Ex-CIA agent says Obama had Andrew Breitbart and Tom Clancy assassinated

The following account is based on Brandon Walker’s post on The Free Patriot blog, Oct. 10, 2013, with additional information I found. Walker is a licensed preacher of a veteran of the U.S. military and of law enforcement.

Jim GarrowDr. Jim Garrow (pic from his Facebook page)

Dr. Jim Garrow is the Christian founder and executive director of The Bethune Institute, a charitable organization dedicated to advance education in China via teaching English, giving free books to poor Chinese, and medical scholarships. Through its branch organization, The Pink Pagoda, the institute also rescues baby girls from infanticide  in China, and finds homes for the unwanted girls. Dr. Garrow is credited for saving the lives of over 50,000 Chinese girls for which he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Last Sunday, Oct. 6, 2013, on the Now the End Begins Internet radio program, Dr. Jim Garrow (email: [email protected]) made a bombshell of an announcement.

Garrow claims that up to a week ago he was a covert CIA agent, but was fired by none other than Obama himself because Garrow told the world (on Alex Jones’ radio, Glenn Beck, and several conservative internet mediums) that Obama’s U.S. military was purging top brass using a “litmus test” of sorts. High-ranking military officials were being asked “Would you fire on an American citizen?”. Garrow claims that if one answered no, you would be fired.

But that’s not the bombshell.

Garrow says that he knows Obama had ordered the hits that killed Tom Clancy and Andrew Breitbart!

Andrew Breitbart, 1969-2012On the early morning hours of March 1, 2012, conservative media firebrand Andrew Breitbart collapsed on a street near his home in Brentwood, CA. Breitbart was only 43 years old.

On April 21, 2012, the L.A. Coroners Office released its final autopsy report on Breitbart — that he had died from “heart failure.” That same day, a forensics technician or criminalist at the L.A. Coroners Office, Michael Cormier, died suddenly from suspected arsenic poisoning after complaining about pain and vomiting. (To my knowledge, we still have not been told the official cause of Cormier’s death.)

According to Dr. Jim Garrow, Andrew Breitbart did not die from natural causes, but was killed by the Obama Administration.

ClancyBest-selling author of techno-military thrillers Tom Clancy died last week on Oct. 2 at the age of 66.

The New York Times said Clancy died at Johns Hopkins Hospital after a brief illness. But neither Clancy’s lawyer, J.W. Thompson Webb, nor his longtime publisher, Ivan Held, president of G. P. Putnam’s Sons, said they knew the precise cause of death. Under “cause of death” on Clancy’s autopsy is “cause of death unknown.”

When Clancy wrote The Hunt for Red October, he was met at the door by Pentagon officials and FBI agents demanding to know where he got top-secret documents. Dr. Garrow states that after the incident, the CIA “spoon fed” him classified information and scenarios to write his novels in a manner that was entertaining but contained elements of truth. Garrow says that is why Clancy was killed because he was getting too close to a secret they don’t want the world to know.

Dr. Garrow states Obama had Tom Clancy killed as well, noting that it takes 5 days for plant toxins and most poisons to break down and leave no traces in the human body. Strangely (or not), doctors did not perform an autopsy on Clancy’s body for 5 days.

Garrow ended his radio interview with one last revelation.

He said the Obama administration is made up of Marxist Muslims who all take their orders from Senior Adviser to the President, Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett. Garrow said it is well known to intelligence agencies all over the world that Obama is a foreign plant who was placed on the path to the presidency by ultra-rich Saudi nationals. This is why all of Obama’s education records have been permanently sealed.

H/t Clash Daily

See also Steve’s post, “Today I bring you Skippy’s version of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre,” on all the many suspicious deaths connected to Pres. Lucifer.


Dr. Eowyn is the Editor of Fellowship of the Minds.

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81 Responses to Ex-CIA agent says Obama had Andrew Breitbart and Tom Clancy assassinated

  1. Wil Rasmussen says:

    This article is utter rubbish and Garrow is either clinically insane or a bold faced liar. I’ll give him one thing though, he sure knows how to spin a yarn. A SyFy channel yarn, ie, RUBBISH

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  8. So, Dr. Jim Garrow was working for the CIA this whole time when he posted about the military litmus test and then went on Alex Jone’s show? Hmmm. So Jim has admitted that he’s an agent provocateur. He’s been basically playing on conspiracy theories that were already circulating to provoke people? Jim just makes these claims about himself and drops bombshells that may or may not have some truth to them with no evidence. I was one of those he originally fell for it with Jim, and I followed him on facebook ever since he first came out with the bit about the litmus test, but gradually as I read his postings I began to have doubts about him. It seemed to me that he was saying some wild things with no proof to back his claims just to get attention and used his reputation to get people to believe him. Now that he’s admitting he’s been working for the CIA this whole time, I think it advisable for us all to be a little cautious where he is concerned.

    • Another thought I just got, If Jim is on the up and up, then I wonder when the Obama administration is going to order a hit on him?

      • YO CELESTE,

        William E. Colby: A Highly Suspicious Death
        By Zalin Grant

        This was Saturday, April 27, 1996. William Colby, a former director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, was alone at his weekend house across from Cobb Island, Maryland, 60 miles south of Washington, D.C. Colby, who was 76 years old, had worked all day on his sailboat at a nearby marina, putting it in shape for the coming summer.

        After he got home from the marina, Colby called his wife, Sally Shelton, a high-ranking State Department official who was in Houston, Texas, visiting her mother. He told her that he had worked hard all day and was tired. He said he was going to steam some clams, take a shower, and go to bed.

        Colby made the call at 7 p.m. He was seen a few minutes later by two sets of witnesses in his yard watering a willow tree. One of the witnesses was his gardener who dropped by to introduce his visiting sister. His two next-door neighbors saw him at the same time from their window. After he finished watering his trees, he went inside and had dinner.

        The witnesses saw him at 7:15 p.m. The sun set at 7:57—42 minutes later.

        When he was found dead in the water nine days later, it was said that he had gone out paddling his canoe at nightfall and drowned. I was in Paris when I read the story in the International Herald Tribune. I knew William Colby. And I didn’t believe that for one second.


        • Ron says:

          Gee, wasn’t under the Clinton administration?? One of those “arkansides”. Seems like we have another individual who is following in B&H”s footsteps. Remember Vince Foster?

      Start with Henry Marshall & work forward!

      The Henry Marshall “Suicide”

      Henry Marshall, the son of a farmer, was born in Robertson County, Texas, in 1909. He studied chemistry at the University of Texas before becoming the only teacher at the Nesbitt Rural School. The school was forced to close in May, 1932, a victim of the Great Depression.

      Marshall managed to find work at a Franklin gin company. However, in August, 1934, Marshall became a clerk with the Agricultural Adjustment Administration(AAA). He worked at the agency’s Robertson County office. Marshall was a good worker and it eventually held a senior post in the agency.

      In 1960 Marshall was asked to investigate the activities of Billie Sol Estes. Marshall discovered that over a two year period, Estes had purchased 3,200 acres of cotton allotments from 116 different farmers. Marshall wrote to his superiors in Washington on 31st August, 1960, that: “The regulations should be strengthened to support our disapproval of every case (of allotment transfers)”.

      When he heard the news, Billie Sol Estes sent his lawyer, John P. Dennison, to meet Marshall in Robertson County. At the meeting on 17th January, 1961, Marshall told Dennison that Estes was clearly involved in a “scheme or device to buy allotments, and will not be approved, and prosecution will follow if this operation is ever used.”
      Marshall was disturbed that as a result of sending a report of his meeting to Washington, he was offered a new post at headquarters. He assumed that Billie Sol Estes had friends in high places and that they wanted him removed from the field office in Robertson County. Marshall refused what he considered to be a bribe.

      A week after the meeting between Marshall and Dennison, A. B. Foster, manager of Billie Sol Enterprises, wrote to Clifton C. Carter, a close aide to Lyndon B. Johnson, telling him about the problems that Marshall was causing the company. Foster wrote that “we would sincerely appreciate your investigating this and seeing if anything can be done.”

      Over the next few months Marshall had meetings with eleven county committees in Texas. He pointed out that Billie scheme to buy cotton allotments were illegal. This information was then communicated to those farmers who had been sold their cotton allotments to Billie Sol Enterprises.

      On 3rd June, 1961, Marshall was found dead on his farm by the side of his Chevy Fleetside pickup truck. His rifle lay beside him. He had been shot five times with his own rifle. Soon after County Sheriff Howard Stegall arrived, he decreed that Marshall had committed suicide. No pictures were taken of the crime scene, no blood samples were taken of the stains on the truck (the truck was washed and waxed the following day), no check for fingerprints were made on the rifle or pickup.

      Marshall’s wife (Sybil Marshall) and brother (Robert Marshall) refused to believe he had committed suicide and posted a $2,000 reward for information leading to a murder conviction. The undertaker, Manley Jones, also reported: “To me it looked like murder. I just do not believe a man could shoot himself like that.” The undertaker’s son, Raymond Jones, later told the journalist, Bill Adler in 1986: “Daddy said he told Judge Farmer there was no way Mr. Marshall could have killed himself. Daddy had seen suicides before. JPs depend on us and our judgments about such things. We see a lot more deaths than they do. But in this case, Daddy said, Judge Farmer told him he was going to put suicide on the death certificate because the sheriff told him to.” As a result, Lee Farmer returned a suicide verdict: “death by gunshot, self-inflicted.”

      Sybil Marshall hired an attorney, W. S. Barron, in order to persuade the Robertson County authorities to change the ruling on Marshall’s cause of death. One man who did believe that Marshall had been murdered was Texas Ranger Clint Peoples. He had reported to Colonel Homer Garrison, director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, that it “would have been utterly impossible for Mr. Marshall to have taken his own life.”
      Peoples also interviewed Nolan Griffin, a gas station attendant in Robertson County. Griffin claimed that on the day of Marshall’s death, he had been asked by a stranger for directions to Marshall’s farm. A Texas Ranger artist, Thadd Johnson, drew a facial sketch based on a description given by Griffin. Peoples eventually came to the conclusion that this man was Mac Wallace, the convicted murderer of John Kinser.

      In the spring of 1962, Billie Sol Estes was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on fraud and conspiracy charges. Soon afterwards it was disclosed by the Secretary of Agriculture, Orville L. Freeman, that Henry Marshall had been a key figure in the investigation into the illegal activities of Billie Sol Estes. As a result, the Robertson County grand jury ordered that the body of Marshall should be exhumed and an autopsy performed. After eight hours of examination, Dr. Joseph A. Jachimczyk confirmed that Marshall had not committed suicide. Jachimczyk also discovered a 15 percent carbon monoxide concentration in Marshall’s body. Jachimczyk calculated that it could have been as high as 30 percent at the time of death.



      • George says:

        The worthless piece of massive shit LBJ was complicit in the murder of John Kennedy as well

        • YO GEORGE,




          THE CLINTONS:




          • George says:

            I have no respect for the clinton clan. I wouldn’t waste my time to walk across the street to shit down his throat and as for the two vaginal cavities, well I think that says it all.


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  12. Mike Hickman says:

    I can’t believe this crap is believed by the people who read it. Breitbart died of heart failure because he actually had no heart at all because it was full of hate and vile. Where was Breitbart during the Bush administration-bashing democrats? Where was Breitbart when the top Saudis in America were allowed to fly home when ALL other planes were grounded just after 9/11. Where was he during the Clinton administration? Good riddance to that asshole. As for Tom Clancy, his death is a tragedy because he was a beloved writer for all readers of his CIA/spy novels. When someone beloved dies, many cannot comprehend that they are gone so the conspiracy theories begin. Clancy wrote CIA/spy novels and was actually befriended by those in the CIA, retired from the CIA, and every spy wannabe walking the earth. Clancy had 66 years of a good life and was a multi-millionaire; pretty good for an insurance salesman-turned-writer. Obama hasn’t had anyone killed other than enemy combatants (and, admittedly, some innocent bystanders by mistake). If you want to blame anyone for Clany’s death, then look no farther than the CIA itself. They are a clandestine organization which can have someone killed or captured and cannot be exposed due to their type of inherent secrecy. The CIA does not like it when elected officials or civilians get too close to their goals/missions.

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  15. SYG triune> militia, free state, arms. 1 You MUST organize. This is NOT going to happen for you, 2 You MUST understand the issues confronting the subversion of a free society and be willing to speak openly about this and educate to prevention of usurpation, and 3) You MUST train in the use of firearms in field combat in perpetuity. THIS is the 2nd amendment. You aren’t doing these things, nothing even remotely close. Buying guns and spending a few hours per year at the firing range does NOT make you 2nd amendment savvy, nor does spending your hours online chatting petty arguments w/trolls and provocateurs. Americas priorities are McDonalds, abortion and degenerate entertainment. THESE ARE NOT the 2nd amendment, and for lack of care to the former your domestic infrastructure is falling not to a enemy but to your willingness to debauchery instead of watching over your home. For those of you who believe this is about fairness, internationalism and a humanitarian world culture that will spend it’s days eating, fxxking and partying itself into oblivion, you will lose this soon as transnationals have you “corralled”. NOT AMERICA! Dumb dumbs… YES, AMERICA.

  16. Susan says:

    I have always thought that Breitbart was assassinated using focused soundwaves. With enough power, they literally boil the blood by causing air bubbles in the bloodstream to cavitate, or explode. If Breitbart as reported was ‘bright red’ when he died, imo he was fried on the pavement. Anyone passing from a heart condition usually has a blue-gray cast in death as no blood is flowing.

    • joy says:

      do you remember that AB had his ”last supper” with none other than billy ayers, one of the ‘president’s’ best friends ????? Well, I believed then, and still do NOW, that ayers slipped something into AB’s food or drink, that didn’t act til after AB was walking home !!!

      • sfinegan2013 says:

        Thanks Joy. However, A B, invited by Tucker Carlson of The Daily Caller, had his celebrated supper on Superbowl Sunday with Mr. Ayers. This was several weeks before his sudden death outside of the L A restaurant on February 28. Since there was no physical change in A B’s health ever publicly noted prior to his death, I still believe that his unexpected demise came as a result of covert weaponry.

    • Junk says:

      I guess he should have worn his foil hat. Susan, it is people like you, and articles like this, that the left just loves to see. Ridiculous does not begin to cover what this is, I am embarrassed to read stuff like this, it makes us look like FOOLS.

    • finally, a statement that makes some sense. Our CIA has this capability and so much more we would all freak out to know all the truth…

  17. Bill Rogers says:

    I figured Clancy was murdered when they didn’t even bother to use the “he shot himself three times in the back of the head” suicide story.

  18. M Court says:

    You people, are idiots.

    • xdreamartist says:

      You people? Us blacks?

      • rbodell says:

        Funny you would bring race into it. Typical black statement. If it isn’t racist, make it racist. When is the black race ever going to stop whining and become respectable members of society?

        WAAAAA I can’t get a job or I will loose my welfare. BOOO HOOO I can’t get out of the slums because I quit school and got hooked on drugs BOO HOO.I can’t get a job because I chose to become a criminal rather than get an education and be something.

        I don’t feel a bit sorry for YOU PEOPLE. You chose what you were going to be now fix it or live with it.

        DON’T YOU DARE tell me the black man is not physically or mentally capable of staying off drugs, out of prison and employed and educated. IT IS A CHOICE.

      • How do we know who is black on a computer screen? Get over it.

  19. rbodell says:

    If that is so, why did Obama let this guy live to tell it?

  20. Andrew says:

    Why yes maam, I would like another heaping of crazy.

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  26. RDavidHummel says:

    Fact…Obama, by his FAILED LEADERSHIP….on MULTIPLE ISSUES is the PROFOUND DISRESPECT to the Office of the Presidency.
    The People’s opine, “is not”, whether Obama is of any colour….The difficulty of his “BEHAVIOUR”, in Obama’s faulty declaration , “To Fundamentally Change America”, is the din and angst of “We The People”.
    May our Creator continue to Bless, Lead and Guide the Christian Pillars of our nation, that Our Fore, and Founding Fathers have woven in the Fabric of our Foundation. May our Congress provide a rapid and resolute solution to our present and disparaging State of Our Union,…. that WE MAY prevent a Literal and Physical “CIVIL WAR”.
    I pledge my Allegience that I will again place life on the line to the cause…”when the Dawns early light, and Rockets red glare may be the Call to regain the Freedoms that are being “Socialistically and Marxistly stricken from this Great Nations Constitutional privileges.

    Robert David Hummel USA RET

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  28. Adalberto Cervantes says:

    The CIA is helping mexican, indian, chinese illuminaties to destroy our economy to be millionaires
    The CIA supports Dictators of course to be millionaires.
    Obama has to be in jail with all their CIA partners. International justice. They are millionaires killing people and making frauds. http://lnkd.in/bc8dJtx NSA and other agencies are to protect their own criminal acts, they are getting millionair making frauds and killing. La CIA is starting to control everything in Mexico and USA to hide their killings in both countries. They are making a lot of money for their families only. Really a lot of money for theses lazies for their criminal acts..They are millioners for their crimes had done. It is Istlamo Nazi pólice already on place and ready, that it is the only job done by Obama, he does not care about americans

  29. Adalberto Cervantes says:

    They are using Mexico ad a bridge they hire people with no working visas to work in the States, indians and mexicans to work illegaly in the States, they have done that for years. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/10/29/us-will-reportedly-hit-infosys-with-record-fine-for-immigration-violations/ Indians spies are doing laundering money for Capos using 100 Fortune Companies through the international bank system http://aristeguinoticias.com/2810/mexico/video-no-hay-riesgo-de-guerra-civil-si-de-una-batalla-entre-delincuentes-la-tuta/ Move your mafias from Mexico, we are not a bridge for indian and chinese mafias. There is going to be a war, Move your mafias from Mexico, we are not a bridge for indian and chinese mafias. There is going to be a war, Go away indian and chinese mafias from Mexico, Americans allow offshore, outsourcing for third countries, and today all the world is messing with american IT when the main one the indian IT is really the most fraudulent of all the times. It is a world crime. Stop alliens who are part of secret groups to have our money and kill us if they have the chance. Indians working with CIA to use IT against citizens. Doing fiscal and accounting frauds all the time. They are agents and not consultants. Indians are infiltrating in american companies through americans, having american names (change of name), using american consultant references without permission, telling lies to american clients to replace the american consultants, using data bases to control IT consultants, using fake documents like IT or educative documents among others. They are acting like spies all the time

  30. Adalberto Cervantes says:

    The NSA system is a diabolic system created by lazies, science was not applied at all and it is done by high school workers without educative documents. It is a system that eats other systems like television, radio, telephone among others. Attacks several targets at the same time using CIA techniques of dealing with different groups. This system protects operations of the agencies including in the system, it is not only USA, but also India that supplied more of the technical support. Indians is kind of race without ethic at all. Everything is real time. Its weakness is the low level of technology used, because IT science was not applied, because they preferred domination of the technicians. http://topinfopost.com/2013/07/18/rothschild-conspiracy-international-banking-cartel-and-the-federal-reserve

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  33. Uncle Vladdi says:

    When America succeeds, Globalism fails. Therefore, America must fail.

    -Your Plutocratic Sales-Masters-

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  35. Anna Salerno says:

    I have suspected for a long time that Breitbart was murdered by obozo! I wondered why a young man like Tom Clancy died so suddenly with no cause of death given. I heard about the Saudies nearly five years ago paying for barry soetoro’s Harvard education. He went to Occidental College in LA on a Fulbright Scholoraship which are given to foreign students only. Why is this muslim terrorist allowed to remain in power with his constant compaign, Reggie Love, and his racist wife mooch living high and large on the tax payers dollar when Valerie Jarret is running the government. This muslim woman was NOT elected by the people!! When is Congress going to act and arrest this fraud?!?!

  36. Anna S says:

    I have suspected for a long time that Breitbart was murdered by obozo! I wondered why a young man like Tom Clancy died so suddenly with no cause of death given. I heard about the Saudies nearly five years ago paying for barry soetoro’s Harvard education. He went to Occidental College in LA on a Fulbright Scholoraship which are given to foreign students only. Why is this muslim terrorist allowed to remain in power with his constant compaign, Reggie Love, and his racist wife mooch living high and large on the tax payers dollar when Valerie Jarret is running the government. This muslim woman was NOT elected by the people!! When is Congress going to act and arrest this fraud?!?!

  37. Given what we know and what we can conjecture from what we know, I would say this scenario is not entirely far fetched…it is, however, unsupported with any kind of information that is verifiable or could become verifiable.

    What I am saying is: Even if you could find a few more people to verify this, there isn’t enough to take to the people and say “We must impeach this man”, at least not if you expect a response not riddled with laughter. Get us something more than a mildly plausible conspiracy theory and we will convince the public to demand an answer…otherwise, sounds like a great plot for a novel.

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  39. debris54 says:

    RIGHT!! … so, like… I gotsa me a REAL BIG STORY… know whaddi mean? and I want the WHOLE WORLD to know about it … so … I KNOW ! I’LL GO TO SOME NUTBAR WITH NO CREDIBILITY TO ANY OUTSIDE THE SEMI-BRAIN DEAD! … and ‘break’ my ‘BIG STORY’ there!! Yeah! smart idea! that’s me! … just a SMART fella!

  40. BOMBSHELL: Ex-CIA Agent Claims Obama Had Breitbart and Clancy Killed

  41. George says:

    The worthless half-nigger needs a dose of his own medicine.

  42. BillWhit says:

    Certainly doesn’t surprise me! Obama is a Tyrant who needs to be in Gitmo awaiting Execution! The homosexual, lying, Chicago Thug, Obama, also had three gay friends (Donald Young, Larry Bland, Nate Spencer) killed execution style shortly before Obama started campaigning for the Illinois State Senate. Obama is one pathetic, treacherous, deceitful Islamic Barbarian who needs to be cleansed from our Nation and our History Books!

  43. Criteria of a conspiracy, 1. Immediate BLAME. 2. Destruction of EVIDENCE. 3. Who BENEFITTED? If an EVENT or SCENARIO, fits this SIMPLE/core CRITERIA, a conspiracy was PRESENT, whether anyone LIKES it OR not is SIMPLY IRRELEVANT… DO the MATH..?

  44. Steve says:

    I have to admit, this sounds super conspiracy-theory even for me (I fully subscribe to the Agenda 21/NWO theory), but somehow I wouldn’t put it past Obama to eliminate anyone who has enough popular pull to debunk him. Clancy was a military genius, and someone whose writing was believable even if it was futuristic (thinking the Endwar series, mainly). I’m not surprised if he was fed classified info in small amounts, but it takes a writer’s intuition to shape that into a story that is so close to the truth it makes people nervous. I know some authors who write under a pseudonym for this reason, but could be written off as wackjobs simply because it is insane to believe….but Clancy had a dedicated following that spanned multiple generations. Imagine the support he could have given or gathered if things reeeaaally took a turn for the worst.

  45. oddmanout says:

    Some of this is true !! Get on the web and read the overseas news . That is if you want to know the how, what an When that is going on in America . A friend of mine advised us to Sell, cash in ,and stop auto with drawl’s from you’re banks . As this is going to happen Was in overseas news !! This is only 1/3 of what is coming up !!

  46. This man is blowing a whistle…. a foghorn! Can you not hear it?

  47. Marilyn Z says:

    As bad as this administration is, surely, if all this was actually happening, SOMEONE SOMEWHERE would manage to blow a whistle…even just a tiny one. There is no honor among thieves and certainly no honor among muslims so why isn’t someone crying FOUL? I would never, ever take part in anything like this, my soul would be in jeopardy if nothing else, but I would be terrified that my family would learn I was part of something this awful even if I were never punished, here on earth, for committing such a deed.

    That being said, even if you could find twenty souls evil enough to do these things….someone is going to break.

    Bad as BO is, I cannot believe this of him. If he has encouraged these things, hell would be too good for him.

    • glentrs98 says:

      nuts, lessee his ID, he must have something.

      • Ruth says:

        on facebook there is a copy of his student ID from Columbia University. I made a COPY of it, but can’t manage to do anything but make more copies on my computer. I can’t seem to get it to transfer anywhere. Just like the bastard, nothing about him WORKS, and yet you can’t get rid of him! Anyway, his name on the ID is BARRY SOETORO…not Barak Obama, and it also says across the bottom FOREIGN STUDENT. So…we have someone who is NOT an American citizen, whose name ISN’T EVEN Barak Obama….we need to FIX THIS now.

    • Ruth says:

      As far as I can tell, he hasn’t any soul to speak of and by your criteria, Hell IS too good for him!

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