America Celebrates a Little Girl Being Orphaned as She Watches Mother’s Execution by D.C. Cops

I got an email from Tim Brown on Thursday that shots had been fired at the capitol. He had written a preliminary article and I published it. No one really knew what was going on at that point and it ended up being much different than advertised.

I was busy with my twins at the time. Ali and Skyla were at the park and it was my job to do what a good Daddy does. I wasn’t watching CNN or Fox News. We were watching Curious George. Not that a 3-month old would know the difference but it’s the principle of the thing. :-)

I didn’t actually get to investigate what happened until late Thursday Night and I think I am going to be sick to my stomach. I’ve seen pictures of a very pretty little girl and heard a story of her unarmed mother being shot dead in front of her as the media celebrated. Wow! Just wow!



On Thursday a Dental Hygenist named Miriam Carey became public enemy #1 thanks to mainstream media.

I’ve seen tweets from Senators who had their chests bowed out acting like they were going to bring a sword to a gun fight and I have seen praised heaped onto a police force that just killed an unarmed woman. I am way behind everyone else on this story so rather than try to educate you on the facts, I just need to rant.

They say this woman had a history of mental illness. OK, so that’s a good reason to kill her, correct?

They say she rammed the front gates, or some sort of barricade, and then ran from police. I’m surprised they didn’t scramble fighter jets. Kudos on the restraint.

She did apparently strike one officer with her vehicle as she was trying to get away and I won’t downplay that but she was trying to get away and not necessarily trying to kill the man.

NOT ONCE did she fire upon these officers for in the end they found that she had no gun.

The officers failed to stop the vehicle so they took matters into their own hands and shot her dead.

What was the woman guilty of? Let’s leave the fact that it was in D.C. out of this because I get sick of that crap. Screw them and their Ivory Tower lifestyle. 99% of them have never lived in the trenches.

She probably caused some property damage and attempted to trespass.

In her attempted escape she may have injured a police officer. I am seeing conflicting reports. One officer was injured in a crash by his own hands but I think there was second who was struck by her vehicle. For the sake of argument let’s say it is true. I am no attorney but I will call that vehicular assault. I am sure the cops that were there would call it attempted murder, but…

It takes a really bad driver to try to kill someone with a car and miss. Just sayin’.

So a crazy lady tore some stuff up, ran, accidentally hit a cop who was in her escape lane and was executed in front of a toddler for that. I must interject here that I do not know for certain that this was her child but it is a fairly natural assumption.

The media is so in love with a good story and so worships those on Capitol Hill that they made this into a heartwarming story of courage by D.C. cops.

I read in a couple of different places that terrorism had been ruled out.

Don’t make me laugh. We have a Fort Hood killer that has been sentenced to death for bringing jihad to our military and the media won’t talk about that while the government is still calling it “workplace violence.” They won’t talk about real jihad, but they surely will call out the obvious. This was so obviously not a terrorist attack that even Al Qaeda would feel silly to try to take credit for it.

I appreciate the danger of a crazy motorist being lose in a city. I understand that. But these things happen all the time and being a police officer is a dangerous job. Citizens are told to pull over when we hear the sirens and there is a reason for that. Cops have to get in the mix but still uphold the law. It comes with the badge. When you take that job you accept a responsibility to uphold the law and not to just go around shooting people for no lawful reason.

You can not shoot an unarmed woman and leave her child as an orphan simply because she was crazy or because she drove into capitol gates instead of the store front at Family Video (which happened in my town last week).

I don’t give a sh*t if this happened in Washington D.C.

I really don’t.

These people are not our leaders or any king of royalty. These people are elected SERVANTS. They are my employees and yours.

If this happened at my house would the cops be shooting to kill?

Nope. Not likely.

They would find a way to stop the car and arrest the woman. The child might still end up in state custody but at least she would not have to watch her mother get killed.

There is no way in hell this should have ever happened.

There is no justification and chances are that no one will ever have to answer for it because we are celebrating these cops as heroes rather than as rogues who crossed over the line of what was justified. We are celebrating the courage of a bunch of wussy Senators who probably hid under furniture and likely wet themselves.

That’s just my two cents. Turn your TV back to CNN and go read a Huff Post article if you don’t like what I am saying. It’s OK. You are entitled to live in your fantasy world.

I grew up in a city where I heard gun shots on a regular basis. It’s scary but I never acted like these painty-waisted legislators who I heard from yesterday. They honestly make me sick. I thought the sword thing (Pat Roberts) was a little over dramatic but I’d rather hear that then all of the sissified stuff I am hearing from people are supposed to be tough. In case anyone missed it, here is the sword comment:

Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., was in his office in the Hart Building when he heard, “pop, pop, pop, and then pop again.” He thought it was the start of construction and thought, “God, I don’t need this all afternoon.” He said he soon found out that it was gunfire and that he then welcomed 10-15 Capitol visitors to his office when the lockdown order was given.

“I didn’t get my Marine sword down to do battle,” Roberts said. “But I was ready to.”

I am really sick of politicians who aren’t tough. Give me a guy who walks out onto the Senate floor with a t-shirt, ripped jeans, assorted tattoos and a hair down to his knees. I wanna see that guy slap the sh*t out of Lindsey Graham live on C-SPAN. I want to see him fight with police as they haul him off to jail for a cool down. I want to see America represented by real people and not by a bunch of silver spoon-fed idiots who do not understand that the real crime yesterday was a sick woman that was gunned down in front of her child.

If this happened in Iraq, and it was American soldiers gunning down an unarmed Iraqi woman who was attempting to flee, the media would eat them alive.

This was not a national security threat. It was just another exhibition of trigger happy cops and the police state we now live in. I leave you with Alex Jones. You can think he is crazy if you want but I would say he is one of the few voices of sanity I have heard in researching this. Some day people will wake up and figure out that Jones isn’t as much of a lunatic as they think. I just hope that awakening happens before it’s too late.


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What do you think about what happened? Was it justified?


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103 Responses to America Celebrates a Little Girl Being Orphaned as She Watches Mother’s Execution by D.C. Cops

  1. Spot on, the cops run up the flag of their value to society is much greater than others, same as Congress, and most elected officials. Yet when you opinion that the cops were wrong you get the sharp end of the stick from all the bullies. Put padding on.

  2. Trav says:

    It was yet another display of gross incompetence, bad judgement, excessive force, etc… in a recent trend within law enforcement nationwide, with it’s epicenter in D.C.

    • wolfx7d says:

      Excessive force? Really? Because when someones driving a car recklessly and all other attempts to stop the vehicle fail, shooting the driver becomes excessive force? I wouldn’t want to shoot anyone either, but this woman was endangering the lives of other people and that was at the very least made apparent when she ran over an officer. At that point you have to realize she’s not going to stop willingly if she’s willing to willfully injure another person. So please explain to me how stopping an insane driver with deadly force is excessive? After the fact-learning that she’s mentally unstable makes it seem more justified. I’m not celebrating that she died either. Clearly it’s a tragic circumstance that her mental health led her to this end, but I am in no way blaming the police for stopping a threat the best way they knew how while under the stress of the situation. You have to put yourself in their shoes before you claim it’s just another bad shoot, or are you just biased against law enforcement?

      • Thom* says:

        What the heck is this about her “running over a cop”? The story started with her charging a cop and “wounding him” with her car (LMAO) to “running over a cop”. Now I see she was backing up and “ALMOST” hit a cop. WTF? Are you cops and cop defenders ever going to get your story straight?

        Its well know that there are killers hiding behind badges and little emperor wanna be’s pretending to be good honest border patrol officers. Like someone said in an earlier post, their badge is the same as a “get out of jail free” card. You gotta be some kind of stupid to let yourself stand behind any woman backing up a car. J/K girls. HAHAHAHA

        • RWVMuse says:

          I don’t advise standing behind Anyone backing up a car, male or female. And yeah, then yell victim?

          Seriously, how often do we see cops breaking the law? Even though they aren’t suppose to be above it. But we know there is no enforcement. The law says they are to obey the same rules of the road we are unless running hot. Please! What a joke that is. They have a free get out of tickets pass too.

  3. Lesscan says:

    A vehicle is considered a deadly weapon.
    Do you people seriously have nothing better to write about.
    We have a national deficit, a government crisis and men and women on thebattlefield, yet you xhchoose to write about this crap.
    Poor “journalism” if you even wanna call it that.

  4. There are 7 main reasons police may use deadly force and this crazy bitch broke 6 of those laws.

  5. bobobear says:

    try to run me over with your 5000lb plus weapon and i to will defend myself …. what you saw happen is comon place in almost all departments …. probibly wouldnt have jumped to that desison as quick quickly as they did but nontheless it will happen if all other options have been exhausted…. maybe because she tryed to breatch the whitehouse gates with her car and then ran over a secret service officer is why they decided to stop the threat the way they did so quickly

  6. [email protected] says:

    These comments are worse than the article. So much bias.

  7. Mr. Bear Hug says:

    I feel ya bro. When an officer points a gun at you it’s time to stop. Fuck those lawyers in congress who may twist this into a rally cry.

  8. Stefan Weiss says:

    If she was killed while using her car, then THAT IS A DEADLY WEAPON

  9. Tanner says:

    Ya, because if someone was speeding around like a maniac with a child in the car i would stand there like a moron and not try to take out the person. Ya, that makes sense. Bottom line is, a vehicle is considered a deadly weapon if you are resisting arrest and evading police, which is exactly what she was doing. Any good cop or citizen would have done the same thing. Shame on anyone who criticizes these cops’ actions.

  10. sharkbait says:

    You dumb yutz. Ramming a police officer is assault with a deadly weapon. The police had no choice. Its easy to judge now, but when you have a 2 ton car barreling at you, what would you do?

  11. bezerker03 says:

    It’s real simple… The further we allow militarization of the police and all this nonsense in the name of bullshit things like terrorism, the more we will see things like this happen.

  12. Charlie Red says:

    I am baffled as to how no one is outraged by this.

    Nazi America is full swing of acceptance now! Kill the people! For our safety!

  13. Jay says:

    I’m a fan of much of what dcclothesline posts but this post is reprehensible garbage. Many of those cops are people who read this blog. That woman deliberately ran into a cop throwing him into the air at the White House and tried to run down several others with a Deadly Weapon! The site moderators ought to be ashamed for posting this.

    • Jay says:

      Remember when, shortly after coming into office the first time, Obama said that a cop in Massachusetts acted “stupidly”? The cop as it turned out was well respected and trained, and was doing his job very well but the president opened his mouth before knowing facts and without any investigation. Do you think this post is any different? You ought to apologize, wait for facts, study some legal precedent for the use of deadly force, and in general try to think more clearly without a cloud of emotion.

      • Thom* says:

        The way it stands as of today (Sat 5th Oct) no one owes anyone an apology for anything other than for the cops owing an apology to the little girl for shooting her Mother. I watched the video of it and I saw on a couple occasions where the cops had an opportunity to grab her. Those people in D.C. including obama have no more right to life than any one else in this country. It seems like the cops in this country are more than willing to shoot people, including shooting them in the back. Or tazing people for no reason other than they question their reasons for being arrested or detained.

        What about the cops who witnessed the beating of the motorist by a gang of black thugs and did nothing. Do they owe anyone an apology?

        No matter, the cops are not owed an apology. If they can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen.

    • Judy says:

      All I can say is, I agree with Jay, The woman was not acting like she was in her right mind or she would NOT have had her little girl in the car in the first place. I would hope that if someone was coming at me in there car and acted crazy, someone would help save me. The woman caused her own dimiss and put her daughter in harms way when she ran from the police. What did she think was going to happen…. This post from the site moderators should be ashamed. Trying to stir it up!

  14. assad hussein says:

    So you think it’s fine that the mother was also putting her kid in danger by having the child in the car while she decided to stage her little protest? Not once did you vilify the mother for being so disgustingly irresponsible. You must be such an ignorant fool for not even considering that.

    • I think you missed the point. She was in the wrong for fleeing police and placing her child in danger. But, she definitely did not deserve to get murdered for her actions.

    • Bob Arctor says:

      Assad Hussein, you sir are a dummy. So you’re saying the cops had the right to murder her because she was a bad mom. You are a seriously flawed human being (or just a shill).
      So following your logic, what would of happened if the cops killed the infant, would you then say the kid deserved it. The one year old was acting in a menacing manner, huh. Stop your irrational line towing and wake up to the Police state forming around us. Wake up to the lies and cover ups, the extortion and fake terrorist threats that they create to keep us scared.
      And please stop posting ignorant rants, with you “she was a bad mom, so glad they murdered her” You’re an idiot, we have enough idiots on the net. Hope you’re a good dad, don’t make me call the cops on you, they will kill you sir, like they killed that poor woman. Like they shot the 2 women while looking for Dorner, like they have done time and time again and get away with it.
      Stop defending murders and liars.

      • Thank you for that reply sir. Well said.

      • assad hussein says:

        I never said that she deserved to be killed by trigger happy cops, like you I know how f*cked up the current police model is.. but to excuse this woman’s behavior towards herself and more importantly her child is nothing short of idiocy. All I’m saying is that Dean was so quick to pass judgement on the police when both parties were very much in the wrong. I won’t defend the crooked and corrupt police force that exists throughout the united states, but I also won’t overlook the disgusting behavior of a mother who would put her own child in such a dangerous situation.

      • assad hussein says:

        And if you bothered to actually read my short post you’ll notice I never said she deserved to die, nor did I ever defend the action of the police. You reached far and put words in my mouth to try and prove your point but you missed MY point completely. You went off on a bunch of random tangents that had nothing to do with my post concerning the mother’s irresponsible behavior. You’re as much of a fool as the writer.

  15. Blake says:

    So writer…. this person looked harmless to begin with.. Just got out of the vehicle….. the officer waited and waited and waited and repeated over and over and ended up being shot….. this is why the officers in DC shouldnt assume anything.

    • mschroeder says:

      Doesn’t that risk come with the position though?

      Because someone is threatening or even harms a police officer does not authorize them to violate due process, the rule of law, or their sacrosanct duty to defend the constitution.

      • Juli Adcock says:

        Peace officers accept risks, not suicide missions. Officers have the same natural right to self defense and defense of others as any other human being. There’s the rub, though, it is easy to dehumanize those we are PROGRAMMED to hate. Shouldn’t have to say it, but not all police, politicians or government workers are evil. The inability to appreciate this suggests very poor critical thinking skills.
        Instead of looking at police officers dealing with this incident, picture citizens coming to rescue the child in the back seat that this mentally ill person is endangering. How should officers deal with a kidnapper under the same circumstances?
        In reading this latest post, I understand to a much greater degree why leftists have been so successful in their efforts to subvert this country. It seems there are very few people who are capable of moving beyond emotional reactions to media events and disciplining themselves to seek the full story, not just the information that feeds their point of view.

        Some delude themselves into thinking that foreign news sources are the only way to get “real” information without considering that other governments have a vested interest in promoting disinformation, discord and disarray in this country. Many think that because someone posted a video on the internet that the information contained in it tells the whole story. It appears that many here only investigate far enough into a subject to affirm their beliefs and willfully refuse any further information that doesn’t fit.

        I am truly saddened and disgusted by the sight of easily manipulated, emotionally driven mob thinking that has been on display here. Where are citizens who follow the carefully measured critical thinking processes of our founding generation? Men and women who think fully for themselves in order to preserve the rule of law as opposed to the rule of men for the betterment of society as a whole, not just “I got’s my rights!”
        Where are responsible citizens who live with honor, which includes not repeating and furthering falsehoods or unnecessarily causing strife and division? Where are citizens who understand what rule of law means?

        • RWVMuse says:

          Your post is proof that you are guilty what you espouse, accusing others of cognitive dissonance while suffering from it. You see what you need to believe.
          “Instead of looking at police officers dealing with this incident, picture citizens coming to rescue the child in the back seat that this mentally ill person is endangering.” If that’s what you need to see to get you through the day, then so be it. But please don’t project your “thinking skills” onto the entire population! This just may fall into that category of manipulation and disinformation you so deplore.

          Peace officers are not “dehumanized.” It is simply hard to ignore when standard procedures and their oaths are thrown out the window.

          In response to your last question. Those citizens of integrity and who also carry a badge, have taken an oath and honor our country can be found at oathkeepers.

          • Juli Adcock says:

            Standard procedures according to whom? In this instance and so many others in the news, there is insufficient information to determine whether oaths were broken or not. There are also officers that uphold their oaths, outside of “Oathkeepers”. That kind of makes my point, this or that group, organization or political party defines oathkeeping, patriotism, and so on. When will people sit down and really think for themselves? Even you, so sure you are right, cannot entertain the possibility that the conclusions drawn of the “public execution” may not contain all information needed to make a just, fair and wise decision..
            I am not telling anyone what to think, my point was all about not getting pulled into a conclusion based upon emotional, political and agenda driven responses of others.
            Just out of curiosity, do you think there will be any posts here of the NM officer that responded to a family disturbance to find the grandmother caring for kids without enough food and buying groceries for them out of his own pocket or any of the hundreds of other positive contacts with those “jack booted thugs” out there? Unfortunately, this site, along with so many others seems to be devolving into looking at all that’s wrong without the balance and perspective of the things that are “right”.

          • RWVMuse says:

            What is “right” should be what is common and standard. Why would you choose to focus on that, since it does not require change?

            Why would there be a national article about each and every individual who has done a good deed? Even in their official capacity? And by the way, that would include ME. But I did not notify the news media. (yes, one example was even buying food when I couldn’t find an agency to respond in an emergency situation. Made a list of preferences/needs and delivered it AFTER work)

            And FYI, your assumption that only one group is “good” would be false. I’m sorry you failed to recognize an example for comparison when it was presented to you.

            What is devolving is our society, from the top down. To not focus on THAT is to be delusional, choose to focus on rainbows and butterflies and pretend we live in a fairy tale while our world collapses around us. Critical thinking requires one to accept reality.

            Good day and best of luck. We all need it.

          • Juli Adcock says:

            I think we must be misconnecting on some of our points, that being said; I can unequivocally agree on your last paragraph while adding that critical thinking includes being able to see the good with the bad and prepare accordingly to effectively utilize the resources we have to hold the line and take back lost ground. We will need more than luck!

  16. Blake says:

    I have to say as a member of public safety… this article and her opinion is LUDICROUS! If the woman would have stayed parked in her car…. none of this would have happened! Armed or unarmed she was a threat to the citizens in the vicinity and most definitely a threat to allll public safety on scene. IF and IF they would not have done anything…. and this woman escapes and goes on to kill someone… then society, media and everyone under the sun would have wanted to know WHY she got away. She broke the law and once the law is broken the cops have the right to detain you which she failed to abide by. She “failed to stop for a blue light” she was using a vehicle as a weapon when striking a police officer, and who knows what else she had set out to do. The article states she “tore some stuff up”, when a woman slams into a police cruiser, hits an officer and runs from a scene and heads toward another important DC building the officers have all right to open fire on an individual unless they stop and immediately put arms into the air showing she in unarmed. The scariest words in public saftey are “officer down” or for firefighters “mayday”, when these words are uttered across the radio all bets are off. If a citizen has injured an officer in the line of duty she better be prepared to surrender or pay the ultimate sacrifice. I do feel sorry for the child but this does not discount the terrible actions by her mother. PS. I STILL LOVE YOU!

    • Bob Arctor says:

      Blake, you sir are an idiot, like the other guy Assad Hussein. It’s not her fault, she was probably scared. It’s the fault of our fear mongering government and news organizations. We now know the things you’ve listed were not true, she did not slam into a police cruiser, there civilian video on youtube of the “Keystone Cops” wrecking their own cars, she was not slamming into anything or anyone. Stop believing CNN, Fox, MSNBC they are all confirmed LIARS and crooks, they are deceiving us all, you especially. Stop being so gullible to believe the “Official Account”, these can no longer be trusted and should no longer be used in arguments. They want us scared they want us complacent. You sir are not an intelligent free thinking human being any longer, you sir are one of the scared “Sheeple” and you’re being fleeced. They, the news, the gov’t, the police, the NSA, the FBI, the CIA, they are all lying to us. But it will not last very much longer, it can not sustain and support itself being built on lies. It will collapse soon. We are not being shown the truth.

      • Tanner says:

        Conspiracy maniac much? haha your reply is amusing at best. You tell him not to believe the liar in media and law enforcement, yet rate youtube as a credible source. Again, amusing at best. She broke the law, bottom line. Nothing more to it. And yes, they are all lying to us. It is a proven scientific fact that every single cop ever and forever will be lying to us always. Thank you sir.

  17. cjaaron1ron says:

    I think it was suicide by cop, and think the little girl will have the video and unkind words of the media to play over and over and over again.

    • I am crying hard right now. How can these capital criminals have the right to kill this woman? Her baby has no Mama. Our government are the criminals. All these idiots had to do to stop this mama was to shoot out her tires. DHA. STUPIDITY, JUSTIFICATION TO KILL IS WHAT THEY DO. I pray to God for these men to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. That poor baby. OMG.

      • Tanner says:

        good idea. Shoot the tires of a speeding car in the hands of an unsafe driver with a child in the car. Genius….

  18. John Moran says:

    Hey stud, I don’t know if you are aware that there is such a thing as Terrorism in this world. How where the DC Cops supposed to know that this was a Mentally Disturbed woman and not a Jihadi with 400 pounds of C4 and 300 pounds of ceramic bearings in the car? You tell me hero, how does one know this at the moment that it is occurring? Your right, the capitol police are my servants, and one of the things I pay them to do is shoot at a person that is very convincingly acting like the 1,500 pound guided missile she’s driving is a threat. You talk about how she was unarmed, her car was a weapon. It’s unfortunate that this kid had to see her Mom die, but it’s also unfortunate that this kid was born to a loon of a mother. Neither of things is the fault of the Cops.

    • asdf says:

      Hahahhaha since 9/11 how many cars full of C4 have exploded here in USA?

      Yes a giant rock might land on my head right now, but I dont live in a cave because of that reason. You are stupid!!!!

      • Thom* says:

        I agree with you ASDF. He is just as stupid as the cops that shot her

        • That’s exactly what they want us to believe! The big bad terrorism that is always lurking right behind the corner! GTFOH. You’re actually more likely to get murdered by police than you are by any jihad screaming terrorist.

    • Bob Arctor says:

      John Morgan, stupid excuse, flawed logic. None of that would of stopped her from detonating bomb. Training for the situation you present would be to disable the car and evacuate the vicinity. Stop buying the shit they’re selling you Morgan. Terrorists, Fing laughable. Wake up to what’s really going on here. We need to STOP giving murders and thieves scapegoats and free passes. The “Terrorism” threat is a farce. The world will see this lie for what it really is very soon.

  19. Bev says:

    You should read about John Wrana from Park Forest, IL. Just shy of his 96th Birthday. Killed by a 7man swat team for declining medical care. No justice for John! First he was tasered, then shot at close range with a bean bag rifle, all while he sat in his wheelchair. He was afraid he would die from the medical treatment. Does anyone have any common sense anymore? What is going on? These stories get dropped like a hot potato when it doesn’t fit their agenda. Such a tragedy for the poor little girl. Will we ever know the real truth?

    • Thom* says:

      When I first heard the story I listened to a reporter that said “he (cop) was WOUNDED by the car. LMFAO. Thats like saying he was wounded with a rock, or he was wounded by the ground when he tripped and fell, or he was wounded by a baseball bat. I bet this reporter was wounded when he slapped himself.

      It is all but impossible to “have a good day” anymore WTF?

  20. Patrick D says:

    Whether the cops did the right thing is an open issue at this time – definitely shooting the woman is tragic. But to call it an ‘execution’ is over-the-top!

  21. El Ja Cardin says:

    I totally agree with the author of this article. Shooting and killing this woman doesn’t make any sense at all. She was not a real threat to those cops of to the idiot in the white house. This was a confused woman who hit a barricade and tried to get away.
    Why did they shoot to kill? In my opinion they were wrong, There were ways to stop her car. What if one of those shots kit the child in the car? So what, would she have been a “victim:
    this is a grave misuse of police willing to kill an unarmed woman, “just because they are so scared” that they have no morals at all. This is a way to get a few minutes of fame.
    Hope you all live in agony over this.
    From what I saw they actually shot her while standing with a gun inside her car POINT BLANK RANGE. Crazy? You bet.

  22. Justin says:

    In my opinion if you’re going to try to run over a cop you deserve to get shot. Plain and simple… Bitch shouldn’t have tried that, she paid the price and so did her child…. If it was your life, would you want to die to stop the person trying to run you over? Her vehicle became the weapon she didn’t need a gun… Grow the fuck up people, she should of been smarter….

    • Thom* says:

      Your the dumbass JUSTIN. There was no need to shoot anyone especially a stressed out young mother of a 1 -3 year old in the car with her. Those fuckin cops were trigger happy bastards.

      They could of followed her until the car ran out of gas. Use nail stips, a lot of things.

      Cops are the worst offenders of reckless firearm ownership. And I believe 99% of the cops are from another planet. There are more and more reports every day of just how inhuman these bastards can be.

      Go F… yourself Justin your an asshole.

    • Betty says:

      What if she had some kind of siezure, and was left confused from it. If they had the gun on her point blank then if there was a threat in the begining they had it under control, There was no reason to pull the trigger. And anyone that thinks there was, better hope they never run into a trigger happy cop..I have a mentally disabled brother that was riding his bike on the side walk and a couple of cops stopped to talk to him but because they couldnt understand him, maybe they thought he was on drugs, well they beat the crap out of him tazered him three times..Then took him to the hospital,He was checked for all drugs but no drugs in his system. Then they took him to jail, whin my mother and myself went to pick him up the next day, she asked them what happened to her boy the cop simply said I wasnt here when they brought him in,Then there was no name where it says arresting officer..

      • RWVMuse says:

        In Frederick, MD cops killed a boy (autistic) because they couldn’t understand him. (I’m sure he was afraid too) He was at a movie theatre. His crime was staying to see the movie twice. Death sentence. No jury or charge though.

      • William says:

        So how many cops and/or civilians does she have to run over, maim, or kill before her and her vehicle are treated as deadly?

        I’m genuinely curious. Because every single person blaming the police here would have STILL blamed the police if they had let her kill one person.

        “Crazy woman runs over a child when the cops had her car surrounded moments ealirer?! What do we pay these guys for! They won’t even PROTECT us!”

        You armchair warriors are the worst thing this country has in it. I put you beneath the Westboro Baptist Church on levels of scum. Especially when you don’t value the lives of the police officers in the face of literal danger.

  23. timmysfriend says:

    I don’t care what anyone says, there’s a lot more to this incident that we don’t know about.

  24. Jeff Collier says:

    BIG BAD LEA—-so afraid of an UNARMED BLACK WOMAN and her car—have to –KILL–HER to stop her. YUP these TRASH sure did a KNOCK UP JOB ! WONDER if they will be as BRAVE when WE ARMED VETERANS get there—WONDER if these BRAVE PILES OF OBAMA CRAP will honor their OATH TO THE PEOPLE or to some ARAB TRASH—

    OBAMA AND HIS TRASH is the REASON they are NOT BEING PAID–LMAO–bet that they GET THEIR PAY—and then some…since DC is NOT A STATE and SINCE THEY DEPEND on the FED—is IT NO WONDER that their MAYOR(s) have been COKE ADDICTS-remember BARRY–the COKE MAYOR—WORST place in our country besides the CITY of OBAMA–DETROIT ! MORE WELFARE and FOOD STAMPS in the DC AREA–all 15sq MILES than some of our LARGER CITIES!.


    • William says:

      So how many cops and/or civilians does she have to run over, maim, or kill before her and her vehicle are treated as deadly?

      I’m genuinely curious. Because every single person blaming the police here would have STILL blamed the police if they had let her kill one person.

      “Crazy woman runs over a child when the cops had her car surrounded moments ealirer?! What do we pay these guys for! They won’t even PROTECT us!”

      You armchair warriors are the worst thing this country has in it. I put you beneath the Westboro Baptist Church on levels of scum. Especially when you don’t value the lives of the police officers in the face of literal danger.

      I am reposting this from an earlier response. I am a veteran, and I find your hatred of our boys in blue to be disgusting. Veteran all know the feeling of putting their life on the line for someone else and to have those people spit in their face. You are an absolute disgrace to this country if you would do that to them, too.

      • Juli Adcock says:

        William, thank you for your thoughtful response! I simply could not continue reading so many comments based upon emotionally and politically driven responses. I wonder if Dean or any other responder here disparaging the DC police recall that during the Navy Yard shooting response, there was a man that was safely taken into custody even though he’d thrown what turned out to be a firecracker into the White House grounds.
        Given the strategic coup of a successful terror attack on those areas, the fact that this man was taken into custody without injury speaks volumes about discipline, restraint and decision making.
        While all the facts are not out, one factor that hasn’t been considered is that when this woman exchanged comments with the Secret Service agent, what was said? For all we know, she could have threatened the child in the vehicle prompting the decision to stop her with lethal force.

        We have enough legitimate things to be concerned with, let’s not degenerate into seeing a monster in every shadow.

  25. Grandma GG says:

    I was in the dentist chair when this came up on Fox and I could barely concentrate on the lecture I was getting, but when they said their was a child in the car, to me, that was a STAND DOWN MOMENT if ever there was one. I had no idea what had transpired before this and it didn’t matter. You don’t violently go after any car with a child onboard. Just because the freaking muslim of a president in nearby does not hold water in my book. Are these cops/security/whatever out of control or what? Thank heavens they didn’t draw on our vets at their memorial.

    • JJ says:

      There was no window tint on the car, and that child was big enough to be seen at the distance the cops were at in the video I saw. Something is very wrong with the whole scenario. A woman flees men waving guns and yelling after a traffic mishap? Perhaps to get the child away from the guns and over-reaction? That is not an unexpected response for a mom at all. Shooting at the car with the child in it? Definitely bizarre given the superior tools available to LEOs of any sort in the nation’s capitol.

  26. Dave says:

    Is it possible that the woman got lost in a strange city, made a turn onto a restricted street, then panicked when the police swarmed to her car?I is clear on the video that I have seen, she did not know where to go.

  27. SandyLester says:

    What happened here is way to convenient.
    obama states Republicans have a gun to head of America, and two hours later a woman drives two hours into the fence at the people’s house.
    And before she can be questioned, the MSM media said she had mental issue, so that becomes the story. Her friends and family say its not true.
    Anyone want to bet she was on the same drugs as the Gabby Gifford shooter, movie theater shooter, Fort Hood Shooter, Sandy Hook shooter, and the Navy base shooter?

  28. Jerome Brand says:

    Your investigation? Of what? Your a liar spewing other liars tails. A vehicle is a deadly weapon when used as one and deadly force is authorized to stand against it. Its called escalation of force. WTF she was doing with her child in the car is anyones guess this does not exempt her from escalation of force SOP. I’ve tried to confront your Tim Brown Troll buddy he would not call me at the number I gave him. I’d be glad to give it to you liar I’d love to here your BS as I present to you my investigation of your lying ass. Your so called investigation has not looked at any of the variables in the story posted nor the contingencies available. First question all investigators ask. Who are the parties, 2nd what brought them together at this juncture. Now you look at he back ground of the aforementioned. Investigation begins from there. How the fck can you claim to be an investigator all you have is conjecture form others liars Troll.

    • RWVMuse says:

      My goodness, you seem angry. The suicide by cop was successful. The cops came out the heroes. Why so upset?

      They took down the unarmed woman with lots of drama and gunfire. Congress gave them a standing O. What more could you ask for?

      There’s hardly any mention of the injured cop who hit the barricade with his car, so he comes out a victim too and justifies the execution. Right? If an officer was injured by a gun … if was from another cop. But we wouldn’t hear much about that either :)

      We know about the barricades (ask that cop), spike strips, maneuvers with cars, stun guns. And since this woman was unarmed it does seem 30 or 60 men should be able to restrain her … short of shooting her dead.

      But then again, cops overreact. They may be on edge, have a little PTSD yet still carry guns. So the question remains, what actions DID they take before deciding to shoot her dead? Did you see any other such actions in the video?

    • Tim Brown says:

      More lies….I called your number, need a screenshot to prove it? you are a sad strange little man. The forum is open still if you can provide anything of substance without going off your meds. I’m far from a troll, you can reach me anytime at Jerome, though as usual, you cannot provide a cogent thought in reply.

  29. jane says:

    Whatever happened to spike strips and shooting out the tires? This woman was target practice for the D.C. cops. The message was sent to all the right-wing kooks that any kind of dissension will be dealt with full force. The boys at the top are not playing around anymore. They are running scared of the American people. Their fingers are (literally) on the trigger. Dig in people, this is just the beginning

  30. helen says:

    Very well said!!! I agree with your assessment, the only thing I would add is that policemen all over this country are getting ‘trigger’ happy and not using other avenues of restraint or surrender.Every day I read, or see a video, about some cop overstepping his authority and using violent means in non lethal situations…..Has someone given them ‘clearance’ to act in this way? Is this the prelude to a ‘police’ state?This situation is getting scary, I used to look at cops with respect and a sense of security, now I am skeptical and uneasy………am I going to have an encounter with a ‘good’ cop, or a ‘bad’ one????I so want my ‘old’ America back, but she is slowly dying and will never return. Some days I actually feel as though I am in mourning for ‘her’………

  31. timmysfriend says:

    This whole thing stinks. Something’s not adding up, and no I’m not a ‘crazy conspiracy’ person. I’ll just wait till all the facts come out (if they ever really do) then start ragging on the cops for their actions.

  32. RWVMuse says:

    Mother received instant execution by cops while 18 month old daughter watched. Congress gave standing ovation to cops.

    We know Congress isn’t needed by the executive branch. Now we know the justice system isn’t needed by law enforcement. Mental health system? That’s only a tool anyway. Speaking of tools, the child is in custody of CPS.

    All is well in Amerika

  33. kathin says:

    first and foremost Keltlady, checking with Alex whacko Jones on anything is like tagging on to the white house page for free obuttman care. THERE IS NO REASON THIS WOMAN SHOULD HAVE BEEN SHOT. There are a plethora of actions the “not heros” cops could have used to stop By the way maybe the DC cops could find better use of their time heading into inner city of DC and rid the scum of their guns, the ones that are felons and don’t have a right to have guns, you know the ones. Ooopsie nope can’t do that it would be considered racist. parade the oBUTTman clan on out and have them praise these trigger happy cops as they stand over “one of their people” dead.

  34. Woman in DC chase may have thought Obama was stalking her, sources say

    By Pete Williams and Erin McClam, NBC News

    Investigators have found indications that the woman who led authorities on a chase from the White House to the Capitol before she was shot to death by police thought that President Barack Obama was stalking her, law enforcement sources told NBC News.

    And so,,,,, the LIES began…………

    The other side of the coin….. an elementary school here in Mesa, AZ, has told a police officer NOT to wear his uniform or sidearm when bringing his 8 year old to class, because they thought that he would scare the children!

  35. archer says:

    All the world is a theater in this war of terror against citizens. Personally the police get a “get out of free jail card” If there were to have happened at a different time in history the ending may not have been as dire for this woman. Given the gov’t shut down, the state sponsored destabilization we’ve seen tensions are high and fingers are on the trigger. May not be right but in my eye’s it is understandable.

  36. brinkman2008 says:

    This total bullshit to kill a unarmed woman in front of her child.What the hell is wrong with these fucken cops.Then the Meida makes them to be brave heros what a bunch of pussies they are just what the hell would they do if a squad of well trained and armed guys showed up shit them selfs probley.

  37. Ruth says:

    You said “if this happened at my house would the cops be shooting to kill?” You gave the wrong answer. If you moved in any way to PROTECT YOURSELF…they would murder YOU when they arrived. It’s been happening all over. People protect themselves from unlawful entry/breaking & entering, and the arriving cops “not knowing” who the assailant was…SHOT the property owners dead! I know there are some good guys on the force, but it’s also painfully obvious they have a bunch of paid-for fools who will go in and shoot civilians. THIS is the Military Law forces that we need to fear….those who are stupid, disconnected to reality, and will fire on lawful citizens. Our worst nightmare continues to come true almost moment by moment now….not just weekly or even daily!

  38. Keltlady says:

    I saw the Alex Jones/Info wars clip on this yesterday . And my gut instinct, after seeing this, is that the whole truth is it being told about what really happened.

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