Ex-CIA agent says Obama had Andrew Breitbart and Tom Clancy assassinated

The following account is based on Brandon Walker’s post on The Free Patriot blog, Oct. 10, 2013, with additional information I found. Walker is a licensed preacher of a veteran of the U.S. military and of law enforcement.

Jim GarrowDr. Jim Garrow (pic from his Facebook page)

Dr. Jim Garrow is the Christian founder and executive director of The Bethune Institute, a charitable organization dedicated to advance education in China via teaching English, giving free books to poor Chinese, and medical scholarships. Through its branch organization, The Pink Pagoda, the institute also rescues baby girls from infanticide  in China, and finds homes for the unwanted girls. Dr. Garrow is credited for saving the lives of over 50,000 Chinese girls for which he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Last Sunday, Oct. 6, 2013, on the Now the End Begins Internet radio program, Dr. Jim Garrow (email: [email protected]) made a bombshell of an announcement.

Garrow claims that up to a week ago he was a covert CIA agent, but was fired by none other than Obama himself because Garrow told the world (on Alex Jones’ radio, Glenn Beck, and several conservative internet mediums) that Obama’s U.S. military was purging top brass using a “litmus test” of sorts. High-ranking military officials were being asked “Would you fire on an American citizen?”. Garrow claims that if one answered no, you would be fired.

But that’s not the bombshell.

Garrow says that he knows Obama had ordered the hits that killed Tom Clancy and Andrew Breitbart!

Andrew Breitbart, 1969-2012On the early morning hours of March 1, 2012, conservative media firebrand Andrew Breitbart collapsed on a street near his home in Brentwood, CA. Breitbart was only 43 years old.

On April 21, 2012, the L.A. Coroners Office released its final autopsy report on Breitbart — that he had died from “heart failure.” That same day, a forensics technician or criminalist at the L.A. Coroners Office, Michael Cormier, died suddenly from suspected arsenic poisoning after complaining about pain and vomiting. (To my knowledge, we still have not been told the official cause of Cormier’s death.)

According to Dr. Jim Garrow, Andrew Breitbart did not die from natural causes, but was killed by the Obama Administration.

ClancyBest-selling author of techno-military thrillers Tom Clancy died last week on Oct. 2 at the age of 66.

The New York Times said Clancy died at Johns Hopkins Hospital after a brief illness. But neither Clancy’s lawyer, J.W. Thompson Webb, nor his longtime publisher, Ivan Held, president of G. P. Putnam’s Sons, said they knew the precise cause of death. Under “cause of death” on Clancy’s autopsy is “cause of death unknown.”

When Clancy wrote The Hunt for Red October, he was met at the door by Pentagon officials and FBI agents demanding to know where he got top-secret documents. Dr. Garrow states that after the incident, the CIA “spoon fed” him classified information and scenarios to write his novels in a manner that was entertaining but contained elements of truth. Garrow says that is why Clancy was killed because he was getting too close to a secret they don’t want the world to know.

Dr. Garrow states Obama had Tom Clancy killed as well, noting that it takes 5 days for plant toxins and most poisons to break down and leave no traces in the human body. Strangely (or not), doctors did not perform an autopsy on Clancy’s body for 5 days.

Garrow ended his radio interview with one last revelation.

He said the Obama administration is made up of Marxist Muslims who all take their orders from Senior Adviser to the President, Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett. Garrow said it is well known to intelligence agencies all over the world that Obama is a foreign plant who was placed on the path to the presidency by ultra-rich Saudi nationals. This is why all of Obama’s education records have been permanently sealed.

H/t Clash Daily

See also Steve’s post, “Today I bring you Skippy’s version of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre,” on all the many suspicious deaths connected to Pres. Lucifer.


Dr. Eowyn is the Editor of Fellowship of the Minds.

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144 Responses to Ex-CIA agent says Obama had Andrew Breitbart and Tom Clancy assassinated

  1. maurice anholt says:

    This is not the first time that someone hit a vital nerve and needed to be put down. William Cooper was shot for releasing information about JFK, Masons, Jesuits, and on and on, the law thought that he needed to be silenced, but he wrote Behold A Pale Horse, and has radio broadcasts on many sensitive subjects. Andrew Breitbart was going to announce the dirt that he had found on Obama. I would guess that Andrew would have had very convincing evidence that was going to expose Obama as a homosexual, who has a “tranny” for a wife he calls Michael. That he had several men killed in his ‘down low’ church group with Rev. Wright. Andrew could have found out that Obama was doing coke and flunking out of Occidental, with money received from being a foreign student from Indonesia who was born in Kenya. Obama’s campaign people were so excited that they had elected an African born man as Senator of Illinois from the village of Mombossa where his grandmother resided. Maybe Andrew knew of the real mission to Afghanistan with his boyfriend in 1981, when Obama was supposed to be attending Columbia, and when he arrives back to America, he gets into Harvard, as a flunky from Occidental, and becomes the Editor of the Harvard Review without ever writing one article. Unheard-of!! Neither Obama or Michael/Michele can practice law, and the tranny got a 6 figure job at a hospital, but had to be let go because she/he was lazy, and ineffective. Maybe Andrew found out that the tranny never gave birth to the 2 daughters, and that the family was assembled for convenience. Did you ever see baby pictures of the girls, and as they were growing up pictures with their “parents”. Did you ever see a picture of Michelle pregnant? They don’t exist. Obama doesn’t have a legal birth certificate other than the one from Kenya, he does not have a legal Social Security number, nor a Selective Service number, or a legal marriage certificate because same-sex marriage wasn’t legal in Illinois. Maybe it was when he stated for the Bar that he never had another name, when he was known as Barry Soetoro, and that is his legal name, and not Barak H. Obama. I could go on, but I think that Obama had Breitbart in his sights when he wrote the Executive Order that stated Obama could order a “hit” on anyone he deemed deserved to be killed. Maybe it was the association with Bill Ayers who wrote Dreams of My Father for Obama. It must be depressing for Ayers to be reduced to ghost writing when he used to be leader of the Weather Underground that would blow up Police Stations and plan other havoc stirring up the radical students into demonstrations in the ’60′s. (I went to school with Linda Evans who was with the Weather Underground, and on the run for decades. Linda was elected as class president and she carried one of the highest grade points at Senior High School in Fort Dodge, Iowa) Talking about these things can get you killed or earn a spot in a FEMA camp somewhere.

  2. There this limited understanding liberal whose only defence is to hide behind racism. Stay under that blanket to insulate you from criticisms. Racism is no excuse for wht the comment said. You lie in your poor of tears that stinks with self annoited critiques that excuse your misdirected, non marketable skills of an undisciplined mentality. Aggitated by the 5 best market of ideas that blx have, to serve only them.

  3. elizabeth oshea says:

    Oh please …we are all so fckng sick of you uninformed conservatives making up your own ludicrous facts….youre entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts. You r racists

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  9. Dennis Habern says:


    Hey Elsa, as soon as our American patriots initiate a brutal march on
    D.C. and storm the White House gates and grab this worthless, miser-
    able, despicable, half-baked Mulatto, traitorous, Muslim POS by his
    stacking swivel (Marine Corps words) and drag his worthless body
    around the streets of D.C., similar to how this worthless POTUS
    ordered the hit on our Consulate in Benghazi against our former Libyan
    Ambassador, Chris Stevens and permitted Steven’s body to be mutilated
    and dragged through the streets of Benghazi, and in addition, this
    worthless, Black, coward of a Commander-in-thief, did not order a
    rescue mission to save the 3 other Americans, when there was ample
    time. Consequently, I am waiting for a military coup or the march on
    D.C. It is time to get rid of this effn Black trash in the White House.

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  11. Sandy Harmon says:

    Jeezus…it’s like I fell into a sewer. How the f**k did I get to an article like this lol? Batshit – the lot of you.


    • george says:

      When they realize that the only thing that will dislodge the worthless sons and daughters of bitches and bastards is massive, brutal and unforgiving force and are willing to take up arms and annihilate the disgusting pieces of excrement.

    • george says:

      Sounds plausible to me.

      • TOP HAT says:

        Those are just a few of a number of people who he has had murdered and there are those he has dispatched himself, like his gay lovers, or the lady that had the truth about his birth certificate. Joan Freundt is another one, never mentioned in the ever growing list. The date here is old, but the murders are recent, like third quarter of 2014.

  13. reply to cast a vote for rbodell to continue posting says:

    Is there any evidence, let alone proof that this Garrow guy even exists? Hardly sounds like anybody the CIA would bring in and arrested immediately. For him to know that the president ordered the hit, he would have had to be there because they don’t just tell all agents what the others are doing. They certainly would not have done that to a traitor.

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  19. Ohio River says:

    This is a bold statement, but where is the actual proof? I don’t doubt it could have happened, but there needs to be proof.

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  22. Grady McAllin says:

    This guy is a f***ing idiot

    • George says:

      He may be but it doesn’t mean that the worthless son of a common street slut that is slumming in our White House isn’t guilty of murder to further his Satanically sick and deranged agenda.

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