Actor Chris Noth says conservatives are racists and should be horse-whipped

Chris NothChris Noth: From Mr. Big to Mr. Pig

Here’s another Hollyweirddumbo to add to our list of boycotts — Chris Noth.

Chris who?

I don’t blame you if you have no clue who Chris Noth is.

Noth is a TV actor in such fare as Law and Order, (poorly) succeeding Vincent D’Onofrio in Law and Order: Criminal Intent, and as Mr. Big in the slutty cable series Sex and the City.

Last Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2013, political scientist Chris Noth appeared on HuffPost Live and weighed in with his thoughts on the government shutdown.Noth said that conservative members of Congress provoked a government shutdown, in part, because of racism.

The astoundingly articulate Noth told HuffPost Live host Marc Lamont Hill: “I think it’s gotta be the worst Congress since right before the Civil War. And rightly, who was it? I think was it Carter? Someone called them a bunch of Confederates. I mean, they practically are. Why don’t they just secede from the Union at this point?”

Then psychiatrist Chris Noth continued with this insightful pronouncement: “I think racism can being an unconscious knee-jerk reaction without being people even knowing it.”

Earlier, Noth had tweeted that Tea Party members are motivated “mostly because our president is black” and they “should be horsewhipped.”

H/t Media Research Center and Patriot Act Network


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