UN armored cars seen in Georgia, USA

UN trucksA man driving on a freeway coming out of Alabama in southern Georgia took this video of at least two flat-back trucks, each carrying two brand-new white armored cars bearing the letters “UN” in black.

One sharp-eyed reader on YouTube observed that the vehicles “appear to have M231 port firing weapon ports on them.”

The United States is a sovereign country, not under the UN’s jurisdiction. There can be NO legitimate reason why armored trucks of the United Nations should be on American soil, unless the UN vehicles had been manufactured here and are being transported by truck to a port for shipping overseas.

But the “Made in Alabama” website’s page on “Alabama auto camily: A look at the models produced in the state” does not include armored trucks as a model that’s manufactured in Alabama, nor does it make mention of doing any manufacturing for the United Nations. When I ran a search for “armored vehicles,” the only thing that came up is an armored version of the Mercedes-Benz M-Class that looks nothing like the UN armored trucks:

armored Mercedes-Benz

What I find perhaps even more interesting is the fact that the two trucks carrying the UN armored vehicles have no lettering on them indicating their company’s name. The trucks are also painted UN blue.

Truck carrying UN armored carsUN blue helmetsH/t Activist Post


Dr. Eowyn’s article first appeared at Fellowship of the Minds.

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26 Responses to UN armored cars seen in Georgia, USA

  1. hujonwi says:

    There is also a place in Texas that makes them

    Supreme Specialty Vehicles

  2. if you witch the video and look the truck has a logo on it and the color is a dif then the un

  3. John Doe says:

    Our country of paranoid internet readers who make huge deals over nothing. Quit complaining or move. Find something to do with your day besides spreading media propaganda crap. Hope you realize that 90% of the media out there it is over exaggerated and a flat out lie. They lie because you guys read it and repost it over and over and over without once checking to see if its a valid.
    dumb people believe it
    average people question it
    smart people research it
    Pick which kind you want to be

    • They not only believe it, they write it. Just heartless trash. They tell mothers of murdered children that they are liars and didn’t have any kids and then when a criminal attacks a cop with a knife and ends up dead they holler murderer and condemn the cop to death without a trial. They even attack children by trying to get mothers to not vaccinate their children so they end up in a wheel chair or dead.

    • Dems are Retards says:

      Stupid fag democrat

  4. hujonwi says:

    Will have some more info about this soon…

  5. Not a Dumbass says:

    built in MA, enhanced in Al and being shipped abroad out of the Savannah Ga port. you ppl are a poor excuse for Americans

  6. Lenco vehicles are built in MA, so there is no reason for them to be traveling from AL to GA. Very suspicious, IMHO.

  7. Get those Muslim lovers out of USA…

    • Democrats Are Dumb says:

      Hopefully these stupid democrat assholes get stuck in a FEMA camp. These idiots would sniff Obama’s old underwear if they were told it would make them more politically correct

  8. Ed says:

    Those appear to be Lenco Bearcats, we use them in the military in a few locations, so there is a slight chance the UN bought some.

  9. Brad says:

    We have American’s that work for the UN! Good GOD! lol

  10. Bo says:

    The UN runs at the first sign of any trouble.. so why worry?

  11. Dave Cummings says:

    Third World War is on it’s way folks!

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