Gov Targets Ammo Supply Lines: Prices to Rise Sharply As America’s Last Lead Supplier Calls It Quits


A couple of years ago we opined that the anti-gun establishment had found a loophole for the Second Amendment and that rather than targeting the banning of all firearms, they would instead turn their attention to ammunition.

The government’s most recent efforts to reduce open market availability through taxation, individual purchase restrictions and a massive stockpiling effort by the Department of Homeland Security has forced ammunition prices to nearly triple, while also dwindling supplies of many popular calibers.

But they’re not done yet.

In fact, they may have finally found a way to circumvent U.S.-based domestic production altogether.

The all-out attack on Americans’ gun rights is now being taken to the next level.

The goal is to regulate all forms of ammunition out of existence, and they’re starting with Doe Run, which is the last of America’s domestic lead processing and manufacturing facilities.

Now, the only ore-to-lead producer in America… the largest in the Western world… has been shut down by EPA regulation.

EPA’s regulatory uncertainty and an estimated $100 million to convert [to non-smelter manufacturing] caused the company to finally throw in the towel.

It’s not just ammunition that’s dissapearing. American industry… American jobs…. are being regulated out of existence as well.

Lead’s still going to be manufactured in China, but it’ll be done without any environmental oversight, it’ll be scarce, it’ll be expensive, and we’ll have fragile supply lines.

It’s party of multi-pronged attack on ammunition.

  • Drying up the market by hoarding billions of rounds
  • Shutting down the market with background checks, registration, and banning of online sales
  • Environmental regulation to ban the use and manufacture of lead

And after we can no longer manufacture ammunition domestically we have the UN Arms Trade Treaty to stop the importation of ammunition.

…If you look at the multiple ways they’re trying to remove all ammunition… not just certain guns they believe are dangerous… there’s no question that this is about all-out gun control.

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Doe Run is scheduled to layoff its workforce and close its doors before the end of the year.

With no more lead being processed in America, we are now completely dependent on our largest creditor, China, to supply the necessary base metals for ammunition production.

This will have the immediate effect of further limiting supplies, while also increasing prices, and we can expect this soon after Doe Run’s closure this December.

Furthermore, in April of this year James Rawles of detailed new importation restrictions set forth in a Presidential Executive Action following the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting, which bans the importation of military surplus items that include magazines, firearms accessories and, of course, foreign ammunition.

Couple this with the implementation of U.N. “authorized” trade restrictions set forth in the new UN Arms Trade Treaty, and you can see where this is headed.

It is not an over-exaggeration to suggest that ammunition supply lines will soon be cut, effectively making it nearly impossible to acquire.

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27 Responses to Gov Targets Ammo Supply Lines: Prices to Rise Sharply As America’s Last Lead Supplier Calls It Quits

  1. B Richards says:

    You guys really believe this is just president Obama?

    “It is the sacred principles enshrined in the United Nations charter to which the American people will henceforth pledge their allegiance.” (George H. W. Bush, addressing the General Assembly of the U.N. February 1, 1992.)

  2. More proof that this government, when they can’t take away your guns, they are taking away your ammunition.

    • randy says:

      yes obama has taken over epa him self and is trying to put this same bull crap on power companies as of this morning , the companys are saying its unfair because its new and too expensive, this pos is trying to destroy our country

  3. Ralph Lauren says:

    It’s time for the people to take back this country. I have a bow and arrows so ammo is not a huge concern, but I would like to be able to get what I need to hunt and protect my family and if need be, fight for my rights and freedom.

  4. heebeegeebies says:

    Not all of their employees are losing their jobs. Any is too many as far as I’m concerned. I wrote to Doe Run and called the NRA. I think a fundraiser could get them the upgrades they need. The far reach of the NRA and other related entities will inform and generate interest. I’m not sure of the outcome of my suggestion yet. I did get a response from a Doe Run representative and detected a note of resignation to the situation. I did write back with the best sales pitch I could muster for the idea. I’m hoping they are interested. It’ll save jobs and prove a couple of points to the powers that would disarm us. First, we take care of our own and don’t underestimate our desire or ability to do so. We value our Bill of Rights and our Constitution. We don’t take it lightly when they are threatened. Last but certainly not least, it would be a large scale example of O’s favorite gesture. The middle finger, gift wrapped from a whole lot of “Bible and gun clingers”.

    • Don says:

      I like your enthusiasm. Any way I can help, let me know. I was wondering if they could be declared exempt since armed citizens are part of our national defense strategy from the very beginning. Like the way mines and steel mills and such were important to national defense in WW2.

  5. thomaswde says:

    Let me get this strait, we are shutting down our only (essentially bullet) manufacturer so that we have to depend on China to defend ourselves from foreign entities such as China? Wow.

  6. Jon Doe says:

    They know that as the gap between the rich and the poor widen, so will the minds of so many in dire situations. Revolution is upon us and the rich know this. If the corporate and corrupt government forces are the only ones to have ammo and weapons, the rich can maintain their interests and steal more freedoms from the brave men and women that live in the land of the free.

  7. The FP-45 Liberator was a pistol manufactured by the United States military during World War II for use by resistance forces in occupied territories.

    The Liberator was shipped in a cardboard box with 10 rounds of .45 ACP ammunition, a wooden dowel to remove the empty cartridge case, and an instruction sheet in comic strip form[3] showing how to load and fire the weapon. Extra rounds of ammunition could be stored in the pistol grip. The Liberator was a crude and clumsy weapon, never intended for front line service. It was originally intended as an insurgency weapon to be mass dropped behind enemy lines to resistance fighters in occupied territory. A resistance fighter was to recover the weapon, sneak up on an Axis occupier, kill or incapacitate him, and retrieve his weapons.

  8. billwhit1357 says:

    Self Loads, no problem! Obama and his Legion of Demons can kiss my Patriotic Backside! I pray I get to read Obama’s Obituary in the very near future, and I hope it is a painful and bloody ending for the Gay Muslim Maggot! Where are the L.H. Oswalds when America truly needs one?

    • Ronald R. Johnson says:

      ONCE Obama is out, then the government can flood the market with all the Ammo Obama bought up and then hang him and all his Czars and appointees too!!

  9. sharivilles says:

    If anyone storms any where it will leave this evil Pres. to declare Martial Law. Look that up on google. He must not be allowed to do that. He is however ready to do it. He has his ducks all in a row, just waiting for a reason to declare Martial Law.

    • Thom* says:

      So what do you suggest we do? Live as slaves. If it means i die if I fight for freedom, then lets see how that works out. People die in car crashes, airplane crashes, playing sports, walking home, falling, drowning, cancer, etc etc. Dying defending your freedom seems like a worthy cause to me!! I don’t know about you, but hiding in a stairwell is not my forte’

  10. Wesley says:

    Does anyone know what (O.K.O.) or Operation K.O. is? Apparently has to do with gun control and ammunition. Heard it mentioned by business people in Chicago,and D.C. numerous times with no explanation.

  11. Roger H says:

    Very well put and all too true.

  12. Ben says:

    DHS agents acting under authority of their governor, were buying up ammo in their particular state all this year. This state was just south of the M-D line. Shortage?

  13. Thom* says:

    Enters glass bullets, copper bullets, steel bullets dunked in pork fat to prevent rusting,, plastic bullets !!! What about the electric car? There goes obama ‘s dream up in smoke. Batteries need lead!! Light bulbs need lead, hundreds of products use lead Besides, It won’t take a genius to figure out how to make bullets without lead. Use your imagination, it could be the open door to riches you have always dreamed of.

  14. ChiefHuntingBear says:

    Look at the genocidal hate-crimes that the American government is committing against us indigenous Terrapin tribespeople then tell me if we could protect ourselves if we were still armed.

    • Thom* says:

      I read your profile in full and enjoyed the whole 25 minutes. hahahahaha. It was a great way to start the day! I recommend reading it to everyone :)

  15. Well, can people learn to do this on their own in their own place?

  16. Dennis Habernk says:

    As a student of History, the colonies that would soon become the United

    States of America, battled the largest English Army and Navy, to defeat

    risking, as Benjamin Franklin exclaimed, that the colonists needed to hang

    together to fight the English, or they would all hang together on the

    gallows; and a few years later in 1789, the French peasants grabbed their

    pitchforks and stormed the Bastille and the Palace in Paris and arrested

    the King and Queen and had them beheaded; today, in Modern America, we

    are facing a similar problem with the current administration in Washington,

    D.C. because the White House has become infiltrated with Muslim Jihadists

    and Communists. The current POTUS is himself, a Communist and a Jihadist.

    On November 19, 2013, an American lawyer, Larry Klayman is ramrodding a

    march on Washington, D.C. in which I hope that these peaceful demonstrators,

    storm the palaces in D.C. and get rid of the current POTUS and his entire

    Administation, the 535 Congressmen, and the 9 Supreme Court Officials, and

    wipe the slate clean, commencing anew with Senator Cruz and Senator Paul,

    if you follow, and take back our country from these foreign invaders.

    During World War Two, FDR incarcerated Japanese, Italians and Germans for

    the duration of the war, and therefore, I foresee a new President adopting

    the same policy until a new election can be held as soon as possible. One

    thing is for certain, Obamacare must be eliminated, along with its designers.

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