Colorado GOP Disowns Latest Recall Effort

Recall Hudak T-shirt.


Big deal.  They disowned the last two also, telling the organizers that they could never possibly win.  But they were wrong.  They could be right this time as there was already on effort to recall  Evie Hudak by the voters in her district, but they didn’t get enough signatures to do it.  This time it is more organized and they have plenty of volunteers.

The state GOP, who lost the state to the democrats in the first place are still trying to dispense advice.  And like any other free advice, it’s worth every penny of it.  The State GOP is afraid of bad PR.  They are afraid if they take control of the senate through three recall elections, the voters won’t like it.  Well hell’s bells, if the voters didn’t approve, they wouldn’t be successful.

But if the recall is triggered, they will likely get involved like they did before.  During the Morse & Giron recalls, the state party sent them 100k and outside groups like the NRA brought in money and volunteers.  The grassroots movement in Colorado has already proven that money isn’t everything.  They were outspent 7 to 1 during the first two recalls but won them both.

The democrats currently have a one vote majority in the Senate and if Hudak is recalled and loses, the Republicans would then control the Senate and could block any bill the House or Hickenlooper throws out there.  A third of the senate is up for reelection in 2014, but Hudak is not one of them.

The state party has no money to help anyway and because of the first two recalls, they weren’t expecting help.

Hudak says she is not worried.  That’s what Morse and Giron kept saying.

Steven Ahle is the Editor of Red Statements.

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9 Responses to Colorado GOP Disowns Latest Recall Effort

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  2. Obama's A Dick says:

    To hell with liberals.
    Come and take them.
    See what happens.

  3. mowerman41 says:

    its time Christians born again bought by the blood of Jesus on fire holy spirit filled bible bbelieving Christians stand up and look up for your redemption draweth nigh we are getting ready to get out of here Jesus is getting ready to hear the father say go get my children

  4. mowerman41 says:

    God is not done shaking colorado either folks you want to know why they have the floods this is exactily why

    • Ruth says:

      ? Why? Because they HAVE all the liberals in both parties, or because they are trying to GET RID of them? I would say HAVING them is “shaking” enough! Sort of like what is happening to the nation in general under mr. wonderful and all his buds.

  5. That’s why I left the GOP and they left me. I vote only Libertarian from here on…tired of the hypocrisy in the single two-headed monster we call “the two-party system”.

  6. Right vs. wrong. Has nothing to do with religion which itself is anti-human, anti-mind, anti-frontal lobe.

  7. Ivan Pistov says:

    Does the GOP ever get GOOD PR? You know the answer to that. I say go for broke, throw everything you have into recalling this genius Hudak, show them they can no longer call all the shots. Seems to me that people who KNOW what’s wrong and have a solution but don’t use it are certainly cutting off their nose. Do it!

  8. Mac says:

    It’s time conservatives – and ALL CHRISTIANS – realize that this is a fight for the life of this republic.

    NEVER SAY DIE – until you DO.

    And the battle lines couldn’t be more clear = GOOD vs. EVIL.

    The Marxist Democrat Party of America threw out “God” from their pathetic platform – REMEMBER?……

    So, I’ll give you one guess as to who’s the evil bastards – intent on their “fundamental transformation” of America into a 3rd world cesspool.

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