The strange purchase date and price of Sandy Hook homes

real estate sold signSome of those in the blogosphere who maintain or at the very least suspect that the official story of the Dec. 14, 2012 Sandy Hook massacre isn’t true, have raised the matter of the rather strange sale date and price of the homes of some of the victims. See, for example, this discussion on a Godlike Productions chat forum.

Their hypothesis goes something like this:

If the massacre, wholly or in part, were a contrived conspiracy — for example, a drill (or a drill that went very bad) — then the major participants or “players” in the elaborate charade would have to be paid off in some way or another.

Indeed, a year ago, in February 2013, I had noticed the same thing — that some of the homes of Sandy Hook victims all had an odd sale/purchase date of 12/25/2009, and an equally odd sale/purchase price of $0.

I had found that information on the website of Vision Government Solutions (VGS), a company that calls itself “a leading supplier of land parcel management software technology and services to local government organizations, enabling efficient assessment, billing, collections, mapping, and permitting.” One of the services provided by VGS is an online database of residential properties in nine states in the northeastern and eastern U.S., one of which is the state of Connecticut. If you know the address of a home in, say, Newtown, CT, you can look up the property’s value, present owner(s), and price history on VGS’s database.

At the time, in February of last year, puzzled by those strange 12/25/2009 sale date and $0 sale price of Newtown homes, I had sent this email to VGS:

Date: 02/05/13 01:43 PM

Subject: Feedback from the Newtown, CT page

Hello, While browsing real estate properties using this database, I noticed a number of homes have the same “date of sale” of 12/25/2009, and a “sale price” of 0 (zero). Please be so kind as to explain. How can a home be sold or purchased for $0?

Thank you,

Dr. _____

This was the response I received:

Feb. 5, 2013

Thank you for your inquiry Dr ____. In most instances of a sale price of $0 the reason would be because of a family sale where the house ownership is simply transferred. [In other words, no money actually changed hands.] The other reason for that to happen would be a town entering a parcel into their database for the first time they must puta first owner and a sale price. Often times they will put $0 as a filler price. The sale date of 12/25/2009 would be the same thing.

Kind Regards,

Chase Moltedo
Customer Support Representative
Vision Government Solutions
44 Bearfoot Road
Northboro, MA 01532

In addition to emailing VGS, I had also called the Assessor’s Office at Newtown, CT, and left a voice mail asking the same question about the 12/25/2009 sale date and $0 sale price.

An administrative assistant at the Assessor’s Office, Andrea Santillo, promptly returned my phone call. She said that the Newtown city government recently had switched to a new computer system and had not been able to enter the property data for all Newtown homes. So the computer used the 12/25/2009 and $0 as, respectively, a “filler” default sale date and price.

Ms. Santillo’s explanation seemed plausible, and so I did not pursue the matter any further. But that doesn’t mean I’d forgotten about it.

Flash forward a year. I decided to revisit this matter, and went back to VGS’s database. Lo and behold, the strange sale date and price are still there.

So I undertook a systematic investigation into the properties of every Sandy Hook (SH) victim, as well as those of certain non-victims, such as Gene Rosen, who had a prominent media presence in the days immediately after the massacre. What follows is my report on my findings, beginning with my methodology.


1. From media accounts, I made a list of the names of all SH victims, including:

  • The 20 school children who were killed, as well as the names of their parents.
  • The 6 adults who were killed at SHES.
  • Nancy Lanza, mother of alleged shooter Adam Lanza.

2. To that list, I added 6 more people who are not victims but had played significant roles in the aftermath of the massacre. They are:

  • Gene Rosen, who live next to SHES and gave many TV interviews.
  • Laura and Nick Phelps, parents of unharmed SHES students who gave media interviews and who bear a striking resemblance to professional “crisis actors” Jennifer Greenberg Sexton and Richard Sexton. (See “Remarkable resemblance of Sandy Hook victims and professional crisis actors“)
  • The three members of Newtown’s governing body, the Board of Selectmen: Elin Patricia Llodra, William Rodgers, and James Gaston Sr. (Newtown does not have a mayor.)

3. Using two people search engines, Email Finder and Spokeo, of which I am a paid member, I found the addresses of the people on the list.

4. I then looked up the price history of those addresses on four websites:

  • Vision Government Solutions.
  • Trulia, a real estate website.
  • Zillow, a real estate website. (Neither Trulia nor Zillow gives the names of property owners.)
  • Connecticut Town Clerks Portal, a website of land records — including Newtown’s — which allows only those who have paid a fee to search its records. Interestingly, after I had paid for a 24-hour access to the site, I got this message about Newtown: “The mortgages, liens and probate certificates of the town of Newtown are not available online at this time.” 



1. Brian, 38, & Shannon Engel (parents of child victim Olivia Engel, 6):

   84 Berkshire Rd, Sandy Hook, CT 06482
VGS says Owner of Record: Brian Engel & Shannon Merlino
Ownership history:

  •    Sold to Brian Engel & Shannon Merlino on 12/25/2009 for $0
  •    Sold to Brian Engel & Shannon Merlino on 6/25/2004 for $272,00
  •    Sold to Constance Chimileski on 1/20/2004 for $0

2. Robert Gay, 54, & Michele Hartman, 41 (parents of child victim Josephine Gay, 7):

    10 Nighthawk Lane, Sandy Hook, CT 06482
VGS says Owner of Record: Robert E. Gay & Michelle Hartman
Ownership history:

  • Sold to Stephen & Gail Sonne on 1/16/2013 for $678,500
  • Sold to Robert & Michele Gay on 12/25/2009 for $0
  • Sold to Robert & Michele Gay on 3/7/2006 for $933,000
  • Sold to Elite Builders Group LLC on 10/28/2004 for $300,000

Trulia’s price history on this property: 1/16/2013 $678,500; 3/7/2006 $933,000″.

3. Nicole & Ian Hockley (parents of Dylan Hockley, 6):

Rented 39 Yogananda Street, Sandy Hook, CT 06482
VGS says Owners are Elizabeth and Kenneth Pheasey who bought the house on12/25/2009 for $0.
Trulia’s price history: 4/30/2004 $725,000; 12/11/1998 $403,200; 8/17/1998 $105,500.

4. John Hsu & Donna Arnold, 46 (parents of Madeleine Hsu, 6):
Curiously, Spokeo says both Hsu and Arnold are “single”

    35 Narragansett Trl, Sandy Hook, CT 06482
VGS says Owner of Record: Long-Fong Hsu & Donna Arnold
Ownership history:

  • Sold to Long-Fong Hsu & Donna Arnold on 7/16/2010 for $455,000
  • Sold to Cherie Bragg & Michael Mastriano on 4/7/2009 for $0
  • Sold to Cherie Bragg-Cebry on 6/15/2007 for $628,000
  • Sold to Lawrence T. Card on 3/18/2003 for $487,000

5. Matthew, 41, & Jennifer Hubbard (parents of Catherine Hubbard, 6):

    10 Walker Hill Rd, Sandy Hook, CT 06482
VGS says Owner of Record: Kevin Casey & Priscilla Wright
Ownership history:

  • Sold to Kevin Casey & Priscilla Wright on 7/24/2012 for $365,000
  • Sold to Matthew & Jennifer Hubbard on 12/25/2009 for $0
  • Sold to Matthew & Jennifer Hubbard on 8/1/2005 for $435,000
  • Trulia has only these sale dates: 7/24/2012 $365,000; 8/1/2005 $435,000

6. Stephen, 49, & Rebecca Kowalski (parents of Chase Kowalski, 7):
Note: The Kowalskis had fashioned a very interesting charity poster to memorialize their dead son. See “Illuminati eye symbol in Sandy Hook charity poster“.

    6 Bennetts Bridge Rd, Sandy Hook, CT 06482
VGS says Owner: Stephen Kowalski
Ownership history: Sold to Stephen Kowalski on 12/25/2009 for $0
Trulia has only one sale date: 2/24/1994 $170,500

7. Scarlett Lewis (parent of Jesse Lewis, 6):

    6 Great Ring Road, Sandy Hook, CT 06482
VGS says Owner: Newtown Forest Association Inc
Ownership history: Purchased by Newtown Forest Association Inc. on12/25/2009  for $0.
Trulia has 2 sale dates: 8/17/1998 $260,000; 8/1/1995 $225,000

8. James S. Greene & Nelba Marquez-Greene (parents of Ana Marquez-Greene, 6):

    29 Buttonball Dr, Sandy Hook, CT 06482
VGS says Owner of Record: James S. Greene & Nelba Marquez Greene
Ownership history:

  • Sold to James S. Greene Jr & Nelba Marquez Greene on 8/16/2012 for $0
  • Sold to James S. Greene Jr on 8/3/2012 for $277,000
  • Sold to Deborah A. Makl & David George Makl on 12/25/2009 for $0

Trulia has 2 sale dates: 8/3/2012 $277,000; 9/27/2001 $95,000.

9. Christopher & Lynn Zapf McDonnell (parents of Grace McDonnell, 7):

    4 Bresson Farm Rd, Sandy Hook, CT 06482-1566
VGS says Owner of record: Christopher & Lynn Zapf McDonnell
Ownership history: Sold to Christopher & Lynn Zapf McDonnell on12/25/2009 for $0.
Zillow has one sale date for this property: 3/24/2000 $453,000

10. Anne Marie Murphy, 52:
(Strangely, both Email Finder and Spokeo think Anne Marie Murphy is still alive, age 53)

    37 Great Ring Rd, Sandy Hook, CT 06482-1638
VGS says Owner of Record is Ann Marie Murphy
Ownership history: Sold to Ann Marie Murphy on 12/25/2009 for $0.
Trulia has only 1 sale date: 9/4/1998 $291,000

11. Robbie & Alissa Parker (parents of Emilie Parker, 6):

      13 Country Squire Rd., Sandy Hook, CT 06482
VGS says owner of record: Robert & Alissa Parker
Ownership history:

  • Sold to Robert & Alissa Parker on 4/2/2012 for $359,900
  • Sold to Robert & Linda Spolar on 12/25/2009 for $0

12. Dean A., 42, & Tricia L. Pinto (parents of Jack Pinto, 6):

      4 Cobblers Mill Rd, Sandy Hook, CT 06482-1458
VGS says Owner of Record: Dean A. & Tricia L. Pinto
Ownership history:

  • Sold to Dean & Tricia Pinto on 12/25/2009 for $0
  • Sold to Dean & Tricia Pinto on 7/29/2005 for $607,000
  • Sold to Carl & Gail Coken on 12/11/2003 for $519,000

13. Veronique, 46, & Lenny Pozner (parents of Noah Pozner, 6):
(Curiously, Noah’s dad, Lenny, was not at his son’s open-casket funeral.)

      3 Kale Davis Rd. Sandy Hook, CT 06482-1537
VGS says Owner of Record: Veronique Pozner
Ownership history:

  • Sold to Veronique Pozner on 3/17/2009 for $0
  • Sold to Leonard & Veronique Pozner on 6/20/2005 for $470,000

14. Jeffrey W., 42, & Sandra Previdi (parents of Caroline Previdi, 6):

      44 Grand Pl, Newtown, CT 06470
VGS says Owner of Record: Eugene & Helen Previdi (Jeff’s parents)
Ownership history: Sold to Helen J. & Eugene A. Previdi Jr on 12/25/2009 for $0.
There is no Trulia price history on this property.

15. Jennifer Hensel & Jeremy Richman (parent of Avielle Richman, 6):

      41 Berkshire Rd, Sandy Hook, CT 06482
VGS Ownership history:

  • Sold to Jennifer & Jeremy Richman on 4/21/2011 for $560,000
  • Sold to from MaryJane Wheble on 12/25/2009 for $0

Trulia has 2 sale dates: 4/21/2011 $560,000; 8/19/1999 $360,000

16. Mary Sherlach, 56:

       33 Vintage Rd, Trumbull, CT 06611
VGS says Owner of Record: William D. and Mary J. Sherlach
Ownership history: Sold to William D. & Mary J. Sherlach on 4/30/93 for $0.
Trulia has 1 sale date: 4/30/1993 $307,000.

17. Benjamin, 40, & Cheyenne Wyatt (parents of Allison Wyatt, 6):

      83 Berkshire Rd, Sandy Hook, CT 06482-1427
VGS says Owner of Record: Benjamin & Cheyanne Wyatt
Ownership history:

  • Sold to Benjamin & Cheyanne Wyatt on 12/25/2009 for $0
  • Sold to Benjamin & Cheyanne Wyatt on 7/1/04 for $461,000

Trulia’s price history: sold 6/26/1998 $275,000; sold 12/27/1994 $242,500

18. Nicholas (“Nick”) & Laura Phelps:

       15 Walnut Trl, Sandy Hook, CT 06482-1148
VGS says owner of record: Zhiwen Ma & Weiyan Xia
Ownership history: Sold to Zhiwen Ma & Weiyan Xia on 12/25/09 for $0
Trulia’s price history: 2/5/2002 $337,500; 6/5/2001 $329,000; 8/24/1999 $247,300; 3/26/1999 $40,000

19. Eugene (“Gene”) Rosen:

       22 Riverside Rd, Sandy Hook, CT 06482
VGS says Owner Name: Eugene E. & Marilyn Rosen
Ownership history: Sold to Eugene E. & Marilyn Rosen on 12/25/2009 for $0
Trulia no price history on this property.
Zillow says “historical transaction data is not available for this home.”

20. E. (Elin) Patricia Llodra, 70:

Llodra is the First Selectman and head of Newtown’s 3-member Board of Selectmen who supervise the administration of the town. Like the other two board members (#21 and #22 below), Llodra was elected to a 2-year term (12/1/2011 to 12/1/2013), which means the three were in charge of Newtown at the time of the Sandy Hook massacre. All three were recently reelected to another 2-year term (12/1/2013 to 12/1/2015).

A year ago, when I looked up Ellin P. Llodra on people search engines, her address was listed as 90 Riverside Rd, Sandy Hook, CT 06482.

VGS a year ago and today says Owner of Record: Robert M. & Ellin P. Llodra
Ownership history: Sold to Robert M. & Ellin P. Llodra on 12/25/2009 for $0.
Trulia has no price history on this property.

But when I look up Ellin Llodra on people search today, her address is listed as 3 Primrose St., Newtown, CT 06470, which is the address of the Newtown Municipal Center, and is owned by the Town of Newtown, with a sale date of12/25/2009 and a sale price of $0.

21. William Rodgers (2nd member of Newtown’s Board of Selectmen):

      208 Hattertown Rd, Newtown, CT 06470
VGS says Owners: William & Moira Rodgers
Ownership history: Sold to William & Moira Rodgers on 12/25/2009 for $0
Trulia’s price history: 4/22/1992 $362,000

22. James Gaston Sr. (3rd member of Newtown’s Board of Selectmen):

      18 Main St., Newtown, CT 06470
VGS says Owner: Stephanie A. Gaston
Ownership history: Sold to Stephanie A. Gaston on 12/25/2009 for $0
Trulia’s price history: 10/2/1992 $262,500


1. Joel, 43, & JoAnn Bacon (parents of child victim Charlotte Bacon, 6):

12 Lyrical Ln, Sandy Hook, CT 06482
Owner of Record: Joel Bacon, JoAnn Bacon
Ownership History:

  •     Sold to Joel & JoAnn Bacon on 8/20/2007 for $387,500
  •     Sold to Jeffrey & Lisa Fox on 9/13/2004 for 350,000

2. Mark, 49 & Jacqueline Barden (parents of child victim Daniel Barden, 7):

35 Paugussett Rd, Sandy Hook, CT 06482
Owner: Mark & Jacqueline Barden

  • Sold to Mark & Jacqueline Barden on 10/19/2007 for $450,000
  • Sold to Catherine Austermann on 4/7/2004 for $452,500

3. Dawn L. Hochsprung (aka Dawn A. Lafferty), 48:

Spokeo says Dawn L Hochsprung is “in a relationship” w/ George Hochsprung, 71; lives at 11 Upper Cmns, Woodbury, CT 06798. VGS does not list Woodbury, CT on its online database. Trulia says 11 Upper Commons is a condo that was sold on Sept. 22, 2003 for $136,000.

Email Finder has a George Hochsprung, 71, at 4 Heather Ct, Woodbury, CT 06798. Trulia says 4 Heather Ct is a condo that was sold on Aug. 20, 2012 for $223,500.

4. Mark A., 43, & Cynthia Radley Mattioli, 42 (parents of James Mattioli, 6):

67 Great Ring Rd, Sandy Hook, CT 06482
VGS says Owner of Record: Mark & Cynthia Mattioli
Ownership History: Sold to Mark & Cynthia Mattioli on 8/3/07 for $585,000

4. Richard, 36, & Krista Rekos, 36 (parents of Jessica Rekos, 6):

5 Sweetbriar Ln, Sandy Hook, CT 06482
VGS says Owner of Record: Richard S. and Krista A. Rekos
Ownership history: Sold to Richard & Krista Rekos on 6/23/2010 530,000

5. Lauren Rousseau, 30:

Email Finder has a Lauren Gabrielle Rousseau, age 31
Address: 1 Osborne St, Danbury, CT 06810-5917
VGS says Owner of Record: Teresa B. Rousseau
Ownership history: Sold to Teresa B. Rousseau, age 63, on 6/15/1994 for $0
Trulia has no price history on this property.

6. Victoria Soto, 27:

Email Finder has a Victoria A. Soto, age 29, at 191 Sherman Ave # 1, Meriden, CT 06450-3353; and 126 Spring St, Meriden, CT 06451-5433. Meriden is 32.5mi (35 mins.) to the east of Newtown. SH school is now relocated to Monroe, CT, 6 mi south of Newtown.

7. David & Francine Wheeler (parents of Benjamin Wheeler, 6):

10 Lakeview Terrace, Sandy Hook, CT 06482
VGS says owners are David & Francine Wheeler
Ownership history:

  • Sold to David & Francine Wheeler on 7/27/2007 for $365,000
  • Sold to Michael Bloxam on 1/9/2004 for $162,500

Trulia has 3 sale dates: 1/9/2004 $162,500; 5/1/2000 $145,950; 9/2/1994 $85,000

8. Nancy J. Lanza, 52:

36 Yogananda St, Sandy Hook, CT 06482
VGS says owner is Nancy J. Lanza
Ownership history:

  • Sold to Estate of Nancy J. Lanza on 2/1/2013 for $0
  • Sold to Nancy Lanza on 2/8/2011 for $0

Trulia price history: 7/23/1998 $405,900; 7/30/1997 $99,500


  1. Go to Vision Government Solutions’ website:
  2. Click “Connecticut” on left side of page. This will take you to:
  3. Online Database for the cities of Connecticut:
  4. Scroll down until you see “Newtown.” Click “Newtown”.
  5. This will take you to the Assessors Online Database for Newtown, CT:
  6. Click the box “Enter Online Database”.
  7. You’ll be taken to the “Property Assessment Search / Newtown CT” page:
  8. Type in the number and street name, then click “Search”.


The homes of 15 of the 20 Sandy Hook child victims, 1-2 of the 7 adult victims, and all 6 of the Sandy Hook adult non-victims (the Phelps, Gene Rosen, the three Selectmen) have the mysterious sale date and $0 sale price.

At the very least, that is interesting. The three Selectmen are especially interesting because if the hypothesis is that the massacre was a contrived event, then Newtown’s highest governing body would have to be “in the know.”

Your guess is as good as mine as to what all those strange 12/25/2009 sale dates and $0 sale price mean. I’d appreciate input from readers of this blog who are in the real estate business and can shed some light of what the odd sale date and sale price mean.

For the links to all the posts we’ve done on Sandy Hook, go to our “Sandy Hook Massacre” page.


Dr. Eowyn is the Editor of Fellowship of the Minds.

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235 Responses to The strange purchase date and price of Sandy Hook homes

  1. John says:

    There where a few more to add the one right off the top of my head is Roy Low the guy who said they found another guy and he was in front of the police car he shows a weird purchase date too.

  2. Jak says:

    For this information to have any validity, one should also do a randome search of many other property in newtown.

  3. Jacqueline says:

    David Wheeler = ACTOR.

    Fake Sandy Hook “father of victim.” Professional movie actor David Wheeler starred in the movie FAITHFUL (2001). It appears that David Wheeler played 2 roles during the Sandy Hook gun-grab Hoax. Role #1 was “father of dead child,” and Role #2 was DHS soldier in Newtown CT.

    MORE HERE (David & Francine Wheeler acting in MOVIES):

  4. Grief says:

    Yep and 5 men with box cutters are responsible for 9/11…. Wake up Sheeple… It’s far past the point of return …..

  5. Richard says:

    How about some other things.

    Why does the ground and helicopter video show different things on LIVE VIDEO ?!?!?!

    The ground video shows police cars ONLY at the firehouse and the helicopter view shows ONLY ambulances and no police cars in THE SAME PLACE ! 2 Objects sharing the same space at the same time ! IMPOSSIBLE !!!

    Why are some of Adams pictures show shadows going many different directions with only 1 light source on the the school picture with his lunch and 2 different backgrounds ? I counted 5 different shadow directions !!!

    How did the firehouse garage move 150 feet from ground to helicopter view ?

    And several firetrucks move at the same time by the garage in some shots ?

    What about the police report that says the police shot the suspect ?

    And the dashcam video shown by “team wakemup” that shows at least 30 things wrong and NO CHILDREN EVACUATED like it says at 10:10 I think.

    And the other green screen problems like walking into the firehouse that doesn’t have a door, or the guy walking that doesn’t move for about 10 steps ?

    This and the green screen guy and the garage moving and people walking into a wall shows video has been faked !!!!!!

    Why do the powerlines and transformers on the top of the poles and telephone poles move in some pictures and video ? Some also have the stop sign taller than an ambulance but another picture shows it at 4 feet tall.

    What about houses not involved, what is their sale price and date ?

    What about the population distribution of the school students ?

    I the school immediately closed down 500+ kids would have to go to a different school and those schools would have a much larger attendance all of a sudden. And the numbers should add up to the same total.

    What about the AR-15 that according to CT law was illegal to have ? When was the date the law started ? I looked it up at a CT law page and it said they were illegal.

    How could they have an illegal weapon if the AR-15 was illegal ?

    What ever happened to NOAH, who died twice in SH and India ?
    What about his records?

    What about acting backgrounds of each person involved ?

    How come their are no gunshots on the 911 recordings ?

    Why do none of the kids mention 150+ shots ?

    Why did they chase people in the woods, there were at least 5 people there, so why was only 1 mentioned ?

    Why did Adam have a target with FBI written on it ?

    Why did Adam have no online presence ?

    What about the excellent school rating despite the mold on the outside and no handicap parking signs with a “fee if violated” on it that the law requires ?

    Why did they give “tours” to many police after it happened ? There are many people entering the school an hour later with large guns.

    I didn’t know it but all my comments on Youtube can’t be scene by anyone else so watch out for censoring ! I can see it but sign out and it is GONE and no other account can see my comments. This happened on many pages, about 95% of all my comments can’t be scene !

    • Sinead says:

      Yep, very good points. When an F5 Tornado hit Plainfield IL on August 28, 1990, it destroyed the High School the day before School started. A mad dash to rent a building and alter the day schedules to 2 half day class schedules and bus routes to accommodate students was made. 400-500 students. It was a major effort, added hassles.

      Sandy Hook was definitely an Obama Hoax. Everyone was suspicious at how people reacted, Paramedics not allowed in the building to help potential shooting victims, a bumbling Coroner that isn’t making any sense, new security system that doesn’t catch anything and cameras appear & disappear in photos – Then dear old Daddy Parker smiling, laughing, yucking it up the next day on CNN after his supposed 6 yr old daughter was slaughtered . . . asking if they were ready for his performance, odd photos & limited photos of a LIVE EVENT, the Firehouse circus, vehicle positions, legislature passed to ban and punish the release of any information that day, parents casually interviewing with networks immediately afterwards (just before Christmas) as if remembering a death 10-20 years ago etc. Just disgusting. Another Obama SCANDAL.

  6. WhatsItAllAboutAlphie says:

    Excellent work breaking all this down. The selectman getting in on the Christmas special of houses for $0.00. If you break it down further you will see Freemasonry seems woven in this. JFK warned us about the dangers of secret societies.

    • sandiamt says:

      You were OK until you stuck Freemasonry in the mix. “Secret society?” Everything you ever wanted to know about legitimate Freemasonry is on the internet…including what the conspiracy theorists say.

  7. Batman says:

    I really admire your extensive research on the subject. Your credible sources such as Spokeo and unofficial municipal records, as well as your ability to formulate such insightful analysis without any first hand experience on the subject makes me think you are the most clever person in the world. Maybe even you are superman. Yes, superman. Thank you for shedding light on this, superman. You have saved mankind. You are so smart. I am surprised the NRA isn’t beating down your door for your advice on how to make the world a better place.

    • David says:

      What have you done other than believe them main stream media BS. You my friend are a looser. So go find Robin or Bruce Jenner and have a sword fight

    • Grief says:

      @Batman! You have no idea what this “fake tragedy” did to those of us who have lost children… I spent weeks reliving my sons accident and heart broken over the parents that lost those children……. Jokes on me… No children lost… Only souls… Those people sold their soles to the devil! Good luck… I take it you are one of them!! Good luck…

  8. Newtown resident says:

    I lived in Newtown and worked as a camp counselor for many years and I can assure you things were legitimate. The summer after it happened we had to go through extensive crisis therapy training, we also had 3 less children than we had the year before and it wasn’t because kids transferred or did not come back. Children who had friends lost in the shooting would ask me why their friends weren’t here anymore, but they were. Nike donated a basketball court to Treadwell park, and everytime a dump truck would empty its content there would be a loud bang. Children affected by Sandy Hook Shootings would go into traumatic episodes and we would have to spend several minutes calming them down. I went to school with Ann Marie Murphy’s daughter and I can assure you she passed away because she was hugging children in the corner of a classroom as Adam Lanza sprayed gunfire at her. I was at her wake and funeral. One of her daughter worked at the same summer camp as me. So when you ask about there being evidence I can say I have seen the effects of this first hand. Both the horrific loss of 20 children and 7 adults and the coming together of a nation for one town. I don’t wish harm or misfortune upon any conspiracy theorist because it is not their fault they are misinformed. I only ask that before you make judgement that you come to Newtown and walk around Sandy Hook to see for yourself. Try having the courage to ask a resident if they think it happened. I can assure you the lack of response you recieve isn’t because they dont have one.. Its because they know you are too ignorant to deserve one. Think about the lives of the people affected by it before you post something that is misconstrued to get a rise out of people. I am all for free speach, but also all for common sense. And growing up I have learned not to make light of death.. Especially that of one of the nations most traumatic school shootings in history. Shame on you.

    • awc222 says:

      Telling us this STORY is supposed to do what? Make us believe it? You offered no evidence that you are a counselor or any hard facts. What if said I lived there and was recruited to be part of the scam and refused. Are you going to believe me just because “I” said it. NO!

      You go on and on about the official story but neglect all the evidence to proves we were lied to, ie. the phony school evacuation already proven not to have taken place. Need that proof. Well I got it…straight from the official reports and police dash cam videos.

      • Newtown resident says:

        • awc222 says:

          Newtown resident. Yes, I have been to that site before and it show the SAME TWO PICTURES of children at the school which both were staged. All of the other pictures of YOUR proof show nothing of an evacuation. Is that it? Here wtch this video of the police dash cams as it follows minute by minute by minute of the evacuation and see the lies.

          • Behr C says:

            How can I be sure where these cameras are positioned? where this video was even shot? Is this even in CT? Is that a shopping center or a school? What is taking place behind the cars? Are the children being escorted out of the school behind the cars? On which side of the school are the cars parked? How do I know I can trust the words of the gentleman in the video? Where are the other police car cams? Why are only these 3 videos shown here? What is going on when they black out the video? How did the speaker obtain these videos? If there is one thing I’ve learned about the research I’ve done, question everything.

            The gentleman on the video keeps saying, “Where are 600 children?” If you have ever been in these situations, you know they do not incite a mass exodus. They do a very controlled escort of students out of the building, one classroom at a time (about 20-30 students), usually beginning with the youngest students or the students closest to the safest exit. It’s not the same as a fire drill or a bomb evacuation.

      • Behr C says:

        Ok, why are you getting irate with Newtown Resident. He (or she) is only sharing his (or her) experience. True or not, can you give someone the benefit of the doubt? Have we been lied to? Yes, but it doesn’t mean that Newtown Resident is lying to you or that this is a hoax.

        During a school lockdown, you do not do an evacuation until all areas are secure and, when necessary, the suspect identified and apprehended . . . even when it’s only a possible threat. I work in schools. This process has taken hours of waiting. You won’t see an evacuation immediately. I’m not sure why you are attacking Newtown Resident. Cut him or her some slack.

        • awc222 says:

          How can I be sure where these cameras are positioned?
          –You can see from the view where they are positioned. The cars are all in the same position as the alleged day. Confirmed.

          where this video was even shot?
          –Sandy Hook elementary school on that day. THESE are police cams not some conspiracy theory kook, remember?

          Is this even in CT?
          –YES as is obvious from the view of the camera.

          Is that a shopping center or a school?
          –I thought you said you studied this. If you did then you would not be asking this question.

          What is taking place behind the cars?
          The police reports are describing the locations which are in the view of the cameras as to where the classes were led out. THEY ARE NOT THERE.

          Are the children being escorted out of the school behind the cars?
          –The camera shows behind the cars directly at the school. DID you NOT watch it? If you had, you would not be asking that question.

          On which side of the school are the cars parked?
          –Ah, come on now, this is getting silly.

          How do I know I can trust the words of the gentleman in the video?
          –He is reading directly from the police report which is transcribed at the bottom at the time stated in the dash cams. These are the official reports not something someone made up.

          Where are the other police car cams?
          –I don’t know, Why? Aren’t three shown showing you it DID NOT HAPPEN?

          Why are only these 3 videos shown here? What is going on when they black out the video?
          –Do you mean the redacted parts? I don’t know but anypone who ever went to school and experienced a fire drill knows 20-40 seconds is not enough time to completely miss hundreds of children.

          How did the speaker obtain these videos?
          FOIA released to the public by FOIA order, I am sure.

          If there is one thing I’ve learned about the research I’ve done, question everything.
          –No, it sounds more like you are experiencing cognitive dissonance whereby your core conviction come into conflict with actual evidence and yet you still will not allow yourself to believe the truth.

    • Behr C says:

      As an American citizen and parent, I’m just as distraught today as I was in 2012, reliving that horrible day. At the time, my son was a 6-year-old kindergartner. When it came time for school to let out, we parents assembled outside of the school entrance, faces downcast, all of us silent in stark contrast to our usual, cheerful banter. It was obvious that some of us had been crying. Many of us arrived a little earlier than usual. At least for me the only thing I wanted to do that afternoon was hug my little boy and cherish every moment, knowing he was safe in my arms. I had experienced the death of my first-born son making December 14, 2012, an especially hard day for me. Knowing the pain of losing a child, I know the families are still mourning. This pain never goes away. Some days are still a dark tunnel for some parents. It does get better. I promise.

      Newtown Resident, you have my condolences, both for the losses your community has experienced and for the awful way people are responding to you. You don’t deserve to be attacked. You are entitled to share your thoughts, and I appreciate what you had to say.

      Part of the problem is that our government has misled us on so many occasions that we are beginning to distrust everything we see and hear on mainstream media. I would even venture to say it is creating paranoia if not total hysteria in some people. Our nation is so large, that for most of us Sandy Hook is a dot on a map, so far removed from our realm of existence. Even most people in Connecticut had not heard of it. We have become anonymous. With anonymity comes a shift in attitude. This phenomenon can be studied in group dynamics if you wish to learn more. We have reached “critical mass,” and a swarm mentality among people can be seen in online communities as well as the driving habits in urban areas. As you know, swarms eventually ingest each other.

      Instead of turning against one another, we need to band together. A nation divided will not stand. Sandy Hook and Newtown are our neighbors (and if necessary our comrades in arms). I would risk my life to defend your rights and your freedom including the right to bear arms and the freedom of speech. Somehow people of our time think that freedom of speech entitles us to say whatever the hell we want regardless of how we make others feel. I think tact has died in our shift toward a swarm mentality.

      Newtown Resident (among others), I truly believe most “conspiracy theorists” are on your side despite some of their hurtful words and total lack of respect and compassion. (A little research will show you that many of their allegations are based in truth. It’s not a total conspiracy.) And to the “conspiracy theorists,” it’s not us vs. them. We need to band together, as humankind and as Americans. Stop quarreling with one another. Let’s speak out, but with gentleness, kindness, humility, and respect.

      We’re waiting for a leader, someone who has a strong enough passion and voice to inspire the masses. Think of how black people (African Americans, if one prefers) felt during segregation. The government really WAS against them. They really were being mistreated, beaten, conspired against, falsely accused, held against their will, oppressed, downtrodden . . . Our forefathers, black, white, and all races, overcame tyranny with peace. And they even managed to accomplish it without the internet.

      What happened to a government of the people, by the people, and for the people? “United we stand. Divided we fall.” Let’s stand together.

    • Tom says:


    • David says:

      Funny the kids I saw on TV said it sounded like the Janitor. Some said they did not hear anything. someone forgot to tell them the script.

    • Suchahoax says:

      I’m sorry, your story seems entirely fabricated. Your emphasis on using full names, and the details of your first hand experience seem fabricated, excessive and unnatural. I just don’t buy it. You can’t bullshit a bullshitter as they say. No
      Children were harmed that day.

    • awc222 says:

      “So when you ask about there being evidence ”
      You haven’t presented any evidence—just a testimony. And quite frankly, it seems all made up.

      Trying to throw “shame” on those asking real questions and never getting answers is a key sign of shilling.

    • jdyb says:

      I live next door to that school. It’s been closed for years before the fake shooting. It’s crazy living here because 7 out of 10 ppl here are in the occult

  9. tjhillgardner says:

    Conspiracy theorist are soooooooo stupid. “A little information is a dangerous thing.” This moron’s right to freedom of speech is the rope this idiot needed to hang themselves. Obviously, many many hours were spent doing this research. You’d think she might have uncovered something. But no. There is no evidence of anything here. That the author finds it “interesting” that databases use fillers when the data is missing speaks more to the author’s lack of worldliness than anything else.

    What I would like to point out is that every speck of data in all of the databases (that conspiracy theorists expect to be perfect…despite that input errors are common in computer databases of information…is NOT inconsistent with the happening of the events at Sandy Hook. So the best you got is that data fillers are interesting You folks are easily fooled, yet it is you who claim that it is everyone else being fooled. LOL

    Finally, I don’t know who Joe Smith is but he is absolutely spot on about how sick Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists must be to spew falsehoods about what happened at Sandy Hook merely to further a political agenda you have against the government. Truth is, I am a student of Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky who knows all too well how the MSM is controlled and I don’t trust the US Government at all. But none of that informs me that the events at Sandy Hook didn’t happen. I kinda go with “it did happen” based on the reams of documentary evidence assembled by the Connecticut State Police in the wake of the investigation.

    • awc222 says:

      tjhillgardner, have you read the Police Report? I suppose not. Can you even tell me the physical and mental description used of the shooter? Let’s just start there, first, OK? The most incriminating evidence COMES from this report and other official details that Sandy Hook was a hoax.

    • David says:

      Their report is full of false hoods. Please answer just one simple question. How was United Way Donation Website created before the event even happened? That is just one of many questions. Funny they say it was a glitch. Never happened before or since but I am supposed to believe it happened just that one time. How convenient

  10. joe smith says:

    One family lives does NOT live at the address you claim. Others live at a different address than the ones you claim. Other info is wrong for others. You DISGUSTING, SICK, WARPED, EVIL BASTARDS! You evil losers do nothing but cause more pain. I am actively seeking hackers to take you down permanently. YOU do not deserve to breathe. I’d love to get my hands physically on you. How can you be so evil? If you are evil I guess it’s easy. “What parents would ever agree to allow their kids to be murdered for a bag of money and to further the gun control agenda?” NONE. I hope you all die of brain cancer.

    • 5WarVeteran says:

      Read what YOU just wrote, consider a persons freedom of speech and freedom to be STUPID. Consider how evil YOU sounded in your post.

      Just remember YOUR threat could get you thrown into prison.

      At the same time did you even think about what you wrote?

      Here is a quote: “What parents would ever agree to allow their kids to be murdered for a bag of money and to further the gun control agenda?”

      At what point has ANYONE said that these people allowed their kids to be murdered?

      NONE. Hell more than 73% of ALL Americans do not believe anyone died. Which makes you a minority.

      How many bodies did YOU see? Were YOU there? How about a little forensic investigation?

      How much research have YOU done?

      There are two mistakes stupid Americans make:

      1. believing their government would never do such things

      2. believing if the government did do such a thing the government would also tell the people they did it.

      And a third the ego based assumption

      Assuming that a common American school system educated person would know what a government would and would not do.

    • David says:

      Joe all the rage you sound like we need to meet. Ill tell you what respond and I will give you what you want. I will give you my email and come to see you. Then I will let you put your hands on me first. Then I can tell the police it was self defence. I will make sure I have video for proof in court

    • Maureen crowley says:

      Media showed up in Treadwell Park 2-1/2 hours before the Phantom Adam Lanza supposedly made his bed, shot his mom 4 times onto a spotless wall, then dragged his 112 lb. 6 ft. Frame ,size 8.5 shoe, to shoot up a toxic, non compliant and non commissioned school killing 26 people in 7 minutes. Uh, no.

      • joe smith says:

        YOU ARE BATSHIT NUTS AND EVIL. Back to the belfry for you. Stupid and a LIAR. FOOL

        • 5WarVeteran says:

          Come on “Joe” is that all you can provide? Attacks on other people? How about some supporting evidence? Some proof to support YOUR claims?

          If you cannot provide anything then your insulting words have no value to anyone other than yourself. Mental masturbation to make yourself feel good . . . .

          How about some intelligent conversation? We have enough trolls here already.

          • I think it’s funny how “Joe Smith” keeps spouting evil while condemning evil…It REALLY irritates me how people will totally reject everyone’s statements, yet offer none of their own, with their only research being watching the evening news like a good little sheople while eating their tv dinner. Hello! Our gubmint RELIES on people like you to hide behind. Wolfgang Halbig has asked a lot of really good, common sense, logical questions. Yet all you hear is crickets. Hey Mr. Smith, it’s called false flags. Google Operation Northwoods or Operation Paperclip. Understand exactly what your government is capable of. That is, unless of course, you’re just a for-hire-troll that’s paid to dispel the truth…then that would make YOU the evil, psycho b*stard!!!!

          • tjhillgardner says:

            Speaking for Joe Smith (I apologize, Joe), its not his burden to prove a negative – i.e. that something didn’t happen. You folks who are the retarded people with defective critical thinking skills are the people who need to put up or shut up with YOUR EVIDENCE if you expect people to believe YOUR theory that what happened was (well here you need to make up your minds; you are all over the map; was it a false flag operation (in which case it did happen) or was it a hoax (in which case it didn’t happen). Sure wish you folks would at least get your own stupid stories and theories straight before going public. LOL

            P.S. – Your expectations about how people are supposed to behave when they have been the victims of enormous emotional trauma are unrealistic. Laughing is a COMMON and well understood coping mechanism of people who have suffered huge emotional trauma. Sorry that that well-recognized psychological phenomenon deserves no mention by you in your pathetic analysis that concludes that because someone laughed they must be “crisis actors.” Because some moron on the internet can compare photographs with other photographs doesn’t prove anything without the testimony of the people who took the pictures. Every day I wake up I thank God that I am not on trial for murder with you wackos on my jury determining the facts.

          • my question is, if this incident actually occurred, why are the local authorities not more transparent when the hard questions are being asked….instead of shutting down lines of communication….

            I personally would hate for an actual mass shooting to occur in my town, because regardless of if it’s real or not..thanks to MSM it will automatically be a conspiracy theorists wet dream…very sad

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