Threats to CT Police Escalate Following CT Cop’s Gun Confiscation Comments – Pro-Gun Veteran Asked to Help Calm Things Down

John CinqueThere have been reports that Navy veteran John Cinque has been receiving threats because of his stance on the issue of Connecticut’s gun registration law. Apparently those reports are due to a misreading of a piece by the New Haven Register in which Cinque said, “There have been threats made — that I found out about today.” Freedom Outpost reached out to John Cinque, who spoke with us this morning and confirmed that the threats he was speaking about were towards the Branford Police, not towards him.

“The cops are having the threats…. they are scared,” he told us.

According to Cinque, Officer Joseph Peterson, who made comments in interaction on Facebook while off duty that he would “give my left nut to bang down your door and come for your gun…” has been placed on 24-hour guard due to threats on his life. This information came directly from Police Chief Kevin Halloran.

Mr. Cinque told us that he had a two and a half hour “sit down” with the Branford Police Department on Tuesday. He said that the Branford PD was supposed to come out with an apology for Peterson’s comments and wanted Cinque’s endorsement of the apology in an attempt to cool things down.

“The first words out of the police chief’s mouth… were ‘How can you help us with this?'” Cinque said. “They’re getting killed over there. They said they can do nothing but deal with this.”

Cinque’s endorsement would not be automatic. “There are some things here that need to be addressed before I endorse the apology,” he said. “Don’t make the apology to me. The apology has to be to the residents of Branford and to the citizens of the State of Connecticut.”

“If we are looking to tamp this thing down…none of us need violence here,” Cinque continued.

“We’re winning this thing; we’re winning this thing hard here,” Cinque said, referring to the efforts to ignore unconstitutional and unlawful legislation that seeks to have citizens register their semi-automatic rifles and high capacity magazines.

“That’s the last thing we need,” he added, referring to violence.

“We’re going to try to throw water on this thing and get it calmed down …” Cinque said. “The whole premise of where Joe’s coming from has to be addressed, and now it has been … Now it’s time to calm it down …

“The problem now is, we have a forest fire burning, and we’ve got to see how we can go about extinguishing it,” he said.

John Cinque stressed that threats and violence on both sides is not what will win the day. “None of us wants violence anyway.”

Cinque also pointed out that no ex post facto laws or retainers can be instituted, and that doesn’t apply to just guns.

For his part, Cinque said there would have to be several things in the apology before he would endorse it. One of those things would be remedial training in the United States Constitution for Officer Joseph Peterson and the other officers of the Branford Police Department. Another would be a stand that the Police Department would not be involved in the enforcement of the gun registration law.

Branford Police as scheduled to contact John Cinque today. At the time of the writing of this article, they have not done so. The purpose of the contact, according to Mr. Cinque, is to get his approval of their apology, which they will seek to have broadcast via television with Mr. Cinque lending his approval to the apology.

While Mr. Cinque has been thrown into a whirlwind of news publicity in the past week, he is confident that cooler heads will prevail and wants to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. That solution is to have constitutionally educated law enforcement officers, who also understand the history of gun registration / confiscation, and a citizenry who elect lawmakers who understand the same.

Mr. Cinque has said that he will update us on any progress of the Branford Police apology. If, and when, it becomes public, we will provide our readers with that information.

This is a lesson in how to deal with this issue in your own town, county and state. The people must be vocal and they must not back down. Threats of violence are not the way to go about things. Citizens are to remain vigilant, and the only proper use of force would be defensively. I applaud the efforts of patriots like John Cinque and others who have drawn a line in the sand, and unlike certain occupants of the White House, don’t blink when the line is crossed.

Tim Brown is the Editor of Freedom Outpost.

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21 Responses to Threats to CT Police Escalate Following CT Cop’s Gun Confiscation Comments – Pro-Gun Veteran Asked to Help Calm Things Down

  1. The bastard storm troopers should be scared. Glad it is them for a change.

  2. Zeke says:

    Another ostensibly psychotic thug of a cop who cannot wait to gleefully stomp on “the rabble” in the name of his totalitarian bureaucratic corrupt string-pullers.

    And they’re worried about us plebs having guns.

    Meanwhile, ostensible psychotics like this are given gun, badge, and sanction of the state.

    Don’t you feel safe and secure under the umbrella of these “benevolent authorities”?

  3. TSIndiana says:

    White wash for the Zebra. I wonder how long the stripes can remain covered up?

  4. Ivan Pistov says:

    Yes we have been being NICE for at least 60 years that I know of. I don’t want any kind of shooting war with any government but if it comes to that in CT then maybe some other states will take notice. The mention of ex-post facto laws is appropriate here. These laws have been passed many times in the last however many years, one of the most egregious being the senator Frank Lautengurg domestic violence laws. The 1968 gun law says in order to lose your 2nd Amendment rights you must have committed a FELONY. The Lautenburg laws are MISDEMEANORS. I am not condoning domestic violence, but many times a protective order is routinely issued and guns are taken. These laws dated back to infinity and are unconstituional. In fact the ’68 gun law is also unconstituional but we and the NRA have lived with it all these years. Before 1968 there was NO FORM 4473 and we didn’t have any gun problems to speak of.
    The time is coming to rid ourselves of all these laws.

  5. The apology needs to come from the Governor and State House! And then an IMIEDIATE REVOCATION of the UN-constitutional law!

  6. NotPolPot says:

    The public should not be using a tactic of “threats” against corrupt civil servants who are threatening them. There needs to be an orderly response to the epidemic of public servants who — under “color of law” — commit battery, robbery, breaking-and-entering, trespassing, terroristic threat, assault kidnapping and perjury without accountability. The problem is of epidemic proportions and it is time to make major investigations and cull the defective public servants. In the meantime the people must be vigilant and defend the innocent citizens (using all their natural rights, as enumerated in the Constitution and Bill of Rights) coming under attack by corrupt servants.

  7. Sherry McPetrizone says:

    Police officer Joseph Peterson of Branford, Connecticut PD: You are a disgrace to the badge. You’ve lost your way, if you ever had it.

    As John says above, our Constitutional rights are not up for discussion, and we’re tired of being nice. We’ve been nice for decades, and it has resulted in a perpetual erosion of civil liberty.

  8. These corrupt law enforcement and government types (domestic terrorists, in reality… as they try to control us with fear and obviously “hate our freedom”) should be very afraid. If they think they can take away a people’s right to protect themselves (a NATURAL right; not a government-granted one) and their Constitutional right to keep arms, then they are in for a truly terrible surprise; they’ll be themselves targets and will end up having to live in secured barracks, while their families will either be vulnerable in their homes or forced to reside in the barracks with them…. Sad indeed. And rest assured, many will fall.

    Is it worth it just to get off on cheap violence against the citizens to whom you swore Oaths to protect and serve?

    At the day’s end, is it something of which to be proud: to play a role in trampling upon the rights and destroying the freedoms of others?

  9. stanley says:

    That big mouthed Peterson cop should be fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. pase' doble says:

    Non-violence is a nice idea, as is defensive fire only. The “Oh shit” part of all of this is that you’ll only need defensive fire at 3:00AM when your not ready and the stack has just crashed your door and idiot cops are amped up to put a couple dozen holes in you….. No take down team is coming after you when you’re surrounded by armed friends running drills at the range.

  11. Thom says:

    It appears they are asking Mr. Cinque to sign and back something that hasn’t even been written yet and before any final decision on what is going to become of the rouge cop Mr. Joseph Peterson and others on the police force who feel as he does. ” CAREFUL” Get everything in writing first Mr. Cinque.

  12. Dave1 says:

    Yea ass kissing always looks good after you prove a point that should have never come up to have to be proven! Plain and simple, case of Alligator mouth overloading Hummingbird ass.Solution monitor the alligator mouths better that’s the help I would offer.See cops look at it as it’s easier to say it was a mis- understanding if that fails then I apologize for things just got out of hand . Protect and serve in non existing with them now they tasted the macho image and crave the taste.Let em eat cake very old and stale cake!

  13. 5WarVeteran says:

    Well this is a good thing. I just pray the message goes out loud and clear that we are NOT going to cater to criminal politicians and asinine criminal police. Either you are an American, or you are not. Either you support American freedoms or you do not belong here in America.
    We all have the right to defend ourselves against any threat that can be aimed at us. If that includes a Sherman tank then so be it. If that includes a nuke then just do not go there, Remember Obama already did that towards the people of South Carolina and military officers were fired because they dropped it 600 miles off the coast.
    Do you think we would be having these problems if some asshole did not put gun control parameters in place? If criminals knew law abiding citizens were allowed to have grenade launchers do you think they would try some of the shit they do? If fully automatic weapons were legal for all to own do you think “Operation Fast and Furious” would even be a subject of discussion?

    Personally, I think fully automatic weapons are stupid and wasteful, spray and pray is not a useful way of eliminating an aggressor,

  14. john says:

    If they’re serious about an apology, they shouldn’t be seeking “endorsement” from anybody.

    A lot of people say violence is not the appropriate course of action, but we tried being nice, and we tried working within the system – over and over and over again. How many more times must we be forced to comply with onerous and blatantly unconstitutional laws, edicts, and policies? When is it time to stop and say enough is enough, and take up arms in defense of our natural rights?

  15. Kind of ironic that the police are asking John Cinque to calm things down for them. I like the way he is handling it.

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