Obama DHS Adviser Mohamed Elibiary: Islam Best Antidote to Terrorism


Well Barack Obama’s Homeland Security adviser Mohamed Elibiary is at it again. On Monday, the Islamic Muslim Brotherhood supporter responded to the following tweet “Good, Islam should be condemned everywhere. The war on terrorism starts with Muslims.” He wrote, “Wrong! Islam best antidote 2 terrorism.”

Tweeter Anthony was responding to Elibiary’s tweet:

Elibiary then responded to Anthony:

Elibiary is most definitely a controversial figure and a serious threat to the national security of the United States. We have covered how he promoted the Muslim Brotherhood and when the pressure was applied to him, he removed the promotion from his Twitter account.

I also covered how Elibiary believes that the United States is an “Islamic country” with an “Islamic compliant constitution.”

I think if you read the tweets of Anthony, you would find a pretty convincing argument against Elibiary’s position. In fact, I think I can sum it up in a tweet I posted in reply to Elibiary’s comment:

Elibiary appears to have a very thin skin and thinks that proclaiming “Islamophobia” will get him off the hook. It won’t. He is unwilling to hear the evidence against him, his so called religion and his non-prophet Mohammed. In fact, due to our last encounter, Elibiary blocked me from following him:



Now to the question, is Islam really an antidote to terrorism? The short answer is no, it is not. In fact, the reality of what is taking place in Islam and in our own government should be enough for people to demand that every Muslim be expelled from any office in the federal government.

In 2005 Walid Phares, an Islamic and terrorist expert used by the Bush administration, wrote about the very agency that Elibiary is a part of.

“With new legislation in hand, the Department of Homeland Security would be able to design new strategies based on addressing the roots of the terror. Instead of dealing with the last 10 percent of the process – starting from the moment when jihad terrorists were ordered or decided to act – U.S. action would commence during the first 20 percent of the process, when people are being indoctrinated into jihadi belief. Rather than focusing 100 percent of its resources on reactive and security measures, the Department of Homeland Security would be able to dedicate about 40 percent of their resources to preemptive policies. Why wait for a person to become a terrorist, if you can influence the process that transforms him or her into one? By focusing on the materials, structures, and diffusion of jihadism, the department can and should prevent its formation. “Social worker”-type offices can adopt a plethora of methods and programs to engage the most targeted sectors. Homeland security education can and should be provided to the public as well.

But the Department of Homeland Security should also anticipate the next acts of the terrorists. Besides focusing on efforts to shield public and critical sties from attacks and dedicating significant resources to react to strikes on medical, biomedical, and other public facilities, a special emphasis should be put on public participation in homeland security.”

–Future Jihad, Walid Phares, pg 249

Phares does understand what Islam is. He grew up in Lebanon, but saw the way Islam and jihad were being defined in the West as very dangerous. He does understand jihad and its 1400 year history. It is not what Western Muslims are portraying it is. It is a holy war to advance the caliphate (Islamic state).

The reality that we are seeing though is that Elibiary and the Obama administration are doing the opposite of Phares’ recommendations. Instead of dealing with the real issue, which is Islam, they are sanitizing manuals of references to Islam and jihad, and they are promoting Islam as a religion of peace when even its founder was anything but a peaceful man. He was a wild dog, engaging in rape, pedophilia, murder, and theft, not to mention idolatry. They are showing preferential treatment of Islamic supremacists, while demonizing Christians.

Islam is not the antidote to terrorism. It is the source of it. It is the source of honor killingsmodern day beheadings (even beheading their own by accident), the war raging against women and childrenchild rape and gang rape and mass
injustice. Once again, Mohamed Elibiary is engaging in taqiyya and he is doing it in the federal government and being paid with tax dollars to promote his lies.

Tim Brown is the Editor of Freedom Outpost.

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7 Responses to Obama DHS Adviser Mohamed Elibiary: Islam Best Antidote to Terrorism

  1. QuiCreva says:

    Islam is the source of terrorism, not the antidote for it. Anyone with half a brain, who hasn’t been indoctrinated with political correctness, understands this. The Qur’an is chock full of hate speech and incitements to violence. Muhammad was a violent psychopath, pure and simple. Fortunately, with the advent of the information highway Muslim leaders can no longer whitewash and spin-doctor this creed, portraying it as peaceful and benevolent, and get away with the lie. Muslims across the globe are discovering the ugly truth for themselves and leaving the religion by the millions. Chances are that the 21st century will be the last in which the world is forced to take Islam seriously as a worldview.

    This Sufi’s attempt to show the better side of Islam is laudable, but ultimately doomed. Islam is what it is and what it has always been – a totalitarian creed with religious trappings and very little spiritual substance. You can’t pass black off as white for any length of time without being found out. “By their fruits you shall know them.” Just look at the fruits of Islam: poverty, interminable warfare, oppression, intolerance, slavery, honor killings, misogyny, chronic anti-Semitism, political corruption, license to commit rape, child sexual abuse, wife-beating, forced conversions, jihad, superstition, hijab, hatred of dogs, swine, and other species of the natural world, beheadings, amputations, stoning, lack of critical thought, rampant conspiracy theories, lack of introspection, female genital mutilation, opposition to secular education, etc. etc, etc. All of these social ills are enshrined within either the Qur’an or ahadith and thus cannot be expunged from the religion. A little fling with rock music will not cure any of them. It’s like slapping a bandage on gangrene.

  2. Mac says:

    Hey fret –

    The more the merrier…. can’t wait for the STHTF – with all of you Muslim pukes hanging around your apartment mailboxes waiting for your government checks – we’ll know exactly where to find a target rich environment….

    Islam won’t survive in America, goat fucker…. and Allah is really Satan you dolt – I read your book…

    You want a peaceful religion, turn to Christianity – or die a Muslim.

  3. solsnjlndr says:

    Lets twitter flame him.

  4. Since when are suicide bombers, honor murderers, and pedophile worshipers an antidote to anything… other than sane, lawful behavior?

  5. R3riate says:


    One more terrorist in the Whitehouse!

    What next.

    • fret okoi says:

      the ppl of america with american citizenship has the “right” to run for office in which they are bitching, hey, run for office so you can make a change instead of yapping for a change knowing that YOU are powerless in ur own supposed country while ppl from other nations takes office and makes changes to policy and procedures that the american ppl have to adhere too. lmfao ……….. the fruits of ur own plantation 😛 weeeeeeeeee

      • solsnjlndr says:

        Hey cocksucker,half the fucking country cant be the fucking president. Running for office isnt gonna help shit, pull your head out your ass

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