Looters stole groceries from crashed car that killed mother of 2

Houston car wreckOn the afternoon of June 4, 2014, on Fondren Road near Dumfries Drive in southwest Houston, Texas, a young mother driving a Toyota 4-Runner with her 4 and 6-year-old sons, collided with another car, then crashed into a tree.

The 23-year-old woman was killed instantly.

Her two boys were wearing seat belts but were not in car seats. They sustained non life-threatening injuries and were rushed to a hospital. The driver of the other car, a Mercedes, was not injured.

What happened next is a sign of the unraveling of America.

Before first responders arrived — ignoring the dead woman and her two young children — passersby looted the car of the groceries that the woman had just purchased, witnesses told police.

Police said the woman had attended her 4-year-old son’s graduation ceremony at his elementary school, went to the grocery store, dropped off a friend, and was on her way home when the accident happened. Police believe the woman was at fault: she was driving at a high speed, was not buckled in, and failed to yield to the other car. Her name has not been released.

Troy Lamerson, a Houston resident who works near where the wreck happened, said he was stunned to hear onlookers might have stolen groceries from her car, “Why would you take somebody’s stuff who got hit by a car? That’s crazy, that’s mean.”

But Savannah Roberts, who lives close to the scene of the accident, said she was not surprised, “There is a lot of people you just can’t trust. I’ve seen worse in this area.”

At last check, no arrest has been made in the theft.

Apparently, there are no videos or pics of the looting so we don’t know the identities of the looters.

Below are screenshots I took from a WCTI ABC12 news video of the aftermath, showing shocked onlookers in the neighborhood watching police and first responders at the scene of the accident. Draw you own conclusions as to the looters’ likely racial identity.

Houston car crash2Houston car crash3Houston car crash4Houston car crash5Houston car crash7Houston car crash8Sources: KTRK, New York Daily NewsChron.

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15 Responses to Looters stole groceries from crashed car that killed mother of 2

  1. none man says:

    Who made tish stupid stories, people to believe…this is just sad..reporting now is low life thing to make the ratings and money from ads from their stupid sites..

  2. ann1895Carol says:

    How can you not judge by the color of their skin look at the shit they do every day. We’re not stupid or in denial. See being in denial causes this shit to continue. The truth will set you free. Stop being low life no hope losers.

  3. ALFRED E. NEUMAN says:

    All looters, and other followers of SATAN will receive their just rewards! The BIBLE is clear:”BREAD CAST UPON THE WATER COMES BACK 10 FOLD”! STEAL NOW, PAY LATER!

  4. SWFL-Archer 2 says:

    Bird’s of a feather……

    Fricken savage’s.

  5. s.c says:

    just your typical Houston “hood” besides that dead people don’t need groceries, they just get up to vote demorat, and every one knows that it doesn’t take any effort to check the big “D”

  6. ‘Draw you own conclusions as to the looters’ likely racial identity.’

    This comment was as unnecessary as those who took the groceries…

    Why be racial about it by asking this question? Race nor creed is the question, however question the heart & soul of such a spineless creature?

  7. Bo says:

    Same thing the entitled racist did in New Orleans.. Sick and Disgusting!!!

    • Hagar says:

      What in the heck do you expect of animals???

      • Name blame game w/racial undertones? Race nor creed defines a persons actions, which comes from the character of the beast. Taking a deceased belongings is indicative of a heartless person not the race nor nationality. Last time I checked my eyes, ears, mouth, arms, legs, feet, etc.,,,, was in the same place as another on this planet!

  8. How callous and low can you get to ignore those babies needing comfort until the paramedics got there, and instead steal the food out of their mouths? This is when and where I wish for a special kind of Hell on earth for sub-humans like that..

  9. Phil Latio says:

    Who is shocked by this? Who, really, is surprised in the least?
    It’s simply what lazy n*ggers do.

  10. Spatcher says:

    Lib Voters strike again!

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