Did Obama Plan to Nuke America This Fall? Or is Jim Garrow Completely Nuts?


Do you ever find yourself reading a story so unbelievable that you simply do not know how to get your brain to properly process the data? I came upon such a story yesterday and I intend to report it but ultimately you need to decide what you believe. I am not afraid to print anything for discussion. But I will not characterize this story as undeniable truth. I want to throw it out so people can process it at their own pace. It might take me awhile. Fair enough?

Dr. Jim Garrow is a former Nobel Peace Prize nominee. He was responsible for bringing the military litmus tests (whether soldiers will fire on American citizens) to light early in 2013. I believed that story because there have been other sources to report similar occurrences, including the infamous 29 Palms survey.

About a month ago Dr. Garrow reported that Tom Clancy and Andrew Breitbart were basically assassinated by operatives from The Obama Administration. I can actually believe that could be true. However, the part I had a hard time swallowing was that Garrow claimed to have this knowledge only because he is a former CIA Agent. I printed that article, written by Dr. Eowyn but I must admit that the CIA Agent scenario seemed a bit odd to me.

I have two thoughts on this:

  1. Dr. Jim Garrow is one of the last people I would expect to be a CIA Agent, but…
  2. I really think they would have locked him up already for making claims like that if they were not true. I’m not sure what to believe. But wouldn’t portraying yourself as a former CIA Agent be some sort of crime?

Well those stories seem like back page news compared to the potential bombshell that Garrow just dropped. I don’t like Barack Obama one bit. I think he is hell bent on destroying America. But would he nuke America? Like I said, you will have to decide.

Liberty Digest reprinted two Facebook statuses of Dr. Jim Garrow from November 18th and 19th that have since been removed by Facebook:

Three individuals have just saved 300 million lives in the past 2 weeks. They saved the 90% of the population that would be dead if Bathhouse Barry had not been stopped from using 3 nuclear devices against the American populace. 2 Army Generals and 1 Navy Admiral, whose duties included the safeguarding and oversight of the nuclear arsenal. Obama ordered that 3 nukes be transported in a major breach of protocol and safety regulations of long standing. He wanted it NOW, and these officers were made aware of what the intention was. The admiral had the one Navy nuke taken 200 miles off South Carolina and detonated deep in the ocean. The other 2 nukes disappeared thanks to the handiwork of the 2 Generals, the numbers 1 and 2 men in charge of the Army ordinance. These three men are heroes of the highest order. Look up the events of 2 Generals and 1 Admiral being dismissed in the past two weeks and you will find their names. They saved your lives and the lives of 300 million of your fellow citizens.

Mr. Obama’s intention was to set off the three nukes to devastate all computer related systems on the continent thus taking America back 200 years and guaranteeing a total breakdown in society and with in one year the death of 300 million Americans. To see how this would be possible read, “One Second After”. You can get it on Amazon.

We peered over the edge of the precipice of the death of our civilization and have lived to tell the tale. 3 heroes stood tall for America and the mad man in the white house was stopped for the first time in his life. He is unsure of what to do just now and he does not possess the keys to the nuclear submarines nor the two nukes that are now hidden. For the first time in his life someone said no, meant it, and stopped him from murder and devastation. The next few days are critical. Be afraid and go to prepper sites to find out how to save your family, if you can. – Dr. Jim Garrow, Nov. 18, 2013

In the condominium complex in Casa Grande, Arizona, where I have a unit, a visit was made yesterday by a group of 4 men in a black Suburban with lots of antenna’s on the roof. The management of our large group of condo’s was asked to open the door of my unit. The badges were a combination of many different alphabet agencies including my former one. Interesting because after I posted about EMP’s and missing nukes my phone rang late in the evening and I was requested to cease and desist. My posts have been removed. I am not however repentant, nor cowed. If anything like this happens again I have instructed people to begin the release of documents and information as per prepared plans in the hands of these people. Obama is known for overplaying his hand, and now should be known far and wide as a dangerous amateur. He may have gotten Breitbart, Hastings and Clancy, but they were just writers. I hope that he enjoys the protests today in DC.  – Dr. Jim Garrow, Nov. 19, 2013


Is it truth? I don’t know but it is very interesting.

As bizarre as this story may be, there are some things in place that might tend to support it. Check out CNN’s entry called Top nuclear missile commanders fired. I kind of doubt that they were fired for “alcohol and gambling” as the story suggests. I would have to assume some sort of insubordination was in play. You don’t fire a highly-decorated career officer because he is a drunk. These firings happened before Garrow posted, so if he is out of his mind he could have constructed a story around these events.

And if you want to check out actual radiation levels you will see that there are areas of elevated radiation on the East Coast in the general vicinity of South Carolina. Here is a good source for that: http://www.netc.com/ Compare it to the West Coast which is purportedly suffering the effects of Fukushima and it doesn’t look all that bad, however. And since I don’t check those reports daily it could be that the Carolinas have had elevated or rising radiation levels for awhile, and that could have gone into the creation of a story as well.

My gut feeling is that this story is not true and that Garrow has slipped off into another reality. If it is true then why has no one else come forward and why is an “ex-CIA” Agent the only one willing to expose the planned slaughter of 300 million Americans? Wouldn’t you hope that at least one of the three who were relieved of command would have something to say as well? If not them, then surely someone would have been so guilt-ridden that they had to tell someone. We are talking about 300 million lives. It seems like Garrow is off his rocker, but…

…if I was 100% confident of that I would not have bothered to even print this story. I still have a hard time believing that someone could make claims like this and not find themselves behind bars or worse. Do you think this administration would allow that? Brandon Raub got arrested for some pretty harmless Facebook posts and this seems far from harmless. Does Garrow really have the goods and is he using that as leverage to keep himself from the same fate?

I can’t help but think about all of the unbelievable conspiracies that became reality in 2013. Do I believe that Obama would nuke this country to benefit from a “false flag?” Unfortunately yes I do believe that he would stoop to anything that would get him closer to his goals, but I just have a hard time believing that it’s true this time. Garrow just seems to be at the center of too many big stories that no one else seems to come by. Are his connections that strong? Or is he just crazy?

I keep going back to wondering whether of not I believe Obama would do this. I believe he would. Is Garrow credible though? I am starting to have serious doubts.

What do you think?

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39 Responses to Did Obama Plan to Nuke America This Fall? Or is Jim Garrow Completely Nuts?

  1. peace says:

    you people are all insane is it real that you believe any american could be so out of touch with reality that they would destroy america i must say that the real threat to our country is people like you who believe the garrows and LAMEBAUGHS and all of the other nutjobs that you subcribe to please please put down the koolaid and do something POSITIVE for our country instead of all the negative insane garbage that you all spew……… and have a nice day

  2. David Scott says:

    The last chapter of I.T. WARS has the best treatment of what EMP would do to this society. Also: Google “pictures of telephone poles” and contrast those of the 1920s with today’s – notice anything? Remarkably similar. No progression in almost 100 years: We have all of this above ground infrastructure (poles, [unmanned] substations, high-power lines, etc.) with no protection from EMP, weather, terror, etc. – and no plan to put any of this underground, in EMP/weather-proof conduits. We distribute water underground (to your home, office, etc.). Why no national plan to protect our electrical/data infrastructure, and to protect and distribute this underground? Having electrical and data transmission and related conduits (wires, stations, etc.) is like having water pipes above ground, including those coming to your home. To say a fix is overdue is no exaggeration – but even the media doesn’t discuss this. Rather incredible, no? Read that last chapter of I.T. WARS for some great perspective.

  3. Ronald Chappell says:

    While we are arguing conspiracy conjectures think about this. Obama might be concerned about a military Coup de D’grace which is in the rumor mill thus his huge purge of military officers. He might not desire and EMP strike with subsequent martial law but wants to hold it over the military’s head to blackmail them from carrying out their Coup. The Gen. Hamm mutiny over Benghazi might be just the tip of the iceberg in this struggle. It has been said that the military has set up a nuclear weapon command structure long ago which is unassailable from the White House and they intend to maintain their control. So it is a Mexican standoff.
    or on the other hand, Maybe I should have taken up Si Fi writing. All comments accepted with gratitude.

  4. Jody J says:

    1. Do i think Obama would do this? Yes, if under some severe duress, he is NOT brave, nor is he carrying a torch of love for the United States so, under extreme duress, i dont see him taking the high ground or sacrificing HIMSELF for the sake of the country no matter WHAT kind of foreseeable duress he could be under. I do NOT, however, see him doing this just for kicks either…and claiming depopulation as the reason, not that depopulation tactics arent being used 24/7 in this country, this route being used soley for depopulation seems iffy,though it WOULD be MORE than effective with 300 MILLION Americans dead in year one, it just does not seem likely.
    2. IF he did this and IF these top brass were fired for refusing the order, wouldn’t there be the near certainty of another attempt of some sort? I dont think you NEED a solar flare to coincide with detonation to achieve the same desired result? And, SOONER or later, some treasonous minded willing to make it fact, military yes man would carry it out.
    3. Finally, i agree with the author of this article that it would seem that at least ONE of these three guys would NOT HAVE RUN into hiding, that we’d know a lot more such as, hare the two hidden nukes been permanently dismantled? Why is obama not in jail awaiting his death sentence?`

  5. rbodell says:

    Even our NIGGER in chief isn’t that stupid as to even think he could get away with that. Lets not forget, out military is made up of citizens.

  6. Kathy J says:

    I don’t know for sure if it did happen, I’m just saying I believe he is capable and would do something this despicable. If it is true, then thank heavens we still have honorable generals and officers in the military who refuse to participate in the destruction and death of millions of fellow Americans regardless of the cost to their military careers!

    Taken by themselves there were isolated incidents, but taken together is another story altogether with red flags abounding.

    We heard on Alex Jones’ program in September that nuclear warheads are being transferred out of Dyess, Texas Air Force Base without any signatures – no paper trail, with the ultimate destination being South Carolina. Then South Carolina’s Senator Lindsey Graham pipes up and makes a speech about how we have to go to war with Syria and if we don’t nuclear bombs could be detonated in Charleston, South Carolina.

    The massive purchases by the DHS of arms, 1.5-1.8 billion rounds of ammunition, and the purchase of 2,500 MRAP’s (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles used by various armed forces, whose designed purpose is surviving improvised explosive device attacks and ambushes) is another red flag.

    Then there is the sightings of truckloads of Martial Law signage, the 9-week training course for UN Peacekeepers nationwide to learn urban warfare, $11 million purchase of antibiotics by CDC, $14.2 million in MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) and heater meals, 22 million containers of water, another $13.6 million for MRE to Texas, with all of this to be completed by October 1st.

    Then there is $86 million worth of construction under the White House requiring truckload after truckload of concrete and steel beams along with a story about the Impostor-in-chief retreating to his White House bunker in the midst of the government shutdown.

    Then we hear of unprecedented massive firings of generals and officers in all of the branches of the military amidst reports that the Impostor-in chief is getting rid of generals and officers in the military who refuse the litmus test of loyalty – would they fire on American citizens if ordered to do so – with those who would refuse to do it, fired.

    Then of course the “earthquake” off the coast of South Carolina followed by more firings of decorated and powerful generals. Then this story surfaces and all of a sudden all the little red flags coalesce into a HUGE red flag.

    Yes, this madman at our helm is perfectly capable of attempting to do this. Whether he did or not we may never know unless someone with impeccable credentials comes forward with the proof – but I wouldn’t put it past him.

    • DEAN ENGLE says:


  7. sakeeta says:

    Sometimes…the truth is stranger than fiction..think about that.

  8. Shaun Beauford says:

    I feel that this story is true. Search youtube for nukes being transported in secrecy to South Carolina to be detonated in the fall of 2013; then look at the Grid Ex II “experiment” that was supposed to take place on 13-14 Nov 2013. The mass troop movements and apparently having Russia send 15,000 troops to “assist” and not to mention the Chinese Free Army in Hawaii during the same time conducting a relief exercise, all when they could have went to the Philippines and practiced for real. Again, I believe this story and after watching and listening to the various videos on youtube about this, reading articles here and on secrets of the fed, hearing and reading the articles about these top generals being fired, the government leaking stories about our nuclear bases allegedly not being guarded properly and at one of them a janitor finding a missile silo door open…nonsense! The government is covering up more than just this. Pieces of the puzzle are being put together everyday by you and I, it’s time to stop playing keyboard commando and start taking back our country like real commandos would.

  9. Jamie Thomas says:

    I believe this is directed at you, Mr. Garrison:
    Dr. Jim Garrow
    Mr. Garrison makes the claim of being a truth seeker. What I see in the article is an opinion based on nothing but feeling. Doesn’t seem much different than the lefties that attack us at every turn. He also bases his opinions on “fact”, or reality? Where have I ever claimed to be a CIA operative? Nowhere, never. Mr. Garrison should stop with the perpetuation of innuendo based on the conclusion reached by others and none of it based on statements made by me. I would also like to point out that Mr. Garrison has made no attempt to contact me to establish the veracity of anything contained in the article. For a person claiming concern for the legality of making statements, I would suggest you tend to the “moat in your own eye”. I am disappointed but still compos mentis. – Dr. Jim Garrow –

    • Eric says:

      If this reply is from the real Dr Garrow, you (he) DID say you were former CIA. I heard you say that on the Alex Jones radio show.interview with you.

  10. swan says:

    the only thing is that an EMP attack would also deactivate controls over nuclear power plant waste facilities-we would have fukishima times hundreds-the entire world would get radiated beyond survivability

  11. nursedee1 says:

    I, for one happen to beleive this story. There were reports of some type of earthquake the day this happened and no one knew why. And why wouldn’t Dr. Garrow step forward and state his peace, he’s an old man. He’s doing what everyone should and that’s tell the truth! we’ve recently had Retired Generals stand up and ask for the impeachment of Obama , congress and a heck of a lot more. I just can’t beleive how asleep Americans really are. Doesn’t the fact that Obama hid his birth certificate and told lies regarding the same for so long mean nothing to anyone? When you first meet someone who has an important job and their charactor is to just lie, how do you believe them ever again. How do you feel safe with what the last 6 years have been like under this reign of power. Someone who goes behind the peoples back and signs an arms treaty with the UN on down to common core for our children to dumb them down on purpose. Thankfully, some of us have their senses about reality yet.

    • Angelgirl says:

      AMEN…I agree. Someone who lies to me once, I can’t ever trust again. I know as a teenager, (now 58) I used to lie now and then and when I quit, I had to prove myself for a very long time to be believed. I had to back up everything I said. I am proud to say my integrity has been proven over and over again for many years now.

    • Agreed, one thing I can’t deal with is a Liar. This Liar and chief is so blatant about it and he knows no one will do anything. I am not sure what it will take but just about everyone I have ever said anything to about this kind of stuff of One World Governments etc. just smile and shrug their shoulders. WTH? I just don’t understand how people can bury their heads in the sand and then when something happens they say, “I can’t believe this happened” Really???

  12. Steve says:

    Why, though, would these generals and admiral not fight back with memo/orders by releasing them to the public? I would think hard proof would get every single patriot, civvie or military, mobilized against this regime…

  13. Sandra says:

    Dr. Garrow has proven himself to be a credible, upstanding, honest citizen of the USA. What possible reason could there be for a sudden deviation from who he is? I believe every word he says… he has earned that right and my respect.

  14. rbodell says:

    Even JIGABOMA isn’t this stupid.

  15. Steverino says:

    I could see the government deciding that locking him up or having him assassinated would only add credibility to his story. Where as doing nothing makes him look like a crazy old man.

  16. Let me begin by saying I believe Dr. Jim Garrow’s story to be true. Let me explain why.

    First of all, I spent more than 20 years in the Air Force with training and duty in avionics and weapons (all kinds).

    The most devastating munition this world has ever known is not a nuclear device per se, dropped or fired on a society, but a nuclear device ignited high above that society.

    A nuclear device dropped or fired on a society would naturally kill a lot of people and result in considerable physical damage. But the death toll and physical damage would be limited. We know this from the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan in WWII. Although there was death and devastation, most of Japan was spared.

    Not so, with an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) device!

    A nuclear device ignited high above this nation would cause limited or no blast damage on ground. However, it would create electromagnetic energy (EMP) that travels line of sight at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second).

    Within 2-seconds that energy would take out all electronic and electrical devices including the power grid, computers, airplanes, trains, tractors, phones, GPS, autos, etc.

    And that includes older (pre-computer) autos and equipment, unlike some suggest. We know this from considerable evidence. In fact, it’s reported that the bombs dropped on Japan took out power grids hundreds of miles away, even though they were ignited near the ground.

    Given the earth is basically round in shape, the higher the ignition in the sky—the farther the magnetic pulse would travel (within reason, of course).

    Most people who have studied this subject suggest such a device would be ignited 100 to 400 miles up. If you are a math genius, you may be able to determine just what altitude would be sufficient for the pulse to cover coast to coast and from Mexico to Canada.

    So, what would be the result of such an EMP ignition?

    With no power grid or electronics, there would be no electricity, no running water, no operational sewer systems, no transportation, no hospitals, no prescription drugs, etc. And no food in stores!

    It is estimated that 90% of the population would be dead within 90 days due to sickness or lack of food and water. Isn’t population reduction one of NOW’s goals?

    Could Dr. Jim Garrow be an ex-CIA agent? Yes! Read “Trance Formation of America” by Phillips and O’Brien. Whistle-blowers will at times have an “ace in the hole” (information) as security.

    Why would Obama want to take out 90% of the U.S. population? Just think NWO. And consider all the government underground facilities scattered across this nation set up for the elite.

    Now, consider this. If Obama did fire two generals and an admiral over nuclear bombs, could that be why he sanctioned Iran’s nuclear program? Don’t forget that secret nuclear talks have been going on between the U.S. and Iran for a year. Could he also be a Muslim?

    If Iran gets the bomb, would they not use it to their greatest advantage? If they ignited a near-ground device in the U.S. or Israel, the land would be unsafe for use for many years. And there would be retaliation.

    But, if they ignited an EMP high above, that nation would immediately become incapable of doing much of anything, most of the people would soon be dead – and takeover would be simple.

    And wouldn’t that be easier than gun control?

    EMP is not limited to nuclear devices, however. Consider the following taken from the July 2013 issue of Air Force magazine, page 26: “Because enemies have become so dependent on electronics to network their systems—like the US– . . . there could be use of electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, weapons on both sides. The Air Force has tested a Boeing-developed cruise missile called CHAMP—Counterelectronics High-powered Microwave Advanced Missile Project—which demonstrated that it could overfly a target building and fry the computer systems in that building.”

    I apologize for taking up so much space, but such are my comments.

    Have a great day!

    • Kaye Shaffer says:

      As a resident of coastal SC I recall that our local news, unaware of the actual facts, reported an earthquake on that day. As well our state senator Lindsey Graham commenting
      later that evening that we were at risk of a nuke attack. Was he aware of the plan?? Don’t know. I’ve read conflicting reports regarding the purpose of him informing us. But my clear understanding at that time was that if we attacked Syria, as we were in the process of doing, then the nuke would be their retaliation. It is now known that it was yet another false flag. One that would have certainly devastated America, among others, and would have eased the process of the NWO! Now that this plan was foiled, what’s next?? Tribulation is clearly upon the world and will be at it’s peak very soon.

      • Sandra says:

        I recently saw a video (I can’t find it now) where a guy who studies weather and earthquakes etc was going over recent activity – sun spots etc – and came to the earthquake off the coast of South Carolina and breezed over it with the following comment “and here we have seismic activity about 200 miles off the coast, the likes of which I haven’t observed before – very unusual” and then carried on with other weather. I thought that was very telling… he had no idea what it could be, had no ulterior motives, yet unwittingly confirmed what has later come to light.

    • David Scott says:

      Read the last chapter of I.T. WARS – best treatment yet for what EMP would do to this society.

  17. I really believe this was the plan, l also think he is trying to get other nations to carry this out on us now, l think Obama is a mentally sick person and along with congress there are some people there that l consider having mental health problems as well, plus they are power hungry and it is getting worse for them every day.

  18. Linda says:

    http://www.scearthquakes.com/ I don’t know about a fault line, but there certainly have been earthquakes in the Carolinas in the past. Would Obama nuke us? Yeah, I think he would. He’s pretty much proven that he hates our way of life……..

  19. I cannot conceive of a retribution for this regime that is sufficiently stringent. These sluts, bitches and bastards have the very blood of Satan flowing in their veins. I say fry them all quickly and efficiently, just vaporize them, get them and their sheer insanity out of this universal realm. Hitler was God-like compared to these maniacal pieces of shit.

  20. Chloe said exactly what I was going to. This Administration would do ANYTHING to stay in POWER! He believes he is above the law and won’t be dethroned.

  21. Ruth says:

    I absolutely believe it. ‘nuf said. What does everyone think “total destruction” means, anyway? That they will still be fine, just a little short on beer, while they watch this on TV like Revolution or Homeland? Wake the hell UP, people!

  22. Ed Reilly says:

    Trying to keep an Opened Mind also but I’ve stated from the 1st time I heard him speak that he’s a Conman and when I saw him I saw Pure Evil; Do I think he’s Capable, absolutely! The fact that his Continued Dismantling of our Military recently excelerated gives creadence to the Dr’s story and begs for some evidence to support his accusations.

  23. Karen says:

    What I’d like to know is what happened to the movement that started on Nov. 19 in DC? Former military and others were going to demonstrate and demand O’s resignation -and stay there until it happened. Are they still in DC? Why is there no coverage, if so.

  24. Chloe says:

    Lindsey Graham Rep from SC said on numerous occasions Charleston was being set up to be nuked ….. Then a 4.1 earthquake occurred off our coast but we are not on a fault line. He said the commanders defied Ibie and shot the nuke into the sea instead. ??? I don’t put anything past this regime!!!!

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