Arizona Tries to Slow Down Attempts to Recall Flake and McCain

McCainFlake-445x295Three weeks ago I posted an article about recall efforts for both Jeff Flake and John McCain of Arizona.  I have been away from home for two weeks now because our twins were born prematurely and Bailey is still in NICU. My mind has not been as sharp as it should be, but I remembered that I needed to check on the progress and did so tonight. I do not live in Arizona but several of our readers do. I am not happy.

Here is a perfect example of why the citizens of this country can not get anything done. Whenever we try to make a move the bureaucrats smother us. It has happened to me and it happened to the founder of the recall efforts at This note is now attached at the bottom of the home page:

NOTE: I’ve received notice that the state of Arizona wants the petition previously displayed here to be filed and reviewed with them before being circulated, and is instructing me to register as a political committee, and to file campaign finance reports (despite being a “one man show”).

If someone out there has already jumped through all the hoops, let me know and we’ll put your petition on this site!

Removing my petition and putting this on hold till I verify the state’s ”requests”.

I did not previously know that this was a one person show but it does not surprise me. One of the things that attracted me to the petition is that they were not data harvesting and not asking for donations. It is not often that you see any kind of petitions that are not doing one or both of those things. It was clear to me that this was one or more citizens that truly cared.

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So now that one person is being asked to put together committee and finance reports, etc.

This is exactly how corrupt our government is my friends. They are elitists and they protect each other. Flake and McCain violated their campaign promises and left the people of Arizona vulnerable to more and more dangerous illegals entering through their border with Mexico. Let me remind you that we ran a piece recently that exposed the truth about those immigrants. They are not all Mexican Nationals. Many Arizona immigrants are dangerous terrorists with links to organizations such as Hezbollah.

For a good example of how badly the people of Arizona has been screwed you only have to watch a 30 second campaign spot from John McCain.





Complete the danged fence, hey John? That didn’t seem to be anyone’s priority as the Senate hastily moved to pass legislation that no one had read last month.

My hope is that this site gets its stuff together and we can again report on recalling McCain and Flake at a later time. For those of you who have the petitions signed and in hand please hold them for now. The original plan was to start collecting signatures after July 4th but that has obviously been delayed with the developments.

The truth is that whoever asked for the documentation knows that most Americans will give up when faced with the reality of red tape. That’s exactly why they do it. They want us to feel defeated and like we can not do anything to inspire change.

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My hope is that this American is not one of the people who gives up easily. We must march forward. We win some and we lose some but we can never give up.

I fail often but it will never keep me from trying again. They only way they can win is if we quit and they are counting on us doing just that.

Never give them the satisfaction.

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