Democrat Voters Confused: “I Didn’t Realize I Would Be The One Who Was Going to Pay For It Personally”

Dazed and ConfusedBack in 2008, when then-candidate Obama promised Joe the Plumber and the rest of America that he intended to spread the wealth around, most democrat and liberal voters embraced the notion of wealth redistribution under the guise of equality. A universal health care plan, that would be free for all Americans, was the promise from the candidate of hope and change.

Tens of millions of Americans jumped on the bandwagon waving their flags, fainting at his appearances, and fawning over his every word.

None ever thought about where the money would come from for all this new found wealth he promised to bestow upon them.

But those who understand that socialism, communism and governance by the collective are failed experiments, warned where that money would come from. It would be taken by force from the toils of the middle class, and it’d impoverish them in the process.

Now the myrmidons who once vehemently supported the policies of President Barack Obama without question are coming to the realization that when Obama spoke about spreading the wealth he actually meant their wealth too!

Cindy Vinson is one such supporter. This month, like many Americans who have health insurance through their employer or private insurers, Vinson got an unwanted awakening to the reality of government sponsored wealth confiscation and redistribution:

Cindy Vinson and Tom Waschura are big believers in the Affordable Care Act. They vote independent and are proud to say they helped elect and re-elect President Barack Obama.

Yet, like many other Bay Area residents who pay for their own medical insurance, they were floored last week when they opened their bills: Their policies were being replaced with pricier plans that conform to all the requirements of the new health care law.

Vinson, of San Jose, will pay $1,800 more a year for an individual policy, while Waschura, of Portola Valley, will cough up almost $10,000 more for insurance for his family of four.

“I was laughing at Boehner — until the mail came today,” Waschura said, referring to House Speaker John Boehner, who is leading the Republican charge to defund Obamacare.

“I really don’t like the Republican tactics, but at least now I can understand why they are so pissed about this. When you take $10,000 out of my family’s pocket each year, that’s otherwise disposable income or retirement savings that will not be going into our local economy.”

Both Vinson and Waschura have adjusted gross incomes greater than four times the federal poverty level — the cutoff for a tax credit. And while both said they anticipated their rates would go up, they didn’t realize they would rise so much.

“Of course, I want people to have health care,” Vinson said. “I just didn’t realize I would be the one who was going to pay for it personally.”

Prior the passage of Obamacare Congressional switchboards lit up with 99 out of 100 Americans urging their representatives to throw the legislation out.

They didn’t listen. They passed the bill without even reading it. In fact, they didn’t even make it public until a few hours before the vote and by then it was too late.

YouTube Preview Image

For people like Mr. Washcura and Ms. Vinson it must have been pretty funny to see Republicans, Libertarians, and anti-establishment extremists getting frustrated and angered.

They must have looked on with glee and a sense of victory.

You’re not laughing anymore are you, Ms. Vinson?

Now that Ms. Vinson and Mr. Washcura know they are the ones footing the bill to provide free health care to the “less fortunate” out of their life savings and retirement accounts, they’re very quickly coming to the realization that they’ve been bamboozled by the very person who promised them hope, change, free housing, free gas, free phones, free medicine and a host of other government-issued services.

Socialism is an awesome idea, isn’t it?

Until it’s you who has to foot the bill.

Ms. Vinson wanted hard working Americans to feel the pain, to give up their life’s work for equal wealth distribution, and she voted to force these mandates on unwilling Americans at the barrel of a gun.

Who’s in front of the barrel now, Ms. Vinson?

You, and the rest of the 50 million people who elected Barack Obama to not one, but two terms, deserve the pain that’s coming.

You asked for it. Now bask in it.

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560 Responses to Democrat Voters Confused: “I Didn’t Realize I Would Be The One Who Was Going to Pay For It Personally”

  1. Chris says:

    the only way to fix it is to flush it all away, any fucking time, any fucking day, learn to swim, i’ll see you down in Arizona bay

  2. Pamela says:

    This is just like the Northern Virginia liberals who gave us Terry McAuliffe for Governor. They will be paying big money for I-66 tolls he is bestowing on them. What is it, right under $18.00 a day in tolls? I say good for them. They deserve it! Its reported to be used for bike paths not for road improvements to ease the crowded roads.

  3. dave says:

    …still in that fog isn’t she.

  4. YesTheyDid says:

    The switch to high deductible plans is what the average American didn’t see coming. Gone are the days of the affordable $50 co-pay for a procedure. Instead it’s $400-$500 up front for routine tests and if you don’t have the cash or a health savings account, you’re out of luck. It’s those of us that work who are now the ones that can’t afford health insurance while the people who earn very little or nothing have the Platinum benefits.

  5. “Gotta pass it so we can see what’s in it.” That’s what the doctor told the patient while handing him a stool-collection jar. And that, sir, is what ObamaCare is.

  6. “A universal health care plan, that would be free for all Americans, was the promise from the candidate of hope and change.”

    Jesus Christ, you have some short fucking memories. The Dems had the house and 59 senators. All they needed was 1 (one) Republican in the Senate to put the benefit of 300 million Americans ahead of their hatred of that N-word in the White House. Nope. Not one Republican voted for the public option. Not one. Only when they took that provision out, did they break the filibuster and pass the bill. So now, the American people are paying for an inefficient, poorly regulated, private health insurance industry that puts profits before people. I’d be pissed too, and am, btw…

    Shame on you for propagating this excrement, you moronic fucktard.

    • Tim says:

      You’re the moronic one Eric. Typical midwestern Michigander on the take. NOTHING is free. Sorry buddy, you can’t put this on the the Republicans.

    • james huff says:

      Nothing is free you moron. Sombody some place always foots the bill. People like you are always for the other guy tax. Your claim that the republicans did it show how inept yourthinking is. The democrats where fully in charge when obama care was passed. Anything that happens because of obamacare is totally on the democrats

    • Frank Lee says:

      See Eric’s stu pid post on why libt urds will always be lib t urds. Glad your pis sed Eric you just made my day.

    • Allen says:

      What a dumbass you really are Eric Anderson! You and all your Kool-Aid drinking morons are the reason WHY this country is failing and your too stupid to see it. You need to get your head out of your ass to see the daylight and see the facts that the far left nut jobs are at fault. I even bet your so stupid that you think Socialism is an awesome! I even think your too stupid to really know WHAT is Socialism and HOW it works. I will bet also that your a Bernie Sanders follower feeding into his BS to change the U.S.. Once Socialism is full control in America there will be NO 1% to feed off of as they all will move out of this country. Their will be NO Middle Class as they all will be in poverty along with your sorry ass. By then this country we call America will fall and there will be another country to step in and take over us and that will be the end of our country and freedom! Is that the future you really want for the children in America. Where I stand that what it looks like.

    • MW says:

      A simple search lead me to where I could look at the votes myself. Seems all 58 Dem Senators voted “yes”. Simple majority was needed. 2 Independents voted “yes”. 39 Republicans voted “no”. 1 Republican did not vote.

      In the House, 219 Dems voted yes, 34 Dems voted no with 178 Repubs.

      Dems own this one all the way. Quit believing the liberal media and the propaganda being spewed by liberal “think tanks” and do just a little research yourself.

    • Wrong. The Republicans NEVER ended the filibuster. The Democrats violated the law and amended the bill in conference, and then presented it as if the Senate voted on the amended bill that came out of the conference committee. They were forced into this move because Ted Kennedy died and Republican Scott Brown was going to take his seat and break the 60-seat hold the Dems had.

      Geez man, it hasn’t been that long. Google is your friend. The Republicans didn’t cast one single vote for this disaster. Not one. Ever.

    • kumbayah says:

      Hey Eric, Delta Airlines never closes. Venezuela is ready when you are.

  7. comradewhoopie says:

    She’s obvious one of those rich greedy one percenters we’ve heard about so screw her.

  8. People are simply too stupid for words. Maybe now they will get abundant petrochemical pharmaceuticals for all their “genetic” conditions (“Gosh, there’s nothing I can do about it, it’s genetic.”) and subsequently need more and more drugs until they completely destroy their temples.

    Then we can start over, finally.

  9. All those silly asses thought the RICH were going to pay for it. I guess now maybe they realize that democrats are just as owned by the corporations just as much as the republicans. 90% of politicians are all paid for and owned by the richest of our country.

  10. JCS says:

    Well put, Meathead. Why is it that nobody ever talks about the greed of those malcontents who neverendedly screech for more free services in return for absolutely nothing? I’m tired of their crying and whining. I’m going to stop pulling the wagon. I’m going to shut down my business so I can get ME some free stuff and claim my cushioned seat ON the wagon.

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