“Truckers To Shut Down America” Update…Canada Joins USA…Number Tops 70,000

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UPDATE… MONDAY MORNING September 23, 2013. It would appear that Facebook has taken down the “Truckers to Shut Down America” page. Last night there were 81,000 likes the last time I checked. Do not worry. I am writing an update as we speak. They have a new website.

If you look at the original post below you can see the carnage of what has happened. There were originally around 20 Facebook status updates pasted into this article. They are now all gone. I have finished an update and it can be found here.

***Original article below. Notice that all facebook status updates are gone. The page has been taken down by either Facebook or the administrators.***

What a difference a few days can make. Wow! Three days ago I wrote a story about a group of truckers who were vowing to launch a national strike from October 11th through October 13th. At that time there were less than 20,000 likes on their Facebook Page which can be found here. As of now there are over 71,000 and growing. 

The first exciting development is that a group of Canadian truckers has joined the movement. They are just getting started so if you have Canadian friends please share this with them as a show of solidarity.

There is also a page set up now where us “non-truckers” can donate fuel to those who will be rolling into D.C. on our behalf.

Freedom Outpost’s Suzanne Hamner was one of the first to break this story and gave her own series of updates on Friday:

Three days after I wrote about the march, the site has garnered over 67,000 likes and new developments have arisen that could only have happened due to the overwhelming support for our hard working truck driving friends.

Many Americans are supporting the 18 wheel drivers rolling to DC by pledging to boycott those three days by staying home and avoiding all money transactions for those days. But, individuals are not the only ones who have come out in support of this endeavor. A few members with Indiana Overpass for Obama’s Impeachment are offering to pay for hotel rooms and a meal or two for the truckers.

A truck stop in Baton Rouge, LA is offering 50 gallons of free fuel to the first 20 truckers that come by their establishment with pictures showing their rig in DC during those three days.

There has even been a post from a man in Germany, written in German, supporting the million trucker march to DC.

Truck drivers are posting pictures of themselves with their trucks and indicating whether they will shut down and stay home or shut down for the drive to DC.

Pictures? Did Suzanne say pictures? Why don’t you look for yourself my friends. I think it is much more gratifying to see evidence than to simply read about it. I have posted a number of status updates below from the Truckers to Shut Down America Facebook Page. I do want to mention one thing that you may not realize. Under many of these statuses you will see comments from other truckers announcing that they will be standing in solidarity. You might want to pick a random status or two just to see what is going on.

I might have gone a bit overboard with the number I posted here but I wanted to prove that this thing is already guaranteed to be bigger than the 1 Million Muslim March. Enjoy my friends! :-)


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29 Responses to “Truckers To Shut Down America” Update…Canada Joins USA…Number Tops 70,000

  1. Janis says:

    This is funded by the Koch New Right’s – subversion in the USA will be STOPPED! We, the People, do NOT sponsor the Koch’s drive to control our country. Unions do not sponsor the takeover of our Country Nor the takeover of Canada. If you continue and try to cross the border in support of extremists….you will be stopped!! The People will stop you. Move to China if you don’t like the Democratic Republic of America or Canada. If you don’t like gas prices….talk to the Koch’s who own the oil refineries and continue to create discord thru manipulation of prices. Or, go talk to RED CURTAIN State Governors who have imposed a $.15/gallon tax increase on gas. Gas is NOT within the Presidents realm of responsibility. You are being played & duped by Billionaires to do their bidding!!

  2. Renee Kissell says:

    I will also If you are going to censor my post , I thought only communist did that well that is coming but I see it is here

  3. Robert Mull says:

    Everyone that has a facebook page should close their pages down I will be doing that tonight. SCREW facebook and that twerp that screwed the initial IPO investors

  4. SDL says:

    Their facebook page is already shut down. Go to ridefortheconstitution.org for updates !

  5. naser mohmed says:

    I’m Nasser from Algeria, the great dream that owned trucks fh

  6. Susan Poper Gordon says:

    Is there an official Twitter hashtag?

  7. It is illegal to operate a commercial motor vehicle in DC city limits.looks like the city and the wrecker companies will be making a lot of money.it wont do anything except except raise CVSA and IRS audits of trucking companies.no large companies are going to take a chance at losing any of their customer base because of politics.its just to make a bunch of windbag truckers feel good about themselves.I’ve been trucking all my life and close to 4 million miles and this is nothing new.it accomplishes nothing

  8. Jane says:

    God Bless all of you on your journey to DC. Those that can’t make it Bless you as well for your support. Thank you for your on going support for our country. Drive safely!!

  9. Ester Schenk says:

    What an awesome poem. well said. My husband has long retired from trucking but we will help spread the word and will not use any money during this time. I applaud these brave patriot truckers as I did the bikers. You all speak loudly in what you do. Thank you so much and may God bless you.

  10. Sylvia Flint says:

    God speed. Thank you each one. May each trucks wheels. Glide over pavement with ease. And the engines roar through out the nation for all to hear.

  11. Jim Doan says:

    Truckers are a brotherhood just like bikers.I have biker relatives and I have trucker relatives. I will share anything that has to do with either one. And as I said the first time I re-posted the trucker one…the country music group Alabama said it best…”ROLL ON 18 WHEELER…ROLL ON!”

  12. Edith Joyce Owens says:

    i don’t drive anymore but if i still did i would be in DC with the rest of you drivers God bless you All and keep the shinny side up.

  13. Sally Nussbaum says:

    All the truckers should have big pictures of Sean Smith, Ty Woods, and the other Benghazi victims on the sides of their trucks. Bring the message to America…….no more Islamization, no more Muslim Brotherhood whispering into the ears of our top leaders.

  14. barleywheets says:

    I really don’t think .. three days are enough!! I would like to have seen a week to 10 days! But I am happy that they are doing this and will buy NOTHING those three days in support!!

  15. David says:

    I am not a trucker but am doing all I can to get the word out.

    Just something I wrote

    The streets they are paved
    The stage it is set
    Some say it won’t happen
    I say want to bet

    The corruption is growing
    The greed it is massive
    Far to much for the truckers
    To ever be passive

    Can you hear the jake brakes
    The air horns whining and screaming
    Here comes 1 million big rigs
    With chrome that is gleaming

    The streets they will shake
    The government it will cower
    The people have awakened
    Realizing their power

    The smell of the diesel
    The sounds of gears shifting
    The fork lifts sit quiet
    In solidarity not lifting

    All across our country
    The CB it will chatter
    With the voices of truckers
    Taking up a cause that will matter

    No loads will be hauled
    No freight gets delivered
    The people all cheered
    While Obama just quivered

    When it is over
    They will leave DC in the dust
    With a note to remember
    We’ll come again if we must

  16. The climax to this epic event would be that a group of truckers band together and
    ram the gates of the White House and stormed the palace and incarcerated this
    Black Turd and his entire motley crew, that currently believe that they are infallible
    to the laws of the United States, similar to what transpired during the “FRENCH
    REVOLUTION OF 1789,” if you follow.

    • Libertarian Advocate says:

      Probably best to follow our own model from 1776. The French Revolution is not a good model. Look where they are now.

  17. Mary says:

    Dean, this is wonderful. Thank you so much for this and all the great articles that you write. I am so happy about the support from the Canadian truckers and , also, from a man in Germany. God bless them all.

  18. BigMamaTEA says:

    Dean, even your headline made me cry. Please report on this often. I chose not to FB, but I will be spreading this info far and wide!

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