Armed Feds Prepare For Showdown With Nevada Cattle Rancher

Ruby Ridge-style standoff brewing as Bundy says he is prepared to be killed

cliven bundyA Ruby Ridge-style standoff is brewing in Nevada, where dozens of armed federal agents are closing in on cattle rancher Cliven Bundy over claims that Bundy has allowed his cows to graze illegally on government land, endangering a protected species of tortoise.

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Vowing to take a stand for, “your liberty and freedom,” Bundy says he is prepared to be killed as authorities surround a 600,000 acre section of public land as a result of Bundy violating a 1993 Bureau of Land Management ruling which changed grazing rights in order to protect the endangered desert tortoise.

“With all these rangers and all this force that is out here, they are only after one man right now. They are after Cliven Bundy. Whether they want to incarcerate me or whether they want to shoot me in the back, they are after me. But that is not all that is at stake here. Your liberty and freedom is at stake,” Bundy said.

Bundy’s refusal to recognize federal authority over the land under dispute and his failure to pay tens of thousands of dollars in grazing fees stems from his assertion that his family’s history trumps bureaucracy.

“My forefathers have been up and down the Virgin Valley ever since 1877. All these rights I claim have been created through pre-emptive rights and beneficial use of the forage and water. I have been here longer. My rights are before the BLM even existed,” Bundy said.

Accusing feds of seizing Nevada’s sovereignty, Bundy says he has fought the battle legally, through the media, and is now gearing up to fight it physically.

“Armed agents are forming a a military-like staging area to prevent anyone from approaching the area,” writes Mike Paczesny.

Bundy asserts that his case is emblematic of how America has been transformed into a “police state,” labeling the government’s actions “pathetic”.

Hundreds of federal officials, aided by helicopters, low flying aircraft and hired cowboys, began rounding up Bundy’s cattle on Saturday as Bundy accused them of “trespassing,” adding that the impact will only serve to raise beef prices for residents of Las Vegas 80 miles away.

Feds postponed a similar raid in 2012 over fears the action would spur violence. Bundy has drawn a lot of support from the local community and protesters are heading to the area to demand authorities back off. Officials have created a taped off “First Amendment Area” where demonstrators can voice their concerns. A sign placed inside the area reads “Welcome to Amerika – Wake Up” alongside a hammer and sickle logo.

“The rights were created for us,” Bundy told the Las Vegas Review Journal. “I have the right to use the forage. I have water rights. I have access rights. I have range improvement rights, and I claim all the other rights that the citizens of Nevada have, whether it’s to camp, to fish or to go off road.”

Addressing the justification of seizing the cattle to protect a species of tortoise, Bundy stated, “I’ll never get it. If it weren’t for our cattle, there’d be more brush fires out here. The tortoises eat the cow manure, too. It’s filled with protein.”

The standoff has echoes of the 1992 Ruby Ridge incident, during which Randy Weaver, accused of selling an ATF agent two illegal sawed-off shotguns, became embroiled in a tragic confrontation with the the United States Marshals Service (USMS) and the FBI, resulting in the death of Weaver’s son Sammy, his wife Vicki, and Deputy U.S. Marshal William Francis Degan.

The story also brings back memories of New Hampshire couple Ed and Elaine Brown, who were involved in a nine month standoff with armed law enforcement and feds as a result of their refusal to pay income tax. The Browns were later convicted of “plotting to kill federal agents” because of their refusal to surrender and were both given de facto life sentences.

In a series of YouTube videos, Cliven Bundy and his wife outline the background behind their decision to take a stand against the feds, arguing that their fight is a constitutionally-driven line in the sand to push back against the usurpation of big government.

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297 Responses to Armed Feds Prepare For Showdown With Nevada Cattle Rancher

  1. Thom says:

    The BLM (Bureau of Land Management) style of management puts me in mind of a slum landlord who collects rent(fees) and doesn’t care about anything but the rent.. How many times have you ever heard of a landlord collecting past due rent with a battalion of armed killers?

    What they did to Bundy was along the same lines as a loan shark that sends goons to your house, slaps your old lady around, threatens your kids, and kills your dog? If they have to show up again it’s very likely they will kill you and your whole family, “just to set an example”.

    What is sad is how few people there are that are willing to stand up and fight terrorism. The ones that do, as in the Bundy Saga, are true heros. The Bundy’s came face to face with domestic terrorism and with the help of a few brave warriors were able to back the terrorist down. For now!

    I won’t make excuses why I wasn’t there but I will say this:”I support their actions and will continue to support them with my donation$”. I understand that there are many reasons for not being there to physically help but there is no reason not to send your support $$$. And I believe that the Oath Keepers is the best outfit to send your $$$ to. Every little bit will help. It’s amazing how a football game will draw 100,000 fans to the stadium but only a few hundred were willing to show up in support of liberty.

    Don’t let naysayers like Craig and rbodell and others like them, dampen your trust in the true patriots who are willing to sacrifice THEIR time and money to protect your rights and freedoms.

    This is exactly why militias are formed,. Don’t let nothing but fear hold you back!!~!!

    FYI> ” I am not as of yet a member of the Oath Keepers “

    • rbodell says:

      That is not unusual, every time a cop come to deliver an eviction notice he is armed and he is trained to kill. In this case there were a hundred armed individuals so they came prepared. If it weren’t for the armed militia, it would have just taken one cop.

    • Craig says:

      A nice speech. Wholly misguided and incorrect, but nice just the same. The government did no such thing to that thief. They have spoken to him on multiple occasions and tried to collect on the debt he owes the rightful land owner. He refused to pay and threatened the agents with physical violence. The government showed up to freeze the assets of a criminal that owes twenty years of fees. This is no different than you stealing from a restaurant for twenty years, and then the police freezing your assets and placing you under arrest. The government has been extraordinarily patient, surprisingly, and not seeking criminal charges against him. They also have tried for twenty years to settle with him, but he just can’t let go of his free government shit.

      I really am shocked that you are this naive and ignorant. Just because they are the government, does not mean they are wrong. Bundy chose to not sign the contract to use the land, so he should have stopped using it. It really is that simple. You are blinded by “government, bad!” Yes the government is very often overzealous, oppressive, and downright unconstitutional, but that doesn’t mean it should be your default assumption.

      Bundy is a douche that has stolen free food for his cattle which no doubt has helped him sell his beef cheaper, and put more money in his pocket. He should pay what is owed.

      Any crazy douche militia member running around pointing guns at feds actually doing their rightful job, deserves to go to jail for a very long time.

      There are lots of examples of government over reach and abuses. This is not one. This case is about a greedy rancher looking to steal from a land owner, and when his feet are finally held to the fire, he calls in the naive and stupid to come in and defend him.

      • Thom says:

        Rightful Job ??? Your nutty as a fruitcake. Thank God the Oath Keepers, militia members, concerned neighbors, good citizens, internet news, and Fox News were there to help prevent another “WACO”

        As for the rest of your unfounded claims this should have never been anything more than a legal proceedings with the sheriff leading the charge. In this case the cards were stacked against a citizen, what with a sheriff that is an obvious coward and on Harry Reid’s payroll. And a AG that’s as sleazy as butter is fattening and works for a POS that is as phony and useless as a 4dollar bill.

        Your so called “agents” showed up in force, armed for mortal combat, Mr. Bundy was put on the defensive from the get go. If he said anything it wasn’t in the form of a threat, it was a statement that he would respond with the same force that was levied against him and his family. “God Bless Him”.

        Of course the gov.goons weren’t to upset over that seeing as how they only had to face down a handful of untrained citizens. But it was a different story when they were faced with trained militia and ex sheriffs.

        They are all a sorry lot, from the chief of operations to the lowliest cowboy. ( cowboy wanna be bastards.) I had to say that because I don’t want to insult a real cowboy.

        SO, what you call “rightful jobs” I call terrorism.
        What you call “naive and stupid” I call Brave and patriotic.

        • Craig says:

          Excellent job addressing nothing other than the straw man you are vociferously destroying in your own mind.

          If you have a point to make about how Bundy is entitled to use the land that he does not own for free, then make it. If you have a point to make about why Bundy is not a thief after stealing 1 million dollars worth of goods and services by using said land he doesn’t own, then by all means, make it.

          So far you sound like a tool wanna be tough guy without any real substance. You have yet to put forth a single cogent thought vindicating Bundy. Until you can come up with some rational thought, I will continue tolaugh at your stupidity and glorification of welfare and government handouts being wonderful.

          So far the discussion had gone like this:

          Me: Bundy doesn’t own the land. It has always belonged to the federal government since it was won from Mexico several decades before the Bundy family arrived. They have been using the government’s property to graze there cattle. 20 years ago, the government changed the lease requirements, and Bundy didn’t like their terms, so he refused to sign, or pay….but continued to use the land for free. The government has a right to manage their land as they see fit as any other land owner does.

          You: the government sucks!

          Nice job. Let me give you a golf clap. It’s impressive how you are impervious to facts.

          • Thom says:

            You and rbodell must be related. Haha, and you say I have completely misunderstood what is happening with Mr Bundy. Just quickly, what does me trying to be a “tough guy” have to do with Mr. Bundy? I detect a lot of Hypocrisy coming from you. hahaha

            The story is going around that Bundy had a couple of bulls with 1,000,000.00 each. If that were true why not just put a lien on one of them and have the sheriff deliver it in person? Why show up with an army to collect and murder a 1000 cows and calves when it has been estimated that adding all the fees, Mr. Bundy owes about 2-300,000.00 in back fees. But then the BLM likes murdering helpless critters i/e turtles? Horses? And now it seems they would have no problem with murdering humans.

            It’s obvious you know nothing but what you have heard. You think like a democrat and talk like a democrat, I say you are a closet democrat. Two weeks ago you had never heard of the Bundy ranch now in just two short weeks you know everything about it.

            You don’t give a shit about the cattle being murdered, about the women being roughed up and other family members being tased and thrown in jail. Snipers in the prone position ready to shoot with their sniper rifles aimed at the family members. And this was all going down BEFORE, fuckhead, BEFORE the public showed up to back Mr. Bundy

            If anyone here is unaware of the facts it’s you numbnuts. You and the pesky little instigator rbodell. You both possess very little knowledge, if any, and sorely need to do some serious research. GET BUSY!!

          • rbodell says:

            TRYING to be a tough guy, you failed.

          • Craig says:

            Well Thom, you almost made a point that was on topic. At least you are getting closer.

            The issues you are bringing up are called a smoke screen. They are designed to obfuscate away from the issue.

            Threatened? Tased? They may exist. May. I have only seen allegations from the criminal that they happened. No proof. That said, they don’t mitigate the truth of the government’s control of the land, or excuse Bundy using that which doesn’t belong to him.

            Try sticking to the actual issues, not the emotional smoke screen brought up by the felon going to distract from his actions.

          • rbodell says:

            Fine post there Craig, Let me run something past you. I have an idea for a conspiracy theory.

            5war himself said that criminals always lie so I can link to the clothesline for proof to other theorists.

            OK here is my theory, since criminals always lie and the clothesline always lies, they must all be criminals.

            What do you think/

          • Thom says:

            You just demonstrated how uninformed you are. The proof is in the video’s of the attack on the women and the tasing. You’re sounding more and more like rbodell. Are you trolling for the Feds? Are you looking for someone to make threats so you can report them like a good little troll. Get lost sucker.

        • Craig says:

          Do you enjoy looking foolish? Or do you have a reading comprehension problem. With the level of intellect you are displaying, I would guess reading is not your strong suit. Maybe you should stick to trying to pick up heavy things.

          I said “the only things I have seen.” That doesn’t mean there isn’t proof out there, only that I have yet to see it. Do, for those with a modicum of intelligence, that would indicate I am open to seeing what ever “proof” you can come up with. Such things would be an indication of government thuggery, depending on the actions of the one being tased, or threatened. Circumstances works be the key. Get physical with a cop, you get tased. Commit a crime, and a detective or agent is likely to inform you exactly what can happen to you in terms of hall time and fines….which will sound a lot like a threat. Not that it isn’t thuggery, but it may not be depending on the circumstances.

          But, again. Even if there were concrete examples of government abuses, they would be a separate crime. It would not be a way out of Bundy’s criminality. That isn’t how the law works. An agent abuses his authority, he gets in trouble, the family doesn’t get a get out of jail free card for their twenty years of theft.

          I really am getting tired of having to explain that to you.

          • Thom says:

            GOOD! Because I’m tired of you whining about somebody you don’t know and circumstances that you are totally unaware of. Besides you sound more and more like a cop trolling the internet.

          • Craig says:

            And still you can’t refute a single point I have raised. Do you know how to discuss a topic? Are you really trying to discuss the topic? If you are, you are really bad at it. Or are you just troll, hoping no one will call your bullshit?

          • rbodell says:

            talking sense to these people is like talking sense to a rock. Last weekend they were all running around in circles and yelling the sky is falling.

          • Craig says:

            Seriously. You would think they have such passion for the topic that they would be able to look at it objectively, and do some actual research. But, at least in Thoms case, he is so blinded by issues that have nothing to do with the core of the issue they can’t see straight. It’s like discussing important issues with children. There is a lot of emotion from them, but very little substance.

          • rbodell says:

            Think what it would turn out to be if they put that much effort into getting people to vote. Obviously they are afraid for everybody to vote. They think the minor edge they have that got Obama elected would go away. Who knows though. Their side just might get a stronger lead but they are not willing to take the risk. Instead they try to discourage people from voting so things stay like they are.

        • reply to cast a vote for rbodell to continue posting says:

          but yet you support a terrorist website bent on radicalization of the people to overthrow the government by force and introduce your own laws without the vote of the people.

  2. Craig says:

    Its actually quite simple. The BLM/Federal Government, is no different than any other land owner. They deserve to be compensated for the use of their land for commercial purposes by outsiders. PERIOD. They can set the terms however they like. That is the beauty of the free market. Don’t like their terms? Go elsewhere. He didn’t like the terms of the renewed contract, so he wouldn’t sign and stopped paying….BUT he continued to use the land anyway. Therefore, he is a thief. Bundy is nothing more than a glorified welfare queen abusing their EBT card. He wants his free hand out from the government. He has tried to protest the rights of the government (read: land owner) to control the land, and LOST at every level. Three lawsuits filed, and three defeats handed him because his claims are without merit.

    I defy any of you to go to your parents favorite restaurant, walk in every day for 20 years and announce “My family has been coming here since it opened!” help yourself to a sandwich and leave without paying. See if your assets don’t get frozen and the police come knocking on your door.

    Oh and if you make it worse like this asshat Cliven Bundy and threaten the federal agents (long before the stand off ever occurred) you better believe they are going to come in force and heavily armed to protect themselves from your special brand of crazy.

    A TRUE conservative like myself stands up for the rights of the land owner, not the thief. The discussion of whether the government should be int he land owning business (it shouldn’t) is immaterial. The bottom line is they ARE the rightful owners and get to set the terms they wish for the use of the land they own.

    I would like to see Bundy pay his fees, fines, and do jail time for threatening federal agents.

    • Thom says:

      I wish I had never read your post because assholes like you make me wanna puke

      Bundy didn’t have to ‘go”‘ to the restaurant, he was there long before it was opened shithead. He was there a hell of a lot longer than 20 years he was there before the BLM was even thought of by a bunch of dickheads.

      And the court orders you brag about are as phony as a 4dollar bill. Federal court, Federal DA, Federal Judge appointed by the Federal government. If there was a jury you can bet your sorryass it was a filtered jury populated with demorats and libtards.

      And as for a “special kind of crazy”? You have no idea of how crazy it will get if one of those communist led bastards fire off just one round that even comes close to hitting a patriot.

      Quite a few pricks call themselves “True Conservatives” pricks like Boehner, McCain,
      McDonell, and other Rhino’s. Bill O’reilly and now you. You’re all alike, its a “ME FIRST” club you all belong to.

      You don’t have a clue about what is really happening jerkwad.

      • Craig says:

        Of course you wish you hadn’t read it. The truth, always hurts morons with pre conceived ideas about the truth. He has been grazing on the land since 1877. The fun part of that is, the federal government has owned it longer than 1877. In fact, they have owned it since it was won from Mexico two decades before his family arrived. He has NEVER owned the land. He has always been using that which belongs to another. He doesn’t control it or own it. He needs to pay what the land owner says he should.

        • s.c says:

          the feds didn’t own it, the state of Nevada owns it.

          • Craig says:

            Ummm…you are flat out wrong. The feds won the territory from Mexico. It became a state, but the federal ownership of portions never changed. As proven in three court LOSSES by that thief, Bundy.

        • reply to cast a vote for rbodell to continue posting says:


          • Roger says:

            I beliee that any one that has the atitude that rbodell has should be bannednot only from this site but from ALL sites.
            His expressions, though granted as part of his Constitutional right which I fought for, are complete contradictory to our Constitution and rule of law.

            I strongly recommend that he be banned from the site.

          • reply to cast a vote for rbodell to continue posting says:

            Actually I support changing government through the methods in the constitution that you FALSLY claim to support. I am also against anybody who produces HATE through false statements and cyber terrorism against people like mothers of murdered children by telling they are liars and never had a child.



          • reply to cast a vote for rbodell to continue posting says:


          • reply to cast a vote for rbodell to continue posting says:


          • Conservative Senior says:

            @Roger, completely agree. He appears to be mentally disturbed and has no business on this site. He’s just wants to play a game of being a liberal troublemaker.

          • The federal government is PROHIBITED from owning land other than that necessary for military installations and federal buildings as per the Constitution.
            Therefore, Bundy was grazing his cattle on land belonging to the American Citizens and administered by the government, not owned by the government.

          • Donna Metcalf says:

            But, if “We The People” don’t stand by this family & say enough is enough, all I see is death & more land grabs by the feds !

      • Thom/Beardawg gets turned on by boys OF ANY AGE (not just over 18) in bikinis



        Please reply so I will have a reason to post more.

    • rbodell says:

      this is a hate site. it doesn’t matter what the article is about, they will change it as long as it generates hate. Just an example, they tell the parents of murdered children they didn’t have any children and that it was all a government plot.

      • Thom says:

        You need to seek out some help, rbodell.

        Did your mother and father change their address while you were at school without telling you? Did your sister beat you up while you were growing up? How many jobs have you been fired from? Did your buddy cop friends turn their backs on you? Were you kicked out of the military or did you draw a section 8?

        Did you get caught collecting disability pay when you didn’t need it? Were you involved in an insurance scam that went bad? Did the woman you loved cheat on you? Do your kids call somebody else dad? Are you behind on your rent? Did the bank cut your credit card in half?

        Do you still piss the bed? Do you live in the dark so you can afford to have internet? Has the city shut off your garbage collection service? Do you have gas or is that shut off too? Are you too fat bald and ugly to get a girlfriend?

        Are you missing any teeth? Do you have cancer? Has your health insurance premium doubled?

        You really are one fucked up dude rbodell!

    • Debra says:

      Thank you Craig for being the voice of reason.

      • rbodell says:

        Yeah really. Most here run around yelling the sky is falling. Hope you both hang around and feel free to bring your friends and lets show these people they do not speak for the majority.

        • Craig says:

          It really is sad when idiots like Thom claim to be conservative. A so called conservative that is THAT uninformed is worse than a progressive. They wave the conservative flag, but in their ignorance do damage to the cause by spring misinformation and lies. Poor to no research is the hallmark of a democrat. I hope some day he wakes up and begins to actually understand issues before he starts bumping his gums together into the unintelligible word salad he has otherwise strung together.

          • rbodell says:

            They definitely are hard core democrats or internet terrorists working for the democrats. It is so obvious by their actions. They want to convince you that voting is hopeless so you don’t vote and things continue on as they are. Just mention voting and they will tell you that you are the problem yet they claim to back the constitution LOL. Invite your friends here, it’s a laugh a minute.

    • Paul says:

      Craig and Rbodell, All I see is a couple of Libtards trying to make a point for the bloated government that our Founders would have taken out a long time ago. The Constitution enumerated the rights that the Federal Government has control of and they are WAY outside the box. Clivan Bundy’s Family back in 1866 BOUGHT the wter and grazing rights. And they in turn sold them down through the generations. Now, if your family BOUGHT the rights in your neighboring areas to hold your liberal meetings and pro-Obamass meetings and the Feds suddenly said you couldn’t have them meetings without paying them a fee every month, you would be upset because you BOUGHT those FUCKING rights. Change the contract in the middle is not cool. Add this to all Dirty Harry Reid’s sins of dealing with the Chicoms for a solar farm that he wanted to set up right where the Bundy ranch is and needed a clear title to the land and it all makes sense. So fucking people like you that stick up for government abuse of power should be punishable by the laws of treason, just like Harry Reid should be tried and hung for setting a crooked deal up with the Chicoms at the peril of an American family. And furthermore, the Federal Government shouldn’t own any land other than they need for everyday operations. The problem with the U.S. today is when we started considering the government as “they”. WE are the government. THEY SERVE US we don’t serve them. You need to read the constitution that libtards like you love to wipe your asses on. Well We the People are NOT backing up ONE MORE INCH. Better get used to it. You haven’t seen nothing yet.

      • rbodell says:

        If he did own it he would not have been paying rent on it and then he would have gone to court and won but hay gtuess what ? he didn’t.

      • Craig says:

        Other than the part where you said the government shouldn’t own land, every word of what you just said is an absolute lie. The Bundys have been trying to assert that argument for years, and have been overruled by the courts at every level.

        The government shouldn’t be I the land owning business. No question. But since they ARE, and no amount of wishing will change that fact, the government gets to set the terms for use. This trends were set up and then agreed to before hand. Bundy chose to not sign. Since he didn’t. Then he shouldn’t have used that which does not belong to him. You have every right to not sign contacts you don’t find agreeable. You don’t however, get to steal from anyone. Even the government.

        All I hear out of idiots like you is that you seem to love free government handouts. I bet you vote straight democrat hoping for more free shit, just like Bundy wants.

        • Thom says:

          Both Benghazi and the Bundy ranch were taken on by a lousy government. Armed forces and helicopters at the Bundy Ranch to collect back taxes or fees?? No armed forces of any kind were sent to protect the four Americans in Benghazi. Whats wrong with that picture you fkn idiot?

          • Craig says:

            Holy crap. Bravo! I didn’t think anyone was worse at this than Thom, but you certainly are doing a bang up job of being an idiot.

            Did you seriously just bring up Benghazi? When know nothings bring up a wholly unrelated issue hoping to stir emotion and redirect away from the topic, I know I have won.

            Stay on topic. If you can’t, don’t bother responding.

            None of that word salad had anything to do with Bundy and his stealing. Nor does it address that all of the issues that you raised have been proven false in court at the state and federal level.

            Come on. Give it some effort

          • rbodell says:

            and he is so happy for the image he has made for himself too

          • Craig says:

            It’s so cute when he thinks he has made a point.

          • Craig says:

            Guys like him are so blinded by government hated they can’t see that it’s okay for it to be on the right at times

          • Craig says:

            Now I see why. I thought that was Paul again and now see it was you unable to stay on topic, Thom. As usual. Pipe down, Thom. Adults are talking.

        • rbodell says:

          Not only do they vote democrat, they try to insult, discourage and threaten anybody who wants any change at all. I agree with them that there is a problem, I just believe in using the court system as it is intended for. They claim nobody listens to them because the only thing anybody listens to is what the constitution calls for, the courts. All these people want is bloodshed and they don’t care who.

        • Paul says:

          Actually I vote straight Libertarian. If it’s any of you business. You say you don’t agree about the govt. being in the land barron business, and that is what they have been doing all over the west. Then you need to stand up and stop them, don’t just say you don’t like it but oh well that’s just the way it is. The sleeping Giant is awake now, and its time to choose sides, you are either with the Government or with We the People. If you are with the bloated Government like Harry Reid making treasonous deals with the Chicoms, I believe there is no hope for you because you will be dealt with by ;the People, I myself other than serving my 4 years in AFSPECOPS during Honduras and Panama have done little to further the cause of liberty, and for that I am ashamed. Our Forefathers would have been fighting and yes killing far before this, Because of all the Government overreach. People have been too complacent over the years before ARMED disobedience was necessary and now we are going to either have to step up and fight where these freedoms are being taken from us or sit back down with a beer and tv remote and just watch the game in your normalcy bias and become the slave that they want you to be. There really is no other choices available to us. And as far as handouts, I own an Automotive repair shop and employ 10 people. So I believe I contribute more than most. Thank you for your time. I know you have more important things to do than listen to a Right winger III%er that is tired of his country being taken over from within.
          Paul Paver Jr.
          Commdr PALG

          • Thom says:

            You’re right on Paul. Not only shouldn’t the government own property they are stepping all over the law when they take it on themselves to collect a bill by threatening and assaulting the individuals with an army of armed government agents and contractors. ( That is the job for the sheriff, BY LAW)
            The Constitution and the law of the land mean nothing to obama, it’s do as I say not as I do.

          • Craig says:

            Wow. Just wow. I assure your…..enthusiasm…but you, like Thom, are so blinded by your dislike of government, you can’t see that the issues like grabbing land and thus case with the Bundys are completely unrelated. The government did have the right to gain land….which is how cool things like the Louisiana purchase, the purchase of Alaska, and the acquiring of Nevada happened. Nevada happened through the defeat of an armed enemy. I hope you wouldn’t argue against the government being able to acquire land in that fashion. That would be incredibly stupid.

            That is how the federal government obtained the land in question in the Bundy dispute. It didn’t take it from a citizen. It won it after defeating an armed enemy state. I would like to have seen it sell off the land, or do as Bundy WISHES it did and sell it give it to the state, but it didn’t. I don’t begrudge the government enough in this particular case to get worked up over it. The government is in the right in this instance. Disliking big government and thinking they can never be correct are not the same thing.

            The land grab in Texas? That is a totally different issue. In this case they own the land legally and obtained it rightfully.

  3. coltswesternshop says:

    Pay his bills. End of story. As long as he opens his mouth he has freedom of speech, otherwise this is just a media frenzy for publicity. This manipulation of rights is on bundys part. He has no deed to the land, so get over it. Eliminate All welfare ranching.period.

    • Mac in AZ says:

      Fine… as long as the ranchers can bill the feds for every improvement they make….

      …. here in AZ we depended on them to maintain water sheds and clear excess brush….look what happened then the tree huggers prevented that = massive wild fires – goodbye Zane Grey’s cabin….

      ‘Course – when was the last time any fucked up liberal worried about CONSEQUENCES….

      • Georgie says:

        Oh Mac, you’re a good man. Yes, people don’t realize how delicate the balance of nature really is. How about the Rodeo-Chedisky? The sad part is that most of the time it’s all these tree-huggers that come up to the mountains who have no respect for the ranges/forests.

        But now we are hearing reports that it’s not the tortoise at all…’s a for-profit scheme by the government giving leasing rights on this land to big corporations! I am glad that the smart people are waking up and taking action. Ohhhh if I was only 20 years younger!

      • Bob says:


        You clearly don’t have a clue about what’s going on. Paying his bills will not save his ranch or gain access to the lands he has always had a right to graze. The government is trying to shut him down. They want to bankrupt this family. This is happening all over the west. And it goes farther than that: This administration is using the IRS to harass conservatives, for example. You have heard about that, right?

        In another example, the EPA recently charged the 5th largest oil company with a crime when they found a single dead bird on their vast property. Hell, I have dead birds in my yard!

        In another of many incidents, they are harassing another rancher to the extent that the EPA has been on their property, on average, more than once per day for years. The EPA charged them when they found a single staple missing on a fence post. It took the family one day to get to the post to replace the staple. That’s how remote it was. I suppose that’s not harassment!

        And how about the EPA charging Gibson Guitar with possessing illegal rosewood even though Gibson had proof that the wood was purchased legally. No other guitar maker was charged even though they use the same wood. Is it a coincidence that Gibson donated to Republican campaign funds just before the harassment started? By the way, a court found that the wood was purchased legally and it was returned to Gibson but Gibson had to pay out millions in legal fees to fight the case.

        This is happening all over the country, especially under the Obama administration. All Americans should be very concerned. You will cry like a baby when they come after you for something and then your tune will change.

        Get a clue before you post next time.

        • Georgie says:

          BOB/MAC Actually I think we’re on the same page here……

          But one further comment I would like to make on grazing. These farmers are in reality doing us a huge favor. Meat from cows that are allowed to graze is by far healthier. The Montsanto GMO laced feed that so many others use, is killing us all. Now, since Montsant has the government licking their asses, could this be just another excuse to kow tow to big corporations?

          That said – be assured that the government is not going to take this lightly. As this administration has shown (particularly with gun control), they will find a ‘back door’ way to crush Bundy and all of us peons with him.

          If you are appalled by the week’s events and are somewhat young and healthy, join your local militia. We have 2-1/2 more years of this bullshit under the present administration – and heaven help us if the mindless “you owe it to me”s vote for Hillary.

    • Thom says:

      You mean like something along the same lines as gun control? OK, What next, close all gun stores?

    • Steve Richert says:

      Whoa fella. Please understand that since 1993 Bundy’s cattle allotment was curtailed to the point that he could no longer sustain his ranch – to “protect” a tortoise. The Feds are doing this to ranchers all over the West – claiming to protect a small fish (which the Fed policies extincted – it thrived under the rancher’s care), tortoises, and birds. Ranchers have been paying full allotment fees while the feds have cut the number of livestock the ranchers are allowed to run – to the point of bankruptcy. When will it stop? It will when we stop it.

      • rbodell says:

        If you don’t like the prices, go elsewhere. Ranchers lease rage all the time. Nobody if forcing anybody to do business with the BLM.

        You SHOULD come borrow $100 from me at 10,000%/day interest but you won’t because you don’t like my prices.

        • s.c says:

          what you don’t seem to understand is that they are not interested in what they can get from Mr. Bundy, they want his land and the guy at the top of the BLM is dirty harrys ex campaign manager, this area is worth many billion dollars if they can take it away from Mr. Bundy, that is the bottom line, follow the money and you will smoke out the rats.

  4. bryon pelzek says:

    God you are retarded. Who was in power during Ruby Ridge??? Bush!!! Obama is not the evil one here. IT is our government that carries the same stance. Not the person in power you moron. God, I am so tired of you idiots blaming everything on one person when it is the entire system that is messed up and has been for some time.

    • RangerRick says:

      Why don’t you try Clinton at Ruby Ridge, he was in charge. Just another Democrat killing Americans

    • Thom says:

      I agree 100% with your statement, but would like to add that obama( president only because of a corrupt voting system) has taken full advantage of the “law of the land” and twisted and ignored the laws that hindered his any way. His health law is illegal and will eventually be shoved back down his throat.

      Right now obama and company is taking on patriots one at a time and it’s hard to conjure much support when the individual patriot is not affected directly. BUT!!!! When he and his thugs try to take away the 2nd amendment that will affect millions of patriots, that is when all hell will break lose. obama will feel like the devil himself has his head in a vice and Goliath is cranking it tighter.

      Personally I will have no more sympathy for him than I will for his useless idiots.

    • s.c says:

      yes that is true Bush was the lame duck at that time, but the ruby ridge indecent was caused by the BATF and the FBI in a phoney gun grab scam, that is why it cost the taxpayers over 3 million dollars to Randy Weaver, but as bad as that was it was no where close to what they did at Waco, and Clinton was in charge then, let me see i think that there were 87 people killed there, and most of them women an children, of course you can still find videos of that government attempt at genocide if you look for them.

    • Bob Miller says:


      Sorry, sir, but it was Clinton who was in charge during Ruby Ridge. Also Ruby Ridge was a completely different situation. In that case, we had a psycho endangering many people including children. If you can’t see the difference, that probably explains why you can’t get your facts straight. I would be embarrassed if I was you for making such a post. And, as for Obama, there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that the these types of incidents and the harassment of U.S. citizens has increased dramatically under his watch. You would have to be blind not to see that. He even used the IRS to harass conservatives but you probably aren’t even aware of that. Get your facts straight before you make a complete fool of yourself next time.

  5. LuckyLindy says:






    • tammy says:

      Give him cattle back that you stole and leave him alone!

      • LuckyLindy says:

        Tammy, if you want to help Mr. Bundy, you need to sign this Petition to show your support. At this moment Mr. Bundy’s cattle are being Auctioned off! Its too late to get them back. They got a Court Order!!..Only thing Mr. Bundy can do now is to fight it out in Court, and Good Luck with that! Its going to be up to the People to get the Big Numbers to fight back in order to Keep our Freedom and our Rights.

        If you want to participate, I have created a Petition to the White House Adm. Here is the URL: Read and Sign. You will need to sign in or create an acct. LuckyLindy

      • rbodell says:

        That doesn’t have anything to do with grazing your cattle on somebody elses land without permission. It doesn’t matter though because he abandoned his cattle and gave them to the government who is now removing them.

        The government is as stupid as the people who come here and believe the title of the posts.

  6. cafeblue says:

    “The standoff has echoes of the 1992 Ruby Ridge incident, during which Randy Weaver, accused of selling an ATF agent two illegal sawed-off shotguns,”

    Correction: when undercover ATF agents hounded him repeatedly to sell them sawed off shotguns and after repeated refusals, he finally relented, sawing them off 1/4″ below the legal limit. And rather than wait until he came to town where they could have easily arrested him on the street, they opted for a Wild West shootout show of force to make their point. These are the same dopes who went into Elian Gonzales’ home in SWAT uniforms and automatic rifles to take custody of a 5 year old boy from his grandparents. Randy Weaver might not have been an angel, but he didn’t deserve what he got.

  7. Paul Rivera says:

    Local authorities should round up a militia and kick the feds out.

  8. If there was more people like Mr. Bundy the federal government might not be getting so far out of hand. People do not get the fact that if our forefathers was alive today the revolution would have already started years ago. When are we going to finally put our petty differences aside and band together to take out this trash we know as the federal government.

  9. ElkCreek says:

    Thank you for posting the Fax number. IMHO ,As a veteran, Had I been activated to a situation like this, I know I would have disobeyed any order given to me to fire upon a fellow veteran standing up for his rights. I also know that my NCO’s would side with me. Todays soldiers are the same kids we were when we were serving. Its to our benefit that we have an all volunteer Military. Sure, there will be those in the ranks who are weak and will cave to government rhetorical kool-aid. In that case, your only one shot from a better weapon. And a single shot .22 will do just fine. Stay awake folks. You wont need rooms of ammo and automatic weapons. You will have no need for anything more than a 3 round magazine. Just keep your shotguns oiled, and your 30-06’s, 270’s, your 30-30’s, and even the 223’s sighted in and in good working order. One shot one kill. Aim Small Miss Small. You wont need them long, you will be given a weapon that you have paid for with your taxes. And it will be clean and serviceable. Ammo will no longer be an issue, so spend time with your families, not in a gun room at the reloading bench. Its terrifying to think about. But I have been thinking about it for 30 years. Today, sit tight. There will be no doubt when its time to move. It will be nation wide martial law, starting with your local law enforcement telling you you cannot go to the next town over to get a gallon of milk. I pray and weep for this rancher. But he is a wise man and has thought out this situation. And it in no way calls for you to act in such a manner so as to alarm your employer (who if employs more that 300 people, is the best eyes the government has, yes your more than a number in this regards, human resources is watching as is your local schools look at the assignment’s they are giving your kids.), and your family ( who relys on your income and teaching them safe weapons handling and first aid). He has won the battle already. He has now accomplished his goal. He has gently nudged a sleeping giant into the early stages of awakening. There will be more of this to come. You truly want to help him, when this is over ( if they don’t kill him), send him money so he can rebuild and start over. Get together and hire a semi to haul him donated hay. Donate farm equipment. See what he will need and see that he has means to get it. Hell even a gift card will be appreciated, and you can do that over the phone or web. We all hunt in most parts. Shooting isn’t going to be whats valuable we have too many of them. All current militia orgs are so off balance its ridiculous. That whole concept is antiquated. Medical skills is where its at. Take advantage of government funding and become a 1st responder, join your fire department, work closely with and befriend your local law enforcement agencies. Buckle up, pay your tickets. Say Yes Sir, No Sir. Suck every bit of free skill and knowledge you can from state and federal training that can in any way serve a militia or break-away military units. When we roll, there will be casualty’s. We need medics, folks who can feed us we will need water and knowledge of all local facilities. Yes, accountants who can organize and crunch numbers if all else to give fire coordinates etc. Think about large scale logistics, not some survivalist fantasy Rambo shit. Take up the hobby or have knowledge of RC Airplanes. We have thousands of scout drones at our disposal. Wean yourself off the web and cell phones, but stay up to date as its obviously a good resource but it will be useless long before Martial Law is activated. The thought pattern is endless.
    Vet, 1st Inf. Div. 337th BAS
    Scout Medic
    Desert Storm Recall
    Double DD214 Holder

  10. Dogbone says:

    Go back to hell, from whence you came, poona.
    And take your turtle-sized intellect with you.

  11. Ellen Howarth says:

    “Hundreds of federal officials, aided by helicopters, low flying aircraft and hired cowboys, began rounding up Bundy’s cattle on Saturday”
    Ok, seriously? While I see the point of saving one species, does the end justify the means? I’m not sure what this could possibly cost on the Feds part but I’m seeing quite a price tag. On the tax payers back no less. As usual. I can think of a lot of better ways to spend our tax dollars than targeting a rancher for attempting to provide for his animals. If he didn’t provide for them, would they even notice, much less put this much effort into this? I think not.

  12. billy leonard says:

    Maybe the government should put away the sledge hammer. If they would only show this much enthusiasm when going after big players like wall street, investment banks, politicians.

  13. LuckyLindy says:

    DavidLee Buess has given us the Case Law we all need to pay attention to. Do something constructive with it. I suggest we get behind David and start a Petition to the White House and/or a Class Action Lawsuit. After all we ALL have been harmed by what is happening to Mr. Bundy. Lets bring this matter into the Courts. Mr. Bundy needs to stay alive so he can bring in his Complaint! We will be there to back him up. I can do it. Can you???

    • Dale says:

      I agree with you on this point, however, Mr. Bundy says he’s gone through the court and through the media, exactly how or what he has done I do not know (something that needs to be checked out), I do agree that he needs to stay alive. The Feds will do exactly what they did at Ruby Ridge Idaho and other places they are told to protect, even kill if need be (as ridiculous as that is), the real question here is why are the Federal Agents so naïve? And, where is the Sheriff?

      • LuckyLindy says:

        I believe Mr. Bundy will continue to fight for his rights thru the Courts. and we can help. Did you read my Petition I just posted? Need 100,000 signatures to get reviewed. I hope Mr. Bundy and others will read it and sign. LuckyLindy

        • Mac in AZ says:

          I applaud your active involvement but hesitate to open an account with “the White House” in order to sign your petition…

          For one thing, do you think for one second that O’crapforbrains is going to take any time out of his hectic golf season to acknowledge any complaint?…. let alone taking any action which isn’t on his Alinsky agenda?

          And 2 – I do believe any voices which don’t ring “Marxist” to that human piece of s#it – or his handlers, or his sycophants that read this stuff will find a way for retribution.

          I don’t trust anything about that puke or his entire administration.

          Thx, LuckyLindy – your heart’s in the right place… I just hope you don’t get steamrolled by him or his Brown Shirts…

          • LuckyLindy says:

            Thanks Mac for your support. I’ve been reading your comments and I understand how you feel. However, there are thousands of people who like us, are suffering and I figure the squeaky wheel get the oil. If we don’t squeak, then we don’t get heard. If we don’t get heard, then we lose. Its better to stand up and fight then lie down and die. “TO BE OR NOT TO BE, THAT IS THE QUESTION. Davy Crocket and Jim Bowie who fought and died at THE ALAMO didn’t die in vain. They are remembered and always will be.

            So, in spite of how you feel, you have a chance here to make your voice heard. Yes, you could be right. Maybe we can’t win in the way we should, but one thing we can win is that NO ONE PRESENT OR FUTURE CAN SAY WE DIDN’T TRY. NO ONE CAN SAY WE WERE COWARDS OR HYPOCRITES. AND, NO ONE CAN SAY WE TURNED OUR BACKS ON MR. BUNDY AND HIS FAMILY AND OTHERS IN THEIR HOUR OF NEED.

            God Bless you, Mac


        • Novakane says:

          Bundy has presented his case in Federal court & loss twice. This is not about cattle & this is not about the desert tortoise. This is about one man standing in defiance of the Feds for over 20 years & the Feds attempt to nip it in the bud before more Bundys start sprouting. Your petition is a joke & a waste of time. If you are for Cliven then that means you are for State’s rights so why would you send a petition to DC “THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT”

          • LuckyLindy says:

            Novakane. You don’t understand. Its not about how long this has been going on with Bundy. THE ISSUE IS and always has been BUNDY’s RIGHTS and ours. ITS ABOUT PROPERTY. ANIMALS ARE PROPERTY UNDER THE LAW. AND ITS ABOUT MONEY. BLM IS USING THEIR AUTHORITY TO PUT BUNDY OUT OF BUSINESS VIA BRINGING FALSE CHARGES AGAINST HIM, i.e. FEES for Grazing on Public Land. The BLM doesn’t OWN the land, they only manage it. The PEOPLE need to step up and defend their Right of OWNERSHIP NOW. Mr. BUNDY is one of US. HE HAS RIGHTS!! THE OFFICIAL TOLD ONE OF THE BUNDY’s, “YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS!!!” HELLO!!

            REASON FOR PETITION: #1. TO FORMALLY ASK GOVERNMENT TO LOOK INTO AND EXAMINE THIS ISSUE AND CONFIRM BACK TO US WITH THEIR RESPONSE. #2. TO INFORM THE PEOPLE THAT THIS CRISIS AT THE BUNDY RANCH IS NOT JUST ONE ISOLATED CASE!! THE CATTLE (PROPERTY) HAVE ALREADY BEEN TAKEN. THE LAW SAYS A TRIAL AND A FINDING OF GUILT BY THE JURY MUST BE DONE FIRST BEFORE ANY ONE’s PROPERTY IS SEIZED!!! #3. ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVISTS HAVE BEEN LOBBYING IN DC FOR YEARS. THEIR AGENDA IS TO TAKE AWAY OUR ANIMALS UNDER CRUELTY TO ANIMALS Statutes which are usually written in very vague and broad language (i.e. inhumanely unclean conditions under “Neglect”) which does not spell out with particularity anything and, worse, this phrase could pertain to nothing more than some dust that accumulated under some heavy furniture which can’t be moved everyday. Its unreasonable!!! Furthermore, Many in AR ar VEGANS. THEY HATE COWS. #4. Cattle are FOOD and for some of us essential for healthy blood. Also, many of us cannot be VEGANS. MEAT prices are rising. If any further Taxes (fees are a form of TAX) on the meat is added, along with the INFLATION we know is coming, the People will not be buying meat. Right now, the prices for meat have skyrocketed in Maine and Massachusetts. One tiny piece of Beef Roast was over $9.00 in Mass. this month. And that was the cheapest! That piece was not even enough for two people. YES!! CATTLE IS IMPORTANT TO US AND SO IS EVERY CATTLE AND DAIRY COW RANCHER IN THIS COUNTRY. #5. The Petition is just a first step, and it needs to be brought before the President and his Administration first. Depending on the RESPONSE we get, we will see where we go from here.

            I hope I have answered your questions. I welcome more from anyone who wishes to ask. Keep it coming and PLEASE sign this Petition even if you are wary of our Government and feel it can do no good. As I See IT: WE CAN DO SOMETHING, OR WE CAN DO NOTHING. ITS UP TO YOU!


          • rbodell says:

            So you would not complain if I just opened a junk yard on your property without your permission?

          • Mac in AZ says:

            Once again with the same tired opine?….

            Your mind is very tiny, moron…. one track…. otherwise empty…

            …and empty tin cans rattle the most.

          • rbodell says:

            Oh I see, You just run your mouth to try to instigate some blood and gore while you expect the same thing the BLM wants, control of their own property.

          • Mac in AZ says:

            What?…. could you try to say that a tad more clearly for us cogent folk?….

            You are, indeed, a moron….. and an illiterate one, to boot….

          • Georgie says:

            To Mac in AZ: Mac, stop arguing with this idiot. This is probably the only human contact he has. Besides, he’s from Dallas and in my experience, Texans can be some of the most egotistical airheads around………………

          • rbodell says:

            Nope, not Dallas either, I keep telling you that if you find me on the internet, it isn’t me. Keep trying though.

          • rbodell says:

            Here it is in your native language

            أوه أرى، يمكنك فقط تشغيل فمك في محاولة لتحريض بعض الدم وجور في حين تتوقع نفس الشيء يريد بلم، والسيطرة على ممتلكاتهم الخاصة.

          • Thom says:

            For all you dumb fucks: “The BLM doesn’t ‘own’ any property anywhere”! And neither does the “government”. The people own everything and pay taxes to the government to manage it. “Bad News” Everything the government touches turns to shit.

            The only reason law enforcement is still standing is because the public hasn’t yet showed up with firearms. Take the firearms away from the law and lets see how tough and loyal they are to their corrupt masters. “NOT” They will turn tail and run for cover or drop to their knees and beg for mercy. Traitorous Bastards and Oath Breakers all, including the paid for hire cowboys.

          • rbodell says:

            Well why don’t you just get up in front of that protest and tell them that. Draw your gun while you are at it to show them you mean business.

          • Thom says:

            rbodell, is one pathetic S.O.B……….nuff said.

          • rbodell says:

            So why should he live by different rules than me?

          • rbodell says:

            He lost because he broke the law.

          • Thom says:

            I look at it like this: At least she is doing all that she figures she is capable of to help another patriot. Unlike you and rbodell and a couple other assholes that post here for no better reason than to bad mouth the conservative posters on a conservative blog.

            Stay on your own pathetic liberal blogs where you can find the sympathy you are looking for, but will never get here and you know it!

            I have visited liberal blogs and found them to be exactly as I had imagined them to be. I just shook my head and left without ever posting a word.

  14. rbodell says:

    get the first 12 year old yoiu run across to explain to you how to follow a thred

  15. Truth Seeker says:

    The toothless tortoise is ill equipped to harvest and
    masticate range forage. The tortoise can harvest only
    tender vegetation, and it can’t masticate even that. The
    tortoise can’t process enough bulky, low analysis forage
    fast enough to meet its nutritional requirements. They solved this problem long ago—they
    allow other animals to do it for them. Desert tortoises feed
    primarily on dung. The more animals using the range, the
    more dung, which makes more food available for tortoises.
    In the millennia preceding the advent of domestic live-
    stock on the range, tortoises subsisted on pellets excret-
    ed by rabbits, deer, and bighorn and scats of predators.
    Tortoise populations adjusted to the amount of dung
    available; their numbers were low.
    The Western Regional Extension Publication No. 39:
    “By-products and Unusual Feedstuffs in Livestock Rations states:”. . . it is commonly estimated that
    80% of the total nutrients in feeds are excreted by animals
    as manure.” The desert tortoise is well adapted for mak-
    ing use of cow dung. Four days elapse between meals.
    This allows plenty of time for the tortoise to complete the
    digestion that began in the cow’s stomach. The digested
    food moves slowly, ever so slowly, through tortoise intes-
    tines. This trip takes 17 days. It is a biological law that all organisms tend to increase
    to the limits of their food supply. Therefore, it is natural
    and to be expected that desert tortoise numbers and live-
    stock numbers peaked on the public domain at the same
    It is also a natural law that if the food supply is dimin-
    ished for any population, that population will adjust to
    come in balance with the reduced food supply. For 50
    years BLM has been reducing the numbers of livestock
    permitted on the Federal Range. For 50 years desert tor-
    toise populations have been declining.

    The intense competition for forage by livestock owners
    was halted by the Taylor Grazing act of 1934. The big
    reduction in grazing use in 1936 (about 50 percent) didn’t
    bring about any noticeable range improvement, and
    another cut in authorized use was made by shortening the
    length of the grazing season. It was after this second cut
    that Woodbury and Hardy (1948) reported a desert tor-
    toise population density of 150 tortoises per square mile.
    BLM made further cuts in grazing use in the early fifties
    and again in the sixties. In 1970 1,500 acres of tortoise
    habitat were fenced and closed to all grazing by livestock.
    Sheep use was eliminated. Four years later Coombs
    (1974) reported 39 tortoises per square mile. Between
    Hardy’s census in 1948 and Coombs’ census in 1974,
    livestock grazing was reduced 100 percent. There was a
    74 percent reduction in tortoise density.

    • Georgie says:

      Sort of like what the government, with the likes of Montsanto, Bill Gates, etc., are trying to do to the world’s population………….

  16. Patriot says:

    How has this guy rallied so much support? OF COURSE you cannot use government land for your own personal profit. If you’re a cattle rancher, BUY A CATTLE RANCH. I personally do not want your herd at the National Park Preserve that I want to go camping with my kids. The government is trying to protect the land so that it remains for its original purpose for the greater good of the common people, not a multi-million dollar cattle ranch trying to increase its profit margins by cutting its business expenses.

    • Truth Seeker says:

      So you go camping in the desert with your kids often?
      Maybe if you would do some research instead of relying on the government to do your thinking for you, then you would know that the government is killing the desert tortoise by preventing the cattle from grazing in their habitat.

    • Roger says:

      This is not about turtles, it is about rights.
      This family has been using this land all the way back into the 1800s, long before there was a BLM, so why should the federal government be able to come in and, now, tell him that he can no longer use this land and must pay a HIGH fee if he does.
      This is the same as if the federal government sent a bunch of armed personnel, surrounded your house, and told you that you could no longer use it without paying a high fee to the government.

      How would you like that one?

      • Truth Seeker says:

        I agree with you Roger 100%.. I was just giving some facts since the government is telling us that this is about saving the tortoise population..
        But it’s really about them not getting their fat stack of cash that someone else worked hard for..

      • s.c says:

        well they don’t send in armed men but if you think they won’t raise your property tax almost ever year, i want to know which state you live in so i can go there. as long as it’s not in the north east some place.

      • Beth says:

        your argument falls flat though. The fact is 100’s of 1000’s of Native Americans were forced onto reservations. They had been using that land long before our government decided they wanted it. So would you be ok with the NA’s knocking on your door, telling you their family have rights to your land, that you paid for, because they had it before you? If it is government protected land then no he cannot just let his cows graze on it without paying the grazing fee’s. What makes him so special? Every other rancher in this country either owns all the land their animal uses or pays grazing fee’s.

        • rbodell says:

          They did away with open grazing long before he was even born. I don’t see why he is complaining about them coming on his land. they are just doing what he is doing.

          • Martin Gill says:

            YOu don’t know what you are talking about! There are plenty of open range permits on BLM land all over the west. Just because you want everyone to stop eating meat and live in mud huts doesn’t mean you get to lie about your facts and get away with it. What a tool!

          • rbodell says:

            You said it not me, WITH A PERMIT and this guy doesn’t have one. He is trespassing and refused to move his cattle so they are having to remove them. I hope they charge him for the removal of the cattle and he doesn’t pay that either. Then they will take his land too.

            You don’t get to make up your own laws to fit your purpose as you go along. It used to be you didn’t need ID to get on an airplane. Try it now and when they say you can’t tell them I used to and see what happens. Keep pushing it and you won’t be flying anywhere because you will be on the NO FLY LIST which we didn’t used to have either.

        • Thom says:

          I shake my head in wonder every time I read a tree huger compare the present with the past? Especially when they bring up the American Indians who were nothing more than murdering warriors and slave holders when the Mayflower unloaded it’s cargo of Pilgrims.

          How would I like it if the government knocked on my door and said I had to move to a, internment compound, or reservation? “I wouldn’t like it at all” and I would fight them just as the Indians fought the Pilgrims, but I wouldn’t be using a bow and arrow or a musket, you can bet on that! And neither would millions upon millions of american gun owners. Considering everything I believe I would be on the right (winning) side.

          To bad for the anti gun group. I guess they could use butcher knifes to fend off the Homeland Security Agents. And “Oh Yeah”, I don’t think Homeland Security knocks at your door, they kick it down. Knocking has become way to polite for law enforcement.

          Bottom line is missy, “you haven’t got a clue”.

          • rbodell says:

            How about if they said they wanted to use your land to build an internment camp on? Would that be better, you know like this guy did, get off your land because I am going to use it for my purposes?

    • Mac in AZ says:

      Try to understand something…. land care management allows your camping…. if left to nature, your campgrounds would be quite impossible to reach…. there’d be more wild fires and much less access….

      The tree huggers are so childish and ignorant about how ranchers have for centuries now, cultivated the land – IMPROVED ACCESS…. protected watersheds and created our bountiful wilderness into being BETTER…..

      Today’s ranchers want to run a sustainable operation, but because of more & more regulation, water BS issues from the useful idiots in the EPA…. and mindless rules from the fools in the federal government – it’s getting harder & harder for them to make a living…

      GET INFORMED…. and not from the clueless idiots of the left … that know SO MUCH THAT’S NOT TRUE.

      • Georgie says:

        And I agree with you Mac. Here in Arizona we have seen our share of disasterous fires that were the result of BLM mismanagement. Perhaps when these fools are forced to pay $50 for a pound of beef they will realize how this thing works (not expecting that much brainpower tho from those fools).

        • Pat polinski says:

          The thing is that they don’ t care that the beef prices are now unaffordable to the average person. The price of beef is outrageous now that the only thing one can afford is chicken.

          • s.c says:

            yes and that may be changing soon, then there will be nothing left but the mercury poisoned fish, bon appetite

    • Anna Onat says:

      Still it is his land not the government’s. What the government is doing is completely wrong.

      • Dogbone says:

        Judging from your use of grammar, I would submit that YOU’RE the idiot.

        Carry on…

        • rbodell says:

          That is how she is, when she has nothing reasonable to say but can’t keep her moth shut, she resorts to desperate attacks with insults. The final ultimate act of desperation for her is cussing. That is when she is scraping rock bottom.

          • Mac in AZ says:

            You certainly get a lot of flack from all sorts of good folk….. has it occurred to you yet just what a clueless fuck you are?

          • rbodell says:

            See just like this guy did. he didn’t have anything to say but still had to run his mouth so he struck rock bottom and had to resort to foul language like his mother used.

          • Georgie says:

            In Response to RBODELL: Drop sewage in my front yard? Well just as long as none of the turds are as big as you. LOL

          • rbodell says:

            Well isn’t that what this guy is doing? Why is ok for him but not me?

          • Georgie says:

            ‘Cause me thinks you’d smell more……..LOL LOL

          • rbodell says:

            See what happens when you run your mouth without thinking! If you are going to fight for a cause, you really need to research it. What is good for one should be good for everybody, including you.

          • Georgie says:

            Oh yes, I agree. I’ve researched this situation from stem to stern. But that’s not what we’re talking about here. You are the one that took this down several notches with your vile input. So if you can’t talk and use your brain at the same time, stay off these sites.

          • rbodell says:

            You haven’t learned a thing have you. If you expect me to do what you say, then you have to do what I say and that would be for you to leave. Remember, whjat is good for one is good for all. that is how it works. Or do you want to be a dictator?

          • Georgie says:

            If it meant learning from you or even sharing the same mindset, then I would rather go back to the middle ages. And you really should learn how to spell correctly……………………

          • rbodell says:

            Why are you still here? You told me to leave so I expect you to be gone. otherwise don’t run your mouth till you can back it up.

          • Georgie says:

            Have been reading the posts — you sure are getting your ass whupped, idiot! Actually, from the way you’ve been hounding me, I think you just like to see your name in print………………..

            No need to reply.

    • Carole says:

      EXACTLY what I was going to say Truth Seeker! Many Americans have digested what the Environmentalists/ Global Warming Alarmists/ Elitetists, etc. have been feeding for so long, they no longer think for themselves or do their own research to ‘verify’ what they are being feed. SHEEPLE. And THAT is exactly why this country is in the state it’s in today, along with all the illegals flooding in for all the TAXPAYER PAID ‘FREE STUFF’. This rancher has been on his ranch long before BLM and it’s rules/regulations existed. He has been an excellent steward of the land. It is the government that is trying to force people off the land and into the cities where they will be easier for them to control their whereabouts, jobs, benefits, food, energy consumption, space use, etc. I’m going to try to get ahold of the folks doing the March on DC in May, see if they can ‘spare a million or so folks to support and surround the gov’t jerks. In answer to an earlier poster, we absolutely need to get a PHYSICAL persence out there to support and protect this man and his family.

    • Georgie says:

      PATRIOT – How dare you use that post name when your above comments show you up for who you really are……..

    • rbodell says:

      I noticed none of these haters have offered to let him graze his cattle on their land.

      • Dogbone says:

        When you employ the use of ridiculous terms like “haters”, you perfectly illustrate to the world what a complete, unthinking idiot you really are.

        Congratulations. Keep up the good work.

        • reply to cast a vote for rbodell to continue posting says:

          Well, I give you permission to exchange haters with any of the following

          child molesters
          etc etc

    • Fed up says:

      SO you call yourself a Patriot, how sad, so this is what our beloved country has turned into. Patriot, I don’t think so.

    • s.c says:

      the government is not good at anything but collection taxs, it screws up everything esle

      • rbodell says:

        If he can’t afford to feed his animals he should not have them in the first place. I bet those people wouldn’t mind if I stored a couple of truckloads of cow crap in their front yards.

    • it is BLM land..NOT a National park…read the article…his family has used it before it was even BLM….for starters…read what BLM stands for.

    • Lonzo says:

      I love hiking, I love camping and I use a lot of government land for recreation however I also advocate “multiple use” and this includes ranching. . .Apparently you don’t understand that this is allowed on federal lands and should be. Our nation has a history of public lands that allows, and is often set up specifically for this use. Just as I have the right to throw on a backpack and head off across a track of public land a rancher has the right to run his cattle there. . .Often this includes a permit however in some cases where a family or ranch has utilized the land for generations they often just continue to do it. . .It is not a matter of simply buying a ranch or “milking” the system as you seem to suggest however many ranchers often depend on using other grazing areas due to perhaps limited space upon their own ranches, limited grass yields, etc. More often than not it is not some million dollar ranch either but a ma-n-pa operation with limited resources. . I am not a rancher but I know many that depend upon public land use and I have no problem sharing with them the land I use for recreation. It is more than a tradition we need to preserve but an important industry for for both our agricultural communities and nation as a whole.

    • Ranch says:

      Are you stupid Patriot? Do you know where 70% of the beef and sheep in this country come from? How about 90% of the wood? PUBLIC LANDS….Heres another little fact, Wyoming is 70% BLM, Forrest and other public lands so should 60% of the people in the state move away because they make their living on public property? Get your facts straight moron.

    • cafeblue says:

      Have you never heard of open range? Clearly, you must not have ever lived in the west. The government doesn’t own the land, the citizens do. And lots of it out west is rangeland.

      • Mac in AZ says:

        Ignorance is bliss…. no concept of grazing rights…. no understanding just how hard those ranchers work improving the land, insuring low possibility for wildfire, improving ares for water sheds….

        If the ranchers were to charge for their improvements, they wind up owing every inch of that land… instead, we get to go hunting, fishing, camping……

        Amazing the useful idiots will opine without a shred of understanding …. “just because it’s not fair”….

        Same bunch of dolts probably voted for O’dickhead – and for the same reasons….

  17. Shirley Miller says:

    How sad that history is repeating its self and the stupid people in DC is allowing this. And it is sad that we the tax payers is paying for the Feds to go in and do this. When will it all stop. Why don’t they do this to the people coming in our country that should not be here? Why don’t they do this to the gangs in our cities that is destroying our country and children with drugs?

    • s.c says:

      Shirley it is not hard to understand, no one is supposed to work or do anything that is not approved by big brother, and he has the right to change his mind any time he wants to, but you have no right, only a few privileges, that can be taken away any time he likes. that is how one controls the peons and surfs,

  18. Les Graybill says:

    A first amendment area is the dumbest thing I ever heard of!

  19. DEAR FEDERAL EMPLOYEES: The document we call the “Constitution for the United States of America clearly states “we the people, men, women and children, are the government not FEDERAL EMPLOYEES – get it. No matter how you look at it the man is grazing on land his money helped purchase. “GET OFF HIS BACK AND GO BACK HOME TO WHATEVER HELL HOLE YOU CAME FROM” Corporation. You have no business telling this man what he can or cannot do for the benefit, safety and wellness of his animals. I do not see where this is a constant thing with him so get off his back. A temporary thing. His cattle save you the expense of mowing the grass. Government is with the consent of the governed – I do not consent to your activity!
    Hale v. Henkel 201 U.S. 43 at 89
    (1906) was decided by the united States Supreme Court in 1906. The opinion of the court states:
    “The”individual” may stand upon “his Constitutional Rights” as a CITIZEN. He is entitled to carry on his “private” business in hi-s own way. “His power to contract is unlimited.” He owes no duty to the State or to his neighbors to divulge his business, or to open his doors to an investigation, so far as it may tend to incriminate him. He owes no duty to the State, since he receives nothing therefrom, beyond the protection of his life and property. “His rights” are such as “existed” by the Law of the Land (Common Law) “long antecedent” to the organization of the State”, and can only be taken from him by “due process of law”, and “in accordance with the Constitution.” “He owes nothing” to the public so long as he does not trespass upon their rights.”

  20. cav medic says:

    It’s so damn tragic.
    Even the sentiment of the posts I agree, no one is proposing a solid plan of
    mobilization and action.
    We cannot let this man and his family go undefended.
    Traitorous and criminal shitbags have already disappeared his son
    down the black hole of homeland security and the National Defense Authorization Act.
    His property is being blatantly stolen in BROAD DAYLIGHT.
    Helicopters with door gunners are buzzing him and his family.
    And just like I am doing now, all we do is type, type, type our Constitution and Republic
    Good Night all, sleep well; if you can sleep at all.

  21. Hawkeye says:

    Better to aim for low center mass(crotch) – The invaders will be wearing body armor.

    • stonemike says:

      This is exactly why I have been calling for the creation of a RAPID RESPONSE TEAM of patriotic Americans who can fly anywhere in America where the possibility of GOVT KILLING OF CITIZENS is taking place ! Witnesses, and I dont mean people limited to small 1st Amendment area would be instrumental in discouraging govt assaults on these folks ! Who the hell does govt think they are, claiming to be able to limit American Rights to a confined area! Wake up America , come to these innocent Americans defense !

      • Georgie says:

        Okay folks – first of all, get online and read the Nevada paper which has been reporting on this for quite some time (I know, I know…it’s yellow press). But it gives a clearer picture of the background, etc. For anyone not aware, Clive’s oldest son was arrested today. So be sure to get on and read the events.

        But even more important please realize that this is why we have the feds trying to implement gun control. These are the situations they want to avoid – the ones where Americans can stand and fight. They are using the few crazy killings that are taking place to prey on moral indignation and are dividing this country. With gun control their mission will be accomplished. And like the cows, they will then herd us all to either total compliance or death. Conservative or liberal, you have a moral obligation to stand up for your rights AND THE RIGHTS OF OUR FELLOW CITIZENS, for without them we will all fall!

      • Lady4Liberty says:


      • Dogbone says:

        Stonemike, you are 100% correct in this assessment. We desperately need something like this.

  22. Mona says:

    I love my country but I hate this government. God bless cliven bundy and his family.

  23. Michael Hill says:

    If you want to oppose these tyrants, you don’t have to go to Nevada. That’s what they want you to do (or at least to think it’s what you must do to oppose them). Instead, understand this: we live in a “target rich” environment. You finally realizing that–and acting on it–is their worst nightmare. There are 49 other States and one District where there are agencies and agents. Know your own AO!

    • LuckyLindy says:

      Michael, thanks. If you are saying that I should do something in my own backyard, I am willing. Whats AO? LuckyLindy

    • JP says:

      No that’s exactly what they want, an excuse to go full-on martial law and suspend the constitution altogether. While we are long past the point of being able to make positive change from within the system, anything short of an overwhelming shift in the mindset and engagement of Americans won’t make a difference (and if/when that happens there is no need for the guerrilla type warfare you seem to be proposing, since the patriots would no longer be the underdogs.)

    • s.c says:

      that will not help this family, and if we don’t start showing up at these gestapo raids to put a stop to them we may as well just bury our head up our rears and sing all those silly peace songs of the sixties. as long as no one is willing to stand against them they will only get bolder with what they do.

      • rbodell says:

        Yeah like that guy in Tienanmen square that stood in front of the tank. Do you think they will stop like the tank did? or do you think they will grind you into the dirt?

        • s.c says:

          that of course if the opinion of a true coward, i don’t off hand remember who the author was but the quoit goes like this ” if you won’t stand for something then you will fall for anything” and that is just what you trolls have done you suck in to anything the feds hand out.

          • rbodell says:

            And how do you translate that as to going along with the government. It is a well known fact that if you confront the police you loose.

          • s.c says:

            It is also a well known fact that if you don’t stand up to tyrants you lose, so which is it do you want to be shot keeling like a coward when they no longer have a use for you or standing and fighting back, of course eater way your dead but maybe you can give others a bit of courage and they will put a stop to the tyrants. it’s your choice. as for me I’ll fight, as i will not live under a tyrannical socilast/communist/progressive system.

          • rbodell says:

            Go ahead and you will accomplish nothing but an early PERMANENT retirement. Take it to the courts like many people have done, get the laws changed, then it doesn’t happen again.

  24. LuckyLindy says:

    Oillag is correct. I believe this War on Americans who love their animals and their life with them is connected to AGENDA 21, but also to SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS who LOBBY in Washington, DC. Mr. Bundy is really fighting the ANIMAL RIGHTS GROUPS via the Agencies they support. Groups like HSUS and PETA who should have been deported out of America years ago. They were allowed to spread their poison. First it was the Peoples Pets, then they Boycotted the Dog Shows, then they went after the Purebred Dog Breeders, then it was the People who had farm animals, Now its the Dairy and Cattle Farmers.


    We need to stop this! NOW!! It will be too late later. We need to help Mr. Bundy and the Ranchers and Farmers and all of us who love our Animals. Do Not Listen to the Lies. The Propaganda they spread over the Internet and TV. They use DONATIONS to HURT INNOSCENT People and tell the Public its for the good of the animals. There are very few americans who harm their animals or break the laws. Very good people who love animals and care for them, even large numbers of them, because if they didn’t no one else would. These people make personal sacrifices for them, even going without, using 1/2 their social security money to feed them and provide shelter in their homes and buildings for them, often not with enough help because no one cares enough to help. This is the TRUTH, but you will never hear it on the Mainstream Media or in the Courts. AND, you will never hear what REALLY HAPPENS when these IMPOSTERS posing as Animal Welfare Agents come in on a woman’s property (A SINGLE WOMAN WHO IS AN EASY TARGET AS SHE HAS NO ONE TO PROTECT HER AND SHE’S EASY PICKINS BECAUSE SHE HAS NO WITNESSES To SEE AND TESTIFY IN COURT ON HER BEHALF, AND THESE COWARDS KNOW IT!!!) and HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT TO COME HOME TO FIND YOUR BABY HORSE LYING IN HIS STRAW BED IN THE BARN WITH HIS HEAD CUT OFF!!!! YES, HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT, ALL YOU ANIMAL LOVERS OUT THERE WHO SUPPORT THESE DECEIVERS WITH YOUR DONATIONS AND LISTEN TO THEIR LIES!!! WHAT WILL YOU DO WHEN THEY COME FOR YOU AND YOUR BELOVED PET???


    There is a case now in U.S. DISTRICT COURT in Salt Lake City, Case #2:13cv679, 8 Plaintiffs (Animal Rights Activists and their supporters vs. Gov. Gary Herbert and A.G. John Swallow. I urge everyone who reads this message to call 801/366-0260 (A.G.’s Office) and the Governor’s Office 801/538-1000 and OFFER YOUR SUPPORT by approving the State’s Ag Gag Law.


    • Dogbone says:

      Remember this: “Animal rights activists” are nothing more than leftist-funded agitator groups. They care NOTHING for animals. It’s about CONTROL.

      Know your enemy.

  25. top soldier says:

    What a sick Country we have…a muslim illegal alien running over anything in his way..his wife spending millions and laughing at us…the head muslim is giving billions to the Ukraine..and…it is going to PUTIN.. :-) he must be laughing his ass off at the muslim pos…Putins bitch…
    We need to beware..this pos is out to destroy America – any way he can…. Keep you ammo dry….

  26. poona says:

    I hope they shoot this SOB…..I like turtles.

    • Mac in AZ says:

      …and “poona”…. you’ll be one of the first to be shot when the SHTF, useful idiot!!!

      Go hug a fucking tree, dickhead.

      • rbodell says:

        You do realize you are promoting just what you are complaining about for the government don’t you?

        • Mac says:

          Wrong again, moron!!!

          I happen to know we’re in a war… a war to save this republic…. or just let useful idiots like yourself continue the status quo and “get out the vote”…. “if ya don’t like it, take it to the SCOTUS”…. you delusional twit….

          That asshole wants to see that rancher murdered “cuz he weally, weally wikes turtles”, huh?….

          …. then he can join his liberal friends – AND YOU – and face a few patriotic armed Americans who are sick of sodomites, PC insanity and Marxist bastards and get exactly what they deserve for voting Democrat and turning this nation into a cesspool….

          …. after the collapse, of course….

          • Sandi says:

            He can also start wearing leaves to cover his ignorant ass, and eat grass and leaves. because there wont be any food. oh oh, they probably don’t believe in picking grass either. Poos dumb shits are going to fade into oblivion. Yippeee!!

          • elkrick says:

            Nobody is going to do a damn thing, Mr.Bundy and some of his family members will be shot and killed, his livestock will be taken away and sold, he will be fined and his ranch will be taken away by the United States government.
            There is not one among us that is really willing to stand up and stop this insane aggression, Mr. Bundy has the balls to do that and look where he is, that is why nobody will do a damn thing to help him or themselves.
            If any of us had just an ounce of courage we would have stopped this socialist bullshit five years ago, we lost our beloved country years ago my friends, we has lost it all because no of us has the balls to do anything about it.
            I know a lot of you will say BS they can have my gun when the pry my fingers from it bla bla bla, really? So when are you going to be man enough to give them that chance, yeah I thought so.

          • s.c says:

            Your wrong Elkrick, this one will be there, how many others i can’t say, but i hope that there will be enough to make the jackbooted thugs stand back, and i will not bring a pin knife to a gun fight.

    • Go “F” yourself you Communist Troll! Shame I don’t know your address, cause you would be on my cross hairs list!

    • WellNot sure about shooting him, but turtle meat DOES taste better than beef!

    • Roger says:

      I do believe that YOU are a great part of the problem that is facing the United States today.
      You would rather kill a human than turtle. That makes you a Democrat since they believe in murdering children and using them for fuel in the hospital’s steam plant.

      • rbodell says:

        Welcome to This is what you will find as normal here. They won’t actualy pull the trigger but they will try to get you to do it.

    • It’s really sad that you would actually want a man KILLED because you like turtles. You are in need of a heart change for certain. I feel sorry for people like you who have such a little value for human rights. In no way does cattle harm turtles. This is just another government grab of land and rights. One day it may be your land and your rights. Would you want someone to make such a statement if it were one of your family or even yourself. No wonder America is going down hill so quickly!!! I pray that God will grab your heart and heal you of all your hate and anger. NO human should want another killed for any animal.

    • stonemike says:

      Poona, you’re one of the “useful idiots” empowering these deranged scum, so dont be surprised if you are on the hit list when fighting starts !

  27. David J says:

    There is nowhere else to go. We will stand and fight. Whatever State you reside in, find targets of opportunity. I know mine is target rich…

    • Amen. Identify now those who advocate a boot on anyone’s neck regardless of whether it is a left boot or right boot. Those will be the first to go when the asymmetric excitement begins.

  28. toodumtu says:

    The Jack Boots are coming folks, be prepared!!

    • Scott Wilson says:

      When your government can spend hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars to surrounded you with artillery and prepare to murder you over turtles when they cannot pay their own bills, they bring us one step closer to a necessary Revolution.

    • Wayne says:

      They will come for you in the night. You’ll have only 2 choices. To submit and disappear or get a few shots off and they kill you. Either way your dead. The Social DEMOCRATS did it this way. Aim for their face.

    • Wayne says:

      You feds have us scared and ready to fight for our lives.

  29. Georgie says:

    I certainly will keep this man and his family in my prayers. He is a true patriot and perhaps we should all learn a lesson from this incident. It would be a good thing if enough sane people stopped being so polite and began acting like the libtards……, getting loud and in the faces of those they don’t agree with. Getting in the face of the federal government would indeed be a very good place to start.

  30. ~RanchRaised~ says:

    A friend of mine posted this on facebook: ” I just spoke to one of his deputies, and asked what the sheriff was doing to help this poor rancher, and he replied “NOTHING”! He advised me that he isn’t able to comment, but he suggested we fax in any comments we may have, and he’ll hand them over to the sheriff. Their fax number is 702-828-0144

  31. Terry King says:

    They’ve got him surrounded? Now would be a good time for the local population to surround THEM.

    Stinking CRIMINAL Feds. It aint your land; IT’S NEVADA’S LAND. The federal government owns NOTHING. And they will sure as heck murder him, just like they did at Ruby Ridge and Waco, and over a freaking turtle. Both the FBI and US Marshals Service are ILLEGAL GANGS. A federal police force is expressly forbidden by the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION. Both of these criminal gangs need to be brought down.

    • chuck says:


    • stonemike says:

      And the leaders executed !

    • mike says:

      Well, no, the land in question isn’t Nevada’s land actually. Nevada, like many states in the west is composed of land acquired by the federal govt. Nevada was given choices of land areas for use. It choose, then promptly sold it all off to private buyers. The rest-over 82% belongs to the fed. Sad but true

  32. John says:

    Hell, he should j
    ust drill for gas. Then he’d be exempt from every law in the book!!!

  33. RangerRick says:

    I have read a lot of stuff here, but no one so far has answered the call to help this man with protection or pressure to the elected officials.
    I believe the million man march in DC , would be a better idea if it was held at this mans ranch. I believe the Feds would back off and maybe we can take a few of them home for pets.
    Just a Thought.

    • Thom says:

      I agree. The Feds have Mr. Bundy and his family and employees surrounded. I bet they will stop and frisk anyone who wants to enter the Bundy ranch.

      The only way this will end without killing anyone is if Fox and the MSM get involved. I would like to see the “surrounders” surrounded. I believe the time has arrived to stand together for whats right. To help protect our neighbors from a bully government.

      Its time to let your Representatives know how you feel, make it clear that their job is in danger if they don’t do something to TRY and stop this communist regime from destroying our way of life before they go down with the enemy.

      Fox has it right!! We have all become “Enemies of the state”.

      • s.c says:

        yea call dingy harry isn’t he one of the crooks from Nevada, that supports this kind of thing? most of those representatives don’t give a tinkers damn about how you feel. but they do understand force.

    • Carole says:

      Ranger Rick, that is an outstanding idea. Lets contact ‘March on’ see if they can spare a million folks. We need to make this administration RETHINK their illegal aggression towards Americans and THEIR RIGHTS.

    • First question I have, is where are the Nevada Militias? This is in their back yard, and they should be taking a stand with this guy! If they would get off their lazy, cowardly asses and stand, I would try and get militias from AZ and New Mexico to drive up there!
      I wonder what those federal cowards would do if 500 heavily armed Americans showed up and said we will flank your asses if you attack that rancher!
      Trained militias can accomplish a lot!
      Unfortunately, because we are all just now finding out about this situation, It may be difficult to muster enough support in time to help this guy!

      • cav medic says:

        If citizens are actually serious about going and are ready to support and defend a citizen under attack by the communist dictatorship destroying our Republic, and if people are going to put up or shut, I am there.
        I am sending this out from the communist dictatorship of new york, and I’ve had ENOUGH!
        Could someone please tell me where in Nevada is this happening.
        Honestly, I don’t see too many forces rallying to support this man and his family with a proper defense, regardless I can see myself on the way to Nevada, just like when Crockett and friends went on down to Texas.
        I am not asking anyone for personal contact info. I just want to know
        where this is located and if anyone with a backbone is gathering in Nevada to support.

        • cav medic says:

          That was a stupid question on my part.
          Resistor in the Rockies has a link to this blog, along with plenty of videos and newsclips about this. After watching the first video
          my questions were answered.
          Boy, I feel stupid and full-retard!

        • s.c says:

          from what i saw it is in south eastern part of the state, just check a state map for the area where the BLM has a large part of the state.

  34. Lawful Living says:

    Odell states that folks should grab a lawyer if they don’t like the application of laws in this case.

    In engaging an attorney, or anyone else who is a member of a BAR association you automatically waive any and all deficiencies in the Crown/State’s case. The prosecution in these cases will never have built the foundations of the case and are counting on you waiving your right to question such either through ignorance or through engaging someone from a BAR association labour union.

    The real question is ‘What facts or evidence can the prosecution produce to prove unequivocally and beyond reasonable doubt that the cited codes/acts/statutes apply to the living flesh (Cliven Bundy)?

    This is a question that they cannot answer, as there is none that they can speak to without tipping their hand that the whole system exists to defraud us into abrogating our inherent rights.

    Learn who you are and who you are not folks.

    And don’t listen to Odell. The guy is abundantly clearly either shilling for his thirty pieces or silver or has his head so far in the sand he has to be suffocating really very badly indeed.

    • rbodell says:

      “‘What facts or evidence can the prosecution produce to prove unequivocally and beyond reasonable doubt that the cited codes/acts/statutes apply to the living flesh (Cliven Bundy)?”

      They don’t make laws for rocks.

      • Thom says:

        The laws are beneficial to the government no one else. Is the rancher suppose to starve because of some damn turtle? Is human life less valuable than wildlife?

        obodell is an idiot. He has no idea what he’s talking about. Or what the situation in Nevada is all about. This is not the first rancher that the feds have tried to destroy and it won’t be the last.

        Fox News ran a special with the victims testifying about how the government is roughtshodding over people in all categories of employment and harassing organizations who do not agree with them.

        I hope there is a show of support by his neighbors even if it starts to get rough. The feds are setting up for another one sided slaughter.

        Where are the Oath Keepers and NRA or the Militias. It looks like a good time to wipe the dust off of your sights?

        Even more important is where the hell is MSM and Fox?

        ****This post, and all past and future posts are not intended to be read as spreading hate, ONLY truth, and in no way intended to cause or assist in any living thing to be hurt in any manner.****

        • What the hell is that “politically correct” disclaimer at the end of your post? If you feel it is necessary in order to protect your assets, you have lost the fight for freedom already!
          These criminal assholes do not respect the rule of law. They use the rule of law in order to defraud and dictate to anyone of their choosing!
          The ONLY thing they understand is the persuasion of power… to quote one of their own! The feds have set up a “free speech zone” for people to use who are protesting???? Screw them! What needs to happen is about 500 Patriot Militia need to show up heavily armed and tell those Jackboots to hit the road!
          If any of the Nevada Militia would get involved, maybe those of us in nearby states would be willing to go! But, I refuse to go help those who are too lazy or cowardly to help themselves! I think we could deliver about a hundred armed militia from AZ, probably a few more from NM, and maybe some from CO and CA!
          So, where are you Nevada?????

          • Georgie says:

            YES, YES, YES! It is time to make a stand……. I don’t understand how the feds can’t see what most people are feeling. Perhaps that’s what behind the purchase of all that ammo they can hide behind. They should be shaking in their boots!

          • Thom says:

            AZ. I’ll conduct my business, you conduct yours. If I need help how do I get in touch with you? HA
            Thought so, I don’t give out my personal info either. It’s a dog eat dog world and I have family to be concerned about. No heavy breathing here just common sense. Huff and puff all you want to this rancher is about 1100 miles from me if a war breaks out I’ll be there asap.

            alarmguy111 what does that stand for?

          • Thom says:

            If the MSM and Fox would spend as much air time on this as they did on some fuckin airplane that no one gives a damn about there would maybe be 500,000 show up to support this rancher and his family.

            I sent 20 e-mails to all of the Fox programs and called my Reps(in Oregon), I winter in AZ.

            The Republican Reps in AZ are traitors as far as I am concerned. I hope AZ votes them out and try again.

  35. priceless22 says:

    All the government has to do is grandfather him in, and leave him alone. I bet if he were an Obama donor…none of this would be happening! And you can bet an Obama supporter turned him in!

  36. Lawful Living says:

    Citizen is the lowest rung in their corporate structure. Learn the truth of the world.

    Study Winston Shrout, Dean Clifford, Daren Deojee, Max Igan and learn who you are and who you are not. Learn how the fictional government uses fictions to gain control of our bodies and how to not give them joinder, how not to wind up standing as surety for THEIR fictions.

    While we are certainly guilty of the facts of infringing on their rules, their rules only apply to their fictions. We are flesh and blood living souls, real men and women, who these ‘acts and statutes’ cannot apply to without our consent.

    Learn the game they play. Deny it to them. Tell others. Change the damn world.

    • cav medic says:

      “Learn the game they play. Deny it to them. Tell others. Change the damn world.”
      Now that sounds like solid chess playing strategy.
      Hell, even Putin moves his rooks on that level!

    • Donna says:

      Your right lawfull living to the government we are considered a corparation. We are also under ‘the Law of the sea” when we should be living under “Common Law” which would make things so much better for “We The People”. Thats why we were duped into maritime law. Big government has got to go !!

  37. I wonder how many hundreds of thousands of tax dollars were wasted, before finally drafting a fake report about “endangered turtles” which would be used as and excuse to screw people ?

    • s.c says:

      what makes those turtles en-danged is the fact that the try to cross I-15 and get smashed but the trucks and autos running at 75 miles and hour, how many turtles can move that fast? so the obvious answer is to close I-15 then the turtles and the cows will get along fine. problem solved and no one hurt.

      • Georgie says:

        If I’m not mistaken…….rumor had it about protection of these turtles many years ago. So developers grabbed all the land they could get their hands on before this protection law was passed. Thus, in the years that followed, Nevada was overbuilt and we all know how that turned out once the housing bubble burst. Oh those turtles – pesky little devils aren’t they. If only the feds were as intent on protecting the people and their rights……..

  38. Roger says:

    Why is it that the government always has to bring in hundreds of armed personnel to convince a property owner that they can reach a common ground and defuse the situation.
    Mr./ Bundy asserts that his rights supersede the BLM being formed, thus one would suspect that he has a very valid case that should be settled by granting him the grazing rights along with the other rights claimed, at no cost, Thus conceding that his rights are grandfathered.
    Others who are newly applying for grazing rights would be required to go through the hoops of the federal requirements until the Constitutionality of the BLM is determined.
    The state of Nevada should defend their citizen(s) from the encroachment of armed federal personnel until the situation can be peacefully resolved, even if it means the National Guard or State Militia are activated to militarily refuse entry into the state by federal personnel.
    It is the DUTY of the STATE to guarantee the freedom, rights and safety of their Citizens.

    • rbodell says:

      That is why we have the court system. Any time you feel a law is unjust you can go all the way to the supreme court with it. You won’t even need money because lawyers love to get in on the huge lawsuits that follow.

      • Mac in AZ says:

        OMG… another opine that’s completely false.

        Are you being paid to screw with this site?

        I’d love to find you, asshole.

        • rbodell says:

          Let me know when you get to Dallas Texas and we can see how tuff you are little boy.

          • Mac in AZ says:

            This little boy can break your neck with very little effort, you useful idiot….

            I will look you up if I do mosey on down to Dallas…

            BTW, MORON… laws are “written in stone”… it’s what this nation was built on… the “rule of law”….

            It’s your messiah Obama that takes a shit on his oath of office every day by ignoring which laws he doesn’t like…

            But …hey… if YOUR EVER ACCOSTED BY GOVT. … you’ll be able to get free lawyers and go all the way to the SCOTUS …..

            You delusional useful idiot…. like i said – try… TRY to think before you open your mouth and leave no doubt as to your total ignorance.

          • rbodell says:

            ooo such a tuff little boy you are. What are you going to do, crap your pants and say I did it LOL. I hope you don’t mind if I don’t hold my breath till the bad little boy gets here.

          • Mac in AZ says:

            It’s obvious that you got your butt kicked on a regular basis since your youth – no one who consistently opines so idiotically could ever be any kind of leader or has any honor…. you’ve shown your stripes, moron.

    • Thom says:

      I’m not convinced that the NV residents give a shit considering how many times they have voted Reed back into office?

  39. rbodell says:

    If you don’t like the laws, get a lawyer and take it to court or go someplace where you like the laws.

    If you take it to court and get the law overturned you have accomplished something. Otherwise you become worm food.

  40. Conservative Senior says:

    This man represents what Americans are; the feds represent obozo’s gestapo and smell blood. I’m sure Harry Reid would not intervene unless he could make a buck off of it. Where’s the governor, the militia and the local Sheriff? The Sheriff has A LOT of authority against the feds if he has the stones to use it. My prayers for Mr. Bundy and his family.

    • Frank Miller says:

      hang tough MR BUNDY, WISH I COULD HELP MORE.
      old sarge,’nam vet,’68,’70

  41. Lee says:

    They can’t stay there forever after they do their dirty work. People should get together there in that State and make sure after they leave, there isn’t anything in that area that could even be CONFUSED as being a turtle left alive.
    They will not control the border….but they’ll go through all this for a silly stupid turtle!

  42. oilag says:

    This story reminds me of my friend Andrew Wordes who was harassed by the city of Roswell for years, they made him go broke……all over his love of chickens. He showed children how to raise and hatch chickens, he was a wonderful man. Look up The Chicken man of Georgia.They harassed him for anything they could. They sat outside his home. They lied time and time again about everything. He blew himself up On march 26 2012. I believe it was part of Agenda 21 and I had contacted Henry Lamb and Henry said it did look like it was part of Agenda 21 but then Henry was very ill and in the hospital and passed away. Henry is also missed he was one of the first to speak out about Agenda 21 and what would happen as did Ron Paul in the 80’s. They don’t want you to own land or raise animals. I also include your domestic pets, such as dogs, cats ect. They feel land is being taken to raise food for your pets as a waste of water and other resources. This is just the beginning. I will pray for Mr. Bundy. We are all in danger.

  43. Mac in AZ says:

    Club Fed has overstepped it’s charter….. and they can’t even perform what the Constitution says it must do.

    It’s way past time to fire them all….

    … and – no, not “fire” as in voting them out as I do believe they’ve made a mockery out of our voting system…..

    …. I mean FIRE and in OPEN FIRE !!!!

    I still take that oath that I took in the 70’s very seriously, ….

    …. to protect & defend the Constitution from all enemies….

    Our federal government is a DOMESTIC ENEMY of this country!!!!!

  44. oldmanrick says:

    When will states wake up and demand back their land from an oppressive government?

  45. Brinkman says:

    Kris Kemp,I half to disagree with you on this if we dont stand up to the Feds we will lose all of our rights.
    Do you think our founding fathers would have backed down hell no they wouldnt.
    It high time we take a stand and tell them hell no.
    I do belive there are some things that are worth loseing your life over and this is one.This man is fighting for his lively hood and for his family to keep doing what he has done all his life cattle ranching.
    The fedreal goverment has way to much power over us and it high time to tell them to go and fu_k them selfs.
    They want to take our guns so we have no way to defend our selfs when they try to makes us slaves for them.This one world goverment is the begining to the end.And we must stop them at all coast.This is not in the best intrest of the people or our country and we must stop them now.
    Im not sure where this country went wrong but its clear to see if we dont change it soon we will be just like china or russia and we will have no say over are lives.
    I for one dont need anyone telling me how to live my life I can do that my self with no help from any goverment.

    • malcolm7173 says:

      I agree and support this America Family. It’s men and families like this that has made this country. With an out of control government currently sitting in the White House I would hope the County Sheriff would support Mr. Bundy and his stand against the BLM. After all the states need to take back all federal lands it’s theirs to start with and not the federal governments. Maybe it’s time for all Americans to rally at this ranch and have a show down for once and all. After all Mr. Bundy isn’t the only American that the Federal Government is trying usurp our Constitution in order to get what they want. If we continue to allow these kind of tactics to be carried out ask yourself who’s next. It may be the IRS, NSA, DHS, TSA, FBI, FDA, who in the hell knows anymore. But I do know this that families like this are few and every American should be concern and willing to stand by and support this family and others like them.

      • Jim Barrus says:

        I am truly upset about the situation that has reared its ugly head. We, the People need to understand that the Constitution for the United States of America does not grant any law enforcement powers to the Federal Government. Nor does it give them any rights to any land that has not been bought and paid for with the approval of the State Legislature.
        Please Refer to Article 1, Section 8, Paragraphs 15 & 16 where the States reserved all law enforcement powers to their State Militia, and to Paragraph 17, where it requires the Federal Government to purchase land with the approval of the State Legislature. I’d be willing to bet that Nevada never approved a purchase, and that the Federal Government can’t show a receipt for the payment. See below:

        15. To provide for calling forth the militia to execute the laws of the union, suppress insurrections and repel invasions:

        16. To provide for organizing, arming and disciplining the militia, and for governing such part of them as may be employed in the service of the United States, reserving to the states respectively, the appointment of the officers, and the authority of training the militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress:

        17. To exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever, over such district (not exceeding ten miles square) as may, by cession of particular states, and the acceptance of Congress, become the seat of the government of the United States, and to exercise like authority over all places purchased by the consent of the legislature of the state in which the same shall be, for the erection of forts, magazines, arsenals, dock-yards, and other needful buildings: And,

        NOW – Please explain whether the ranch is a fort, a magazine, an arsenal, a dock-yard, or a needful building.

        Jim Barrus
        Constitutional Concepts Foundation

        • Mac in AZ says:

          Since when has the federal government even consulted what it’s limitations are?….

          They’re out of control…. and with Obama & Holder = the rule of law is a fucking joke.

    • Bob Moore says:

      When are you going there to help out Mr Bundy? Or are you just spewing? Just wondering.

    • Donna says:

      Yes Brinkman there are things worth dying for and our great country ‘founded” for a Christian people is one of them. Still our biggest religious groups like the Southern Baptist Association remain quite on this. No church marches or even Pastors speaking out publicly about the assault on the Christian way of life. They say 76 % Americans claim to be Christians, get them united on this & there is no way the government would go against them. I also believe most motorcycle interest groups & clubs also support the Christian faith . What a lethal combination ! But we need to hurry & organize cause we’re already late !

  46. jdelaney3 says:

    The governor should call out the state militia to protect Bundy and his cattle. And this: did the Nevada legislature EVER approve the federal gov’t’s ownership of “federal lands” in the State? Per the Enclave Clause, that is a constitutional requirement., State lands may be “controlled” by the feds only so long as the land in question is set aside for “fortifications, armories, dockyards” for the specific purpose of defending the nation. Time someone put the Enclave Clause to the test. Why not Nevada for starters. (I found this little known fact in “A Patriot’s Call to Action”. Great primer for those of us who have forgotten more about the Constitution than they have learned.)

    • s.c says:

      it seems this is just like a lot of other cases, everyone is upset that the feds are pushing these people around, but they seem to think that it is someone else problem, “where is the governor, where is the militia, well where the hell are you and why are you not getting ready to go stand with this family, or are you just to busy to help out just now? let some else do it, I’ll hide behind my door and cheer you on and if you lose, well i did the cheering. that seems to be the currant way of thinking, and frankly it sucks!

      • RangerRick says:

        I just wrote the Nevada Militia to see what they intend to do to protect this man.
        Back in the late 90’s / early 2000, when the feds went after the Indianapolis Baptist Temple pastored by Greg Dixon, the Indiana Volunteer Militia was there and stood the ground for weeks until the pastor ask us to leave.
        His / Churches crime- they would not play the 501.3C game.
        My question then was where were the other Churches , Pastors , Christians. they were no where to be found.
        I see this today with this Americans ranch, we have militias and elected officials and a Sheriff, where the hell are they. Where is his neighbors? If they will call we will come and surround the enemy and put them on notice=No more, The Shit stops here and now. Do your job and arrest the people who sent you.
        Just a thought,

  47. R3riate says:

    We have the rights. Our sorry assed Governors give those rights away also.
    All it would take is the Nevada Governor to tell the Feds to Fuck Off.

  48. Kris Kemp says:

    There are no rights left in America. This guy should just leave and go to Europe. There’s a lot more freedom over there. It’s–standing up for rights–is not worth losing your life over. The mainstream media will lie about him and paint him as a conspiracy theorist. The government of the United States is a police state and is only getting worse. It’s better to find a country that affords more freedoms and then go there. America is over.

    • ssgt. mark chapin says:

      It’s only over when the last man has turned in his firearm or is laying in a pool of his own blood, exhausted and his life slipping the mortal bonds! If we all develop your quitter attitude then freedom is indeed just a memory and a dream as oppressors of each will surely triumph! Remember, it isn’t just for us that we fight, but it is for our posterity we leave behind! This was a founding principle in establishing America and our bill of rights! Semper fidelis!

      • Marty says:

        I’m with you, Mark! Mr. Bundy has roots back to 1877 and this quitter wants him to drop everything and go to Europe, the home of socialism! You reach an age where you must stand and fight for what you believe. You are too old to run, and believe too strongly in what you stand for to just sit down, let them have their way, and wait to die. Prayers for Mr. Bundy, this is the right kind of thing to stand for!

    • Yanksta says:

      KK – Standing up for rights is not worth loosing your life over? I’m glad your shriveled sack wasn’t around at the founding. So sure, leave. But when the last domino falls where will you run? If you are afraid to loose, then you cannot win.

    • jane says:

      It’s cowardly statements/attitudes like that one, Kris Kemp, that’s brought this country to it’s knees.

    • Éowyn says:

      You, sir, are a sniveling coward and do not deserve to be called our “brother”. May the chains of servitude sit lightly upon you as you bow down and lick the boots of those who enslave you! As me, I stand with the Bundy family. Give me liberty, or give me death.

    • Roger Lamoureux says:

      If living free ,as we were meant to , according to our forefathers,Is not worth fighting and sometimes dying for,
      Then what is?

    • Scott Wilson says:

      If our nation’s future rested on your rubbery legs, sure it’d be over.

      Fortunately, rough men stand at the ready and have no “back down” in them.

      Get a binkie. Change your diaper. Take a nap. When you wake up, call your mommy.

    • MJMcMahon says:

      Sorry, Kris, but there’s no way in God’s green earth that you can convince me Europe has “more freedom”. I don’t disagree that the mainstream media will lie about the man and paint him as a nutjob, but I don’t agree that running off to Europe (or anywhere else) will solve the problem.

    • s.c says:

      that of course is a cowards way of looking things, if the men of Concord and Lexington had felt that way then we would still be bowing to the queen, or king, and all this talk about personal rights would not even be discussed, because surfs and peons have no rights only a few granted privileges that can be taken away by the elite. if your not willing to fight for your rights you don’t have any. i think I’ll go to Nevada, haven’t been there for a while now, and it’s still a month away from the march on the district of corruption in may.

    • Mike says:

      First, Europeans have LESS rights than Americans. They are mostly socialist states, and this is exactly what the left is trying to do to America now-make it “more like Europe”. There crime here is that the rancher is not being assisted for his hardship due to the land use change. But the honest fact is the rancher doesn’t own the land, and therefore has always been at the mercy of the land manager or owner for its use.

      • s.c says:

        this mans family has used this land before there was such a thing as a “land manager” which is just another name for some faceless bureaucrat, you know one of those “brother-in-law” jobs for some political pay off.

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