FEMA camp in Texas

fema-camp-restricted-area (1)Every time you’re mocked and slapped with the label of “conspiracy theorist” for saying there are FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) camps in Amerika, just remind them of a fascinating 4-page KBR documentProject Overview and Anticipated Project Requirements, which is a solicitation for bids from subcontractors to provide services and supplies for FEMA camps.

KBR, Inc., formerly called Kellogg Brown & Root, is a top U.S. federal contractor and the largest non-union construction company in the United States. Formerly a subsidiary of Halliburton, KBR is headquartered in Houston. KBR and its predecessors have won many contracts with the U.S. military, including during World War II, Vietnam War and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

According to Project Overview and Anticipated Project Requirements,  “services will be required in each State within each of the five regions of the continental United States.” Each FEMA camp is estimated to “range in size from 301 to 2,000 persons for up to 30 days in length.”

Here’s a screen-shot of the map of the five regions, from page 1 of Project Overview and Anticipated Project Requirements:

FEMA camps in 5 U.S. regionsJust such a FEMA camp has been found 35 miles east of Austin, outside the small town of Taylor, Texas.

Melissa Melton reports for Activist Post, June 26, 2013, that while getting footage for a mini-documentary, she came across this FEMA camp near Taylor, which holds several hundreds, including illegal aliens, their American family members, and children.

FEMA camp TexasThe camp is called the T. Don Hutto Residential Center, and is administered by the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

FEMA camp in Taylor, TX

The residential center FEMA camp is designated for use under emergency rule, but presently houses illegal immigrants and resident aliens caught in legal limbo with ICE. At the same time, the camp’s FEMA designation also places it under FEMA command for civilian detainment in the event of an emergency, including civil unrest, economic collapse, stress from migration, natural disaster or terrorist attack, etc.

This is what the ICE “Fact Sheet” says:

The T. Don Hutto Residential Center (TDHRC) represents a unique and pioneering setting, offering the least restrictive environment permissible to manage persons in administrative U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody.

In keeping with the director’s call for civil detention reform, TDHRC represents a clear departure from historical detention settings. Residents experience expanded services that include free and open movement, recreational and educational participation, food services and medical and mental health care.

TDHRC’s person-centered philosophy guides every interaction with the residents by understanding the often complex circumstances surrounding their detention. TDHRC continues to fulfill the mission of ICE while at the same time recognizing and valuin]g the dignity of the individual.

Opened in Taylor, Texas (35 miles east of Austin), in May 2006, TDHRC has a capacity of up to 512 beds. The average length of stay is 31 days.

YouTube Preview Image

Tim Brown reports for Freedom Outpost that on January 23, 2013, Congressman Alcee Hastings (D-FL, 23rd District) introduced HR 390, the National Emergency Centers Establishment Act, but there is virtually no coverage of it.

If passed, HR 390 would authorize DHS to establish no less than six emergency centers on military installations within the borders of the United States.Alcee HastingsDemocrat Congressman Alcee Hastings

A previous version of the bill was introduced in 2009 by the same Congressman Hastings as HR 645, which died in committee. Congressman Ron Paul was asked in 2011 about HR 645 and whether or not it could lead to Americans being incarcerated in detention camps during a time of martial law. He responded, “Yeah, that’s their goal, they’re setting up the stage for violence in this country, no doubt about it.”

According to GovTrack, the new bill, HR 390, has a 3% chance of getting past the committee.


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25 Responses to FEMA camp in Texas

  1. I personally heard Obama speak of the camps on TV about 1 year ago. He actually admitted that the camps would be used for domestic terrorist that disagree with the government.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Go to Utube and type in FEMA CAMP, there is MORE to OPEN YOUR ‘”EYES”

  3. Mac says:

    At this point, I’d say this could be the exact opposite as the “Bush flew those planes into the Trade Centers…”

    Then again, I never thought a Marxist could be elected not once but TWICE…. creepy…real creepy…

  4. ihatelibs says:

    I need a tad bit more proof before I swallow the bait

    • William says:

      You will get your chance as they march you to your detention cell, prior to your execution, then you will have no choice but to believe. I have personally seen these camps, the FEMA coffins, the gallows, guillotines, the post for firing squad. just continue keeping your head in the sand and denying the facts, if you refuse to see it, it doesn’t exist…….RIGHT?

      • ihatelibs says:

        Hate to Disappoint you. But THIS old Busted up Viet Nam War VET, aint gonna be marched NOWHERE. and my head is NOT in the sand as you say. Im armed, stocked and Ready for most anything coming. But half the stories, ( or more ) on the net are just that STORIES.. Don’t you worry about me. I can take DAYUM good care of my self. And most likely will have to help take care of others. at my choosing of course

        • jonnyk203 says:

          good guy. thanks for your service and keeping your oath m8. take care.

        • Rob Painter says:

          I am right there with ya buddy and they have been Killen us slowly with the VA for 40 plus years anyway. May be old, but not stupid and if push comes to shove, Guess I will pick death by firing squad in a fire fight.

      • Nobody says:

        we have past the renaissance era, guillotines are not used anymore, Machete’s now , that’s the new ticket, get your head out of the sand

      • Lou says:

        William. Do you have any website or info i can pull up to see what you are referring too? I have been beating a dead horse trying to convince anyone about these camps. I have been informed that my information and pictures are not credible sources. They are credible as for as im concerned . Thank you.

        • William says:

          Lou, unfortunately I do not have a site, to refer you to. How ever, the FEMA camps in Texas, there are TWO less than a hour drive from my house and that is confirmed. Both camps are active and staffed.

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