Obama’s NSA refuses FOIA request on Malaysia flight 370 on grounds of classified info

It is now one month 18 days since Malaysia Airlines flight 370, with 227 passengers and 12 crew members on board, disappeared.

Repeated searches in the south Indian Ocean 2,000 miles southwest from Perth, Australia have found nothing. Speculations abound as to what really happened to MH 370, from the plausible to the bizarre, including:

  • The plane actually landed in Pakistan.
  • The plane actually landed on the U.S. military base on the island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.
  • Muslims or Iran hijacked the plane.
  • The Israelis hijacked the plane, which (or a plane identical to MH 370) is now in the Tel Aviv airport, to be used in another fake 9-11 attack. (H/t FOTM’s josephbc69)
  • The U.S. military shot down the plane.
  • The Chinese shot down the plane.

All along, I’ve maintained that, given U.S. satellites and the National Security Administration’s (NSA) massive surveillance capabilities, the Obama administration knows precisely what had happened to MH 370, but is not telling. Notice that at no time has the White House offered its radar and satellite tracking information to help in the search.

Now we have evidence that the NSA indeed knows but isn’t telling.

On March 24, 2014, the gutsy and indefatigable attorney Dr. Orly Taitz made a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the NSA for any and all documents relating to missing Malaysian Flight MH 370.

This is the letter Dr. Taitz received in response:

NSA FOIA1Here’s the most important paragraph in the NSA’s letter:

We have determined that the fact of the existence or non-existence of the materials you request is a currently and properly classified matter in accordance with the Executive Order 13526, as set forth in Sub-paragraph (c) of Section 1.4. Thus your request is denied pursuant to the first exemption of the FOIA which provides that the FOIA does not apply to matters that are specifically authorized under criteria established by an Executive Order to be kept order in the interest of national defense or foreign relations and are, in fact properly classified pursuant to such Executive Order.

Taitz points out that “Typically when the government does not have any records, it would respond to FOIA request attesting that there are no records in question, however this is not what happened in the case at hand. NSA did not deny existence of the documents, but stated that it is classified.

Executive Order 13526 – Classified National Security Information was issued by Barack Obama on December 29, 2009. Here’s EO 13536′s Section 1.4, Sub-paragraph c:

Sec. 1.4.  Classification Categories.  Information shall not be considered for classification unless its unauthorized disclosure could reasonably be expected to cause identifiable or describable damage to the national security in accordance with section 1.2 of this order, and it pertains to one or more of the following:

(c)  intelligence activities (including covert action), intelligence sources or methods, or cryptology;


Dr. Eowyn’s article first appeared at Fellowship of the Minds.

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30 Responses to Obama’s NSA refuses FOIA request on Malaysia flight 370 on grounds of classified info

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  4. Simon Gunson . says:

    What they are hiding is the distress call recorded by the USN intelligence unit VTHB-Rayong at U-Tapao Thailand. In the distress call pilots intended to make an immediate landing because their cabin “faced disintegration.” Tapes of the distress call were passed to Malaysia via the US Embassy. The audio tapes released by Malaysia on 1st May 2014 were dubbed from two different sources and extensively edited. The distress call was published in madarin by an article of the China Times on 8th March.

  5. Xxx says:

    Russians AND Chinese Intelligence agencies know EXACTLY where the plane is. Diego Garcia. But they probably realize there’s a good chance of a nuke going off ‘coincidentally’ dare they release their OWN sat track info.

    Or do you really believe Warsaw Pacts two biggest members don’t track air traffic around America’s biggest sigInt base?

    Explain the two dead SEALs found with heroin? …

    copy pasted:
    An as yet unconfirmed analysis reportedly prepared by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces (GRU) (Russia’s largest foreign intelligence agency) and published in the online edition of the European Union Times March 14th states that Aerospace Defense Forces (VKO, Voyska Vozdushno-Kosmicheskoy Oborony) experts remain “puzzled” as to why the United States Navy “captured and then diverted” a Malaysia Airlines civilian aircraft from its intended flight-path to their vast and highly-secretive Indian Ocean base located on the Diego Garcia atoll.

    That Flight 370 was already under GRU “surveillance” after it received a “highly suspicious” cargo load that had been traced to the Indian Ocean nation Republic of Seychelles, and where it had previously been aboard the US-flagged container ship MV Maersk Alabama.

    What first aroused GRU suspicions regarding the MV Maersk Alabama, this report continues, was that within 24-hours of off-loading this “highly suspicious” cargo load bound for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the two highly-trained US Navy Seals assigned to protect it, Mark Daniel Kennedy, 43, and Jeffrey Keith Reynolds, 44, were found dead under “suspicious circumstances.”

    Both Kennedy and Reynolds, this report says, were employed by the Virginia Beach, Virginia-based maritime security firm The Trident Group (www.gotridentgroup.com) which was founded by U.S. Navy Special Operations Personnel (SEAL’s) and Senior US Naval Surface Warfare Officers and has long been known by the GRU to protect vital transfers of both atomic and biological materials throughout the world.

    Police on the island nation of Seychelles say that the two former U.S. Navy SEALs died of respiratory failure and were suspected to have had heart attacks, possibly from drug use.

    The police said Monday that a syringe and traces of heroin were found in their cabin.
    Trident Group confirms neither of the men ever failed a mandatory or random drug test.

    CHINESE INTELLIGENCE: 中华人民共和国国家安全部
    Russian GRU “assets” reportedly confirmed that this “highly suspicious” cargo was aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on 8 March, this report notes, Moscow notified The Ministry of State Security of the People’s Republic of China (MSS) which is responsible for counter-intelligence, foreign intelligence and political security of their concerns and received “assurances” that “all measures” would be taken as to ascertain what was being kept so hidden when this aircraft entered into their airspace.

    However, this report says, and as yet for still unknown reasons, the MSS was preparing to divert Flight 370 from its scheduled destination of Beijing to Haikou Meilan International Airport (HAK) located in Hainan Province (aka Hainan Island).
    Prior to entering the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) protected zones of the South China Sea known as the Spratly Islands, this report continues, Flight 370 “significantly deviated” from its flight course and was tracked by VKO satellites and radar flying into the Indian Ocean region and completing its nearly 3,447 kilometer (2,142 miles) flight to Diego Garcia.

    Critical to note about Flight 370’s flight deviation, GRU experts in this report say, was that it occurred during the same time period that all of the Spratly Island mobile phone communications operated by China Mobile were being jammed.

    China Mobile, it should be noted, extended phone coverage in the Spratly Islands in 2011 so that PLA soldiers stationed on the islands, fishermen, and merchant vessels within the area would be able to use mobile services, and can also provide assistance during storms and sea rescues. (www.pisau.net )
    As to how the US Navy was able to divert Flight 370 to its Diego Garcia base, this report says, appears to have been accomplished remotely as this Boeing 777-200ER aircraft is equipped with a fly-by-wire (FBW) system that replaces the conventional manual flight controls of an aircraft with an electronic interface allowing it to be controlled like any drone-type aircraft.

    What remains “perplexing” about this incident, GRU analysts in this report say, are why the American mainstream media outlets have yet to demand from the Obama regime the radar plots and satellite images of the Indian Ocean and South China Sea regions as the US military covers this entire area from Diego Garcia like no other seas in the world due to its vital shipping and air lanes.

    This report could be the reason that China has demanded the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder serial numbers for the “black boxes” aboard MH370 prior to them being recovered to verify their authenticity.

  6. Everything will come to light when we impeach and prosecute Obama. Save the lieutenants for witnesses. Don’t fall for the news that he is unavailable, one of his clones is all you need to take into custody.

  7. GoodAmerican says:

    the use of THAT executive order is nothing but damning evidence that the criminal US govt is involved with the dissapperance of those people in some way..id say its most likely to protect the sociopathic zionists who control the US.
    Peace, truth, justice, freedom, health and prosperity for ALL of US..in-spite of those who control our govt…the F-#^ing Rotten, lying , murderous, no good caniving B@$tards.

  8. Bill Lee says:

    Government lying to you again, slaves.
    But you stay on your knees, slaves.

  9. Chris says:

    well get the TIT and ASS on the case they usually get good information in just a single night on the job XD

  10. mirageseekr says:

    Google Malaysian airline and Rothschild and semi conductor you will have the answer.

  11. jeri bodine says:

    It is so sad that every one is in agreementvthat Obama is one horrible president an all we can do is talk about it and no legal action has been taken to dethrown him

  12. Marilyn Z says:

    We will probably never know what actually happened…even if the plane reappears. I feel for these poor families. If my loved one had been on that flight I would not rest until I had made every official in my path miserable for having tried to thwart me in finding the truth.

    Heaven help our country and never forget Benghazi.

    • Laura Bernard Mielcarek says:

      Yes, Ms. Marilyn Z.

      We also cannot forget Extortion 17 or the new ROEs obama decreed that has CAUSED so many injuries and deaths. It is OBSCENE what he has done! I just hope our Country can recover.

  13. paleophlatus says:

    Surely, a government as slippery as this one could design a plan to accidently stumble across the plane? Unless, of course, it happened to have an involvement in the coverup?
    Funny how ideas like that come so easily to mind. Must be ‘global warming’?

  14. Laura Bernard Mielcarek says:

    You people being placated by the government saying the information can’t be released because of national security reasons are FOOLS. This is obama – his ‘national security’ and OUR ‘national security’ are NOT the same. What obama wants to keep secret are CRIMES. Have you forgotten fast & furious? Benghazi? IRS? Libya? Egypt? Iran? He, and all the other stoopid people in our federal government who like to nation build, control foreign governments, control oil and gas, are committing CRIMES to do so. They are funding and facilitating TERRORISTS.

    NOTHING this administration does is for the best interests of our Country – their actions are in THEIR interests only. Our secrets aren’t being protected – their crimes are being protected.

  15. Robert A. Dow says:

    Someone needs to investigate Diego Garcia where it was supposedly on the ground there. It’s definitely a possibility. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Worth the look see at least.

  16. Whether we knew, or not, it doesn’t matter. The capabilities of our surveillance systems are legitimate matters of National Security. Divulging what we know/don’t know about this is the same as revealing our most sensitive military capabilities.
    If we can track an airliner in real time, or if we can locate the pings from black boxes at the bottom of the Marianas Trench — is not something I want to advertise to my enemies.
    Sorry, but Realpolitik needs to intervene — this is not work for amateurs. We have these capabilities for a reason, and is ISN’T always to snoop on each other!

    • texaman says:

      Very right on. We, our military and intelligence people do possess many types of intelligence gathering methods and information that must remain classified for our own protection. I know that sounds like a lack of freedom to many but, in most instances, it truly is in our own and/or our country’s best interest. What happened to this flight is certainly interesting, to say the least, but if the knowledge would somehow compromise our country’s security then it can stay on a need to know basis. You have to have some faith that the people working in these areas are, for the most part, very loyal Americans.

      • Eileen Jones says:

        BS….Every person in this gov’t is suspect when it comes Obama’s EO’s they are their to hide things just like BENGHAZI…WHEN ARE YOU PEOPLE GOING TO GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF THE SAND?????NO, secrets will be revealed ONLY TRUTHS and that is what Obama is afraid of !!!!

        • Laura Bernard Mielcarek says:

          Exactly, Ms. Jones! I can’t believe people would be fooled by the ‘national security’ line. My gosh, he won’t even let the White House press take pictures of him!!! He keeps EVERYTHING secret, he tries to – wants to – control everything! I just cannot believe what the press, this Country, is letting him get away with. When one looks at everything he has done, all that has happened, everything he has gotten away with since he took office – it is FRIGHTENING. And people are just la, la, la national security. My God, fools!

    • Random Anonymous Crank says:

      atropa_bella_donna you are speaking total crap . No one needs to know by what means the intelligence was obtained. All that is required are the results , foreign governments may then wonder about it but that’s their problem. That letter smacks of the paranoid obfuscation of a criminal.

    • Raven says:

      First you claim it would be a national security issue if our enemies found out we can locate black boxes in deep ocean and follow commercial airliners in real time. And then you state, “We have these capabilities for a reason.” Your comment is ridiculous.

  17. 5WarVeteran says:

    Executive order? Obama and cronies are involved.

    • Conservative Senior says:

      Obozo probably has another crime to cover up.

    • Tommy Johnson says:

      Our tyrannical Government has an executive order for every single thing to cover all of their illegal activity!!! We have no more rights to anything in this once great Nation! Obama doesn’t agree with something he just uses his pen so that it fits to his liking! IMPEACHMENT is the ONLY way to put our Nation back on the path to greatness! God bless all of us and we need help for the impending DOOM we are facing!

      • paleophlatus says:

        A year and a half after this Exec Order, on Jun, 2011, BO issued #13575, The President’s Rural Council. You think the BLM is trouble? Just about every agency, and department of the government is assembled to oversee the ‘management’ of the agricultural heartlands of America to assure continued efficient production and soil conservation. That should wake a lot of people, after they become more obvious. Several more bites of the American Elephant! (as in ‘how to eat an elephant?)

  18. R3riate. says:

    Look in a secured hangar at Diago Garcia, classified Navy and Bomber base for AF. When in the AF, we had B52’s flying out of there. 370 would fit in one of the hangars.

    This reeks of CIA bull shit just like the bull shit the Government tried to feed to BUNDY.

    Slogan: Bundy Beef, not OBAMA Bull Shit.

  19. carlapage54 says:

    what is the NSA hiding????? hey nsa you know what happened to flight mh370,so cough up with the info the families have a right to know where their loved ones are!!!!!! where is the plane NSA????? WHERE ARE THE PASSENGERS????? COUGH UP WITH WHAT YOU KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. robm says:

    US Govt….KNOWS

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