SHOCKING VIDEO Exposes Evidence That Obama Financed Benghazi Terrorists

obama-shhhhhhhIn the following video, the Western Center for Journalism lays out the case that Barack Hussein Obama funded the jihadist attack on the Benghazi diplomatic mission and the CIA annex. Some of this documentation we have provided previously, but this 4 minute clip brings it all together. Why are we not bringing justice upon the head of Barack Obama? He has engaged in treasonous acts against the American people by providing funds and equipment to the enemies of America, resulting in the deaths of Americans.

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For more information regarding what has been put forth in the video, let me recommend the following articles:

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13 Responses to SHOCKING VIDEO Exposes Evidence That Obama Financed Benghazi Terrorists

  1. Fires Stone says:

    People have to Remember what people with Common sense knows,for the most part the Guilty speak first to try and throw people off the trail..

  2. Rene says:

    It is time for Americans to realize that Washington DC is a Corporation, and has been since 1876, (United States of America Inc.), DC does not belong to Americans, and as such has no right to exist as our Capitol, having authority over this Nation. DC belongs to the International Banking Families, and run out of the Inner City of London England. Research it, and you will realize why our elected representatives don’t represent us once they get to DC.

  3. So tell me, do ya still support Ojami ben Wadhi (Obama)??? He should be summarily executed by firing squad for his treason! He has been in cahoots with the Nation of Islam, (who was a supporter of and was financed by Gaddafi) and Gaddafi to proliferate in nuclear materials, including copies of Trident II and III Missile Manuals stolen from USP LVN Unicorp Print Shop when Clinton was President to abandon Israel to a nuclear strike and overthrow Israel which is why Ambassador Stevens was murdered!

  4. integrity1st says:

    can’t get the video. please post link

  5. Crusader says:

    Because justice implies the application of rational standards and this is a communist-fascist dictatorship. Because the checks and balances have been made into a mockery of the original intent, because the three branches of government are in the hands of cannibal collectivists who are running wild and drunk with power trying to live their fantasies of homonazi rainbows, pink feminazi unicorns and wealth redistributing flying pigs. Because our culture has degenerated to the point that “bringing justice” upon someone currently means blacks lynching whites. Because we have no judges any longer. Because as a civilization we have allowed the worst amongst us to put the Republic in that situation better described involving a river of excrement and a Native American water vessel without any means of propulsion.

  6. ihatelibs says:


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