Fatwa Permits “Anal Jihad” for Muslim Brotherhood Members

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Back in December I wrote and posted video of a London cleric who issued a fatwa that permitted sodomy to “widen the anus as a means to place explosives in the anus for the purpose of Jihad has been issued.”

Apparently this Islamic cleric is not alone. Now there is another purpose to anal jihad –

Egyptian Propaganda: Fatwa Permits “Anal Jihad” for Muslim Brotherhood Members

MEMRI: Jihad from the rear: Egyptian cleric Mazher Shahin gave an address on the Egyptian Al-Tahrir TV channel, in which he lambasted the Muslim Brotherhood, claiming that it permitted homosexuality among its members. This “anal Jihad” is proof that they are “a bunch of hopeless and desperate peddlers, who have reached a state of foolishness, stupidity, filth, and so on – to the highest imaginable degree,” he said.

Following are excerpts from the TV show, which aired on June 26, 2014:

Mazher Shahin: We have recently heard of a new kind of Jihad, called “anal Jihad.” Do you know what that is? They practice homosexuality with one another, thinking, wrongly, that this constitutes Jihad for the sake of Allah.


The [Muslim Brotherhood] is a bunch of hopeless and desperate peddlers, who have reached a state of foolishness, stupidity, filth, and so on – to the highest imaginable degree. This catastrophe – this “anal Jihad” – is proof of this. We have heard about “sexual Jihad,” in which somebody takes a woman and has sex with her because he is waging Jihad.

Now we are hearing about “anal Jihad,” in which two men are permitted to perform this great sin – God forbid – with one another, because they are away from home and cannot have sex with their wives. They are conducting what they consider to be Jihad for the sake of Allah, so they do it with one another. Their sheiks permit them to do these things. This is despicable, foolish, and asinine.


Some of the guys here in the studio asked me whether these people really practice “anal Jihad.” It really does exist. My dear friend Dr. Amar Ali Hassan wrote an article two days ago about this. There is also a video-clip in which someone asks one of their sheiks for a fatwa on this, and he permits anal sex between men – God forbid – if they are on a long journey, or waging Jihad, or whatever. Now that they are in Turkey and Qatar, they can practice this “anal Jihad,” because their sheik issued a fatwa permitting it. Imagine that. What a catastrophe! They speak in the name of Islam and the Muslims while they wage war on our Lord.


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