Radio Personality to Arpaio and Zullo: Meet Me at the White House and I’ll Arrest Obama

The waiting…

For roughly six months Americans have been waiting for evidence of Obama ID fraud that was previously expected/promised to be released in the Spring of 2014. Though the delay tests our patience, the Cold Case Posse is supposedly doing what good law enforcement officers do. They are checking and re-checking the evidence. At least that is what we have been told. 

I will be the first to admit that I am frustrated. I completely understand that there is a need to verify all findings. I also know that I am one of millions of Americans that wanted Obama gone yesterday.

Pete Santilli, of Guerilla Media Network, might just be on my wavelength. Santilli is not one to mince words. He is a proud former Marine and now one of the most fearless independent broadcasters in America. There are some events that would literally receive little or no coverage if it were not for Santilli and GMN. The Trucker protest from 2013 is an example that comes to mind. GMN was there and broadcasting live while most of the country was wondering where they could find coverage.

But, like many of us, Santilli is seemingly frustrated. We may not have enough evidence to convict Barack Obama of forgery, even if we could find a court to hear the case, but is it possible that we at least have enough evidence to make an arrest?

Some say that we do.

Santilli has now challenged Mike Zullo, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and their Cold Case Posse to meet him at the White House where he claims he will personally make the arrest with the assistance of law enforcement.

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Santilli may not be considering all angles, like proper and lawful jurisdiction, but I have very little doubt that he has the guts to do it. So if Arpaio and company have no authority to arrest, someone needs to take Santilli up on his offer.

We are still waiting.

The below audio is courtesy of our friends at Birther Report:


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