“Truckers to Shut Down America” Plans 3-Day National Trucking Strike for October

Truck convoy-08Remember the feeling you had one week ago today as an estimated 880,000 bikers rolled into Washington D.C.? Well it would seem that this historic event may have inspired more Patriotic Americans to do their part to send a loud message to the tyrants in Washington. On Sunday a Facebook page sprang up called “Truckers to Shut Down America.” At the time of this writing there are a little over 18,000 likes, so it would seem that there are more than a handful of people that like the idea. To give you a point of reference, it took us 9 months to get 22,000 likes on The D.C. Clothesline Facebook Page. They might top that 4 days.

The goal is pretty simple. On the weekend of October 11-13 the organizers are calling for a general trucker strike. The goal would be to send a message to our government through a delivery strike that could potentially be temporarily catastrophic to national commerce.

What would happen if all truck drivers, or at least a large percentage, followed through with this strike? Could it cause temporary food and fuel shortages? For certain it would. It would temporarily cripple most merchants and it is difficult to say how long they might take to recover. Regardless of that potential scenario, there is no doubt that something must be done and the people must be heard.

The “About” section of the “Truckers to Shut Down America” page states:


The American people are sick and tired of the corruption that is destroying America! We therefore declare a GENERAL STRIKE on the weekend of October 11-13, 2013! Truck drivers will not haul freight! Americans can strike in solidarity with truck drivers!


The American people are sick and tired of the corruption that is destroying America! We therefore declare a GENERAL STRIKE on the weekend of October 11-13, 2013! Truck drivers will not haul freight! Workers will call in sick! Consumers will not buy or sell anything on this date! Stay home! Buy nothing!

What remains to be seen is what kind of support this strike will garner. Rest assured that the 18,000+ people who have liked this page are not all truck drivers.

Freedom Outpost’s Suzanne Hamner writes:

It is estimated there are approximately 150,000 independent/ owner-operators across the country. If every one of those truckers descended on Washington DC, it would make more than a big statement. Adding patriotic company drivers would increase the message. By halting the transport of goods throughout the country and ceasing all money transactions and shopping for three days, it would signal a nationwide peaceful protest against the tyranny in Washington.

I, for one, intend to support the trucker community in their endeavors. That should come as no surprise from someone who was described as an “ignorant, stupid, brain dead right-wing woman” since the family trucking company will be participating.

A million bikers drove through Washington; several thousand trucks sure can. I think the truckers, along with a few patriotic Americans in cars, pickup trucks and SUVs, would be just the ticket to tell all of those who are intent on trashing our Constitution they are dealing with Americans – a sleeping giant if you will. It can be done America. We must stand together.

Mark your calendars folks for October 11th through October 13th and support the Million Trucker March. Make sure you have enough provisions to last approximately 30 days as it could take that long to restock stores with goods.

I think it is wise to mark your calender and plan accordingly as Suzanne recommends. You also might want to “like” the Facebook page and follow the momentum. If this thing looks like it will go over then you need to be prepared. There are a lot of people who need to follow how this might develop. Our family is a good example. I have twin girls that are two months old. Can you imagine if we could not find formula or diapers for a few weeks? What about people that rely on prescription meds?

I’m not entirely sure what the scope of this will be and what kind of impact it might have, but I intend to follow the story closely and be as prepared as possible.

I think we must think about every possible angle.

If they pull this off and it causes food and fuel shortages it could give Mr. Obama the excuse he has been looking for to declare a temporary state of martial law.

I am putting the cart before the horse and I realize that I am thinking several steps ahead but I think it is prudent to do so. Because if they do pull this off, as much as we might be in love with the idea, there will be effects on each of our families that will be felt.

As much as I realize that this shutdown could cause lots of unintended problems for American people (and not just the government and big business) I will support this event in any way I can. If momentum grows I will publicize it again to try help the cause.

If these men and women can pull this off then the sacrifice would be shared by all. We need to understand that. It may make life inconvenient for a short time, but it will take bold actions to get the attention of those in D.C.

What other alternatives do we have?

Do you want to keep listening to the lies of representatives who tell you they are going to impeach after mid-term elections? Do you really believe that? Because I don’t.

Do you want to keep listening to excuses of these elected servants who make no noteworthy progress on any of these government scandals? …Benghazi…Fast & Furious…Extortion 17…IRS Scandal…NSA Scandal…State Department Scandal…Birth Certificate Scandal…Social Security Number Scandal…etc.

You and I could sit down and easily list 20-30 scandals and then we would still certainly forget some. For instance, how many have already forgotten about the AP scandal and DHS ammunition build up which we were talking about just a few months ago?

If you think about all of the scandals that have come and gone nowhere, you will understand that something big must be done to get the attention of our lawmakers. Is this the next logical step. Sure it is. I haven’t heard of any better ideas. I’d rather do something than nothing at all.

I’d prefer to stand with the truckers and take my chances.

What about you? Are you willing to make some sacrifices if they can pull this off?

Update: 4:46 PM Wednesday. I just checked and the page has gone from 18,000 likes to almost 36,000 in about 12-14 hours time. My suggestion is to take this seriously whether you are for or against it. You can visit the page here.

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122 Responses to “Truckers to Shut Down America” Plans 3-Day National Trucking Strike for October

  1. Chuck Francis says:

    I was a trucker in the 70’s, and was in both the February 1974 strike, and the April 1979 strike. In both cases, the truckers won big concessions. The 3 day strike in 79 had major repercussions. People in the big markets, NYC, LA, Chi-town, D.C. and so on, ran out of food staples in just a few days. There were panic buyers in the stores, and milk, bread, eggs, butter, sugar and so on was disappearing. Negotiations between the unions and D.C. resulted in deregulation shortly thereafter. It was a good time to be a trucker. We guys who drove long-haul as independents could make some money back then. I had a friend in Florida who drove lobster from Boston one way, and shrimp from Key West the other way. One turn-around every week and BIG money. But then of course, if you ever lost a load of shrimp or lobster because of a bad reefer, you were hurting for sure! Miss the old days. These days everything is contract haul, company drivers or GBL deliveries. I enjoyed working in the Golden Age of decent truck stops, when the professional driver was literally the KING of the Road!

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  3. joe says:

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    • Thom* says:

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  9. James Edward Vines says:

    This is long overdue and I for one, firmly believe, this might get the attention of those “lawmakers” (who work for us). The average american should never be scared or intimidated, by those we put in office. It should be the ones we elected, who are afraid of losing their jobs. What are they doing all year? Why do they always wait till the last hour to do something they have known about all year? This is our government and they work for us! My plan is to support the truckers anyway I can. I’m a vet and mad as hell about the way they are treating our fallen. The families of those who gave their lives, have been given the middle finger (by our government) by not paying what was due those families! They are grieving and our government isn’t there for them. What a bunch of idiots we have in office. I can only wonder what this has done to the moral of our servicemen overseas.

    • cs says:

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  10. Jim says:

    It wouldnt take a majority of Truckers to Strike in order to shut down the Country, Just a majority of the fuel hauling tanker drivers. without gasoline, and diesel fuel everything else stops. Im a tanker yanker, and although I cant be in Washington, I plan on enjoying the weekend with my family.

    • cs says:

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  11. LeAnne Bryant says:

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  12. robert davis says:

    I backup the truckers 100%

    • Jesus Velunza says:

      Got to say, we out here in America love truckers. These people are the heart of this nation and are brave enough to display exactly what we are all saying and wish we could do. Truckers should not confine their protest to the capital but we all should unite, steel workers, store clerks, factories, construction workers, boat yards, longshoremen, teachers, shopping centers ALL AMERICANS from coast to coast and show this administration our disgust with Washington and the arrogance of Barack Obama with over 16 trillion in debt soon the dollar will not be accepted any where in the world. We have the first president ever elected who has no concern for this nation.

      • cs says:

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  13. David Jendro says:

    Stop being a bunch of sheep… We all were meant to have a voice and the government is taking it all away and putting us on the back burner… TRUCKER STRIKE!!! Obama can call martial law but I guarantee that America and our soldiers will not go for it. I’m a veteran and owner operator… I will back my people before I back my government! We need to stand up for our rights before it’s too late!

    • BUB says:

      already to late david!!!!!!!!! americans voted for his ass 2 times!!! this time, we are done!!!!!!!! god bless all and I DID NOT VOTE OBAMA!!!!!!

      • Thom* says:

        There are things just as bad as having voted for hussein. One of them is having a defeatist attitude. If obama wanted to be an emperor he should have stayed in Kenya. I believe he is living on borrowed time. We’ll see I guess.

        • cs says:

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          • Thom* says:

            Just in case you don`t know allready, my last post was directed to you “cs” By the way what does CS stand for, c*cksu*ker?

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