Cop to Kelly Thomas Murder Protesters: “There is a pack of 12 cops waiting to smash your f***ing faces in.”

kelly thomas protesters 2011After being involved with the Kelly Thomas murder case for the last 2 1/2 years, protesting, attending council meetings, fundraiser involvement, writing letters and articles, videotaping and taking pictures, attending court dates, listening to the specifics of the murder by the DA (before the video was released), hearing dozens of witnesses to the murder…. all of which culminated in a televised murder (which clearly showed MURDER) and the acquittal of two of the cop murderers and no charges for the other four cops who also participated, I attended last night’s Fullerton city council meeting to add my support. I wanted to share some of the highlights…

30-year-old Adam Walder, a resident of Fullerton, California, walked up to the microphone at last night’s Fullerton City Council meeting where an update of the Kelly Thomas/Manuel Ramos/Jay Cicinelli trial was to take place.

Adam described being at a protest in Fullerton on the previous Saturday to express his differing opinion of the wrongful verdict of acquittal of those two Fullerton cops who murdered Kelly Thomas.

As he held his sign and videotaped the happenings, he was encountered by police in riot gear, ordered to disperse and then thrown into a paddy wagon, when he didn’t move fast enough.

As he was being driven to the county facility by these “heroes in blue”, one of the “peacemakers” who obviously was obeying policy, leaned over to Adam and a few others in the cage on wheels and said with evil malice in his voice, “There is a pack of 12 cops waiting to smash your fucking faces in.” Then another one of these oath breakers, who puts his life on the line daily, announced to all while smirking, that he had two words for everyone, “NOT GUILTY” (as he laughed).

Others that spoke last night described seeing police in Fullerton driving around in unmarked cars snatching those who were videotaping from the streets.

70-year-old Jean Thaxton, whose son Mike was shot by a cop in the back due to them having the wrong identity, stated she, too, was at the same protest Adam was at, that she witnessed no riots other than some young folks tagging the police doors, which she didn’t like. However she said at that point overkill happened when 50 cops emerged with riot gear and weapons and started snatching people off the streets for nothing.

She called for whistleblowers to be protected and for all charges from Saturday’s protest to be dropped immediately.

A lot of eyewitnesses spoke of MSM people physically pushing alternative media out of their way, one provoked a fist fight with a protester (the news person from CBS), who got punched but started the fight, called 911 and had the protester arrested. So the protest is being labeled as “violent” by these “news” people we all trust to give us correct information.

The ministry of propaganda also reported only 150 people showed up to this protest, although witnesses at the protest say there were at least 400 in attendance.

The new Chief of Police for Fullerton, Dan Hughes, vowed last night, that he is standing by his original recommendation that these cops be fired. The final say is with the council members as they act like de facto judges. The question remains…will they stand by Chief Hughes recommendation?

After last night’s lambasting and cry out of utter disbelief of the unfair trial and verdict, by concerned American citizens, some who spoke through shaky voices, I don’t think any of the council members would be up for another round of recalls. They would look forward to this if any of them gave a hint of wanting to take the cops back.

The souls of a lot of American cities are being ripped apart by police.

As my Fullerton friend Steve Baxter said last night, “If police policy is to taunt an innocent person, beat, tase, flip over the taser to use as a club to beat someone some more, then leave the person for dead, something is wrong with the policy.”

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70 Responses to Cop to Kelly Thomas Murder Protesters: “There is a pack of 12 cops waiting to smash your f***ing faces in.”

  1. rbodell says:

    yet you don’t mention cops like the two I saw on the news today. two of them jumped into a flooding river with full equipment belts and vests to save a couple of kids.

  2. Old Timer says:

    Satan and his stooges are laughing now but make no mistake they will all stand before Jesus Christ on judgement day.

  3. William Rothschild says:

    It’s only a matter of time before the “sheeple” are going to wake up and start defending themselves against these macho, chest beating apes that pose as cops.

  4. rbodell says:

    I saw the video linked in the article. The jury is what counts and I am sure they saw all the videos. Even the ones showing what was happening behind the bushes. Those weren’t shown in the article because they are obviously not supporting the claim it was murder. Typical of the clothesline.

  5. jarodcore says:

    NWA said it best…

  6. Nice to see that for every cop apologist claiming that Kelly Thomas got a fair trial (most likely cops themselves or relatives of the ex-cops) there is dozens who are intelligent enough to know that cops, I mean ex-cops, are not held to the same laws as everyone else.

    And how much spare time do you have to have to argue with every post on here that claims the trial was a joke? Just saying.

  7. Joe Avila says:

    ….“NOT GUILTY” (as he laughed)…… CIVIAL SUIT,HAHAHAHA!

    • rbodell says:

      Does that mean you are against the constitutional right to trial by jury? Or do you just want it for you and nobody else?

    • Don’t forget potential Federal charges as well. I’d like to see how long those overweight, out of shape thugs last in the general population.

      Perhaps people like rbodell should be contributing to the millions the Fullerton Police Department are costing taxpayers so the other 90% of people who are upset with this verdict (and all their other scandals) can stop footing the bill.

      • rbodell says:

        The jury did the convicting. They were people from the community these cops came from. ALL of them came back with not guilty. If even one was not guilty the case would have been retied. They got a fair trial by jury. If you are willing to convict without a fair trial then I assume you would not want a trial in the same case if it was you a handful of people wanted to hang.

  8. Guest says:

    I’ve been reading all the comments and the coverage and am a longtime observer of policing nationally. I have to say that this is one of the more worrisome situations I have ever heard of, judging by what I am reading.

    I hope I am wrong, but as I read I am overcome by the feeling that Fullerton is ahead of a bad curve where police may truly be the ones in charge of the town. In other words, could a mayor even control them if he/she wanted to? Would a new mayor and town councilors feel under threat from police if they tried to change things? Is this how people in Fullerton feel? It sounds almost like the police have done a coup with the help of a seriously cop-friendly mayor.

    I’ve seen some of the video and read the stories — I know no town where such serious charges faced police where they continued openly to exhibit the behavior they continued to exhibit in Fullerton. I have never seen this before, not even in Chicago in the 60s. Never.

    Therefore, I think Fullerton has no choice but to vote out its mayor and absolutely fire the police chief. In situations like this, policy changes don’t work — it is most definitely a leadership issue. You can’t change Fullerton without these measures. Fullerton should turn to an organization like PERF and hire a turn-around chief to replace the current chief and make drastic changes. And they need the best turnaround chief PERF can possibly find, the strongest one they can find.

    I guess I have never heard of a town this far gone, this fully engulfed by police abuse, corruption, and open contempt and sadism towards its own people. This town sounds like a police state.

  9. TheWarOnYou says:

    This just reinforces my suspicion that the jury chose to acquit because they were frightened that what they saw on that video could happen to them, too. I’m sure that courtroom was packed with cops there to support their fellow gang members, and I’m also sure they made it clear they were memorizing ALL the jurors’ faces, too. Just in case they needed to “act according to policy” if they saw them on the street, you know…

  10. aaronicus says:

    It won’t be long now before these “violent” protests become actually violent and the cops won’t know what to do about it because most of the anger will likely be directed straight at them and in a form they’ve never fathomed or prepared for.

    • 5WarVeteran says:

      I fear you are correct and the outcome will be many deaths as well as rioting and martial law which will play directly into the political Elites plan for disarmament. I expect it will happen in California or Texas.

    • rbodell says:

      believe me, they are prepared.

      • USMC5770954 says:

        Full combat training, with large supply of full auto and semi auto firearms, empty a 30-round clip, within a 4 inch radius. The amount of current and retired military servicemen who are honored to take the fight to the streets is equal to the number of police officers. The initial objective will be to provide aid to civilians, all armed officials, will be engaged on visual. Semper Fi.

  11. FightCorruption says:

    I just wish I knew when America changed into a police state. The police beating people to death for the slightest provocation or deviation from a “command”, the NSA listening in on every communication, the government serving only the interests of those with power, and the bailout of the rich bankers on the backs of the masses. It sounds like we have become what we once fought against – the old USSR. It is very sad.

  12. Anon says:

    The POLICE are servants OF the LAW. THEY think they ARE the LAW!

    • Crosshairball says:

      The laws are now unlawful as are the servants of the administration of the beatings of the laws they murder and hide behind.

  13. Anon says:

    Them sounds like fighting words….

  14. TreeSpirit says:

    Rbodell, please erase your gene pool from the face of the earth, do us all a favor.

    • rbodell says:

      I see my encouraging people to take back their government just screws up your efforts doesn’t it. People like you give me more encouragement than those who actually agree with me. I know your comment was out of desperation when you had nothing you could say to counter me so you had to show your mentality with insults, but that comment was actually the nicest thing anybody has said to me all week and I appreciate your thoughtfulness. Have a wonderful day.

    • rbodell says:

      I noticed your name, Have you heard of my “fix” for fukishima?

      Take all the ecologists and send them into fukishima to repair it. That would fix two problems.

  15. The day will come that the citizens will remember those police that ARE police vs those police who are just thugs wearing badges. They will bring them before GOOD judges and they will be given justice.

    KARMA does exist.

    • 5WarVeteran says:

      Such is the fantasy world I choose to create. One that requires every politician to have experienced humility before ever becoming a political personage. A 5 year stint as enlisted military might suffice. Vetting and psychological profile a necessity to avoid allowing sociopaths the chance of becoming wold leaders. Voluntary/voted positions of representation with a fixed living income where the individual chooses to take the job as a service to all the people and not pandering to the Elite.
      Where the position is not a “term” but is limited and where they can be removed instantly for infractions. A council system that represents the majority and keeps it separate from the wealthy minority.

      NO military or political position should ever be seen as a guaranteed path to power, wealth and riches.

      A simple look throughout history proves power corrupts and the man in office is a perfect example of how someone from no-where can readily become a tyrant wannabe dictator.

  16. Scrap Iron in Texas says:

    According to a SCOTUS decision, the police are under no obligation to “protect the public”.
    They carry guns for THEIR protection ONLY.

    I have been losing respect for police for the last few years.
    They are there, not to protect you, but to “pick up the pieces” after an incident.
    Remember, when seconds count, the poice are just minutes away.

    • 5WarVeteran says:

      Excellent Statement! You are a realist!
      The police on average take 3 to 5 minutes to arrive, the average crime takes less than 2 minutes 30 seconds. The criminals can be well gone before the police arrive. A murder took place in my home, it took the police 45 minutes to arrive.
      YOU are your first line of defense.
      Police show up after the situation, but they do not clean up. They just take notes and pictures and you get to do the cleaning and It can get expensive. I had to repair the roof, replace a wall, the door and the carpet.
      The police do not get paid enough to get shot. They are not stupid. I am not saying the Police delay their arrival, but 45 minutes? When they are less than 10 minutes away at the station at 9 am?
      In my case the disgruntled estranged crack head husband committed suicide with the shotgun he blew his wife’s head off. Saved me the job of killing him myself. Her last move was to protect the baby beside her. Two children lost their mother that day.
      Anyone who believes the police stop crime are very confused when it comes to reality.
      By the way I has ADT as an alarm system, they did not call the police at all. My daughter did. I got rid of that system and got a large dog. Now I have 10 cameras and everyone in my family is well trained in firearms.
      We are our first line of defense.

  17. Patti says:

    I was in the paddy wagon with Adam and can verify his words are true.

  18. Nick Ceci says:

    So you can tell cops that weren’t involved in the original incident to F off all day and F you and all kinds of other things and they say something to you and you get all butt hurt? Come on. Play the game equal or don’t play at all. And almost all of the stuff said out there is made up and lies. That’s the only way anyone will listen. Move on and get a life.

    • Eli Bedford says:

      Play the game equal eh? Including the dirty cops? Made up lies were there? Move on and get a life..I am sure Kelly would want the same thing but he can’t want anything anymore, he’s dead. I have to assume you are a troll, no one can be this much of a douchebag.

      • MJ says:

        coplicker, sycophant

      • rbodell says:

        People who were there testified in front of a jury of citizens who were there with those same cops everyday. They rendered a not guilty verdict on a fair trial by jury,.Don’t expect your own rights when you want to convict somebody without a fair trial.

    • rbodell says:

      That is correct. They want their rights while they convict the cops without a trial.

  19. rbodell says:

    The comment “(which clearly showed MURDER) ” was not clear. It was blocked by trees.

    • MOM says:

      As the mother of 6, none of whom has ever been in any type of trouble, I find it strange that you posted this. Did I watch a different tape then you? Yes the tree’s did block parts of it, but the audio was still there. Do you believe that someone else walked up with all those officers standing there and did this damage to this young man? I have family members who are in law enforcement, and I pray that they are never of the mentality to do this to anyone. THIS WAS MURDER. To pull on a pair of gloves and tell someone “I am going to F— you up, CLEARLY shows intent…….

      • rbodell says:

        I can imagine one cop being out of line, but not a half dozen. Either way, that doesn’t mean anything. The finding of the jury tells the story. not all the facts are shown in the video. The face shown could have come from anywhere. If you are willing to convict a cop without a trial then you should not expect a trial for your child. A jury is made up of citizens like you and me. They are just as subject to emotions as you and me. If you want a trial or without a trial it goes for everybody.

        Do you remember the witch trials of Salem they were from crowd rule and mass hysteria. If you want that for a cop, then expect it for your child, but be ready to tell your kid that after he is found guilty, he is going to be executed anyhow because a hundred people in the street didn’t agree with the verdict. Oh yes, and don’t forget to tell your kid that you agree with the crowd. You see it works both ways.

        The law requires certain criteria to get a conviction. Without that criteria you get a not guilty. Sadly sometimes not guilty is also Innocent. That is how the legal system works. It doesn’t matter what you think, it is what the judge and jury think. Without our legal system you have anarchy.

      • Kini Cosma says:

        Kelly Thomas was standing when he went into the trees but somehow from here to there he ended up dead with a whole bunch of witnesses around

    • MJ says:

      Not only was it murder, it was torture. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out by just watching this, it took 6 fat out of shape coppers 15 minutes to kill the poor man and that was seen in the video. Why didn’t the fat thug, manny ramos just slap cuffs on him while he sat on the curb with his hands behind his back instead of toying with him like he was a mouse the cat just brought in his mouth?

      • Sondra E says:

        there was more than one video that was taken and those were NOT hidden with trees. I watched one that was right in the middle of it. The police are suppose to be leaders in promotion of non violence and peace… not beating a defenseless homeless man for whatever reason. he was defenseless… he had no weapon. cold blooded murderers is what they are. you see those cops will NEVER have another job. Good luck with the job hunt now… since your face is plastered across the US and WORLD. and since a jury can easily be intimidated and bought the people now have their justice in short… your life will be hell. People will not forget.

        • rbodell says:

          Great then the jury of citizens who are also subject to those same cops saw exactly what happened knew exactly what was going on when they rendered a not guilty verdict. That is probably why this view was used in this article because they would not be able to make people think the cops were out of line of they showed what actually happened.

          Just remember though, if you want the right to trial by jury, you have to give it to everybody. Even the cops.

  20. The only way to take back our streets is through disobedience.. look at the 60’s. Egypt and other countries with a dictatorship.. The ground work has been done, use it

  21. Jerry says:

    It’s sad to see the changes in police force personal over the past 10 years. The police have gone from Protect and Serve to pure military tactics on the citizens that they were supposed to protect. It’s amazes me that WE still pay for them to patrol the streets, to stop crime, to protect our children & elderly and protect property. We pay them and pay them well! Unfortunately this country is falling into unsettled times. These law enforcement departments that choose to bash citizens should beware. NO amount of MRAP’s, M16’s and bullets will stop the will of the people. A police force such as Fullerton, CA does not stand a fighting chance, if the people are against it. As for the so called mayor of Fullerton, I hope the people remember this incident when walking into the voting booth!

  22. robin saxton says:

    at election time we need to remember who has or has not done the right things and do away with that electoral voting

  23. Jerry Britain says:

    Went to a City Council meeting tonight in Fullerton, CA. It was an interesting view into politics on the local scale. The setting was no different than any other political arena where the public has the ability to speak. No difference, if it’s DC or hometown USA. Having been away from that arena for several years, I was interested to see how politicians were dealing with local concerns. It is difficult for a Citizen to make time and find the courage to speak in front of a large group of people. It takes something that concerns them, to the point that they overcome their fear, stand at a podium, in front of a crowd of people, may of them for the first time, and plead, sometimes demand, assistance from their elected officials. Tonight, I watched fifty four Citizens cry for help from their City Council. All of them requesting action to be taken to correct the illegal tactics of the Police Department. All the speakers attempting to convince the Council that changes had to be made. Although the meeting was to address the killing of Kelly Thomas and the employment status of the officers responsible for his killing. Many citizens and victims related stories of the Police actions taken just this last Saturday! The Citizens complained of Actions taken by the Fullerton Police in response to a protest against the Police for the killing of Kelly Thomas two and a half years ago. After everyone had spoken and it was abundantly clear the Citizens felt the Police had again violated the rights of the Citizens. Many called the actions taken by the police “Gestapo tactics”! Regardless of the truth of how many and how bad the violations were. Citizens came out in mass to air their grievances. To my amazement the Council acted as if they were in fact in Washington DC! At one point, when a citizen chose to speak to the gallery of Citizens rather than face the Mayor and Council members, the Mayor demanded her microphone be turned off! When the public demanded that she be allowed to speak, the Mayor called a recess and stormed out of the chamber. I suppose he has more rights that a simple citizen. All fifty four speakers echoed the same theme demanding Police reform. The city council’s response was to read a list of changes they had made to the Police department and how much better it was now. I guess we will just have to wait for all those changes to take effect, because according to all fifty four Citizens who spoke, the Police actions are still the same! I guess the old saying is true “The Fish Rots From The Head”. When the President of the United States wins the award for the Years Biggest Lie, why should we expect more from local politicians? I’ll tell you why, if we don’t demand honesty and vote the people who betray our trust out of office, we will never get our country back! Our founding fathers, grand-fathers and fathers knew the value of honesty. It’s time we remember what this country stands for!

    • MJ says:

      TY Jerry-excellent.

    • 5WarVeteran says:

      Though I do not condone violence, sometimes that is the only thing the political Elite understand. When your representatives do not represent the people then it is time for them to be removed. Preferably through “recalls”.
      Remember the middle class pay the brunt of taxes but lately we have not been being represented.
      Civil war is coming to America. Which side should you be on. The 1% or the 99?
      These things would not happen in my town because our police are pro-active and have a great relationship with the people. They are reminded every day that THEY ARE PUBLIC SERVANTS by their chain of command.

      • rbodell says:

        Governing by violence brings to mind Hitler and Saddam. when you use violence you are automatically wrong and loose all credibility. Even if you do take over a government by violence, the only way to keep it is through violence. That makes you a dictator.

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