Justice Group Warns of Obama Plan to Put Government Monitors in Newsrooms

FCC researchers would pressure the press on what to cover

The American Center for Law and Justice is warning of an Obama administration plan to place government monitors in newsrooms via an FCC proposal that could turn every major news network and newspaper into little more than a state media mouthpiece.

Image: CNN Newsroom (Wikimedia Commons).

FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai recently lifted the lid on a shocking White House proposal entitled ‘Multi-Market Study of Critical Information Needs’ that would dispatch researchers from the federal agency “to grill reporters, editors and station owners about how they decide which stories to run.”

According to Pai, the program is about “pressuring media organizations into covering certain stories.” In other words – the fairness doctrine on steroids.

“That’s right, the Obama Administration has developed a formula of what it believes the free press should cover, and it is going to send government monitors into newsrooms across America to stand over the shoulders of the press as they make editorial decisions,” writes the ACLJ’s Matthew Clark, noting that the plan would also extend to newspapers, which the FCC doesn’t even have any business being involved with.

Distrust in mainstream media has been on a steady decline for years, with a recent Gallup poll confirming that just 23 per cent of Americans trust the institution of television news. This lack of confidence has driven ratings down, with MSNBC losing almost half of its viewers over the course of just 12 months, shedding 45 per cent of its audience. CNN also lost 48 per cent of its viewers over the same time period.

The United States’ world ranking in terms of freedom of the press also recently fell to number 46, below the likes of South Africa, Slovenia and Lithuania.

Earlier this month, the New York Times’s own writers told a newspaper that NY Times opinion pieces are now seen as “irrelevant” and have no impact on public discourse whatsoever.

The FCC’s attempt to police newsrooms is a desperate attempt to redress the fact that, as Hillary Clinton admitted, the Obama administration is “losing the information war” to other news sources whose audiences are growing.

However, those alternative news outlets are not growing because of slick propaganda, they are stealing audience share from the mainstream because they at least try to act in an adversarial role to the state rather than being a conduit for its talking points.

“Every major repressive regime of the modern era has begun with an attempt to control and intimidate the press,” warns Clark, adding, “It’s hard to imaging anything more brazenly Orwellian than government monitors in newsrooms.”

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9 Responses to Justice Group Warns of Obama Plan to Put Government Monitors in Newsrooms

  1. rbodell says:

    I love it, never a dull moment on the clothesline. Before you people hang out your undies, you might want to wash them, The brown streaks are very evident against the white material.

    A good sign of a valid article is news sources all over the world. A good sign of a conspiracy theory is that it only shows up on websites like the clothesline Conspiracy theorists Love to stir up hate. So much so that they don’t even work together. All they want to do is dream up the biggest conspiracy theory of all. his post in particular proves that.

    Just about every time I mention the evening news, somebody just has to come back and say that the news sources have sold out to the government or that they are the pawns of the government. The problem is, if that were true, Why would they be releasing this information. If they were the pawns of the government the government would not allow this to be released. If they sold out to the government they would voluntarily not release this.

    You people remember this article the next time you say the news is controlled by the government.

    Give a conspiracy theorist enough rope and he will hang himself by his testicles.

  2. Goebbels would be proud says:

    Comrade Kommissars will be placed in every “news” room so that party line purity will be maintained. Happytalk will be the only message conveyed to the taxpayer serfs on the globalist plantation. To each according to his needs, workers of the world unite! The Great Leap Forward! Yes we can.

  3. Just in time for the Halfrican Lyin’ King to announce that by his “EXECUTIVE ORDER”, he has suspended the 22nd amendment and is now “The most exalted, grand mufti, omnipotent HMFIC of the whole known universe, until further notice! NOW ALL BOW!!

  4. LuckyLindy says:

    My take is that the way in which we get News will drastically change, along with many other changes to our lives. So, we better start to make our own changes and be a partner to Change. Face it! We are all at the point where we have reached the limit of working with and using the same things over and over til those things just don’t work anymore. When push comes to shove then Nature comes in and orders CHANGE! The Newspaper business has been in decline for years. Home Deliveries have gone down so much that the “Paperboy” is only seen on the streets of a city selling from the Booth! Stores in Rural-Land at the end of the day have a shelf of “leftovers” to dispose of and this piles up at the end of the week. I got them to use for my animals. At least they did not go to waste! Most of whats in em is ads.

    As for the TV, that will go the way of the Radio. When did the first one come out? 1940’s? A little tiny screen you had to sit up close to it to see. We got our first when I was 12, 1953. It was a 16″ screen, RCA console, black n white. The Picture Tube finally went on it in 1965. We had it that long. But, nothing lasts forever. We Move On. That’s Progress. So, if the FCC wants to take TV over, then I won’t grumble. Mainstream News doesn’t give us the truth anyway. I like the Alternatives, much more interesting and allows folks like me to participate with my comments.

    Yup, Happy Trails to us! LuckyLindy

  5. Possum says:

    Government Monitors in News Rooms.

    What a Novel Idea with Original Intent

    Did not the current Communist News Rooms know that Big Daddy Government would eventually turn on them too.

    Just like the 71% that is now against Obama for his current practices.

    Poor little misguided soles that voted for him did not know that a NAZI Bastard would eventually cut their throats.

    Tut Tut

  6. Phil says:

    The MSM is nothing more than a state run mouthpiece now.. Hell they no longer tell the news other than as the ovomit REGIME wants told.

  7. Mac says:

    This Marxist Fuck certainly doesn’t deviate from his ideology – damn the Constitution – which he swore to uphold.

    I will cheer when he’s dead and know that he burns for eternity.

  8. Hope the Government do not shut this news source down… then we the people are in deep **** Arkansas… up the creek without a paddle in a paper canoe at that…

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