Copyright certificate for Obama’s book was falsified

When Random House published Obama’s first memoir, Dreams From My Father, in 1994, they had to fill out a Certificate of Registration to copyright the book.

Attorney Dr. Orly Taitz obtained a copy of the Certificate of Registration forDream From My Father, and noticed something odd. As Dr. Taitz explains:

In the area [of the certificate] where one has to post the birth date of the author, Obama posted USA. Clearly, a constitutional scholar and editor of Harvard law review should  understand the meaning of the question: “what is your date of birth”. Shockingly, Obama answered USA.

So Dr. Taitz asked a typesetting expert, Paul Irey, to look at the certificate. Irey was certified as an expert by Judge Sherry Reid in an Obama eligibility trial in Indiana.

In an email to Dr. Taitz, Irey confirmed that:

  • The typesetting for the word “USA” is different from the rest and it was done using a manual typewriter which was not in use by professional publishing houses in 1994.
  • The word “USA” was typed in two other places on the certificate by two different typewriters because of the different font sizes.
  • Irey also speculated that the certificate was “remade” because the country of birth was Kenya in the original “real” certificate. In other words, a forged form was created to replace the original Certificate of Registration.

Here’s the (fake) copyright Certificate of Registration for Dreams From My Father with the telltale signs of forgery circled in red (click image to enlarge):

Copyright-Dreams-of-my-fatherSee also:


Dr. Eowyn’s post first appeared at Fellowship of the Minds.

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21 Responses to Copyright certificate for Obama’s book was falsified

  1. ALFRED E. NEUMAN says:

    So! Every thinking person knows the truth! KENYA is where he was born, and the fact he is a FRAUD! However; what in the name of reason is anybody doing about it? All we get is talk, talk, talk, ad infinitum, and of course B_ LL S_ _ T organizations from under a million rocks asking for money to fight the S_ B_UMAN M _ N _REL which is merely throwing money down an obama rat hole! If it were not so serious it would be the laugh of the century. LOL! LOL! LOL!

  2. gergneslo says:

    Everything about this guy is fake. We can honestly tell the world we have a fake President!

  3. ed lake says:

    Name calling and lynchin? Really? It is so unbelievably wrong with the way some of you are thinking.. let’s face it. Virtually all politicians are corrupt. It doesn’t matter if they are republicans, democrats, progressives……they are all the same. And we allow it.

  4. To claim this is a forged Copyright certificate as is being done here which copy is this one this looks like the Publishing companies copy which is different than the Authors copy I hold 5 copyrights and I have one that has a TX- indication looks simlar to this one I don’t remember filling out anything like the one shown above but I have never seen my Publishers copy of the copyright my publishing company got in order to publish my works so to say simply this is a forgery I would have to see a lot more proof sorry

    • Ray says:

      To claim to be a writer with the post you posted is a travesty. You must really rely on your editor. I see one run on sentence and no punctuation. Are there really writers out there who have no grammatical skills?

  5. Hang in there patriots the you know what is about to hit the fan . There is a criminal investigation on the forgery of a birth certificate put on the White House website the the lame stream media wont cover . That investigation is coming to it climax very soon . The evidence of criminal activity is so astounding that the lame stream media will have to report on it’s outcome . The summer of 2014 is truly going to be a hot one for many in DC .

  6. 5warveteran says:

    Identify the real criminals who allowed and promoted this to happen. Democrat/Republican two sides, same coin.

  7. sally may says:

    look at D.C. clothesline obama birth and it is there was befoe kenya became an independent country

  8. sally may says:

    only way to rid of this piece of shit of a president is to elect all republicans into office and then they can throw him out of the white house on his ass and hang him for treason. hang him high. on the white house lawn and put mochelle in jail to for impersonating a woman. make them pay back all money spent on vacations. go to england and get the real birth certificate. it is there in their achieves. hillary tried to have it sealed. the fake one has african american and in 1961 was known as negro.

  9. Forget the would help to remove him, but judges won’t touch it..There is enough to impeach Obama on his law breaking and going over the congress heads to pass executive unconstitutional laws and rewriting laws and even pick and choose laws and trashing the Constitution… so now aiding the enemies which put Americans in harms way, not to mention putting other Nations in harms way, there is enough grounds for impeachment.
    Nixon was illegal wiretapping, Bill Clinton was lying about his sex scandal, so this is nothing compared to what Obama is doing… I know the people in government won’t impeach him because they are hiding their own Crimes Against Humanity and corruption, they are trying to save their own necks… but they has to be a way to remove this terrorists and traitor from the WH.. Away to remove the people in high offices who are terrorists and crooks and are over throwing our government…Judges won’t do it cause they too are corrupt.. So how do we kick them all out of there…l do not have the answer, does any one???

  10. Jim says:

    So What? There is already a mountain of evidence that Obama is not a United States citizen. I guess that Hillary was right, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? There is nobody in our present government who will stand up for our country’s constitution – NOBODY! So why not drop the bull and get on with finding other ways to depose this fraud?

    • jdelaney3 says:

      So what? is right. We’ve so much on this putative president, this Thug-in-Chief, but he’s still ensconced in our White House and debilitating our country. What will it take for Americans to wake up and take action? Probably nothing.

    • sally may says:

      didn’t you know that all in Washington now are chickens and afraid of the sob in the white house. . they need to go and a whole government put into place to get america back to where we should be.,.., all the dumb asses that voted for the son of a bitch need to have their heads examined to see if they have any brain.

    • s.c says:

      that is because that most of us know that there is only one way that this can be stopped, but we don’t really want things to become like Iraq or some of the other countrys around the world, but i really think that is the only real solution to removing all the corrupt politicians and those who want to make the U.S. another third world ghetto.

  11. David Stone says:

    With all the evidence that Obama wasn’t born in America how is it that nothing is done about it? Got to admit–I’m confused. Surely if there was enough evidence to hold up in court this would have been confirmed by now. Does he have the whole Republican party in his hip pocket? Please explain.

  12. Does the original certificate declaring “Kenya” have legal standing? Is it being used as evidence in any of the pending court cases?

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