Democrat Voters Confused: “I Didn’t Realize I Would Be The One Who Was Going to Pay For It Personally”

Dazed and ConfusedBack in 2008, when then-candidate Obama promised Joe the Plumber and the rest of America that he intended to spread the wealth around, most democrat and liberal voters embraced the notion of wealth redistribution under the guise of equality. A universal health care plan, that would be free for all Americans, was the promise from the candidate of hope and change.

Tens of millions of Americans jumped on the bandwagon waving their flags, fainting at his appearances, and fawning over his every word.

None ever thought about where the money would come from for all this new found wealth he promised to bestow upon them.

But those who understand that socialism, communism and governance by the collective are failed experiments, warned where that money would come from. It would be taken by force from the toils of the middle class, and it’d impoverish them in the process.

Now the myrmidons who once vehemently supported the policies of President Barack Obama without question are coming to the realization that when Obama spoke about spreading the wealth he actually meant their wealth too!

Cindy Vinson is one such supporter. This month, like many Americans who have health insurance through their employer or private insurers, Vinson got an unwanted awakening to the reality of government sponsored wealth confiscation and redistribution:

Cindy Vinson and Tom Waschura are big believers in the Affordable Care Act. They vote independent and are proud to say they helped elect and re-elect President Barack Obama.

Yet, like many other Bay Area residents who pay for their own medical insurance, they were floored last week when they opened their bills: Their policies were being replaced with pricier plans that conform to all the requirements of the new health care law.

Vinson, of San Jose, will pay $1,800 more a year for an individual policy, while Waschura, of Portola Valley, will cough up almost $10,000 more for insurance for his family of four.

“I was laughing at Boehner — until the mail came today,” Waschura said, referring to House Speaker John Boehner, who is leading the Republican charge to defund Obamacare.

“I really don’t like the Republican tactics, but at least now I can understand why they are so pissed about this. When you take $10,000 out of my family’s pocket each year, that’s otherwise disposable income or retirement savings that will not be going into our local economy.”

Both Vinson and Waschura have adjusted gross incomes greater than four times the federal poverty level — the cutoff for a tax credit. And while both said they anticipated their rates would go up, they didn’t realize they would rise so much.

“Of course, I want people to have health care,” Vinson said. “I just didn’t realize I would be the one who was going to pay for it personally.”

Prior the passage of Obamacare Congressional switchboards lit up with 99 out of 100 Americans urging their representatives to throw the legislation out.

They didn’t listen. They passed the bill without even reading it. In fact, they didn’t even make it public until a few hours before the vote and by then it was too late.

YouTube Preview Image

For people like Mr. Washcura and Ms. Vinson it must have been pretty funny to see Republicans, Libertarians, and anti-establishment extremists getting frustrated and angered.

They must have looked on with glee and a sense of victory.

You’re not laughing anymore are you, Ms. Vinson?

Now that Ms. Vinson and Mr. Washcura know they are the ones footing the bill to provide free health care to the “less fortunate” out of their life savings and retirement accounts, they’re very quickly coming to the realization that they’ve been bamboozled by the very person who promised them hope, change, free housing, free gas, free phones, free medicine and a host of other government-issued services.

Socialism is an awesome idea, isn’t it?

Until it’s you who has to foot the bill.

Ms. Vinson wanted hard working Americans to feel the pain, to give up their life’s work for equal wealth distribution, and she voted to force these mandates on unwilling Americans at the barrel of a gun.

Who’s in front of the barrel now, Ms. Vinson?

You, and the rest of the 50 million people who elected Barack Obama to not one, but two terms, deserve the pain that’s coming.

You asked for it. Now bask in it.

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462 Responses to Democrat Voters Confused: “I Didn’t Realize I Would Be The One Who Was Going to Pay For It Personally”

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  6. Doug Rodrigues says:

    The pathetic thing about the Obama supporters is that they complain now, but if Obama ran for an illegal third term they’d vote for him again because Obama would promise to “fix” the problem! If a test for common sense had to be passed prior to being allowed to vote, the Socialist Democrat Party would disappear.

  7. Meathead says:

    GREED is a cruel master. The Ovomit voters who thought they would get something for nothing are finally realizing this fact.

    • SibsSlant says:

      No, it’s special interest greed and the gross abuse of capitalism by the radical right(eous), (and their self-serving agenda) that is the “cruel master” at play here. A “master” that feeds and spawns on ignorance, intolerance, hate, deceit and misinformation. A power-hungry greed-based agenda that promotes obstructionism, political division, disrespect and bigotry; via blatant hypocrisy that uses God, Flag & Country as its whip and disguise.

  8. DenoM says:

    I hope you obama MORONS are enjoying life under a FASCIST DICTATOR who has no respect for the law and who thinks he can disregard and create law at will. Your motto should be “WHERE’s MY FREE STUFF !!”

  9. Loch Burns says:

    it’s time to take America back!

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  11. Dave Wentworth SR. says:

    Obama was elected by people blindly belieiving in one candidate’s word. Most everthing he has promised never came true, and much of what he says is a LIE! The best candidate would have been Mitt Romney, and now most of the country is realizing that now. Vote Republican in the next elections, and let’s take back our country. Two wrongs don’t make a right!

  12. Lea Ott says:

    Good luck….you seem to have an answer to everything. Perhaps you should run for president.

  13. Lea Ott says:

    Thank God he can’t run again. This whole healthcare situation is a disaster. And he is a freakin liar! Look at all of those who can no longer afford their insurance. But they will be fined anyway. It’s criminal!

    • Meathead says:

      He doesn’t have to run again. A major disaster (real or false flag), declaration of Martial Law, suspension of the Constitution, suspension of elections and we have “Dear Leader-for-Life”. Lock and load, for it is about to happen.
      Welcome to Obamamerica.

    • joe the plumber says:

      don’t count your communist govt out yet obama has plans to stay in power forever because he knows americans are to lazy and to afraid to do anything to try and stop him .HE Has already said i can do whatever i want and the republicans said sure go ahead we love your communist rule of law

  14. Lea Ott says:

    You need to move to a country where this form of healthcare is in place, to see how well it doesn’t work. You are a stick in the mud with no connection to reality.

  15. Greg Lim says:

    To be fair… Some people voted for Obama not to support him but because they REALLY didn’t like the alternatives… There were no options that Americans had in the last presidential election that actually portrayed the will of the people… This is the real issue here. It was a choice of Black, White and unrealistic. (no racism intended)

    • Lea Ott says:

      So when Obama pulls the race card when you disagree with his policies….thats ok with you. By pulling the race card he declares his own racism. OMG!

    • Joe says:

      They voted for the liar in chief. If you had looked into his background you would have seen this coming. He is the most incompetent person to ever be in the White house. He never accomplished anything in life that wasn’t handed to him the Chicago way.

      • dhconner says:

        You, sir, have an elevated level of comprehension. The Chicago Way has been his entire life story, from a pot smoking “Barry” to a treasonous bitch like Bernadine Dohrn. His wife was ordered to surrender her attorney’s license by the Illinois Supreme Court–yes, ordered. Now, I lived in Chicago 7 long, hard years, but I can’t remember that happening more than maybe once. And what can you expect from 2 assholes that have sealed every record they possibly could, or that nobody at Princeton or Harvard remembers at all. Quite lackluster, is it not?
        Working for a slumlord who is one of the worst and preyed especially on black people, as did good old Barry. You didn’t really have to look into his background at all. The fawning liberal press made most of that information public. Apparently they hope to deflect further lapses into imbecilic stupidity by him: sort of a “watch it, bub”. Talk about pearls before swine. What felt like a knife in our nation’s back was when he bowed to King of Saudi Arabia, home of the most evil sect of Islam: Wahhabism. I never have read in any history book of an American President bowing to a foreign ruler. If –I say IF — we get really lucky he get wasted and fall down a flight of steps and break his Goddamned neck. Soon, Oh Lord, let it be soon.

        • Meathead says:

          He’s there because of stupidity and the only cure for stupid is education. Unfortunately, most of those who voted for him can’t read beyond “See spot run”.

    • Richard Cotromano says:

      These idiots didn’t stop to think that they got their prosperity from a capitalist sytem that gives everybody willing to work an egual chance to live the American dream.Now they have to pay to drag along the freeloaders and they’re not going to like it,TOO BAD!

  16. John Walton says:

    Elections have consequences.

  17. thedrake says:

    long haired independent hmm smells like a liberal to me interesting how people wake up when there is money attached to their voting decisions hay buddy do you fell like somebody lied ?????

  18. BangStick says:

    CLUE for the Demodunces……YOU are going to PAY for it… way or the other.

    Even if they ever install single payer, YOU will pay for with higher taxes.

    • SibsSlant says:

      Yes I know. Higher taxes OR a collectively lower quality of life. I prefer the former, while you can have the latter.. and continue to clutch your pocketbook as if it were the sole reason for your existence and the e-ticket to your happiness. Just remember.. personal wealth is transient and can easily vanish; but our collective conscience, responsibilities, values and legacy.. on a personal level AND as a country, are with us forever and beyond.

      • Eli says:

        I think you meant to say “Pay my own way” or “Someone else pay my way”, with you preferring the latter. Shame you are “too proud to work” and expect someone else to pay your bills.

        • SibsSlant says:

          I think you need to improve your reading comprehension skills. I very plainly stated that WE (meaning I, you and they) have a choice. I choose my personal and COLLECTIVE responsibility to this country.. period! And I not only PROUDLY pay my own way, I will gladly raise my own taxes, or lower my bottom line, in order to keep education, health care, infrastructure, environmental and social umbrella programs properly funded. For me, turning my back on the reality of hungry and uneducated American kids or seniors is NOT a acceptable tradeoff for lower taxes. Try to open up your closed mind and your hardened heart.. it will make you feel a whole lot less like the entitled, selfish, presumptive and angry Eli you sound like ..

          • Bradley Hill says:

            I will gladly help people pay for their healthcare needs and education but I will do that through local city & state run programs where there is more oversight NOT through the Federal Government Programs where my money finds it’s way into the politicians deep pockets.
            Think about that why don’t you….

          • SibsSlant says:

            Bradley: States rights and responsibilities have a time and place. Assuring that ALL Americans of ANY state will have access to critical social umbrella programs – is one of the most important jobs of our federal government. This is the UNITED States of America. Why should kids in one state go hungry while kids in a state next door benefit from a well-funded emergency assistance program? That’s nonsense.. we need consistency and continuity of care when it comes to protecting those who need a boost; and to do anything less has the real potential to unfairly over-burden those states that are willingly take on what should be our COLLECTIVE responsibility. If you’re so willing to pay for state-funded aid, you should be willing to pay for federally-funded aid; since it’s all about being a civilized nation that refuses to let ANY American kid go to bed hungry.

      • John Moore says:

        Go live in a commune then, leave the rest of us alone to live in America, ( a constitutional republic. ) DO me a favor, and drink two glasses of the kool-aid when JIM BARRY SOETORO JONES. passes it out

        • SibsSlant says:

          Hey there Johnny, don’t tell me where to live. Last I looked diversity of opinion and social responsibility are permitted and encouraged in this country.. and both are quite the opposite of a ‘commune’ mentality. So, it may come as a huge shock to you, but it’s not YOUR way or the highway! Btw, if there WERE to be a modern-day reincarnation of ‘Jim Jones’, it would likely be some angry radical rumor-mongering social-media whore that fears everything he can’t control, most specifically diversity of opinion. Difference being poison BS would replace kool-aid..

          • Richard Cotromano says:

            Your diversity will be killed by the socialism you endorse so diligently!You guys don’t realize that stuff has failed all over the world decade after decade and yet your still willing to give up your freedom to try it just one more time.IDIOT!

  19. SibsSlant says:

    Sorry if I’m one of those who’s free speech ran you off? My feeling is there’s room for all sides and all opinions, if respectfully submitted. For me, I personally fear apathy and the dangers of a closed-minded society or a dictatorship far more than healthy debate or diversity of opinion. But admittedly there are some disrespectful and acrimonious comments, gross misunderstandings and/or rumor-mongering (here AND in today’s world) that DO frustrate, discourage, and scare the hell out of me.

  20. Hunting.Targ says:

    I have thoroughly had it. A few ppl interested in genuine dialog – and then I find in my inbox a giant sack of blog comment garbage. I’ve lost interest in this article, and this news site. Enjoy your free speech, everybody. I’m moving to discussions where people actually think.

  21. Danny Stoner says:

    I think Nancy is waiting for it to come out in Books On Tape, so she can “read” it without actually reading it.

  22. SibsSlant says:

    Dean: You are mixing up facts. The “trillions” you assign to Obama were actually to FIX what the 8 Bush years created. It was NOT Obama’s bag..

    • Ah, the favorite liberal retort, Bush did it. No he didn’t do it all. Obama has his hand in this mess as well. I am neither Democrat or Republican. I am a realist who does actual research instead of assuming the commercials are factual. You should do the same. I didn’t like Bush and I don’t like Obama. If you read Obamas book and still think so highly of him, you are not part of the solution. You’re part of the problem!

      • SibsSlant says:

        As I see it the real problem in today’s America is hardly about what books we read, what commercials we watch, or what ‘group’, media source or net “research” we claim alliance to .. or freedom from. The real problem is HOW all those sources are interpreted (or misinterpreted) – and how FAIRLY and consistently they are applied to real life problems. After all, the goal should not be who or what political party is in office at any cost, it should be the advancement of our nation as a WHOLE, based on the respectful and peaceful coexistence of shared efforts, ideas and cultures.

        True wisdom and responsible problem-solving ARE about developing an open non-judgmental mind; looking, listening and teaching our young to avoid manipulative rumor-mongering, and to refuse to be influenced by dangerous preconceived and stereotypical assumptions about people, things and situations we do not know or have the solid facts to back up.

        True wisdom and responsible problem-solving is looking within ourselves and the realization that placing supreme importance on such goals as lower taxes for an entitled few, is NOT the supreme solution or a holy grail for the majority of hardworking middle-class Americans; and in fact adds no long-term value to our progress, UNLESS those low taxes are balanced with appropriate funding for our social responsibilities, and the compassion, conscience and quality of life expected of a civilized nation.

        True wisdom and responsible problem-solving is learning NOT to confuse a righteous attitude with DOING what is fundamentally right, regardless of the difficulty, political, religious, economic or racial composition involved. And to understand that a misstep or snag along the way is NOT failure, it’s proof of action, and an effort worthy of respect.

        True wisdom and responsible problem-solving is facing the realization there are rarely perfect solutions to difficult long-standing problems, but that doesn’t negate the need for sustained collective effort, or give us cause to diminish the worth of important small steps.. because history tells us that REAL progress is never a quick sprint, it’s a group marathon.

        • Earl Kozak says:

          How can you talk true wisdom and equality when this health care legislation was rammed down our throats? Read the constitution pal. Not Barry’s book.

          • SibsSlant says:

            It wasn’t “rammed down our throats”.. where have you been for the past several years?? Our health care cost, access and delivery has been a train wreck for several decades, and had reached an unsustainable breaking point. Republican administrations kicked that can down the road and protected that ‘sacred’ corporate cash cow for so long that WE the people finally got fed up with insurance companies OWNING our health access, bank account and which of us can live or die. Because of that WE gave a long over-due sound MANDATE for the health care reform when we elected and re-elected Obama on exactly that. NOW, our collective job is to fine tune it.. change it as needed, and make it work!

            Btw I’ve been around a long time ‘pal’.. The United States Constitution is NOT owned by YOU, nor was it written to be a convenient ‘prop’ to apply out of context, politicized to serve Special Interests, or used as a tool for propaganda. It was written to clarify and protect the rights of ALL Americans. I happen to understand and respect that fact, so I do not appreciate sanctimonious hypocrites like you who seem clueless about what the Constitution stands for and WHO’s rights it guarantees.

            And since you like to tell others what to read, how about YOU read the Bill of Rights and each one of the many post-Constitution Amendments. What you ‘might’ learn about it is that when something the majority of this nation’s voters feel needs updated OR changed, WE AS AMERICANS WERE GRANTED THE RIGHT, IN FACT THE RESPONSIBILITY, TO DO JUST THAT.

          • Patriot says:

            Can’t find that in the Constitution. Where is it?

          • SibsSlant says:

            You claim to be an expert on the Constitution, so I’m not sure what it is you “can’t find” in it. I do know you need look no further than the Constitutional amendments for proof we (the people) can amend the constitution. And you need look no further than the Constitution and Bill of Rights – to confirm our constitutional right to VOTE for the leaders (and the political changes and agenda they represent). Currently we have that right every 4 yrs. In the last two presidential elections we gave Obama a sound mandate regarding passage of the health care reform legislation. It’s not as good a reform bill as it should have been.. but considering how watered down and kiss-ass it had to be for congressional passage, it’s a hell of a lot better than the zilch alternatives offered by the GOP.

    • Bradley Hill says:

      SibsSlant…..and I have an ice cube stand in the Sierra Desert that I’d like to sell you. Try exercising your own options and concerned commends in here and STOP burping the talking head points of your Messiah Obama’s supporters.
      Doing so is getting very old. THINK!

      • SibsSlant says:

        Bradley, what is your definition of “think” ?? Is it calling the president juvenile names?? Is it negating every comment that doesn’t agree with your own politics or personal agenda?? Is it squashing a debate of actual issues in favor of spouting silly catch phrases?? Does “think” mean ‘your way or the highway’?? Just curious..

  23. Julie says:

    This article should include those had working Americans that are barely above the poverty level and must pay for their own insurance… get a high monthly rate, high deductible and it doesn’t even cover preventive care..
    I am unable to wrap my brain around how a government, in a free country is able to force me to pay for something my family can not afford.

    • SibsSlant says:

      Where have you been, the reform DOES cover preventative care? Btw it sounds like you would rather the rest of us ‘lazy slackers’ continue to pay higher and higher rates.. plus bear ALL the effect of what had become intolerable and escalating insurance industry abuses – just so you “hard workers” could blindly continue to enjoy a different set of rules and budget priorities, eh? Please rationalize and enlighten me on the part of that I missed.

      • HARD WORKER says:

        You had it at “lazy slackers” vs “hard workers”. Become a “hard worker” and you’ll figure it out!

      • Janet Jacob says:

        Well heck, why would one work hard if one can just work to ‘get by’ so I can have someone else foot the bill………do you see the problem?..Some of us hard working people would like to reap the rewards of our blood, sweat and tears…….not be FORCED to hand it over to someone who doesn’t have the ambition to better themselves. If it is painful for me, it should be painful for EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. SibsSlant says:

    Natassia: The difference is Equal Access to Affordable Health Care is necessary for the humane ADVANCEMENT of modern-day CIVILIZED societies. Access to Food is necessary for the EXISTANCE of ALL living things.

    • Lea Ott says:

      You are a socialist and a selfish pig. Why should I slave for a paycheck to pay for addicts and people looking for a handout? There are services specifically meant for people who can’t afford medical bills. It takes time, because you need to fill out endless paperwork and be rejected to have your hospital bill dimissed. But, many who do this, do it as a profession. And you have to lie to get it to work. The system was always messed up, now its worse.

      • SibsSlant says:

        Lea: If being labeled a “Socialist” means being a responsible, caring and compassionate citizen who believes in paying my fair share of taxes to support a form of government that allowed me to earn my healthy living.. then YES I will proudly wear the Socialist label you so mindlessly throw around to suit yourself. It’s far superior to being a self-centered elitist who is so full of themselves that they don’t know the real definition of being a “selfish pig” is being able to walk past starving or sick kids (just as long as they are ‘other people’s’ sick or starving kids).. as long as it means you won’t be asked to pay a few bucks extra in taxes. With such fine fellow citizens like you we would never need to worry about a collective responsibility to our fellow man, we would only need to learn how to close our heart, our eyes, our minds and our pocket book.. and worry instead about how to enhance our personal wealth, at any and all cost.

        • Lea Ott says:

          Clearly you are not feeling it. So you can only speak on observation and the delusion of a Utopian society. Your comments do not make me feel less about myself of “put me in my place” they just drift on by like a fart.

          People already working minimum wage are getting hours cut back so the employer doesn’t have to cover their insurance. And the will be fined for not being able to afford this new plan. Thats a great idea?

          Small business of 50 or more will have to let people go. Its been documented. Again, no insurance. Where will they find the money to get insurance. Just another example.

          What about the people who were happy with their insurance?
          what about the lies?

          Why should anyone work if they can get a handout? This is going to be a problem.

          I am not making this up. Its not propaganda.

          There’s more, but this is my little exercise in futility. Enjoy!

          • SibsSlant says:

            I’m strictly defending a stupid unfair false label YOU hung on me just because I happen to have a different opinion than yours; it was not the other way around – with me attacking YOU. In addition to that you have certainly misunderstood my point if you think it was to make you feel less than you are, or to “put you in your place”. That’s a degradation that we can only do to ourselves. The aim of posting for me was to exercise my constitutional right to object to what I feel is an escalating rash of extremely selfish money-driven elitist radicals, racists and rumor-mongers who show no respect for the president, his family, the poor, the middle-class, anyone else different from themselves; or anyone who dares to disagree with their politically-motivated and self-serving agenda of Obama-hatred, bigotry, manipulation and spreading of misinformation.

            In your last post you have stated a lot of half-truths that have been embellished with politically-slanted ‘facts’ taken out of context. Please research all sides of these issues before you play into the hands of increasingly hostile blame-game campaigns meant to further divide America.. as opposed to what should be a respectful collective effort to solve the real problems this country faces. That’s NOT some “utopian” wish! It’s demanding a return of the kinder, compassionate, educated and elevated society we in America have ALWAYS strived hard for, deserve, and could feel proud to pass forward.

  25. Linda Polete says:

    Another member of the uninformed electorate!

  26. Oh, but the huge military budget is okay? Spending money on bettering the lives of the people is socialism, but giving huge amounts of money away to rich people is a ‘free market’ strategy? All the wealthiest people are basically on welfare, their companies wouldn’t be successful without massive government subsidies and bogus contracts at the public expense. This article is a blatant lie from start to finish.

    • Brandon says:

      and I would remind you that Obama “Saved Detroit” when he bailed out GM, the same way Nancy Pelosi and company saved the banks when TARP was passed.

      Corporatism is alive and well in both parties.

      • SibsSlant says:

        Yes it is “alive and well in both parties”; but it FLOURISHES in the GOP – lol

        • Hunting.Targ says:

          Yes, and Statism flourishes in the Democratic party. I keep saying, it’s a mess, and the political parties aren’t in a position to fix it; they’re part of the problem.

        • rman says:

          Both parties have created problems. I fail to see how it flourishes in the GOP more than any other party. Learn from history and take a look at Detroit. They have been voting democratic for years and the city is broke.

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