CNN Caught Faking War Footage AGAIN, This Time in Syria

For those who have any doubt that CNN is state-run media, you simply have not done your homework. Before we get into the footage in question let me remind you of a former CNN Award Winning Journalist named Amber Lyon. Wikipedia reports:


On September 29, 2012, Lyon appeared on the Infowars program hosted by American Alex Jones. She described her investigation of how the US ally Bahrain was committing human rights abuses, but said that CNN and the US government pressured her to suppress the news. She said that Bahrain paid CNN for positive news coverage. Lyon said that Kazakhstan and Georgia also paid for positive coverage by CNN.

Let’s also review a famous YouTube video that shows a correspondent reporting in the Desert Storm conflict with a fake backdrop, apparently from a studio set. If you have never seen this video of Charles Jaco, please do yourself a favor and watch it to make judgement for yourself.

YouTube Preview Image

If you do some smart searching on YouTube you can find numerous videos like the one above. This is nothing new. I would not personally want to be in the middle of a situation that required gas masks, but if you are reporting from the comfort of a secure location, there is no need to misinform the American public for the sake of ratings.

So is CNN part of the 4th branch of the federal government?

The 4th branch of government is what I like to call “state-run” media because they are instrumental in swaying the opinion of the American people. Without this unofficial branch of government, the three official branches would cease to be effective. Why? Because people would actually know the truth.

Evidently there is a gentleman named “Danny” who has reported for CNN from Syria. I do not watch CNN, in fact I refuse to, so I stumbled upon this information at The Friends of Syria blog.

Friends of Syria reports:

Anderson Cooper and CNN have been caught staging fake news about Syria to justify military intervention.

The primary “witness” that the mainstream media is using as a source in Syria has been caught staging fake news segments.  Recent video evidence proves that “Syria Danny”, the supposed activist who has been begging for military intervention on CNN, is really just a paid actor and a liar.

While Assad is definitely a tyrant like any head of state, a US invasion of the country is a worst case scenario for the people living there.

By pointing out that the mainstream media is orchestrating their entire coverage of this incident, we are not denying that there is a tremendous amount of death and violence in Syria right now.  However, we are showing that the mainstream media version of events is scripted and staged propaganda.

The following video shows him contradicting himself while off air, and even asking crew members to “get the gunfire sounds ready” for his video conference with Anderson Cooper on CNN.

YouTube Preview Image

After I stumbled upon this I felt the need to share it because whether these interviews are scripted and staged or not, we definitely know that the media is very influential in public opinion. I DO NOT speak Arabic so I can’t vouch for the translations but I will tell you that I did some fact checking and believe that this interpretation is on the money. It would seem that CNN is still faking stories. With that said the above video is from March of 2012 but I have no reason to believe that the September 2013 version of CNN is any more honest and reliable.

I’d encourage you to go read the entire story and see two additional videos at Friends of Syria.

I think this is very important to keep filed in the back of your mind. When the media is complicit with the federal government then there is really no way to form an accurate opinion about what is going on. Note: This is one reason I rely a lot on foreign media. I know our media is corrupt so I’ll take my chances.

We can watch the government push and prod the media in this country to their liking, as Amber Lyon reported, but yet no one thinks our government is so corrupt that it would stage a false flag event or manufacture evidence to present to congress.

Please notice that you never hear congressional leaders talk about things like these YouTube videos, forged birth certificates or any of the hot topics of alternative media. Do they not know about these things?

Sure they do. They know about these things. It is their job to know.

Their silence simply signals that they are complicit in the cover up.

That is the truth America. It is also why you should not be surprised if our congress goes against the American people, and our military, and sides with Obama/Al Qaeda/Al-Nusra in Syria.

People need to wake up. Trust no one and seek your own truth.

h/t Bare Naked Islam

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101 Responses to CNN Caught Faking War Footage AGAIN, This Time in Syria

  1. Cat says:

    I have no doubt that Obama’s CNN poodles run fake news. No doubt. BUT PLEASE!!!! Don’t quote Wikipedia in YOUR reporting. Quoting Wikipedia undermines your own credibility. As a freelance editor, and former English teacher, I have had to say that many times to various new authors. How I would love to share information, such as this news story. But you quoted Wikipedia. Crap. Now this article is just part of the problem.

  2. prtyfedup says:

    It is well known our federal gov’t pays various medias to NOT report some news keeping us in the dark, and then pays them to report other issues like a brain washing. It’s a fact. Don’t believe it if you continually see our leaders as what they are not, truthful, caring human beings. Reality can be pretty harsh especially when it’s the people who are suppose to be leading and protecting our country.

  3. Martin says:

    The only problem with video #1 is that it wasn’t shot in a studio. That myth has been comprehensively debunked. See here, for example:

  4. bakedude says:

    In some of the first parts of the video, Danny Abdul-Dayem has a striking resemblance to Secretary of State John Kerry, who, by the way, served in Vietnam, and who, by the way, is also a liar! It’s funny how liars can look alike!

  5. Brian says:

    Interesting article with some great points. Sadly most of your commenters don’t know the difference between a capitalist and a communist. Or they like to eat the shit Fox feeds them and somehow believe that’s any better than CNN.

    • PatriotOne says:

      I always doubted CNN and the other alphebet networks I havent watched them in decades. They are outlets for gov’t. propaganda and vicious lies.The miserable lowlife liars lost their audience many years ago. Nobody believes them .

  6. Jon says:

    Nothing better than a so-called truth speaker leveling 10 paragraphs of accusations and providing not an ounce of proof.


  7. Mary says:

    First of all, the first video above from Desert Storm should be filed under the heading of “comedy”. What a couple of jackasses! It was from the Desert Storm incident that CNN became the leading news channel, so this shows us that they have been lying from the get-go! Anderson Cooper is one of their biggest stooges right now, and he has been caught numerous times faking news stories and using green screens in order to do so. Most notably was after the Sandy Hook hoax, when he pretended to be interviewing the mother of a child victim. Anderson turns his head to the side and his entire nose disappears from view. Just another in a long line of comedies…I wouldn’t believe a word he says even if he had his tongue notarized.

  8. David says:

    If it were state-run media, CNN would have been pro-Bush from 2001-2009. It’s liberal-run media.

    • Dean says:

      By your argument, Fox news would have been the “state-run media” during that time period. Both statements are wrong. The media is corporate run and has been for years. Once rating became more important than the truth, we, the American people, lost.

      • Jerome Brand says:

        After I have compiled all the evidence I will show the liars for who and what they are, where they live with pics. This is all planned by they’re masters to destroy them with ease. Read the Protocols for the details. All news comes from the same source Dean gets his stuff from the same source you can read the meta data on his past post you need some hack skill but the proof is all there to see for your self.

  9. dave says:

    This just goes to show how insulting to the intelligence of the American people CNN truly is. Who wouldn’t notice that even though the wind is blowing strongly, that the reporters hair is staying put? Not one single hair moved while the palms behind him swayed side to side. This alone should have been evidence enough that something was amiss. Can we say Brainwashed? This company truly is the Communist News Network.

  10. Kaity says:

    Propaganda by US government is now legal. Recently the law against propaganda was rescinded
    and came across a news blurb about it on the web.

  11. Phillip Lake says:

    Buffoons, clowns, liars, and just plain idiots. This is exactly why I do not watch the large news stations. I am not surprised; after all CNN is the Communist News Network run by socialist pigs.

    • njayrizzo says:

      The only socialist in Congress is Bernie Sanders. All those democrats are multi-national capitalists. Anyone telling you different is using sophisticated propaganda on your brain.

  12. Meathead says:

    We have a pathological narscisstic liar in the White House. In his eyes, he does no wrong and if he says it, it must be true.

    • branded969 says:

      If we were to shoot all the LIARS that are in Washington, including the Supreme Court Justices, It would be a friggin’ ghost town! BUT, That is what the people need to do! That is the only way to get our country back. I am different than most people, in that If it were my brother is guilty he needs hung just like the rest, the crooks in Washington are looking out for the other crooks, yet they call us Tea Partiers, Terrorist, WRONG, WE believe in our Constitution and anybody that doesn’t IS THE TRAITOR! Let the GAMES BEGIN! Semper Fi.

  13. Bobby says:

    This is called what you want, not the truth in reporting-not surprising!!!!!!

  14. GoodBusiness says:

    Take the Money and power away from Washington and the Lobbyist all 13,000 will be gone – the 24/7/365 news groups will be gone and the power will be Restored at the State levels. Then the Executive will have very little power to cause mischief and bribe voter blocks.

  15. bob vey says:

    Get your news from various news agencies. Watch news from other countries; such as the BBC, Euronews, Al-J. etc…etc…

  16. NotPropagandized says:

    “State-run media” is only part of it. More to the point is”CorruptMedia”.

  17. mickey mandell says:

    I am reminded of the ” Keystone Cops”

  18. uh yeah the govt is so corrupt as to manufacture stories that will go along on whatever their objective is. john Kerry, john McCain,obama,and many many others will lie to preserve their job, to receive many types of perks and benefits. And the mainstream media is not be believed on just about any is a tough thing to find real truthful news out there. Without checking the sources yourself if you are really that interested will you find if it is truth or not. You just have to consider the source and their proven track record.

    • poppog says:

      One big fraternity. Call themselves Repubs and Demos, but just two heads on the same corrupt body. The only concern they have is to get re-elected. Great salary, Fabulous benefits, Money from lobbyists, Riches from inside trading, Work 25 weeks a year (play poker while you work), Paid Travel and vacations, and a Get out of Jail Free card.
      Then they pass laws based purely for their own benefit and inform us that they are acting on our behalf!

      • Ashli143 says:

        YES!! The government has done a good job at separating us (dems vs repubs) and making us fight ourselves instead of their corruption. THEY ARE WORKING TOGETHER!! I wish more people saw this.

      • Sumtin Tusae says:

        Who’s $$ are supporting all of this. Yup, you guessed it if your were thinking the “Bin Laden Group” and the Saudi principalities.Take a break from the mainstream media for a moment and see what they really have in store by Googling?Youtubing “Civilization jihad”…

  19. Bob Morrison says:

    There’s no e in “judgment”.

  20. poppog says:

    Criminal National News. O’bama. Kerry. Clinton. Rice. Hagel. Boehner. Reid. Pelosi. When is the last time you believed ANYTHING that even one of these told you?

    • never. Obama gets caught in lies all the time but then he lies his way out of it or tries too. When he cant blame anybody in this country then he blames the whole world as in the red line statement he made. We have a congenital liar for pres.

  21. Truegrit says:

    Who the hell could ever believe what the filthy lying losers at the Criminals No Nothing Network ? Does anybody out there believe anything CNN has to say ? Nobody could be that stupid.

  22. Crusader says:

    The Communist News Network could as well be presided by Goebbels.

  23. Liberty Valance says:

    Limbaugh: What if Bashar Didn’t Do It? The Bodansky Report
    What if Bashar is being framed?

    I run across this piece by Yossef Bodansky “whose credibility is intact and beyond repute” His article ( below ) is that there is evidence, mounting evidence that the rebels in Syria did indeed frame Assad for the chemical attack.
    Do you remember when the Syrian rebels overran and controlled a government base that had chemical weapons last summer?
    Even Leon Panetta admitted that chemical weapons may have fallen into their hands. “Panetta: We’ve Lost Track of Some Syrian Chemical Weapons.” That’s September 28, 2012.

    Liberty Valance Says – CNN stuff this bull shit you espouse up your ass. Get honest.

    • Saudi Arabia supplied the rebels with the gas weapons, and because some of them didn’t know how to properly handle the munitions some of them died from it as well. it is all over YouTube and other places, but yet all those in the Whitehouse that are behind Obama and his objective which is to stir up a war with Israel because he hates Israel so much, these ”proof” videos are ignored. You will notice the growing list of countries that Obama has given military aid of some kind in order to bring the brotherhood into power, he is a huge supporter of terriost organizations worldwide. But he has his support team solidly in place in Dc. and also most of the media in his pocket. He can never be accused of allowing the facts to get in the way of what he truly wants. actions speak much louder than words ever could.

  24. George says:

    That’s the Communistic New Network for you. Chicken Sons and Daughters of Bitches and Bastards all.

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