Obama Will Sacrifice Baghdad Embassy to Start WW III

us embassy baghdad

U.S. Embassy in Baghdad

The events in Iraq are spinning out of control faster than one can report the unfolding holocaust. As Mark Twain once said, history may not repeat itself but it sure does rhyme as Obama is attempting to create a second Iranian Hostage Crisis.

The situation in Iraq has gone from bad to worse as last week witnessed the capture of Iraq’s second-largest city, Mosul. Sunni militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, also known as the ISIS or ISIL, introduced strict religious law on the city, barring religious freedom and requiring women wear to veils. The radical group later advanced south, seizing Saddam Hussein’s hometown of Tikrit. It is the fundamentalist Iranian hostage crisis revisited.

Obama Is Trying to Recreate An Iranian Hostage Crisis

I interviewed Doug Hagmann last night on The Common Sense Show and he stated that he feared that Baghdad could fall to the “Jihadist insurgents” within 48 hours. Some of my sources feel that Baghdad could hold out for a week, but not much longer because Obama is showing signs of abandoning the embassy personnel in Bagdad just as he abandoned Ambassador Chris Stevens and his four fellow Americans at Benghazi.

I see another parallel as well which is frightening beyond belief.

The State Department has acknowledged that there are credible reports that implicate ISIS forces executing captured Iraqi soldiers along with entire neighborhoods of captured towns and cities. The State Department stated that “we condemn these tactics in the strongest possible terms and stand in solidarity with the Iraqi people against these horrendous and senseless acts of violence.” This violence will be used as another pretext for war.

There are thousands of Americans in the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.  These Americans are apparently frightened, with many wanting to be evacuated out of Iraq.  This is not happening. (Editor’s note: Only a partial evacuation has taken place. The embassy is still operating.)

The Obama Administration fears that evacuating the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad might make Obama appear to be weak.  Fox News reported on the dire situation and Obama’s decision to risk the lives of innocent Americans because he wants to use the situation for political profit.

As things go from bad to worse, it is now known that there are 600 American contractors that are presently stranded at an Iraqi Air Force base. Fortunately, Obama had the foresight to evacuate the U.S. military personnel in the area. Inexplicably, as he played golf in Palm Springs, he failed to evacuate the American contractors. Failing to do what Obama failed to, at least the Iraqi Air Force has been evacuating the Americans, yet, reports on the ground indicate that as many as 200 still remain in harms way. Meanwhile, Obama was trying to decide if he should use his nine iron or pitching wedge on hole 6. By the way, Obama did not ask for approval, by the Iraqi forces, with regard to the evacuation of the 400 of the 600 contractors left behind. Unbelievably, in a heinous act of insensitivity, Obama refused to provide military cover for the evacuation of the 400 American contractors. In further consideration, perhaps Obama is not being insensitive, maybe, he is being calculating.

The Iranian Hostage Crisis Revisited

Those of us old enough to remember the fundamentalist Iranian forces who stormed the American embassy in Tehran and held embassy personnel hostage for over a year, must be experiencing flashbacks, because it is ready to happen again.

The Iranian Hostage Crisis event was the final nail in the political coffin of President Jimmy Carter. In the midst of Iranian forces murdering innocents and threatening Americans, Carter, at the behest of National Security Advisor,  Brzezinski, did nothing to protect the embassy. Brzezinski as we all know is the ultimate insider. He was the co-founder of the Trilateral Commission and is at the center of all globalist schemes. The Iranian Hostage Crisis was a contrived event.

The endgame result of the fall of the American embassy in Iran was to polarize the region, create even more “oil shortages” due to manufactured political discord and thus, dramatically drive up the price of oil. Meanwhile, the “Us vs. Them” Hegelian Dialectic was born in the Middle East. Terrorism jumped from the shadows into the spotlight. This lead to a direct attack upon civil liberties here in America, culminating in the 9/11 attacks and the Constitution has never been the same.

In Baghdad, Obama has reinforced the embassy with 100 marines and army soldiers. This is like sticking your finger in leak of the Titanic. The US Embassy is going to fall. The only question remaining is whether or not Obama will let these people die, or will he rescue them from the roof tops by helicopter in an evacuation covered by F-16′s? Clearly, the embassy personnel are political fodder for a larger purpose and what purpose would that be?

No Excuse for War Is Complete Without Martyrs

embassy rpg 2Could you write this script along with me? I can see it now, embedded CNN reporters, who are paid to only report what they are told to report, will show images of American embassy personnel being lifted one at a time in a harness and pulled up to the waiting helicopter. The Marines guarding the embassy will be forced to cover the withdrawal and will be sacrificed. These men will be the martyrs designed to enrage the American people and stir the public up into a war frenzy. In a scene from the show, 24, perhaps we can mix in a helicopter, or two, knocked out of the sky by insurgents shooting RPG’s from the back to Toyota pickup trucks. Pickup trucks, where do these Iraqi insurgents get the pickup trucks? They get them from the same place as the al-Qaeda did in Libya, from CIA operatives, such as Christopher Stevens, who are funding both sides of this fight.

There are even more martyrs being created across the country as American contractors, left unprotected by Obama, will provide even more fodder which will be served up to the sheeple public who don’t know any better.


Get ready, this week you are likely to see the conflict in Iraq enter your living room in a manner not seen by the American public since the Vietnam War. The reports of American deaths in Iraq will be greatly exaggerated in order to get the desired effect.

Meanwhile, ISIS, after conquering Iraq, will be headed toward the Syrian border and this is where America and Russia will face off in their first real war. This is the goal of the CIA. ISIS will overwhelm Assad and Russia will not permit this to happen and intervene. How this is likely to unfold will be the topic of Part Two where the why’s will be explained.

Dave Hodges is the Editor and Host of The Common Sense Show.

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15 Responses to Obama Will Sacrifice Baghdad Embassy to Start WW III

  1. Bob Olds says:

    The muslims believe that their ” Final Imam ” will appear ONLY when there is CHAOS !!!! – – They are well on the way of achieving this !!!!- – And he will appear to rule the world !!!!!!!

  2. Kawa Halmat says:

    USA should re-locate the Embassy to Erbil, it will be real safe for them and we will know for sure it will not become another Benghazi!! The Kurds in Iraq are the only people that have adopted Democracy..

  3. It is almost impossible today to tell any difference between so called peaceful Islam and peaceful Mosques due to the practice of “Taqivya” that is found in the Quran. If anyone can tell, please let me know.

    Did you know that Anwar Awlaki was thought to be a moderate Muslim by our own government?
    We have yet to learn from the tragedy of 9/11. After over a decade of violence and terror from Islam, it has not been resolved. Ayaan Hirsi Ali perhaps said it best, “Violence is inherent in Islam”. It must be noted that Ayaan has won every single debate on the subject as to whether or not Islam is a religion of peace. It is not. She speaks from experience as a former Muslim, and speaks out against radical Islam and Sharia Law. She has been accused of hate speech and has death threats on her life, merely for telling the truth.

    There was a time when our government thought that Anwar Awlaki (American born terrorist and Iman preacher at a Virginia Mosque and main recruiter for al Qaeda) was a moderate Muslim, and actually invited him to speak to members of Congress and our military officers. Now we have over 2450 Mosques and climbing rapidly.

    He had them all fooled, using taqiyya (The practice of concealing one’s beliefs in dangerous circumstances originates in the Qur’an, which deems blameless those who disguise their beliefs in such cases.[8] The practice of taqiyya in difficult circumstances is considered legitimate by Muslims of various sects.

    Practically, taqiyya is any form of lying, deceit, misleading, half-truths or related practices condoned by Islamic doctrine to further the growth of Islam or to protect the individual from harm. Taqiyya is one of the reasons we are “surprised” by acts of violence or terror from those previously considered to be “moderate” Muslims. .”

    In other words it is OK for Muslims to lie to accomplish their mission. He was an American born terrorist who incited English speaking Muslims to commit terrorist acts. He preached to 3 of the 9/11 hijackers and was linked with Nidal Hassan who committed the Fort Hood massacre. Awlaki preached a hateful ideology an inciting violence against America and a leader of Al Qaeda

    A good friend of Anwar Awlaki is Ism Suhaib Webb who worked alongside of Awlaki and also joined al Qaeda. Where do you think Ism Sahib Webb is today, almost too shocking to believe but he teaches the future of Muslim leadership in America at a college in Claremont, California called Bayan College (Bayan known for Honest Man?) How pathetic and perhaps dangerous?

    Why he was even allowed back into the United States for his known terrorist connections why was he not arrested let alone teaches at a college? He apparently has convinced the government that he is a moderate Muslim, (will we never learn that for Islam it’s OK to lie?) Just Google “theprojectmuslimbrotherhood” their doctrine to destroy America from within by stealth jihad, lies and deception just like Anwar Awlaki, who had the majority of our governments convinced, he was just a moderate Muslim.

    Anwar Awlaki, the leader of Al Qaeda was killed in a drone attack by President Obama. Authorized drone attack on 9/20/2011.

    The mainstream news has no idea that this man “Ism Suhaib Webb” is now teaching at Bayan College, nor do they care. Also on the staff, is Salam Al Marayati, who has defended terrorist acts and the groups that carry them out? Dr. Asifa Quraishi Landes who defends Sharia law is also on the staff there.

    All are so called Islam scholars and moderates just like Anwar Awlaki led us to believe. Perhaps this college should be investigated, or at least the entire faculty investigated. What kind of peaceful moderate Muslims leaders are being taught there? We need to see what is really being taught there, before we have another “clone” of Anwar Awlaki in America.

    The recent release of the 5 Taliban Terrorist leaders will cause more Americans to die as they will continue to plot another 9/11 where they left off. Just one more stupid decision by our government. It will be the major mistake of the 21st Century, to have released these savage Taliban “monsters” More Americans will die as a direct result of this decision by the White House.

    I could mention our “open borders” that are bringing in more terrorists daily, to eventually attack us, but that is a whole other subject.

    Al Qaeda and the Taliban are alive and well creating havoc throughout the World. How many more people will be slaughtered by them? It is another Holocaust killing innocent children, and infidels, Christians, Jews, and priests, and anyone that stands in their way of the Caliphate. Where is the World uproar and condemnation of these barbaric killer savages? They must be stopped. What is your thoughts America? Please comment.

  4. David Rice says:

    How many Diplomats does it take to stamp a passport? 16,000 if you are speaking of the American Embassy in Baghdad. This is the largest embassy building in the world. The compound is larger than Vatican City. How many of the 16,000 employees, all with diplomatic passports, do you think are actually doing work associated embassy functions and Consular Services? What are the other 15,000 people doing?

  5. Ohio River says:

    What was the final cost of the new US embassy in Baghdad? Hillary is broke, but the taxpayers still had to pay for this new embassy. Hillary….welcome to our world of being broke for this embassy you demanded that we pay.

  6. vewtcvxcvwet says:

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  7. If your done spreading fear look up the real story where troops and marines are already on ground

    • Sherry says:

      He did mention the 100 Marines currently guarding the embassy, which I heard had been increased to 250. So what? 250 soldiers against what, a couple thousand? More? Sometimes, fear needs to be spread so that people are aware of what’s going on. When Chicken Little is running around telling everyone the sky is falling, he’s idiotically fear-mongering and needs to be shut down. When the sky is actually in the process of falling, those who see it happening have an obligation to warn those whose heads are buried in the sand.

    • LOL…I just saw the President address the situation this AM….He says they are not acting. Period. Those troops remaining will be slaughtered…mark my words…and Obama will watch and do nothing….as all of the folks left at the Embassy who have been wanting to get out end up getting be-headed one at a time while watching and waiting their turns like the ISIS is so fond of doing. Wait, watch and pray I am wrong. This administration is pure evil. God have mercy on the people left behind…..AGAIN!

  8. Jakob Stagg says:

    Has he sent the people to Baghdad, whom disagreed with him for something? A perfect opportunity to silence them forever. A perfect opportunity to use the deaths to whip the ignorant into a frenzy. Then Hillary will add her wisdom, “It doesn’t matter.”

  9. Andrew Marcell says:

    ISIS seemed to come from nowhere. They murder and pillage . Against . an Iraqi Army which runs away; as those captured are executed; they have no opposition. The question is where did they come from?

  10. R Scott Stewart says:

    If it is to be a call to action, let that action be to retake our country.


    We make great sport of Obama’s ‘Red Lines’. He drew one in Syria, insinuated one in Ukraine. They were crossed without retribution, and we mocked, all the while rejoicing inside we weren’t going to war under Obama’s command.

    We mock.

    But where is our red line? How many must we draw in the sand before we will say ‘Enough!”?

    You tell me: will we really rise up with courage if Obama and his Democrats openly seize power?

    At this point I am far from convinced. And with each unchallenged ‘phony crisis’ that goes away with him and his lawless Democrats still in power, he’s seemingly certain we’ll do nothing.

    America’s patriots have become all bark and no bite.

    Where’s our line?

    Is it unconstitutionality?

    The Affordable Healthcare Act and presidential actions regulating private ownership of guns are unconstitutional. Congress can make no law infringing and the President can only enforce and administer law for the latter. For the former, the Supreme Court itself said the Law gave Congress ‘vast new authority,’ then gave itself the vast new authority to rewrite laws not so Congress’s power grab was legal, but that the particular challenge to the supposedly became irrelevant.

    And we’ve done? Nothing.

    Is it straight-forward lawlessness and usurpation of power?

    You mean like allowing his New Black Panther allies to chase whites from voting stations? Using the ERA and IRS to target political opposition by uneven applications of fines (EPA) and by withholding permits to exercise political rights that are supposedly Constitutionally protected (IRS.)?

    We’ve done?

    Is it when Americans die?

    Brian Terry died because of Eric Holder’s ‘Fast and Furious.’ As a result of the Democrat’s illegal war in Libya, and covert activities to help radical Islamists, U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans died. Up to 40 veterans in one single city, Phoenix Az., died while Obama provides illegal aliens with fast tracked benefits. ROEs in Afghanistan designed to PLACATE THE ENEMY have resulted in thousands of deaths of American servicemen and support personnel. Thousands.

    Nothing. We’ve done zilch.


    He’s tied our hands in Afghanistan and against an invasion of 11 to 33 million illegals, often breaking laws limiting or commanding his actions to do so. He’s openly supported al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood with aid and comfort in Libya, Egypt, Palestine, Syria against US allies and helped Taliban resurge in Afghanistan. He broke the laws to free 5 Taliban extremists and a deserting collaborator.

    Tell me what we have really done to drive out this vile Administration after this long train of abuses, and these only scratch the surface.

    These are simply some of his blatant subversions of law and treasons against America. They don’t even begin to scratch incompetence or deliberate malfeasance including but not limited to higher taxes, unbelievable debt, devalued dollar, lower standard of living, highest long term unemployment rate EVER.

    Obama is still safely ensconced in the White House. Even if a Republican House votes impeachment, he will surely survive a Senate challenge, and we would be left with his collaborator Biden anyway.

    What are we going to do?

    Operation American Spring was, is and remains our litmus test of dedication. If we are unwilling to sacrifice enough to go camp in Washington until justice is served, does anyone, ANYONE, really think we as a nation has what it takes to preserve our freedom?

    When perhaps less than a thousand of all the loud talking, proud patriots promising to serve the spirit of ’76 to this miscreant in the White House showed up, Obama knew he had us.

    He’s no longer got an ounce of fear, and rightly so.

    Now, I do not care for or trust the current people of Patriots For America, including Col. Riley. He’s a liar, a poor tactician (unless he’s deliberately sabotaging the effort) and my experience with them was a lesson in lying and deceit and Groupthink.

    Nevertheless their main agenda remains valid, indeed necessary.

    We have to do two things to take this country back without bloodshed, if at this point such a thing is even possible. One is to take the protests nationwide, en masse, and the other is to occupy Washington so it is not a haven.

    This involves breathing new life into American Spring. A red line we have drawn.

    It involves other Patriot groups coming to American Spring not in support of Col. Riley or the notoriously absent General Vallely, but as independents, fixed on a true agenda of reform and return to the Constitution.

    Ignore Operation American Spring. Show up for American Spring anyway, independent of Patriots For America. And picket EVERYWHERE. Local Fed buildings. Statehouses. Overpasses. And for God’s sake picket the liberal news channels and newspapers.

    Protest. Get loud. Get in their face. By the millions. Get your people in the streets…if they can’t do Washington, do local, and if possible spend a weekend or a vacation in DC getting loud and proud of the Red, White and Blue and our Constitution.

    Otherwise, Obama will know we have no bite.

    Because if we’ve drawn a line somewhere at mass roundups or mass confiscations, all they have to do is target us one or two at a time and make it impossible to replace our supplies and we’re sunk by attrition.

    Do something. Make this day our line in the sand.

    Time, and the wherewithal to resist effectively, is rapidly running out.

    What will it be, Patriots?

    Are we still a nation of free men and women?

    Or are we no better than Obama, drawing and redrawing meaningless lines in the sand?

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