Drive By Media Misses the Biggest Story in Mia Love’s Win

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The lamestream press has acknowledged that Mia Love’s win in Utah is historic because she is the first Haitian American to win a seat in congress as well as being the first black woman elected to the House as a Republican.  But she achieved another first that they are not talking about.  Mia Love is the first black woman elected to the house from a predominately white district.  In it’s 182 year history, democrats have never done that.  In fact, they have only elected one minority to the House from a predominately white district in those same 182 years.

Isn’t it funny that the republicans who were castigated for being sexist and racist managed to elect a black senator, Tim Scott, (We love Tim here in South Carolina), the first women senators in West Virginia and Iowa, and the first black woman to win a House seat in a predominately white district.  And the Tea Party, whom the democrats portray as a modern day KKK, elected more minorities to the House from white districts in 2010 alone than democrats have in the 178 years the democrats had been around by a score of 4-1.

The democrat motto seems to be, “Hell yes, we support minorities but hell no, we won’t vote for one.”

Mia Love was set to win the House seat in 2012 but was foiled when a liberaltarian candidate used democratic money to steal votes from her and handing the seat over to the democrats.

Way to go, Mia.

Courtesy of Red Statements.

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