Albany New York Promises Use of Force Against Feds Who Try To Enforce Unconstitutional NDAA Detentions

ndaaMany states have passed National Defense Authorization Act Nullification or are currently looking at legislation to do so to some extent or another. However, in the heart of the tyrannical state of New York, the city of Albany has introduced their own NDAA nullification that will not only nullify the federal NDAA and not support it with state resources, but will actively call upon law enforcement to stand between citizens and federal officials and the U.S. military. Now that’s a resolution with some teeth in it!

From our friends at People Against the NDAA (PANDA):

In an effort to restore the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, 11th Ward Councilman Anton Konev of the Albany, NY Common Council, has introduced Resolution 80.92.13, the strongest resolution in the nation, designed to protect Albany’s citizens from any application of sections 1021 and 1022 of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), or the Law of War in the City of Albany.

The 2012 National Defense Authorization Act was overwhelmingly passed by Congress and signed into law by President Barack Obama on December 31, 2011. The 2012 NDAA declares the United States to be a battlefield in the war on terror and Sections 1021 & 1022 authorize the indefinite detention, without charge or trial, of all persons on US soil accused by the President of undefined “support” for terrorist activity or commission of a ‘belligerent act”. This violates multiple provisions of the US Constitution, including the 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 14th amendments.


According to Dan Johnson, president of PANDA, “If the resolution is adopted by Albany’s City Common Council, law enforcement in Albany will be required to interpose between the U.S. military, or other similar agencies, and Albany residents under the NDAA’s special provisions, or under any interpretation of Presidential authority permitting detention of U.S. residents without trial under the Law of War. New York’s state and federal legislators, its governor, and its Attorney General will be notified of the City’s determination that local and federal officers will obey the letter of the Constitution and allow due process including a trial to all Albany residents.”

Johnson also told Freedom Outpost, “It doesn’t just say we’re upset about the law. It doesn’t just say we won’t comply. It requires the police to interpose and actually protect the rights of their citizens.”

Kelly Citrin, director emeritus of PANDA NY, said, “The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 is the most dangerous law passed by the United States Government in recent memory, and this resolution is the beginning of a restoration of American civil liberties in Albany, New York, and throughout the Country. The fight goes on, unrelenting, and this resolution will be a rallying point for the energies of our fellow Americans to restore what was always theirs.”

Project SALAM’s Lynne Jackson and Albany mayoral candidate Jesse Calhoun also did invaluable work to advance this resolution.

Passage of this resolution will go a long way to restoring the protections of the rights of the people of Albany, NY and, through the example it will create, the citizens and non-citizen residents of every municipality in the United States of America. Albany activists hope to restore the fundamental right to a fair trial to all persons in the United States, and hope a fair trial of the NDAA will result in its permanent removal from everyday life among the residents of Albany, NY.

Currently, this resolution has 7 sponsors. Only one more is needed. Now is the time to take action and restore liberty in the very heart of tyranny. Although the resolution has been introduced, it must be pushed through, protected from amendments, and voted on by the Council. In order to take a real stand, in order to build the barriers, and in order to restore liberty in one crucial city, we must act now. Tell the Common Council to pass the strongest resolution in the nation. Act NOW to stop the NDAA in Albany, NY. Take Action now:

People Against the NDAA (PANDA), a national, nonpartisan, grass roots organization founded in January 2012, is committed to reversing the NDAA’s unconstitutional authorizations with activism to affect policy at the level of state and local government. PANDA started in Bowling Green, OH and has since expanded into over 30 state teams nationwide.

Would you like to put something similar before your city, county or state government regarding the NDAA. Click here to download a Sample Organization Support Letter and the Organization letter instructions in Word format. You can also download the Albany, New York resolution here.If you need further assistance, please contact Dan Johnson at PANDA.

Tim Brown is the Editor of Freedom Outpost and a regular contributor to The D.C. Clothesline.

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6 Responses to Albany New York Promises Use of Force Against Feds Who Try To Enforce Unconstitutional NDAA Detentions

  1. Tina Robinson says:

    YAY!!!! ALBANY, NY (city I was born it) I hope Schoharie COUNTY is the next one, actually ALL of NY… Come on Como, PROTECT YOUR STATE & start with this then giving C. Maloney her PINK SLIP!!!!!

  2. AmericanWoman says:

    Ted Cruz is a real stand up American and he has real backbone as he has demonstrated so many times . O’Bunky , McCain, Palosi, Ried, Graham , & Co. have shown that they are against “We The People” and are more interested in following their bribes, payoffs and kickbacks from the special interests .They have shot themselves and revealed who they really are. Lets get this Garbage out of office !

  3. Dennis Habern says:

    And our war-cry must be: remember Benghazi and the cowardice of

    this Black Turd that currently takes up space in the White House,

    whom because of personal reasons that pertained to his re-election,

    he permitted our 4 Americans to perish. If this Black Turd desires

    to refute my words of wisdom, he can issue a truthful statement this

    time, and not one that was quickly devised to passify the American

    public in its entire untruthfulness, if you follow.

  4. Possum says:

    There is no wonder Ted Cruz is the patriot that he is: This video will tell you why

    Recommend you read and watch the video. Really interesting.

    Obama has no liking for Cruz, the least reason of which is because Cruz is Republican. Here are a few other factors: Cruz is academically superior. Cruz graduated cum laude from Princeton. Not the case for Obama. Cruz graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School. Not so for Obama. Cruz’s mental prowness has been recognized by Allan Dershowitz (who by all accounts is a bigger liberal than Obama) who said that Cruz is one of the most brilliant legal minds that he has ever seen. His actual quote was that “Cruz was off-the-charts brilliant.” Not so Obama. Cruz clerked for the Chief Justice of the U. S. Supreme Court, Justice William Renquist, one of the most coveted positions for any young lawyer right out of law school. Not so Obama. The liberal tin horns in Washington along with the liberal media try to tout Cruz as some kind of nut.

    Perhaps Obama and the other libs don’t like him because he worked on the Florida lawsuit for George W. Bush against Gore. Perhaps it is because Cruz is a Baptist. Perhaps it is because Cruz’s wife worked for Condoleezza Rice in the White House and also as one of those horrible investment bankers in New York. Perhaps it’s because Cruz ran his Senate campaign as a Republican and still garnered 40% of the hispanic vote in Texas. Perhaps its because Cruz is against same-sex “marriage.” For whatever reason, Obama seems jealous of Cruz’s legal successes. What has Obama done in the legal profession? Ans.: community organization in one of the most God forsaken cities in the world. Obama was not a professor at the University of Chicago as many of his supporters dishonestly tout, but was a “guest lecturer,” an enormous difference.

    This brief video of Cruz’s father is amazing– it is a must watch. Indeed, every true American should have an opportunity to watch this.

    Ted Cruz is a Texas Senator. His Dad may have just established himself as one more reason for Obama to dislike Texas. Please take the time to watch this and to pass

    Albany New York Promises Use of Force Against Feds Who Try To Enforce Unconstitutional NDAA Detentions – this should be in all states to retain State Sovereignty.

  5. Jeff Collier says:

    TIME is COMING when WE the PEOPLE will REMOVE —ALL THESE TRASH in our governments–local,state a d FEDERAL—BY FORCE if NEED BE. THE ArabTrash in our HOUSE has installed into key positions MANY OF HIS MUSLIME BROTHERS—including the HEAD of the CIA..YUP you read this right HEAD OF THE CIA is a converted MUSLIME !

    ALL you LEA—NATIONWIDE will have choices to make–they are simple—LIVE or DIE—YOU go against our CONSTITUTION and follow the TRASH’S ORDERS–WE will make SURE you are NEVER able to do so again–so DECIDE CAREFULLY–to LIVE and BACK US UP–WE the PEOPLE or FOLLOW the CAMELCRAP OBAMA and DIE !!

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