What More Can Barack Obama Do to Destroy America before He leaves Office?

obama zero dollarsWhat more can Barack Obama do to destroy America before he leaves office? Well, let’s see. Let’s make a list, OK?

Do I need to go on ladies and gentlemen?

Now, some of you might say that I’m “preaching to the choir,” but these things need to be said over and over and over again until we raise such a noise, that it’s heard in heaven!  The thing that boggles my mind is, why has congress allowed this to continue? I was under the impression that there were three branches of the government so that these exact kinds of things don’t happen. Is our House of Representatives so lame, that they can’t put a stop to this? I mean…is there absolutely nothing that can be done to stop this mad man from giving America the coup de grâce before he leaves office?

Other than a full-scale bloody rebellion, I mean.

I mean “Holy lamb chops Batman,” even some of the Democrats and the mainstream media are finally starting to say something about all of this. So you know things have gotten slightly out of hand!  When Congress tried to cut Obama off at the knees last year and hold-back funding that should have worked. When the president gave orders to all personnel at our national monuments and parks to put-up barricadesthat was an “illegal order,” and he should have (at the very least) been given a “warning” by congress to stop. Instead of sticking to their guns, they let Obama turn the blame on them. I mean, how stupid was that? They had him where they wanted him, and they let him slip through their fingers and looked like fools in the process. Congress wonders why they have the lowest approval rating in American history? Why the heck are we paying these idiots a salary?

Believe it or not folks, we do have the power to put a stop to this madman. All it takes are a few brave prosecuting attorneys across the country to file criminal charges against the president, and you and I can be the plaintiff’s. So while some organizations are waiting to hire Trey Gowdy to get this ball rolling, we can do this ourselves!

The most obvious charge to be leveled on Barack Obama is violation of his oath of office. We can all agree on that one, right? He has broken that sacred oath by releasing criminal illegal aliens back onto our society, and by doing that he has endangered the lives of American citizens.

He has also given aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States by releasing enemy combatants to once again wage war on the soldiers of the United States. And that’s just for starters.

Rudy Giuliani used RICO charges to put Mob bosses in prison. I think it will also work on Obama and his gang of goons. Put them all in prison, confiscate their wealth and give it back to the taxpayers from whom they stole it.

I hope there are some honest prosecuting attorneys out there who are reading this and are saying to themselves, “Hey this guy’s right!”

All we have to do is contact our local prosecuting attorneys and file a complaint. It might take a few million of us in each state to do this, but it can be done!

If our elected representatives won’t stand up for us, it’s up to ourselves to get the job done. Each state of our union is a sovereign entity, and we don’t have to listen to, or even obey, edicts from a power mad megalomaniac.  It’s time for us to do what congress doesn’t have the guts to do!

“Voting” isn’t going to solve the problem anymore. We’re way past that, wouldn’t you agree?

Richard Anthony is a US Army veteran who served from 1975 to 1980. He was stationed in Frankfurt West Germany from 1976 to 1978 with the 3rd Armored Divisions 143rd Signal Battalion as a Tactical Telecommunications Center Specialist and was also with the 1st Cavalry Division 1st/12th Cav as a Combat Medic until discharge in 1980. He has been married for 20 years and has 3 sons. He’s also a very involved Tea Party activist. Be sure to follow Richard on Facebook.

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24 Responses to What More Can Barack Obama Do to Destroy America before He leaves Office?

  1. Ray Martucci says:

    I sure would like to find an attorney who isn’t afraid of obama and sue him.

  2. Lou says:

    / Spied the following kernels on the rousing net. Enjoy. /

    Zany Obama-Inspired Quips

    (1) Barack-coli: a vegetable or a national virus!

    (2) Obama’s favorite candy: Mecca Wafers!

    (3) Obama Coffee: grounds for impeachment!

    (4) Prov. 17:7 (NIV): “Arrogant lips are unsuited to a fool – how much worse lying lips to a ruler!”

    (5) When Obama says we’re on the cutting edge of history, he must be thinking about beheadings!

    (6) New nursery un-rhyme: Obaba Black Sheep keeps pulling the wool over our eyes!

    (7) The southwest is running out of water, but Obama is helping with his surplus of wet*****!

    (8) Prov. 19:10 (NIV): “It is not fitting for a fool to live in luxury – how much worse for a slave to rule over princes!”

    (9) Obama is an expert on beheading. After lunch he tells his secretary: “I’ll be heading back to the golf course!”

    (10) The border fence isn’t high enough to keep out un-American criminals. I repeat, the White House fence isn’t high enough to keep out un-American criminals – and now they’re inside the White House!

    (11) Prov. 30:21, 22 (NIV): “the earth…cannot bear up [under] a servant who becomes king.”

    (12) We’ve gone from America’s Declaration of “unalienable rights” to Obama’s Proclamation of ALIENable rights!

    (13) The nicest words Obama could repeat while golfing: “I’m having a stroke, I’m having a stroke”!

    (14) Obama is so Islamically-correct he hosts MOSQUErade parties in the White House!

    (For more kicks Google “Michelle Obama’s Allah-day” and “The Background Obama Can’t Cover Up.”)

  3. Asstray says:

    Your just a bitch. Get a fucking life.

  4. Linda says:

    Don’t worry this illegal bastard will find something, criminals always do.

  5. Tom Hudson says:

    Americans need to wake up! Everyone who is concerned with the future of this nation should get a copy of The Contract On The Government. It is the book the politicians and bureaucrats DO NOT want you reading. Find out more here: http://www.thecontract.us

  6. Well, Obama can kill more Americans, that is what he will do…

  7. s.c says:

    Who says he is going to leave office?

  8. Questionman says:

    Seriously, day by day I constantly get proven right, that Obama-haters ARE without doubt, the biggest racists, bigots, extremist haters in American History. I don’t like SOME Obama of the stuff Obama has done. Every President has had their flaws, even the conservative God, Reagan. but None had been been constantly blamed for EVERY SINGLE thing wrong in the world lie Obama, Again, Every President does NOT think of believe the same thing, yet one is claimed to be evil, immoral, compared to the most evil men in history brings more to the fact that this is because a non-white is “stepping out of his place”!

    You can couch their asshattery in any terms they like. The facts speak for themselves. You can’t stand having a black man in the White House.

    can think of no lies from Obama, no stealing, no tyranny. He definitely not a liberal, his policies are far to the right of Ronald Reagan.

    This reminds me of the ” OBAMA IS GUNNA KILL AMERICANS WITH DRONES” hysteria that was so popular a few weeks ago, but THAT was a lie!

    People like you are so busy blaming Obama for everything that when the truth and facts that are in the IG report blaming operations and staff for this horrendous issue you will still hold on to your beliefs not facts. If you and others were open to the truth then time won’t be wasted trying to blame instead energy would be spent on dealing with resolving the issue.

    Obama does not hate America. Obama is not a communist. Obama is not a dictator where the hell did you pull that from, Obama is not usurper Obama is a not disgrace, Obama is not a fraud Obama is a not liar, but he’s a politician. Obama is not evil, Obama is not a socialist, Obama is not a Marxist, Obama is not a traitor Obama is not Anti-American, Obama is completely 100% legal

    Obama is a Christian, not a Muslim, Obama is not a narcissist. Obama is not destroying America.

    No, he can’t be impeached because he hasn’t done anything illegal yet. I’ll repeat that slowly… Because. Impeachment. Requires. A. Crime.

    The. President. Has. Not. Committed. A. Crime. OK?

    Jesus, you are a sick, demeted racist sore loser.

    Did Obama win due to voter fraud? No, not voter fraud. . If there was no fraud…no need to ask the question. can’t win an election due to something that doesn’t exist. Romney Lost because he sucks!

    Dispensing disinformation, promoting bigotry and racism, and playing upon the fears and ignorance of many Americans – supplemented by a much more than healthy dose of self-promotion GOP can’t win on the issues, so they resort to hate, bigotry and fear.

    No formula for leadership: It not only shows how bereft of ideas the GOP’s members truly are, their racist rhetoric shows the despicable nature of their character.

    And that kills you racists inside!
    No president, including Obama, has ever hated America. If he did, he would not have run for office. Different presidents have different opinions, but he is always doing what he feels is best for the country at the time.

    If you’re going to make such a broad statement, you really should name at least a few of the things *you* believe POTUS has done that’s been illegal and/or treasonous…from a credible source. POTUS has done nothing to get impeached for…unlike Bush Jr.
    Calm down, the big bad black man will be out of office in a few years…just stay in the rock you live under until then. Unless, of course, another big bad black man gets voted in Or worse yet…a woman! YIKES!

    You people are disgusting disgraces to human being! You slimeballs are the definination of a hate group! and All it took was a black man to become President to show what disgsuting hateful losers you are!

    Calling the POTUS a POS and a fraud seems to the usual calling call for you right-wing racists and bigots like you!

    It’s funny, you can always tell when someone is clueless when all they have to offer to the discussion is, “the President is a dictator”. It proves how stupid you are.

    • Mac in AZ says:

      blah, blah, blah…..

      His EVERY ACTION has harmed this country, you indoctrinated USEFUL IDIOT!!!

      We HATE what he’s done – all of his actions, laws, illegal dictates are meant to destroy, undermine and subvert our entire way of life…. because he’s a Marxist ideologue….

      And fools like you – who also HATE THIS COUNTRY for “perceived wrongs” can’t understand that this country is based on Judeo-Christian morals, freedom for the individual and our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS…..

      We WERE a free country until leftist assholes kept trying to CONTROL every aspect of our lives….

      Tell you what – if he continues his illegal executive orders… if he continues to shit on his oath of office…. he will be assassinated – and rightfully so!!!

      I sincerely hope he somehow causes a socioeconomic collapse in a vain attempt to usurp more power – that would give us the chance to open up a civil war where we could take YOU and all your pansy-assed faggots, liberal cocksuckers, Muslims and human leeches and kill you.

      I’m so tired of your SOCIAL JUSTICE… another inane idea which means nothing but Democrat control….

      You can take his fundamental transformation and stick it up your ASS — we will never allow some Marxist puke, Affirmative Action nimrod RUIN AMERICA, you JACK-OFF.

      Here’s looking “FORWARD” to blowing your fucking head off -liberal shitheel!

      • Questionman says:

        Spoken like a True racist turd. I was said Anyone who hates Obama are racist, glad to know I was right…as usual!

        Ask Bush why you let him destroy our country. Obama’s cleaning up his mess.

        (No, he is not a homosexual. He is a happily married man with kids.)

        (Is he Satan? No, but many have speculated that he may be the future Antichrist as mentioned in the bible.)

        He is not a Communist. Feel free to point out how he has taken private industry and possessions away from everyone and divided them between everyone and then resigned his Presidency.
        If Barack Obama were a dictator, would Congress still be blocking all the things he has tried to do for the country? If he were a dictator, would you be able to post dreck like this in an open forum?

        No, he is not a traitor. Feel free to point out how he has given aid and comfort to the enemy. And don’t claim it’s Muslims because Muslims are not a country and are not all at war with us.
        Why do you ask if he is a Communist twice?
        Any president can be impeached, but here’s the catch. You have to prove that he is guilty of treason, or high crimes and misdemeanors. You can’t just impeach someone because you don’t like hm.

        If Barack Obama is a Muslim, why has no one been able to catch him at prayer? He has to do it five times a day, so you’d think someone would have noticed. Why does he drink alcohol and eat pork? Why is Michelle not wearing a burka and not leaving the White House without a male relative as an escort?

        From deliberately cooked-up lies, to garbled reporting, to failures of the most basic due diligence, there’s scarcely a breath between one conservative media faceplant and the next. Again, you scumbags have NO right to call Obama a liar considering how you use tired old GOP talking points smear job lie about President Obama over something!

        Does Barack Obama hate the Military?

        Is Barack Obama a Anti-American?

        Is Barack Obama a coward? YOU Don’t know him personally
        Does Barack Obama hate Jews? YOU Don’t know him personally
        Is Barack Obama a racist? YOU Don’t know him personally
        Is Barack Obama a bigot? YOU Don’t know him personally
        Is Barack Obama destroying America?
        No, one man can’t be blamed for the destruction of a nation. There are always many factors!

        Calling the POTUS a POS and a fraud seems to the usual calling call for you right-wing racists and bigots like you,too. You got a problem with what I saying? too bad!

    • Laura Bernard Mielcarek says:

      “If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance.”
      “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”


      Changing a law passed by Congress – obamacare.


      It is the DUTY of congress to impeach elected officials who have committed ‘high crimes and misdemeanors.’

      A high crime and misdemeanor is not limited to ACTUAL crimes. They also refer to actions or behaviors that are NOT illegal if committed by an ordinary citizen.

    • pink44 says:

      It’s funny, you can always tell when someone is a complete moron, no brain, liberal, looking for their ebt increase and Obama phone, when they have nothing productive to say besides, “you’re a racist [because you dislike Obama].” I guess my conservative neighbors and adopted sister are racist as well, since they don’t like him?.. oh wait, they are black, and they weren’t raised in white elite private schools on an island like the POS of the once United States. Hey man, why not jump to call us racist?.. it is after all, the main focus of communism 101 and liberal logic for dummies… call the opposition what you see in the mirror.

      Calling us racist because we don’t agree with you, is pretty racist in itself. Get this through your pea-sized brain: we don’t give a crap about his color, We don’t like his policies, which are intent on turning us into Cuba. We don’t like him specifically, not his character or lies. Not his my way or no way attitude. Surely not his complete disregard for our constitution. We elect representatives for our states, which he decides have no right to speak. He does not care about you, me, or Dupree. He’s a dictator. To deny that, shows your ignorance. How does a minority manage to out bid a majority on all issues? A dictator takes control, that’s how.

      He’s ruining companies, small business, large corporations, and everything in between. He is trying to put all citizens on an equal playing field, no matter what their background. If you work 75 hours a week and another works nothing, why should they live to the same level as you? The only people who don’t understand this, are the people it’s helping. The majority of us are being screwed and hurt by it. Think it’s hard to get a job now? Businesses won’t stay open when they get 5% of their profits. Employees won’t work when they don’t get their own money. We are already losing 1/3 of it to tax and fees. For someone that make what would be considered median income a year, after income tax, Medicare, ssi, property tax, gas tax, sales tax, and the highest cost of living we’ve ever seen, we will have barely enough to scrape by. You must be a beneficiary of this BS policy. Your lust for the big bad black man in the office, will destroy your children and grandchildren quality of life. Gimme Gimme is a trait past down. Generations of useless leeches have been/continue to be created. There will be no economy, nothing left to give. Companies will move to places like Germany and Mexico. You’ll be out of entitlements fund. You are doing it to yourselves. I just wish you didn’t take the rest of us with you.

      Whites have changed for the better on the tolerance and acceptance front, blacks have not. Being called racist when we aren’t, is getting old. Its creating hostility between the races. Y’all keep it up and you will create racist. Nothing worse than a racist person with nothing left to lose.

      But hey, keep doing what you’re doing, because when it gets to that point, we will have our way of rebuilding. All the tip-toeing around political correctness will be nonexistent. We didn’t have the time for slackers in the past, we won’t carry them when they ruin our country. It will be a contribute or don’t society. We will survive, kiss the ring of the king for free stuff types, such as yourself will be useless, and as such will be pushed aside. Hardworking whites, black, Asians, and Mexicans will stay around, liberal woosies will not. It won’t be racist that the majority of a race will be the have-nots, because they’ve lived as such by choice. Share the wealth does not work. Help for the truly needy does. Truly needing of a brain doesn’t count, so you’re out.

      Fyi… Bush did not destroy our country. Welfare did. Obama is ruining it more than all others combined. And how dare you say our country, when you follow a president that goes against everything our country was built to be. Obama’s country is not our country. He and his groupies are un-American in every sense. I don’t care what color they are. You’re a racist and a moron.

    • Obama is the cause of all the problems in America and probably most problems in the world. Black people are allowing themselves to be played like a fiddle. Obama launched his political career from Bill Ayer’s living room. The same Ayers who started SDS and Weather Underground who bombed places to kill policemen. In the 1960s SDS and WU wrote about how they were going to overthrow the system. One of their most important tools was Black people, because they could be placed in a position of dependency (Welfare, EBT, War on Poverty) and easily manipulated. They would incite Black people to riot so that they could declare martial law and collapse the system. Do not take my word for it. Google: “Prairie Fire” And read it for yourself. Also you need to get your head out of your ass long enough to read a little bit more and quit getting your news from NBC,ABC, CBS ONLY. There are many reliable news sources out there.

      • Questionman says:

        You realize all you did was prove my point! You are a racist and a bigot as well. Funny how all the mentally ill in America are republicans.

        First off like most of you, I don’t like the direction this country is heading. But unlike the rest of you, I live in reality, and the reality is the country’s decline was NOT cause by elected a Black Man as President and it’s won’t end when he is gone either.

        It is a tragedy that this young lady was killed, and although she had
        the best intentions, I think that anyone to travels to a region where
        war is going on has to realize that they may not come back.


        But somehow that’s Obama’s fault! Of course Obama screwed it up. Don’t worry about how that could possibly
        be, when there really was nothing he could do about it. Fox will invent
        some way to spin it for you.

        Because any President would pass up a potential rescue mission and
        all the good press it would result in. Not to mention it would be the
        morally right thing to do.

        Rightly, every President since Carter has been hesitant to just send in a rescue mission willy nilly.

        sad irony is that the Right would just love it if an Obama ordered
        Rescue Mission horribly failed. Shame on you all for that.

        I’m convinced Mark Levin is nuts.
        There is no question about it.

        Wow that is goofy even by Levin’s standards.

        Thank GOD nobody who is SERIOUS about world affairs takes this pathetic, preposterous little troll seriously. But if he is, I shouldn’t be surprised. Mark Levin, like his listeners, are racists, bigots, and hate-mongers. The mantra of the right the demean anyone or anything not White and/or Christian.

        its not illegal to say womthing that some groups don’t like so that is why
        he has not been impeached , he has not broken any lays or violated the

        He hasn’t been impeached because he hasn’t
        committed an impeachable act. Your questions below are all premised on
        false assumptions, and most Christians and Jews are honest enough to
        admit that their religions have been used to justify evil acts.

        the rest of your rat makes no sense , he is not a Marxist , a traitor , a
        Muslim or any of the other things you make claims he is ( with no proof
        by the way ) and if saying something someone else thinks is an insult
        really was an impeachable crime and made you a traitor you would be in
        jail yourself

        Barack Obama does not “hate America”.

        He does not side with “the Terrorists”. In fact, he authorizes military attacks on them. Including Bin Laden.

        He is only evil to people who dislike his side of the political spectrum.

        He is not a Muslim and nobody has submitted solid proof otherwise.

        He is not a traitor. If he had done anything illegal, the House would have suggested impeachment.

        He is not “destroying America”. The country is still standing.

        • pink44 says:

          “All the mentally ill in the country are republicans…”

          You proved your stupidity once again. You making a derogatory statement about mental illness proves your bigotry. How is being biased against a mental illness different than being biased against color? Why, bc slavery? The mentally unstable/ill were considered witches, possessed, evil, etc., and for far longer than blacks, they were discriminated against. They were hanged, burned, lynched, etc. So why do you or anyone have a monopoly on unfairness? Why do you get to decide what’s right or wrong, racist and biased? Mental illness does not discriminate, obviously you have some mental illness, so how can they all be republican? To add to that, the majority of people on social security for mental disability are liberal, at least they vote liberal. Because liberals promise them more money in exchange for their vote.

          Why do you feel the need to bash republicans? What purpose does it serve? What have republicans done to you specifically/ personally? Not a damn thing. You just want to hush people who disagree with your king. Our problem with him is not his color. Black republicans can’t hate his color, yet they maintain the same disdain for his bitch ass as we do. We don’t hate black republicans. Why are we racist for disliking him, yet you dislike white republicans, call them evil, racist, mentally ill, and you somehow aren’t racist? You’re a bitchy hypocrite just like every other follow the king, Obama ass-licker.

          You are a racist, hateful, bigot yourself, yet you continue to call right wingers these things. You are a communist. Call the opposition what you are. You calling republicans racist for disagreement with the black man in the white house, is proof of your racism. We didn’t like it when Clinton was acting similar, but Obama has far surpassed him on the liberal front. Shit, Clinton did as much for blacks and minorities as Obama has, which amounts to more freebies, resulting in less motivation, more crime, more welfare brats.

          You hypocrites will call us racist for playing in the white snow, keeping the Whitehouse white, liking white cake, or printing on white paper. You are whiny little toddlers, and you can’t stand when someone steps out of line to think as an individual, acknowledging the problem in our country. The problems are simple: racist liberal leeches controlling every move we make with political correctness, while playing on whites guilt to encourage us to work harder to hand you more. Without liberals, the country would be a better place. Yes, that would mean a lot less black folks, but that is not racist; it’s simple mathematics… blacks are liberal for the most part. Why? Some believe liberals are helping them, the rest simply like the free shit. The same is true for white liberals, they either think liberals are helping (white guilt) or they want the free shit. Do we want rid of Obama? Hell yes, that’s true. But we want rid of Hillary Clinton, Biden, and the rest. Its not color. You have the problem with color, not us.

          Simply put, get over it, you’re racist, as most liberals are. Republicans don’t give 2 shits about color. If they did, they’d focus on the race statistics of blacks being the most violent, the least contributing, and a threat to whites and Asians in general. They don’t, because they can’t. Y’all call them racist for using facts. You can’t handle the truth. You won’t look in the mirror or your own back yard to see what the problem is. It isn’t color, it’s mentality. Your mentality to be exact.

    • The man is a communist. One of first things they want to do is redistribute the wealth. Black people are allowing themselves to be played like a fiddle. Obama launched his political career from Bill Ayer’s living room. The same Ayers who started SDS and Weather Underground who bombed places to kill policemen. In the 1960s SDS and WU wrote about how they were going to overthrow the system. One of their most important tools was Black people, because they could be placed in a position of dependency (Welfare, EBT, War on Poverty) and easily manipulated. They would incite Black people to riot so that they could declare martial law and collapse the system. Do not take my word for it. Google: “Prairie Fire” And read it for yourself.You need to get your head out of your ass long enough to do a little bit of reading. There are many different news organizations out there besides late night talk shows.

    • Get your head out of your ass man and wise up. Do some reading. Look up a few words in the dictionary before you speak. Obama probably isn’t even an American citizen. He certainly doesn’t like the American people. His father was a muslim and his momma was a communist. He went to school in Indonesia(one of the largest muslim countries in the world) for a few years as a child. So tell me what could he have possibly learned from his father, mother, school, grandparets,brothers or whoever. Black people are allowing themselves to be played like a fiddle. Obama launched his political career from Bill Ayer’s living room. The same Ayers who started SDS and Weather Underground who bombed places to kill policemen. In the 1960s SDS and WU wrote about how they were going to overthrow the system. One of their most important tools was Black people, because they could be placed in a position of dependency (Welfare, EBT, War on Poverty) and easily manipulated. They would incite Black people to riot so that they could declare martial law and collapse the system. Do not take my word for it. Google: “Prairie Fire” And read it for yourself.

  9. charles coker says:

    shhhhhhhh, keep quiet, don’t give the imposter any ideas.

  10. Curt says:

    … as NIKE advertises… “Just Do It!”

  11. Curt says:

    … somebody that delves in organizing needs to create a “Million Persons March” ascending on the nations capital in August, as was done during the Martin Luther King era. As well as, following your suggestions Richard!

  12. 5warveteran says:

    What can he do? With the flick of a limp wrist and a pen, just watch.

    • put down the forty and get off the couch says:


  13. robm says:

    The POS, should be in Sherriff Joes tent city prison…eating the new vegetarian diet….at Least..

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