SHOCKING VIDEO Exposes Evidence That Obama Financed Benghazi Terrorists

In the following video, the Western Center for Journalism lays out the case that Barack Hussein Obama funded the jihadist attack on the Benghazi diplomatic mission and the CIA annex. Some of this documentation we have provided previously, but this 4 minute clip brings it all together. Why are we not bringing justice upon the head of Barack Obama? He has engaged in treasonous acts against the American people by providing funds and equipment to the enemies of America, resulting in the deaths of Americans.


For more information regarding what has been put forth in the video, let me recommend the following articles:

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Egyptian Official Tahani al-Gebali is Second Source to Claim to Have “Documents & Proof” that Could Send Obama To Prison

You want answers on Benghazi? Here’s the truth

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Libyan Intelligence Confirms Muslim Brotherhood, Egyptian President Morsi Involved in Benghazi

Kerry Waives Restrictions On Foreign Aid – Sends Egypt $1.3 Billion

Journalist Links Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi to Benghazi

Video From Benghazi, Libya: “Don’t shoot them. They were sent by (Egyptian President) Dr. Morsi.”


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