Ban Machetes!

gerber macheteThe mainstream media demonizes guns every time a crime committed with one occurs. Yet, stories of people who defended themselves with guns rarely make headline news.

Elliot Rodger’s case is a sad example of this bias – the disturbed young man stabbed three men to death at his apartment before shooting five people and striking four with his car. After his horrifying crime spree, the media screamed for more gun control.

The fact that Rodger stabbed three people to death was barely mentioned.

Where were the cries to ban knives?

During a scan of news stories today, something caught my attention: I noticed two cases that involved a weapon that we don’t hear much about in America. I wondered how often crimes with this particular weapon are committed in here in the US.

It didn’t take much research to find the answer.

Here is a sampling of news stories from the last month or so (several are from the last two weeks) that involved the use of a particularly barbaric weapon: the machete.


In CT: A man armed with a machete robbed a Dunkin’ Donuts in Manchester last Monday.

He attempted to walk through the front door, but it was still locked, so he decided to climb in through the drive-thru window.

Police said he forced two employees to the floor and ordered a third to retrieve an unknown amount of cash from a register.


In OR: A Portland man accused of striking his father-in-law in the head with a machete has been booked into Multnomah County Jail on assault charges.

Police say the father-in-law, who was not identified, suffered serious but not life-threatening injuries.


In NY: Three men were wounded after a man with a machete stabbed them after a fight inside a Brooklyn catering hall early Saturday.

The most seriously injured victim, a 19-year-old man, suffered a severed artery in his neck. A 20-year-old man was sliced in the chest and a 34-year-old man who was cut in the right forearm were both treated and released from the hospital.


In MD: Police say a man used a 2-foot machete to rob two stores in two days.

The suspect robbed a 7-11 store on May 10. Witnesses say he jumped over the counter. The stunned clerk gave up cash without resistance.

Two nights later he robbed a Papa John’s, again wielding the machete.


In CO: At least one person was arrested Monday morning after police found a man with a large cut on his head and armed with a machete in downtown Colorado Springs.

He was taken to a local hospital and was released soon after, police said.


In FL: Gainesville police say a homeless man was so upset over someone honking their horn that he pulled out a machete:

GPD says Richard Davis-Van Duzer became irritated when a woman arrived near the entrance of the Sweetwater Branch tent city in Gainesville to pick up her mother.

The woman honked the car’s horn to notify her mother she was outside waiting for her and Davis-Van Duzer walked out of his tent to confront the woman, telling her she had no business honking the horn.

The two began arguing and that’s when Davis-Van Duzer went into his tent and grabbed a machete.

Passersby were able to break up the confrontation.


In AL: A Jackson County man is in critical condition after what investigators believe to be a machete attack.

On Sunday, the victim, 41-year-old Chris Gaylor of Stevenson, was severely wounded on his arm and leg by what is believed to be a machete.


In NV: A woman was hospitalized after being stabbed with a Machete at a Burger King on Sunday morning.

Police said a male suspect was detained shortly after the stabbing.


In NM: 32-year-old Eric Coleman killed his 26-year-old neighbor, identified by police as April Briceno, in a machete attack and stabbing.


In OH:  Adam E. Runyons Jr., 32, is accused of killing his father, Adam E. Runyons Sr., 51, with a machete May 29. He has been indicted by a grand jury on charges he murdered his father in what Licking County Prosecutor Ken Oswalt called a “gruesome” and “vicious” crime.


Why don’t we hear much about these stories in the mainstream media?

Could it be because they don’t support the anti-gun agenda?

Lily Dane is a staff writer for The Daily Sheeple. Her goal is to help people to “Wake the Flock Up!”

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11 Responses to Ban Machetes!

  1. Here it is 4 months later and no comment from Lily Dane about my charges having been dropped and yet this BS is still on Google !!!

    • Lily probably doesn’t come to this site very often. If you are looking to make contact with Lily, go to The Daily Sheeple (link below her article). That is her primary hangout. We just print her articles second hand.

  2. It is TOO bad that “Lily Dane” does bother to do the follow up investigation after slandering peoples good name for unsubstantiated allegations !!! I was exonerated of this reported LIE !!!

  3. vuillemin says:

    O’Bozo do know that machetes killed lot more than guns in Afrika especially in Ruanda!

  4. R3riate says:

    Novel idea. Everytime a liberal press demands gun control, we need to start our own MK Ultra brainwashing, and train junior reporters to stab the City Editor.

    Do you think they could muster the initiative to tell the truth. (We need…. to in the above sentence applies to GUN TOTATING LIBERALS in case you did not understand.)

  5. Mac in AZ says:

    With all the liberal trash Sigmund Freud wanna-bees dosing the crap out as many as 1 in 5 little boys…..

    ….. when they grow up to be 16 to 18 yr old victims – and take themselves off their “meds”…..

    …. how many will go nutso & start shooting?

    Almost every one of the shooters in recent history fits this scenario to a TEE….

    Too far fetched?….. I don’t think so….

    Liberals have already purposefully crashed our economy for the sole purpose of installing this human fuck Obama….

    They will do ANYTHING to advance their sick agenda….

    Australia leftists got their confiscation after 1 “Columbine”….. our leftists will stop at nothing to get rid of our 2nd Amendment….

    We actually need to use it BEFORE WE LOSE IT!!!!

  6. 5warveteran says:

    Before you can ban Machetes you have to require registration and Machete permits, Then a politically biased campaign against privately owned machetes followed by a “Machete buy back” then finally confiscation.

    After a few years you can then expect the government wielding machetes to commit genocide.

  7. Conservative Senior says:

    The most dangerous weapon in this country is obozo. Ban him.

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