Sure-Fire Proof That Obamacare Sucks: Dianne Feinstein Jumps Ship


Dianne Feinstein is trying to “save face.” Good luck with that!

More than 1 million cancellation notices have been sent to Californians as the Affordable Care Act begins allowing individuals to buy insurance through exchanges, Jones said. The federal law requires policies to offer minimum levels of coverage, forcing companies to terminate many existing plans. But Jones said that under the law, insurers have another year to do so.

Source: CBS Sacramento

Over 1 million cancellations? In California alone?

Dianne Feinstein has to move quickly to save face, although I’m not sure hers is a face worth saving.

Maybe she should have read it before she voted on it.

In another crushing blow to the delicate ego of our President, Dianne Feinstein has joined a push to amend the law that carries his name. She has joined Mary Landrieu, a fellow Senate Democrat from Louisiana, in a push to amend the Affordable Care Act to allow people to keep their current coverage.

Politico reports:

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said Tuesday that she will co-sponsor a bill by Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) to require insurance companies to continue offering their existing health care plans — a way to make good on President Barack Obama’s promise that consumers can keep their current coverage if they like it.

“This bill provides a simple fix to a complex problem,” Feinstein said in a statement Tuesday, calling Landrieu’s proposal a “commonsense fix” and urged Congress to pass it “quickly.”

But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has no plans to bring Obamacare delay bills to the floor, and most Senate Democrats appear to be waiting until the end of the month — the date by which the administration has promised to fix the problematic health care website — to demand major delays to the law’s implementation.

Feinstein’s support is more evidence that an increasing number of congressional Democrats are getting uneasy about last month’s bungled rollout of the health care law – Obama’s signature domestic policy achievement.

Obamacare was a bad bill and is an even worse law. Democrats are desperate to save their own reputations now, but the facts remain. This law passed without a single republican vote. If McCain and Graham won’t vote for it, it must be really bad. No one wanted to talk about delays and no one wanted to talk about defunding it, at least on that side of the aisle.

Feinstein did what politicians do. She voted for the ideas of her party and in the end she found out that those ideas were horrible, though she may not admit it in those words. Now she thinks she can fix something that can not be fixed. The cancelled policies are only the tip of the iceberg.

Some real common sense would be very welcome in Washington D.C. at this point. But that common sense is not synonymous with the “commonsense fix” that Feinstein speaks of. Putting lipstick on a pig does not change the fact that it’s still a pig.

Rather than trying to fix The Affordable Care Act it would be wise to heed the words of an age old adage:

You can’t fix stupid!


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11 Responses to Sure-Fire Proof That Obamacare Sucks: Dianne Feinstein Jumps Ship

  1. bob blincoe says:

    Sen frankenstein is only postponing the UN-affordable act in order to allow more of her demoncrap cronies to be re-elected in 2014. She is about all of the same things as the half-white idiot that is sitting ILLEGALLY in OUR White House. The sooner the bastille is stormed, the sooner this country can return to the glory and honor and status that we once had.

  2. Jock Doubleday says:

    Ha ha, the psychopaths are quibbling over how best to fund the insurance companies. By the way, Obama”care” was never meant to help anyone’s health, it was meant to bankrupt America.

  3. Dennis Habern says:

    They say that Helen of Troy maintained a face that launched a thousand

    ships, but Diane Feinstein maintains a face that sunk a thousand ships.

    So let it be said, so let it be written. So let it be enforced.

  4. Mtnman says:

    She only wants to take your guns…and accidentally your insurance too !!

  5. Dennis Habern says:

    Ben Franklin once imparted, “EITHER WE ALL HANG TOGETHER; OR WE WILL ALL

    HANG SEPARATELY.” I would prefer to use Ben’s words of wisdom to coin my

    own words of wisdom as it relates to Ben’s. By hanging together, we

    Americans can DEMAND that Obamacare be eliminated in every form that the

    Black Turd that currently takes up space in the White House, envisioned. In

    addition, I am curious to become privy, how Americans, both in the Federal

    Elections of 2008 and 2009, were swayed into believing that this Black was

    special, when all along, since 1865, 99% of the Blacks Community have been

    born, one taco, short of a full-platter, including this Black Turd many

    Americans call their POTUS. It was once released that this Black Turd

    maintains an I.Q. of 94. Therefore, an individual, with an I.Q. of 94 is

    not capable of governing a country of over 300 million Americans, when the

    Black Community has maintained a poor reputation for over 200 years. Where

    are all the scholars, where are all the mathematicians, where are all the

    scientists. What is the Black Communities primary contribution to the

    American traditional way of life, because 99% of the Blacks are uneducated

    and refuse, similar to the Muslims, to assimilate into American Mores. They,

    for some unknown reason, tend to maintain their tribal traditions because

    more than likely, for the Blacks to assimilate, they could be accused of

    becoming too White. Therefore, in their eyes, what is so great about being

    Black. What have the Blacks EVER accomplished, especially this Black Turd

    that uses his position of POTUS, to assist the ramrods of “THE NEW WORLD

    ORDER,” and the ramrods of “THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD,” in perpetuating the

    destruction of the United States, where he and his traitors desire to

    maintain an unelected World President to serve the wealthy, or to conquer

    the planet in the name of Islam in his search for a global Caliphate. In

    his apologetic tour to Cairo, Egypt soon after he was elected in 2008,

    he imparted to the Egyptians that “WHEN THE SHIT HITS THE FAN, HE WILL

    STAND WITH THE MUSLIMS.” Therefore, Americans, it is time to get rid of

    this Communist/Muslim before maintains the wherewithal to get rid of we the

    people, and hopefully, this will be accomplished on November 19, 2013 when

    Larry Klayman, an American lawyer is ramrodding a march on Washington, D.C.

    in the park across from the White House, and in memorance of the FRENCH

    REVOLUTION OF 1789,” similar how the peasants grabbed their pitchforks and

    stormed the Bastille and the Palace, our modern Americans can accomplish the

    same thing. So let it be said, so let it be written, and above all, so let

    it be enforced.

  6. Debra Ward says:

    same plan…same price…same coverage…

  7. toto says:

    Used to be so important to keep the government out of our bedrooms, but it is not important to keep them out of our entire being, financially and physically?

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