Amnesty plot to collapse border being backed by religious organizations

Establishment Church Groups Aiding Illegal Immigrant Invasion of U.S.

The revelation that South Texas Church groups are transporting countless illegals into the United States before letting them go “wherever they want to go,” illustrates how establishment religious organizations are working to exacerbate the immigrant invasion of America.

As Infowars exclusively reported yesterday, non-profit groups and churches are chauffeuring illegal immigrants from a bus station in McAllen, Texas before giving them temporary shelter and later releasing them onto the streets.

Infowars reporters witnessed children and their mothers, primarily consisting of illegals from Guatemala, being picked up throughout the day by vans marked TFC (the Family Church), before being driven to nearby facilities.

An employee of the organization admitted to Infowars that once the illegals are taken into temporary care, where they enjoy hot showers, food and a place to sleep, they are subsequently released and allowed to go “wherever they want to go.”

The revelation arrives in the aftermath of reports that the Rio Grande Valley has experienced an “endless surge” of immigrants attempting to illegally cross the border.

The issue is also dovetailed by a long history of church groups, particularly the Catholic Church, supporting full amnesty for illegal immigrants.

– In 2010, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops announced their support for full amnesty, despite polls which show that roughly two thirds of Catholics in the United States would prefer immigration laws to be properly enforced.

– In 2012 Pope Benedict XVI urged the Catholic community in the United States to “welcome waves of new immigrants, to provide them with pastoral care and charitable assistance, and to support ways of regularizing their situation.” Pope Francis has also indicated his support for illegal immigration to be embraced.

– In 2013, the Catholic Church announced a huge effort to pressure the U.S. Congress into passing immigration reform, a reflection of the fact that Hispanics now make up the the largest single demographic group in the Catholic Church.

– Last month, members of the Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT) also descended on Capitol Hill to lobby Republican Congressmen to pass a full amnesty bill.

list of advocacy organizations that support illegal immigration also illustrates how numerous different major church groups have thrown their weight behind the amnesty cause, including Assemblies of God, Brethren In Christ Church, Christian Reformed Church in N. America, Church of the Nazarene, Episcopal Church, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), Missionary Church, the National Council of Churches, the Presbyterian Church, the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, and the United Methodist Church.

The notion that illegal immigrants are not law breakers but “war refugees” in desperate need of help has also been promoted by the likes of NPR, who utilize slick media talking points to cast illegals in the role of victims.

With illegal immigrants being eight times more likely to vote for Democrats than Republicans, the push for total amnesty undeniably represents an effort by the Obama administration to create a huge voting block that threatens to turn traditionally red states like Texas blue.

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  1. Your aiding is to the detriment of struggling Americans. If the church wishes to help, they can send aide to these countries. Effectively, your harming one group (Americans) to offer charity to another. Help them at home.

    • Sorry–“You’re,” not “Your.” And as a note, I don’t see such a concept as being un-biblical. People in need are being helped and none hurt. Isn’t that the idea of Christian charity? But I do admire anyone whom keeps the Government out of the situation.

      • Mac in AZ says:

        How can you “keep the government out of the situation”?….. when this pathetic excuse for an administration has orchestrated this entire fiasco – FOR PURELY POLITICAL REASONS?

        The depths of depravity from this human POS knows no bounds.

      • Rebecca says:

        The churches of today think all sorts of things are O.K. The Bible does not say to do what these “religious” people are doing. We don’t have enough border patrol agents as it is. We have Asian immigrants sneaking in. The drug trade on the border has been out of control. By sending these kids over, the church folk are actually helping the bad guys.

  2. jane says:

    As someone living in TX, I think we should forget taking the invaders to AZ and instead cart them directly to Washington D.C., and drop them in front of “the People’s House”.

  3. mperkins2 says:

    If the Catholic Church is so keen on accepting illegals then why don’t they take them in at the Vatican? As big as that place is they should have plenty of room.

  4. Les (Call me 'Patriot') says:

    Your reporter should have searched deeper. This is not a spontaneous event — ostensibly the rising up of the poor and oppressed of the third world for a better life in the land of ‘free stuff.’ Veep Biden is down there now, drumming up ‘business’ as I write this. We are living through the results of a conspiracy to overwhelm American social support infrastructure, further weaken our economy, and compromise traditional democratic voting protocols. ‘way stations’ have been receiving huge sums from unnamed sources to receive and support this ‘new wave’ of llegals. It could hardly be afforded on donations from parishioners. The same applies to the funds channeled to the Banana Republics from whence these illegals came, to be used for their round-up and purchase of tickets for their passage to the ‘Promised Land.’ Money talks. Obama’s handlers demonstrated this long ago. That’s what got the pressed-pants smooth talking non-citizen, non-student, non-lawyer, non-constitutional scholar, non-professor, non-legislator, non-author, nonentity interloper into office in the first place, and keeps him there, despite his monstrous trail of blatant illegal, impeachable offenses, plus high crimes that should put him away for 20-to-life. This latest insult to the country that the pretender-in-chief hates should be sufficient grounds for his arrest and removal from his illegally obtained sinecure by any legal means within the historical bounds of American due process for common criminals. Do you understand that because he attained the office illegally he is not your president? He is not constitutionally entitled to the dignified process of Impeachment. The cowardly Robert’s court dodged the issue on grounds that would not hold up in a class of kindergarteners. Why is it that all but a small fraction of complicit senior Federal Executives, Tzars, Administration ‘high-rollers,’ and Legislators are now millionaires, when many were of relatively limited means at the beginning of the interloper’s reign when they were appointed or elected to office? Follow the money to its source, folks, if you dare, and you will get the dreadful answers that you (and ‘they’) don’t want you to hear.

    • Rebecca says:

      You are absolutely right. This is the real deal. Going on right in front of everyone, and no one can see it. And, no one hears it. Arizona Border Defenders .org is a good site. Transnational Organized Crime in Central America, a U.N. document , has some great stats, but the wrong conclusions as to what to do about it, worth a google read anyway for background.

    • Mac in AZ says:

      Professors Cloward & Piven endorse your comment…. and Obama’s a big fan, too…

      He doesn’t even hide the fact anymore that he’s out to screw America…. his 5th estate lap dogs will always cover for him…..

      It’s simply amazing that so many Americans take their freedoms for granted…. I doubt most never think twice about them.

      Actually, Obama is having an easier time then Hitler had…..

  5. 5warveteran says:

    What the fvck? 501C3 criminals supporting their criminal political counterparts. So much for a “Separation between Church and State”.
    Interfering with immigrations laws and their proper pursuit is a crime.

  6. Mac in AZ says:

    I was a Catholic…. but since the 60’s that church can’t distinguish between charity and government largess….

    …. even after they found the “devil in the details” in Obamacare – they STILL haven’t figured out that the Democrat Party of Amerika has completely turned into the party of Satan…..

    They want to lie with dogs?…. they can tend to the fleas….

    AND…. there are STILL too many pedophiles coming to America via the Catholic Church’s naivete….

    One thing I’d like to point out, though….. – there’s been far fewer pedophiles in the Catholic Church than what’s been prosecuted in other religions….. and that Islam has an answer for their “clergy”…. goats & whores – you better believe it.

    This new pope, who’s an IDIOT = is nothing more than a Hispanic knee-jerk reaction to the massive exodus of Hispanic youth leaving the church in droves….

    So…. the Catholic Church left me ….. I’ve consulted a friend of mine (a retired Priest) and he said he can’t blame me…. I’ll be in good stead in a few short years = you can be a good Catholic in good stead with the church if you’re over 60yrs old & attend church 4 times per year (this is Canon)…..

    Til then … I’m watching Obama & Co. making mince meat outta ’em…..

  7. Infowars, not that’s about as credible as the clothesline. If it was true it would be on all the news networks. Of course since you people think the government is pushing a islamic government, they would have spread it all over every news source in the country IF IT WERE TRUE. Guess what, DIDN’T HAPPEN.

    • Rebecca says:

      One problem here. The news media has been taken over by the leftists. Surely, you must know that if they are promoting illegal entry and can’t even call them illegals, they are in on it. Google what the Pope has been saying lately. He has even had Muslims at the Vatican for services. And, Social Justice is socialism…That is what they preach in half the Catholic churches. Also, google UUFCC library and find out what the Unitarians think about the world. They control what passes for religion on NPR, PBS.

      • Ya got to believe something, the alternative is relying on these people for news articles.

        I remember a while back when the government was trying to do something with the press, I don’t remember exactly, but the press put it rite on the front page. They couldn’t keep that quiet.

        It used to be the newspapers would wait a day or two to post the news just to be sure they had the facts straight. Now it is to see who gets it first no matter what. In the end though it eventually all comes out.

        • Rebecca says:

          I do believe in something and so do you. As far as politics goes, voting is first, and then doing something about it is second… Maybe your local newspapers are still reporting the news. Ours aren’t. The 6 o’clock TV news in my area pushes the leftist agenda. Every so often, they have the pastor from the local Presbyterian church on to talk about the illegals he is responsible for harboring. No one does anything #@%&# about it. In another Mexican area around here, they have a complex of a Catholic Church, a charter Communist school, and a community center. A Mexican-American friend of mine went there to hear the priests give a talk in Spanish about social justice, and was stunned. They were communists! No question! Keep doing what you are doing– Don’t fall for the bull, and don’t let it pass.

  8. The church groups are aiding and abetting an alien invasion and should be charged with
    treason. If they want to help these people, then go to that country and help.

    • Rebecca says:

      They don’t want to help in the countries of origin. They want to turn the U.S. into a third world nation. The Catholic Church has massive holdings in Mexico and southward, and they help the dictators suppress the peons. You never hear a word out of them about the problems of communism, in even Cuba. They are looking to make peons out of all of us.

      • They’re definitely not the churches of old. America and Americans can’t win without losing
        esp. when the communists are working from within.

      • Spatcher says:

        Check the advocacy organizations listed in the article Rebecca. Reminds me of all the bama fuckups being Bush’s fault!

        • Rebecca says:

          How about you googling Orbis Books Mary Knoll. .A Catholic publishing company specializing in Liberation Theology. Otherwise known as helping the commies take over South America. And, google Union Theological Seminary in New York. Get on their site and see what they believe. Google amnesty and churches your area. Inform yourself first hand. The computer is so handy.

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