Spineless House Democrats Give Obama Until Friday to Fix Obamacare

Leader PelosiIn the midst of all of the chaos surrounding the Obamacare roll-out it seems like a lot of House Democrats have forgotten their place. Senate and House Democrats are just as responsible for this mess as Barack Obama and Kathleen Sebelius. They passed the bill. Barack Obama simply signed it into law.

Again, maybe someone should have read the bill.

It appears that an ultimatum was made and a number of House Democrats have given Barack Obama until Friday to make significant improvements. If he does not they have threatened to work on a bipartisan fix.

Think about how ignorant that sentence was. Think hard. The democrats have threatened to work hand in hand with republicans. In a perfect world they would already be doing that. But this is American politics and far from a perfect world.

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We need to keep this threat in perspective because there is still a democratic majority in the Senate. So unless they agree then this means little or nothing.

But this is why I called them “spineless” democrats in the title of this article.

They are acting like Obama is their king and this is beyond stupid. You won’t hear me come to the defense of Dianne Feinstein very often but hell has just frozen over. So I will do it this one time.

Feinstein and Landrieu are working on an amendment to allow people to keep their insurance. This is what legislators are supposed to do. These House Democrats are clowns. I happen to think that there is a lot more wrong with Obamacare than people having policies cancelled, but I must give credit to Dianne Feinstein and Mary Landrieu for at least acting like legislators are supposed to act. Legislators are supposed to provide fixes. They are not supposed to beg the king to do it for them.

These House Democrats need to roll up their sleeves and get to work. If something is broken you fix it. If you screw up you take credit for your part in it and you fix it. You do not seek the president’s approval. You do not work for Barack Obama. You work for “We the People.” Period.

Whatever happened to alpha males and females?

I don’t have to agree with someone for them to be an alpha. When they enter a room you know who they are and they let you know where they stand.

All of these people share in the blame. What some people see as a strong ultimatum, I see as a group of politicians trying to blame Barack Obama for a law which they helped create. They voted for it.

If Obama gave congress until Friday to fix this we would be all over his case. I don’t like Obama and I think he is a very bad president. But this is “Bush League” politics. (definitely no pun intended)

They are ALL to blame and rather than give ultimatums or beg Obama to fix it they need to act like they are prepared to do the job we are paying them to do.

Don’t shoot your mouth off.

Just fix it.

Don’t try to put lipstick on a pig like Feinstein and Landrieu are doing. Just kill the damn thing once and for all.

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4 Responses to Spineless House Democrats Give Obama Until Friday to Fix Obamacare

  1. Ruth says:

    “They give him until Friday” – or what? They going to take his Air Force One privileges away for the weekend? He’ll stay “home” and throw a million dollar jamboree for his buddies like JayZ and Beyoncé and the like. Throw his stinking butt OUT, and anyone who has enabled this piece of crap for the last five years. Don’t forget the main “string-puller” behind the curtain with the false beard, Valerie Jarrett. She belongs on a scaffold beside him. His ugly wife and his brats should head for the hills while they can. I had often prayed psalm 109 regarding this “presidency”. You might give it a read just for grins. Pay closer attention when you get to verses 6 through about 21. All of it applies, but these particular ones are just more emphatic.

  2. Rose says:

    If they had read this monstrosity of a bill they wouldn’t have to worry about a Band-Aid or what will happen when everyone else loses their coverage in 2014! Estimates I have heard are about 100 million more will lose coverage and I hope they all converge on D.C. with brooms and pitch forks!

  3. franktrades says:

    Dems have finally recognized this version of the bubonic plague, carried by rats, no less.

  4. Bill B says:

    I dont give a rats ass what dem works on the bipartisan fix. They all must go for their support and signing of this attrocity

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