“Rainbow Flag” Flies With Old Glory: Obama To Force Militant Homosexual Agenda On The Entire World

President Barack Obama’s foreign policy revolves around pushing Islam in all parts of the world, to the ruination of the United States and Israel, but also one of depraved debauchery. Obama is a sodomite. One so vile that he is now pushing as foreign policy a militant homosexual agenda, one that will be forced upon other countries.

EmbassyFlagBut now this militant homosexual agenda is being thrust down the worlds’ collective throat as a “human rights agenda.” Last week, in an abhorrent display, the homosexual “rainbow flag” flew right below the American flag at the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv. How far is this abominable administration willing to go? As far as they have to. They’re crazed, and in the same pathological way that Obama seeks to undermine America in the Middle East, at home, and prop up Islam, he does so through the militant homosexual agenda. He’s the lighter fluid to the flames, causing them to blow up everywhere, all by design.

This new objective by the Democrat-controlled Senate takes immorality to a new level. The militant homosexual agenda is now a weapon for foreign policy, and as reported on Senator Ed Markey’s website (D-MA):

As the nation celebrates National LBGT Pride Month, Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.), chairman of the Foreign Relations Subcommittee on International Development and Foreign Assistance, today introduced legislation that would affirm LGBT human rights are a foreign policy priority for the United States government. Specifically, The International Human Rights Defense Act (S. 2472) would direct the Department of State to make preventing and responding to discrimination and violence against the LGBT community a foreign policy priority and devise a global strategy to achieve those goals establish a position in the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor responsible for coordinating that effort.

Obama’s State Department, the same group that has no problem releasing high level Taliban officials back into Afghanistan, arming Al-Qaeda, and negotiating with Hamas, is now the world’s first homosexual police force. How appropriate that Obama’s evil minions would lead the worldwide effort to police other nations on “LGBT discrimination.” Why would Obama want to close Guantanamo Bay, when it could be used as a prison for those in the world who wish to defy his homosexual police force? Surely America’s Muslim Brotherhood homosexual loving President would force this agenda on Muslims, who so openly display their displeasure toward homsosexuals with hangings and floggings. Doubtful. No, imprisonment would only be reserved for Christians.

For the United States to hold true to our commitment to defending the human rights of all people around the world, we must stand with the LGBT community in their struggle for recognition and equality everywhere,” said Senator Markey. “The International Human Rights Defense Act will foster a coordinated effort across the federal government and relevant agencies so we can meet the enormous challenge before us and work to ensure equality for all people around the globe.”

While the Obama Administration seeks to police the world on all things “gay,” next comes the crackdown at home. And it will be with deadly force. President Obama WILL use an executive order to pass the Employment Non Discrimination Act, which will protect homosexuals from Christian influences. Christians will be punished and prosecuted for NOT hiring homosexuals, regardless of circumstance. This is religious persecution, and it will be executed as per Obama’s pen and phone. All the while, America, a once bright beacon from Christendom, horrifically becomes a beacon for sin and death across the world via the Obama Administration. God help us.

About Janna Brock

I am a Christian and a staunch conservative. I am very interested in civil liberties and also arts and entertainment from a conservative point of view. I am interested in a wide variety of topics that have to do with the liberal war against conservatives. Christians are being attacked on all fronts, be it the homosexual agenda, abortion issues, and other forms of persecution. It is time to stand for Christ in a sin sick world. Janna Brock also contributes to The BrennerBrief.com.

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19 Responses to “Rainbow Flag” Flies With Old Glory: Obama To Force Militant Homosexual Agenda On The Entire World

  1. giatny says:

    While the administration stays silent on the slaughter of Jews and Christians, Obama
    is directing resources of the DoS to promote gays in Muslims countries! America
    has become a global embarrassment.

  2. wildcard89 says:

    Well was it not indicated earlier this year that he slept with a mnother man in college??? Go figure.

  3. Bo says:

    The wanna be king is confused on so many levels. Is he a closet muslim homosexual? … He would be easy to identify on the battlefield. He would be the one with the towel on the wrong head.

    • ducksam says:

      I think you’re the one who’s confused. No real evidence for wannabe (spelling) king, closet muslim, or homosexual. Wrong on three counts. I believe you just struck out.

  4. larry lockhart says:

    June is gay history month, and there is nothing wrong with being gay or proud of yourself. Start with yourself and Stop the Hate!
    Hate is ugly in all subjects. It dose not get anything accomplished. Your gay bashing has gone on long enough, Stop it!! Is your life so shitty that you are full of hate, bigotry and anger? I pray you find your way. Be Blessed. <3

    • Mac in AZ says:

      I don’t hate ’em….. I know they’re on their way to Hell = I pity them….

      But when their “activists” seek out Christian businesses for spite & injustice – then they’ll feel OUR wrath.

      Ask yourself ONE question…..

      They could of had civil unions – why did they – and the Democrats – want to subvert the sanctity of marriage?

      BECAUSE IT DESTROYS THE FAMILY – you indoctrinated useful idiot…..

      Why can’t you see the inherent evil behind every move this black bastard has made?

      You say “be blessed”?……

      Please…… your hypocrisy is showing…..

      • ducksam says:

        You know they’re on their way to hell. I thought we all were, unless we accept the Covenant of Grace. Your wrath doesn’t mean anything, unless you’re God or unless you have repented of it. Your wrath, that is. Judge not, lest thou be judged?

    • Joy says:

      My birthday is in “gay history” month… what the fuck!!
      I’m a transsexual woman and I hate gay men, they’re fucking rude, selfish pricks… They steal funding from the trans community here in Australia to fuel their pride parades…

      fucking GARBAGE!
      Trans men & women get stabbed, sliced into bits.. thrown into lakes.. and in the US we can be blamed for our own deaths… so the murderer gets off scott free..

      But ofcourse nevermind that out lives a harder & lonelier than that of a homosexual… you people always need to make your problems more important than everyone elses..

      PS your flag is a fucking eyesore!!
      and flying a flag with literally no meaning, other than “I’m gay… now respect me!” with a flag that is centuries old and has meaning and substance!!

      Fucking pathetic!!

  5. ducksam says:

    Obama is a sodomite? Again, you folks need to remember what He said about bearing false witness. Might want to check your concordances. While you’re at it, check Leviticus– the chapter about putting to death an unruly child. It’s there–do some searching; you’ll find it. Maybe we should put to death some unruly homosexual children? You know, some of your closest acquaintances are gay, though you may be in denial. Go ahead and jump to the conclusion that I’m gay–demonstrate some more false premises and invalid logic for the folks who believe what they want to believe. Or are told to believe by the con men.


  6. Yes, America has truly gone down the drain, into the abyss. In these last days I am expressing myself through my art. http://www.artwanted.com/imageview.cfm?ID=1325591

    • Lets hope they are all in the front line of fire… BUt seriously, they pose danger to all Military people, cause in most countries they do not like homosexuals, so the terrorists won’t know who is homosexuals and they will be going after all Americans.. May be that is Obama’s plan.. who knows, Obama hate the Military and gays would be best to not go into Military.. So would all our young kids, they should train here at home and be ready to protect their love ones here on USA soil…

    • larry lockhart says:

      Really jimandersonTX I have lived in Dallas Tx openly gay for more than 27 years, and never once run in to one single person that share your point of view…..REALLY gays caused the entire country to go in to the toilet?? Is that truly what you think? come on jim please tell me your not that small minded?

  7. Mac in AZ says:

    NOW…. not only will your tax dollars go towards abortions….. they’ll also be going for sex change operations!!!!

    Which is another reason I will no longer be giving any money to this illegal federal government….

    They can go to Hell on their own – they’ll not bring me with ’em!!!

    • Joy says:

      so narrow-minded.. as a transsexual woman I can say without a doubt that we’re neither respected or appreciated by the gay community.. we’re only kept around in the LGBT so they can use our funding on gay issues…

      I am not a gay person.. I’m a 21 year old who looks and sounds 100% female.. (I hadn’t started my original puberty till 15.. I don’t even have armpit hair)

      I have breasts I have a vagina.. I’m a straight woman!!
      Sexual orientation & gender identity are very different.. and believe me, you’re find a large number of trans men & women who share your hate for the gay community if you ever visit Australia…

      the gays hate us, and we hate them!

      Please read this – http://www.hrc.org/resources/entry/sexual-orientation-and-gender-identity-terminology-and-definitions

      We’re not gay, lesbian, bi… we have a misalignment between our brain & our biological sex… we’re abused by gay people and straight people alike… because the general population believes we’re gay… because the gay community wills it to be that way.. The overly feminine gay men give us a negative image.

      I actually get more acceptance from heterosexuals than I do from homos… because homos think we’re just attention seekers… because they believe everyone is gay -_-

  8. Andrew Marcell says:

    Please make up your mind, is Obama an instrument of militant gays or is he an Islamic “sleeper”?
    Islam calls for death for gays. Why would gays support an Islamic State if it would mean their execution? Why would Islam support gay rights when the Prophet calls for their death?

    • They would if it helped divide a country up even more than before.

      After all, they aided Hitler in WWII, even though he was gonna turn on them as soon as he could.

      islam gives permission to lie to achieve goals… that’s all anyone needs to know.

    • Mac in AZ says:

      He’s a Marxist….. he has no concept of religion or of God – except, perhaps, he sees himself as being one – as most narcissistic assholes like him see themselves….

      Why do you think he hates the White House?…..

      Because his arranged marriage to that Wookie isn’t turning out too well…. she’s not “man enough” for him…..

      I doubt those kids are even his…. nice playing golf a half continent away from your daughters on Father’s Day, huh?

    • larry lockhart says:

      I agree so much BS hypocritical nonsense. hate is wrong, and thats whats wrong with America. Total stranger that think they have “the Right” to tell other strangers how to run there life. When there religious “Beliefs” have any barring on someone else life, LIFE AND LET LIVE……STOP ALL THE HATE!!!

      • Mac in AZ says:

        First you assholes can stop trying to destroy America (along with the Marxist Democrats)…

        Accept civil unions – stop your all-out assault on Christianity.

        We that cling to our Bibles AND GUNS have God & the Constitution on our side….

        And we will prevail – one way or the other…. and you won’t like “other”…

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