Why Does Christian Persecution Get Worse In Every Country The U.S. “Liberates”?

Just look at what has happened in Afghanistan.  We have been at war in Afghanistan for more than a dozen years, and yet things are so bad for Christians in that country at this point that there is not a single church left

The supposedly “moderate” Karzai government installed by the U.S. upholds many of the draconian laws enforced by the Taliban—including the apostasy law, fiercely persecuting those who seek to convert to Christianity—and, in 2011, under U.S. auspices, it destroyed Afghanistan’s last Christian church.

We find a similar story in Iraq.  It is estimated that before the invasion, there were up to 2 million Christians living in Iraq.  Now that number is down to less than 450,000, and it is falling fast.

In fact, things are so dire for Iraq’s Christian community that some Iraqi Christian leaders are warning that Christians may soon become “extinct” in that nation…

As the mass exodus of Iraq’s Christians continues, so does the call for ending the plight of those who have remained. Like Iraq’s ancient Jewish community before them, one of the world’s oldest Christian communities may soon cease to exist.

The disappearance of Iraq’s religious minorities has been a troubling trend since the US-led invasion in 2003, and it has threatened to end the cultural diversity of Iraq. As the violence in the country spikes and religious intolerance grows, many Christians, Yazidis, Mandaeans and other minority community members are leaving the country.

Last week, the head of the Iraqi Catholic Church sent a chilling warning that Iraq’s 2,000-year-old Christian community is on the brink of extinction as new waves of Christians take the journey of exodus.

It is estimated that the Iraq war cost U.S. taxpayers more than 2 trillion dollars.

We spent more than a million dollars on one soccer field alone (which has now turned to dust).

In the end, what did we actually accomplish?

The Obama administration likes to brag about how it got rid of Qaddafi and “liberated” Libya, but now al-Qaeda is in control of much of the country and things are much worse for Christians than ever before

Ever since U.S.-backed, al-Qaeda-linked terrorists overthrew Qaddafi, Christians—including Americans—have indeed suffered extreme persecution. Churches have been bombed; Christians have been tortured and killed (includingfor refusing to convert); and nuns have been threatened.

In Syria, the Obama administration is shamelessly allying with radical al-Qaeda jihadists in a desperate attempt to overthrow the Assad regime.

As these jihadists torture, behead and even crucify Christian believers, the mainstream media in the United States is virtually silent about it.

Why is the media being so quiet?

Well, because exposing what is going on would make the Obama administration look bad.

Those carrying out this persecution of Christians in Syria are being directly funded and aided by the governments of the United States and Saudi Arabia.  For much more on what is going on in Syria, please see my previous article entitled “Why Is The Media Silent About The Crucifixion Of Christians By Radical Jihadists?

And of course it is not just in the Middle East where this kind of persecution of Christians is taking place.

While Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, the State Department refused to label Boko Haram as a terrorist organization.

But now the whole world is talking about Boko Haram.  This group has attacked more than 700 churches in Nigeria over the past seven years, and this has resulted in a massive exodus of Christians from northern Nigeria to southern Nigeria…

Christian groups estimate that up to a quarter of the 4,000 people killed by Boko Haram since 2009 have been Christians, and more than 700 churches have been attacked in the last seven years alone, according to the Nigerian Catholic Bishop’s Conference. Across the troubled north-east, many Christian neighbourhoods are now ghost towns as tens of thousands of residents flee south. It is one of the biggest Christian exoduses of the century, yet largely unremarked outside of Nigeria.

It is hard to put into words how brutal Boko Haram can be.  As a recent article in the Telegraph described, the persecution of Christians in northern Nigeria by Boko Haram  has been absolutely relentless…

Arriving at St Joseph’s church in the Nigerian town of Gashua, Father John Bakeni knew he was taking on a tough posting. A flyblows settlement near the northern border with Niger, his new parish was smack in the heart of Boko Haram territory, and in the previous three years, all but a fraction of its 3,000-strong Christian minority had fled.

Sent by his bishop to show that the diocese had not deserted the town, he spent much of the following year trying to reassure the 200 remaining parishioners. But nearly every time he ventured from his rectory, a reminder would await him of the difficulty of his mission.

“Several times a week I would find a dead animal had been thrown in the compound, usually a chicken, goat or sheep, but sometimes dead cats too,” said Fr Bakeni, 38. “Stones would get thrown at the church almost every day, and sometimes also people would bang the gates and shout: ‘Infidel, we are going to kill you.’

So why has the Obama administration been so hesitant to speak out against Boko Haram until now?

In fact, although most Americans do not realize this, the Obama administration has been quite supportive of Boko Haram in the past.  Obama even actually threatened the Nigerian government with economic sanctions in 2013 in an attempt to keep them from cracking down on Boko Haram.

What in the world was the Obama administration thinking?

Whose side are they on anyway?

If you love liberty and freedom, you should be deeply troubled by the spread of groups such as Boko Haram.

Just look at what is happening in another part of Africa where jihadists have gained control.  In Sudan, a pregnant woman was recently sentenced to death by hanging for marrying a Christian man…

A Sudanese woman doctor who married a Christian man and who was convicted earlier this week on charges of “apostasy” was sentenced to death on Thursday, judicial officials said.

According to the Sudanese officials, 26-year-old Meriam Ibrahim, whose father was Muslim, was convicted on Sunday and given four days to repent and escape death. She was sentenced after that grace period expired, the officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity in line with regulations.

The BBC reported the woman’s death by hanging will not be carried out until two years after the birth of her child.

This kind of tyranny should not be tolerated in today’s world.

But instead, the U.S. government seems to be helping to spread it.

So exactly why is this happening?  Please feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…

Michael Snyder is the Editor of End of the American Dream.

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15 Responses to Why Does Christian Persecution Get Worse In Every Country The U.S. “Liberates”?

  1. “Temptations of Power: Islamists and Illiberal Democracy in a New Middle East” by Shadi Hamid is a good spot to start…

    “Americans tend to see liberalism and democracy as going hand in hand. But in the Middle East, democratization, contrary to academic and popular wisdom, is likely to push Islamist parties toward greater illiberalism.”

    “In religiously conservative societies, there is widespread support for more mixing of religion and politics, not less. In Egypt, for example, available polling data makes clear that majorities support Shariah, or Islamic law, as the primary or only source of law; religiously derived criminal punishments; gender inequality; and a role for religious leaders in drafting legislation. If the popular demand is there, someone will need to supply it. Moreover, democracy means that groups like the Brotherhood no longer have a monopoly on the votes of the Islamist faithful. They have to compete with newly established Salafi parties that believe in a strict, literalist Islam, where the center-right is dragged further rightward.”

    Thus the FAQ for Western observers: Do nations have the right to decide — through the democratic process — that they would rather not be liberal?

    “This is the Middle East’s difficult twist. For secularists and liberals, certain rights and freedoms are, by definition, nonnegotiable. They envision the state as a neutral arbiter that stays out of the private lives of its citizens. On the other hand, even the most “moderate” Islamists want the state to promote a basic set of religious and moral values through the soft power of the state machinery, the educational system and the media.”

    Style over substance perhaps?

    “If elected Islamist parties have to give up their Islamism, then this runs counter to the essence of democracy — the notion that governments should be responsive to, or at least accommodate, public preferences. Asking Islamists to concede who they are and what they believe is also unsustainable and perhaps even dangerous, pushing conservatives outside the political process.”

  2. So exactly why is this happening? Please feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…

    Michael, is it not obvious to you why Christians are being persecuted, seeing as how our Federal
    Government is being run by Barack Hussein Obama, a member of The Muslim Brother Hood, whose Islamic Politics, (CULT) has been killing Jews and Christians since the 6th century, and
    call themselves, ( A Religion of Peace).

    Personally I’m at a loss as to why our so called Representatives and Senators have not removed
    this FRAUD from office long before, say back when he first refused to prove that he was a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN of the United States of America, which is an absolute must according to
    our forefathers, wanting to make certain that whoever became the PRESIDENT of this Country, did
    not have an alliance with an other NATION, or CULT, such as this PRESIDENT HAS.

    What further proof is needed that we have a DICTATOR in control of this Country, I get so tired of
    articles that say the PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP, I”M WIDE AWAKE and so are a GAZZILLION
    OTHER AMERICANS, its OUR elected representatives that have their HEADS IN THEIR ASS, and are asleep at the switch.

    I have suggested to some of the retired military that we do what the people of Egypt done, and
    physically go in and take this FRAUD out of office, but am told that would be a COUP, and that
    is against OUR CONSTITUTION, well so is the COUP that USURPED the OFFICE OF PRESIDENT
    did in REVERSE.

    So where does that leave us, THE CITIZENS OF THIS ONCE GREAT COUNTRY, knowing BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA has armed just about every branch of his administration to the teeth, with GUNS, AMMUNITION, TANKS, DRONES, and whatever he thinks necessary, to impose MARTIAL LAW ON THE CITIZENRY.

    SO I ASK YOU, WHERE DOES THAT LEAVE US??????????????????????????????????

    • Robert says:

      Where does this leave us? It leaves us with a ISLAMIC MARXIST president who is supported by an amoral Progressive Humanist Socialist/Marxist oligarchy that has a deep seeded hatred of this Christian Sovereign Constitutional Republic! They are primarily devout Athiests who have a viseral hatred for a the moral standards of the teachings of Christ. The Democrats are what they are amoral reprobates who are posessed with their demons that are pushing this nation to chaos and slavery to their religion of Marxist/Darwinian social engineering. We are in a state of Spritural Warfare! Believe it and face up to it or else wake up one morning and find yourselves under marshal law and re-education camps as found in Totalitarian Socialist nations of Hell.

  3. TSIndiana says:

    When your “chosen” and getting $8,144,000 each and every day from the US, sacrificing a few thousand Christians so Israel and their EU/US prostitutes can control the middle east, is nothing.

    • Mac in AZ says:


      You’re such an asshole, tsindiana….. why don’t you get over that cute little Jewish gal that told you that your penis was too small?…..

      Or, what?…. some “Kike” fire you for smokin’ dope on the job?….

      Grow up, ya little jack-off…. get educated to what the real story behind Israel is…. and quit believing everything you read on Huff Post….

      …oh, yeah – your teachers were all obviously liberal whack-jobs, too.

  4. Mac in AZ says:

    Look…. the despots & dictators in these cesspools know that Islam produces nothing that makes money for them, consequently – their secret police protect the Christians who are the only ones generating any revenue for their countries…..

    ….. tyrants out?…. Muslims start killing again…. same story, different century….

    Too bad that the liberal jack-offs in America conveniently refuse to see this – as their agenda is to eliminate Christianity….

  5. NO GOVERNMENT IS PERFECT. Name a country that is better than America and then get your ass out and go there if you don’t like it here.

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