue on a national level every week during the Patriot Wave, and at dates across the nation as determined by their state organizers. […] – Continued at Examiner.


Here are some links to find an “Overpass for Obama’s Impeachment” in your area:

H/t Obama Release Your Records


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19 Responses to Impeach Obama Overpass Movement spreads across America!

  1. Jayson says:

    Haha, the amount of people you swore would fill the overpasses was a joke. Gee, lets see, was that 4 or 5 people I saw standing up there? It was soooo hard to tell! Lol!

  2. Darr says:

    People,this scumbag is NOT GOING TO BE IMPEACHED. Why even waste the time to write this story. It takes 66% of the senate to impeach a president. IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

    Please spend your time and your energy and your thoughts and your money on something more productive. Obama is the president until 2016. Give money, spend time, pray, to defeat him philosophically monetarily, politically and morally.

    I earned my pistol instructor certification. I have given money to Rand Paul. I have prayed to God and told others about God. I live my life with the morals I have prayed for.

    Stop driving yourself and others around you insane. This socialist ,Islamic, immoral President isn’t going anywhere. If you want to fight then fight. But use your time, resources. and influence wisely. Obama isn’t going anywhere.


    • Mac says:

      Sure, the Senate won’t CONVICT the POS but the House MUST perform their CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY – which includes leveling charges of his HIGH CRIMES & MISDEMEANORS he is certainly guilty of.

      It may be the ONLY VEHICLE OF TRUTH that the main stream media has NEGLECTED to do.

      The feeble excuse that “why bother to impeach when the Senate will never convict” BEGS THE QUESTION of why abandon one’s values and principles for the sake of convenience.


      The typical American voter is stupid enough to elect this charlatan twice but they still deserve the truth which hasn’t reached the useful idiots yet.

    • Bill from Laos says:

      Damn these naysayers!! Think of the psychological impact impeachment proceedings against the usurper will have on the American public! More people will become aware of his criminal acts and attempts at usurping more power. AND this may fuel The Cold Case Posse’s drive to bring the ineligibility issue to Congress for investigation. He is not eligible; he is not a natural-born citizen! He MUST be removed – cut off the head of the snake first, and then we’ll deal with the rest of the commies in our country. IMPEACH THE USURPER AND LET’S START NOW!!! All his EOs and laws will be null and void like Obamacare and amnesty if he pushes that down our throats. Do you want 30 million illegals running amuck in our country, Darr?? Well, do you??

    • lalz says:

      you are right..all situation we have now GODs prove to prophecy that he will come on earth.

  3. G.B. says:

    Impeach, convict, NULLIFY!!!!!!!!!

  4. ihatelibs says:

    How can you Impeach an ILLEGAL. He SHOULD be Tried for Fraud , and Treason, and Other High Crimes

    • Mac says:

      They already found a liberal judge that threw out the “birther” argument….so – yes, he can be impeached…

  5. AmericaBeautiful says:

    Pass it on:
    Dear Speaker Boehner, Senators Boxer & Feinstein, and “Representative” Chu
    Time for you to stand up against the Fradulent Traitor in OUR White house, like this woman did:

    Shall other countries’ representatives put ours to shame?? Get on your feet and denounce obama for his many crimes against the USA: F & F, Using the MSM for propaganda, funding terrorists and inviting them to OUR White House, IRS Crimes, “Green Energy” crimes, destroying jobs and energy, Benghazi, supporting the UN taking our 2nd Amendment Right away…..goes on forever.


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